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Pennsylvania Dutch BOM

Happy Friday!

We posted a little bit about this BOM a few weeks ago, but now the ball is really rolling! The quilt is complete, instructions are done, photos finished, and drafts finalized. SO excited!

This Pennsylvania Dutch quilt is one that we, everyone single one of us, is in love with. And it’s a quilt one will stay in love with forever.

For the time-pressed, each block is easy and done in about 1 hour. The instructions, from Starwood Patterns, are clear and thorough. (Quite seriously, Kimberly was whipping out perfect blocks each night!)

And the Wiscasset fabric by Minick & Simpson is so gorgeous and absolutely perfect. (Speaking of Polly & Laurie, have you seen Laurie’s first quilt post? It’s definitely gonna make you smile!)

Comment with any questions you have! Sign-ups are open, and so are backing reservations. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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