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Perfect Pairing by Kim Diehl Giveaway

Happy Thursday, Quilters! Are you ready for a giveaway? We are celebrating the beginning of August by giving away some bundles and patterns!

Kim Diehl‘s new collection for Henry Glass Fabrics is arriving next week and we thought you might want a sneak peek! Perfect Pairing is filled with rich reds, mossy greens and soft tans. We can’t wait for this collection to arrive!

The fine folks at Henry Glass Fabrics sent us four bundles, accompanied by the coordinating Biscuits and Jam free pattern. These two were a match made in heaven. Talk about a perfect pairing!

We know you are probably itching to get your hands on Perfect Pairing, so we are offering up FOUR bundle + pattern packages to FOUR lucky winners!

Comment below with your own, personal perfect pairing. Sewing and coffee, thread and seam ripper, beef bourguignon and red wine. A winner will be chosen Tuesday, August 6th! Good luck!


  1. What a great bundle! Thanks for the chance. My pairing…cookies and milk! (It's too early to be craving cookies and milk!)

  2. My perfect pairing is my front porch in summer and a good book….. or stitching something with this gorgeous fabric on the porch

  3. Beautiful fabrics! I am currently working with some Henry Glass fabrics and I love them.

    My perfect pairing, morning noon or night, is dark chocolate and strong coffee.

  4. Sorry, was to fast clicking on the publish you comment button.
    My perfect pairing is a soft, warm quilt over my legs and a cup of hot cocoa! (not now , it's 30+ C outside LOL )

  5. Awesome request! My pick would be nap time and fabric! With two babies I am happy to just look at my fabric, or touch it or even better get to do something with it…in peace!

  6. Beautiful rich colors for the quilt that would cover me while I read the perfect pairing of a Benni Harper Mystery and a mug of hot tea!

  7. My perfect pairing is popcorn with a little butter and salt and a huge glass of Cyrstal Light Fruit Punch…sounds crazy but it is amazing. My husband is even hooked now.

  8. What a beautiful line of fabrics! I see many of my pairs already listed but how about chips and dip!

    Thanks again for this chance.


  9. What an awesome collection! I live in California and my favorite pairing is Skype-ing with my sister who lives in Minnesota as we sew and create together!

  10. a good book, a special cup of tea and a cat in your lap under a handmade quilt on a rainy day. That's more than a pairing, but that's my idea of a good day. 😀

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to win! My perfect pairing would be this beautiful fabric and the time to make a gift with it!

  12. My perfect pairing is a cozy quilt on a cold, weekend morning, when I can burrow deeper instead of having to get up. Thank you for the chance to win. I just love Kim Diehl and her fabrics!

  13. I love sewing with friends while learning a new technique!!! Can't get much better than that!!!

  14. A perfect pairing for me would be a day with nothing on the calendar & sewing all day. Love these colors & the pattern & would be sooooooo thrilled to win!

  15. that is beautiful! My perfect pairing has to be a a quilt + beach, because what could be better than sitting on a quilt I've made while my boys romp in the waves?! Perfect pairing for sure!

  16. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies, baked together in layers! Now that's perfect! Especially when enjoyed on a cold day with a cozy quilt.

  17. Beautiful fabrics. My perfect pairing a the moment is sunshine and picnics. My two little boys and I are enjoying so many fun garden picnics on our picnic quilts.

  18. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but my perfect pairing is me and my hubby. No matter what is going on in our lives, we know that we can always count on the other to be there to lend a helping hand, a kiss and a smile or just a comforting hug.

  19. Gorgeous fabrics,thank you for the chance.
    My perfect pair ,well I have loads but the very top of the list would be Tea and cakes with my vey own beautiful pair of daughters.

  20. I love to start my day sewing…..with a large cup of hazelnut flavored coffee and a small piece of sugar-free chocolate!

    This makes me a HAPPY CAMPER!


  21. Biscuits and Jam and hot coffee with thread and needle at the ready. Colors of warmth and love ablaze with children playing and ladies laughing and chatting. Sharing tales of family.Love warm and flowing.

  22. My perfect pairing would be creamy coconut icecream and a decadent slice of mocha cake.

  23. Thank you for the chanc eto enter. That is gorgeous fabric. hmmm my perfect pairing..Free time and my hexi project basket = me stitching up more hexis

  24. Love those colors, I can see a beautiful quilt in the making! My two favorite pairings, shopping with my quilt buddy for fabric and patterns and enjoying the fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win !

  25. My perfect pairing is Dr. Pepper and peanuts………yummy – thanks for opportunity to win this delightful bundle!!!

  26. Perfect Christmas Colors Even If That's Not What It's For. Perfect Pair My Kids Playing At Pool And Me Reading Quilt Mag.

  27. Gorgeous collection!! My purrrfect pairing is a kitten with a cuddly quilt. (especially since I can't seem to keep the kitties off the quilts!)

