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Patisserie by Joanna Figueroa for Moda Fabrics

Ah, Paris, Paris…the inspiration of Joanna Figueroa’s luscious new line for Moda Fabrics! Named Patisserie, from her memories of those incredible bakeries,this fabric collection is addicting! Sweet rose cameos, fabulous antique florals, lovely ticking stripes, bold damasks and really neat maps of Paris decorate this line in light and sophisticated pinks, creams, and greens. How perfect for those Moda pastry cuts 😉 Join Joanna in her reminiscing, get out your cake knife, and cut into some of that Patisserie! Bon apetit!

Thanks for joining me once again Jolly Jabber readers.

This week, my newest collection, Patisserie has started to ship and it is easily my favorite collection to date!
Of course you have probably heard me say that before haven’t you? I guess I feel that way about most of the groups that have come before this one, but there is something special about this grouping, so we are doing something special with it for you (see the end of this post). Even writing about it takes me back…

I have had the wonderful privilege to go to Paris the last two years to work and just ramble around that enchanting, intoxicating city by myself for a few days. One of my favorite things to gaze at while there were the bakeries, the Patisseries… the shapes, the patterns, the colors in those bakeries are just entirely wonderful. Not to mention the smell when you walked in or the flavor when you actually tasted one of those little yummies!

Everything in this collection was first somehow inspired by one of those bakeries. The color names like angel food, butterscotch, buttercream, frangelico, pear tart, marzipan; the print names like St. Honore Bouquet, Gateaux Blooms, Paris Ticking, Bisous Roses, Chantilly, Petit Fours; and our quilt patterns like Sweet Sugar Swirls, Jelly Girl, Butterscotch Tart and The Pastry Shoppe.

I can’t even begin to adequately describe the experience of those colors, patterns and experiences in words, but somehow it was so much easier to describe in fabric. Whereas some collections take a lot of work to come together, this one just flowed from the first moment I sat down with the color swatches. The colors created a wonderful and complete palette and informed the patterns, and the collection was whole before I knew it. It seems to work for everything- for quilts, for clothes, for the home, for girls, for moms, for bags…. the list continues. I have made quilts, pillows, bags, purses, slippers, duffel bags (in fact I think Kimberly has a wonderful kit for the duffel bag pattern). New patterns coming with this line in the upcoming months include diamonds, fans, patchwork, applique, garment bags, purses and laptop bags… and the list continues again!

Some of the prints are already starting to sell out, so be sure to get what you love now because there will be many more wonderful things to make with this collection… I promise!

I surely hope you have enjoyed some of my Patisserie stories. Oh I almost forgot, we are having a fabulous giveaway and name contest over here on my blog Fresh Figs so be sure to stop by & leave a comment.

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  1. I’m making my niece a quilt for her college graduation, and she has selected this beautiful line of fabric for me to use.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kimberly (Bren let the cat out of the bag)! And congrats on the twins! Whew! I wish you all the best in the coming year and beyond.

  3. The Little Acorns blog sent me over to wish you a happy birthday, Kimberly – hope your special day is, well – special!!!

  4. I just read that is your birthday Kimberly and I for one am hoping that you enjoy it!

    Thanks for all the great fabric you have sent my way and so timely too.

    Happy Birthday!