  28. Perfect pairing – a newly completed quilt project and cup of hot Chai tea with honey. Beautiful fabric.

  29. My perfect pairing – my best friend and quilting together! The collection is super.

  30. What beautiful fabrics! I'd love to win these!

    My perfect pairings are a cozy blanket and a good book or good friends, football, and BBQ (I know – totally opposite but that's just me!).

  31. Snuggling under my sister's quilt, worn and threadbare, with Pinky the cat… And it's a rainy day… 🙂

  32. What a great giveaway and it's in my colors too!!! My perfect pair is a warm quilt and a great book! I love to read and just don't seem to ever have enough time.
    Paige Gonzalez

  33. My perfect pairing is sewing and baseball, whether I am sewing on my machine or by and the game is on the TV or radio.

  34. Gorgeous fabric! My perfect pairing would be my granddaughter and a gentle breeze at the beach.

  35. Beautiful collection. My perfect pairing is sitting out in the summer with a glass of wine.

  36. A cup of tea and anisette biscotti…perfect in my eyes! If I have a new quilt magazine to read, that just makes things better! Love the new fabrics!

  37. To me it's sewing on light rainy cool day and listening to the rain coming down. What peace and fun sewing! That is a great giveaway!

  38. What an awesome bundle!
    For me right now a perfect pairing is camping and grandchildren – so much fun!!

    Love to win, thanks for the chance

  39. For me my pairing would be my grandkids and quilts made for them. They just love their MomMom blankies. I just love Kim Diehl and would love to win this bundle

  40. Beautiful fabrics – one of my favourite pairings would have to be dawn and jog preferably followed by biscuit and tea!

  41. A perfect pairing (though not for this season, exactly) is snow out the window & a fire and hot chocolate in the living room.

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  42. My sewing machine and my seam ripper. Unfortunately I seem to use my seam ripper frequently! But, practice makes perfect!

  43. Soft rain on a tin roof and a fire in the fireplace is anyone's perfect pairing. Love the fabric and the pattern! It is calling my name <3 Jackie S

  44. I am a Kim Diehl fan! Love this fabric! Delish! My perfect pairing is my afternoon Earl Gray tea and pack of NABS! Yes those yummy cheese crackers and peanut butter goes so well with a hot cuppa!

  45. I'm a huge fan of Fall. Perfect pairing for me would be Pumpkin Pie and coffee! I love the pairing ideas, the colors are stunning. I'd love to make a bed quilt with those.

  46. The most perfect pairing I can imagine is my husband, Glenn, and me! He's a terrific father, outstanding farmer, caring husband, strong, thoughtful, introspective, passionate about life and is the perfect balance to my gotta-get-it-done-right-now inclinations. We will be celebrating our 19th anniversary in a few days. Thank God he's my perfect match!

  47. I'm a huge fan of Fall. Perfect pairing for me would be Pumpkin Pie and coffee! I love the pairing ideas, the colors are stunning. I'd love to make a bed quilt with those.

  48. Perfect Pair: Fabric and Children learning to sew. Hope I can be one of those who can teach what I know to Children.

  49. Sunday afternoons and having the whole family around, love them!!!

    These are my favorite tones and would go great with my kitchen and family room colors.

  50. I love the simple stuff so would have to say warm bisquits with butter but georgouse fabric and the sewing machine are a pretty awesome pair as well 🙂

  51. Great colors. What a great giveaway. I am thinking of rotary cutter and thread cutter. However, I am thinking about dinner and my thoughts are crocked chicken in the crockpot and a nice tomato salad. Thank you for the opportunity to be one of your winners. Just love receiving squishy packages in the mailbox. Always enjoy your blog and look forward to many more visits.

    Sandi Timmons

  52. The fabric is gorgeous! Nice for Fall, my favorite time of year. I would have to pair my big cup of coffee with a seat at my sewing machine! I love piecing any chance I can get, just love it!

  53. My perfect pairing may be quiet time on the back porch with a book or some sewing. The book and quiet time could be accompanied by a nap.
    Thanks for the chance to win a great prize. I love the colors and pattern.

  54. Love the pairing. Love Kim Diehl patterns and her color choices. My perfect pairing— a cup of coffee and my IPad mini–searching quilting ideas to inspire me to buy even more fabric!

  55. My perfect pairing-sipping a cup of tea while leafing through all of my Kim Diehl quilt books. Love all things she designs@ Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  56. My favorite pairing would be cuddled under a warm quilt on a lazy, snowy day watching all 9 seasons of CSI:NY in order.

  57. I see a lot of my favorites listed too. I would say chamomile tea and Nosey, my cat, on my lap – can't much more relaxed than that!

  58. Wow, love the bundle! Thanks for the chance to win. My perfect pairing? That would have to be some free time to sew uninterrupted and a quilt project ready to go.

  59. Thank you for the opportunity! This new collection is as yummy as wine and cheese while sewing with friends…my favorite combos.

  60. My perfect pairing… fabric, iced coffee with peppermint creamer, some whipped cream on top and some cheese and crackers.

  61. perfect pairing is a beautiful fall day, and quilt camp with my talented quilting daughter—my favorite kind of pairing!

  62. Today my favorite pairing would be hearing my sewing machine humming away on a fantastic new quilt just purchased from none other than Fat Quarter Shop…my favorite place to shop…quilting and fabric!!!!

  63. Quilting and audio books are one of my pairings. I love to listen to mysteries when I am working on a quilt. That fabric is luscious.

  64. My perfect pairing would be raspberriess and white chocolate. So in fabric, dark, bright pink and creamy off white and maybe some flecks of green in there.

    debi at csi.seattle at yahoo dot com

  65. Wowza my perfect pairing are my mini Dachshunds. They are brothers from the same litter and their names are Oscar and Felix. They always seem to know when I have been sitting too long at the machine and insist that I go lay down with them.

  66. Perfect pairing for me is an ice cold glass of milk and a package of Oreos! (Well not the whole package – but a good dent in one!!)
    Thanks for the chance to win

  67. Love this fabric collection, great colors! Perfect pairing; early Sunday morning on my deck with a cup of coffee watching the sun come up and listening to the birds, ahhh, heavenly.

  68. Love the fabric and patterns, thanks for having a give a way. My perfect pairing would be day to sew and no one bugging me to cook for them! LOL. '
    Thanks Peggy

  69. when my grandaughter was young she told me she loved to come to my house because it smelled like coffee and sewing, so that is my favorite pairing. Love Kim Diehl and would love to win. Thanks for a chance.

  70. I've been waiting for this collection to come out. I need to replenish my greens. Perfect pairing… Cinnamon buns and cream cheese icing :0) Thanks for the chance!

  71. My favorite pairing are my two girls: Kinsey (age 10) and Autumn (age 7). They are inseparable, even when mad at each other.

  72. My perfect pairing: milk and cookies, especially chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. This is a great give-away. I missed her other collections but I'll get some of this one.

  73. Beautiful colors and patterns to work with . My perfect pairing would be friends and quilting. Wine and sharing patterns.Summer and fresh berries so many things can be perfect pairs.

  74. My favorite pair: My favorite chair with my dog snuggling in my lap while reading my quilting magazines figuring out what I am going to make next.

  75. My perfect pairing is friends and chocolate. I can never get enough of either one!
    wlinda_ca at

  76. Wow are those rich colors! My pair would be my husband reading to the kids and me doing some kind of hand work (crochet, cross-stitch,hexagons etc.) Thanks! K-

  77. My perfect pairing would be my two dachshunds, Sophie & Lucy, cuddled in their bed asleep beside mama while she sews. Nothing sweeter!

  78. Your bundle giveaway is in my FAVORITE color combo!!! My perfect pairing is a pile of new fabric, a new quilt pattern, my sewing room, a day off, coffee and a rainy or snowy day!!!!!!!!! PERFECT combo!!!!!!

  79. Thanks for this great giveaway. My perfect pairing would be: coffee and a fall day. (after the harvest-stress is done…)
    cpoot at telus dot net

  80. Love Kim Diehl's fabric collections and patterns. My perfect pairing would be a slice of pie and and a scoop of ice cream.

  81. What beautiful fabrics and a wonderful opportunity to win them. My perfect pairing is Disney World and my little boy by my side. Oh to see his eyes light up. I can't wait…We're hoping to take the trip next year.

  82. I have two pairings which come to mind: patterns and fabric and of course, chocolate and peanut butter.
    Love the fabric!

  83. Reading a great mystery plus chocolate – perfect for any day but especially a rainy one.

    Wow, I love this fabric and have been wanting to make a basket quilt.

  84. I have 2….(1) peace & quiet (2) a hammock & a glass of lemonade. Can you tell that I am thinking about vacation?

  85. My perfect pairing is a cup of tea and my iPad. That's what I m doing right now drinking my tea and reading quilting blogs. Perfect.

  86. Peanut butter and jam (not jelly) is till a favourite of mine, but so is quilting and chocolate and also chocolate and almost anything.

  87. Best friends and a quilt show!

    The fabric bundles look lovely, hoping overseas comments are counted but if not, guess we'll just have to wait to buy our own:-)

  88. Oh my word . . . beautiful! Kim Diehl always delivers gorgeous fabric and the perfect pattern. My favorite duo: Coffee & quilting . . . look forward to it every morning. 🙂

  89. Beautiful fabric! Would love to start a Kim Diehl pattern as I have been admiring her work for awhile now. My pairings do change but at the moment it is FMQ and my son's quilt…then during the necessary breaks it is Brie cheese and olives…yum!
    Thank you for a new daydream.

  90. Tea and honey
    Needle and thread or
    curled up on the couch with a book and quilt.
    Kim's fabrics are beautiful, how does she keep doing it? Thanks for such a generous giveaway.
    Happy August! ;-> Toni Anne

  91. Love the fabric and anything by Kim Diehl. A perfect pairing for me would be dock and a good book to read. Also anything lemon and raspberry.

  92. A perfect pairing for me is a new fat quarter collection & my rotary cutter–endless possibilities!!! Never enough fabric!

  93. I have two: baseball and knitting and my sister and crafting! We spent the day playing with beads and making bracelets – our first real attempt at this craft. At the ready is our knitting while we watch baseball.

  94. Thanks for a chance to win these beautiful fabrics. My favorite pairing is vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge sauce.

  95. Perfect pairing is peanut butter cookie and a glass of milk. The fabric looks wonderful. I love Kim's books and now fabric too. Yummy! Thanks for the chance to win.

  96. Perfect pairing for me is time and sewing, Never seem to have enough time to do all that I want to do.

  97. My perfect pairing would be one we were enjoying this evening here in Northern Utah…a comfortable summer evening on the deck and a plethora of migrating Hummingbirds at our Hummingbird feeders! It's way better than TV folks…especially when you have 7 or 8 of them not native to your area contesting each other for space on the feeders and flowers!!! Thanks for a chance to win a bundle of this awesome collection.

  98. Thanks for the chance to enter. My perfect pairing is Cottage Cheese and potato chips. Like the salty with the cottage cheese.

  99. Love the fabric! drool, drool! Thanks for the opportunity to win! My perfect pairing? Quilting and watching a good movie!

  100. Thank you for the opportunity! My perfect pairing is doing my paper piecing with my rescue beagle snoozing beside me. She has come a Long way and had a very hard life so those precious moments are special.

  101. Peace and quiet does it for me along with a cold bottle of water when at my machine.
    Beautiful fabrics and a good pattern is the icing on the cake for me..

  102. Such beautiful, rich colors. These would make any home look warm (yes, even a man's cave). Thank you for the opportunity.

  103. Thank you for a great giveaway. My perfect pairing is chocolate and a good book.

  104. What a beautiful new range from Kim Diehl, and gorgeous patterns too.

    My perfect pairing? A few hours to sew and a new project waiting.

  105. What beautiful fabric bundles – any of them would make for some great projects –
    my favorite "together" is a cup of coffee in the morning with a few patterns – deciding what to start, who to give it to, and how I would like it to look in the end. '

  106. Hi! My perfect pairing would be a bundle of beautiful fabric giveaway and me winning….hint..I think me sewing and the radio with the oldies on.Thanks for the chance.

  107. These colors are a perfect pairing for my home! My personal perfect pairing is a day off work and time with my sewing machine so I can piece all day long!

  108. This fabric is beautiful. My perfect pairing is a soft rain and working on a quilt project. Very releaxing. I hope 8-6 is my lucky day


  109. Still my favorite -peanut butter and jelly – to enjoy while working on my latest quilt.

  110. Hi! My favorite pairing is new potatoes and green beans (out of my garden) with onion and bacon, with a side of cornbread! I would love to win your pairing, though, and make a beautiful quilt for by boyfriend of fourteen years who is my perfect pairing. Over the last six years he has had a series of strokes and we just cherish each day as it comes because we don't know how many we're going to get. Thank you for the chance to win!

  111. lovely fabric! One of my favorite pairings is listening to a great book, while I hand quilt or sew some appliques! Thanks, Lee M.

  112. These fabrics are just so beautiful! My perfect pairing is a flavored coffee while I handquilt one of my latest finishes!

  113. My perfect pairing would be a good movie and some hand stitching! I'm a big fan of Kim Diehl too!

  114. Perfect pairing a good book and a cup of tea or needle and thread or ice cream and hot fudge! Yum!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  115. My perfect pairing is warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk. Thanks for an awesome give-a-way!

  116. My perfect pair is pumpkin pie and cool whip!!! Yum! Love the colors in this bundle and the baskets on the cover of the book – another perfect pair

  117. Thanks for this chance!!! My perfect pairing is chocolate and peanut butter ala Reese's peanut butter cups… I try not to enjoy them too frequently 🙂

  118. It's starting to feel like fall… the nights are cooler and the days are warm! My perfect pairing is a warm chocolate cookie and milk!!! The fabric is wonderful!!!

  119. My perfect pairing chocolate brownies, hazelnut coffee,
    a perfect pattern/idea, and beautiful fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop.

  120. I would have to go with Biscuits and Gravy….my grandma's recipe. When I think of it, it warms me all over remembering her.