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Paradise by Pat Bravo & Pets on Quilts winners!

Since coming to work here at the Fat Quarter Shop, I have always found Art Gallery fabrics completely seductive in nature.  Her designs have all been very elegant but quirky/ contemporary with the bright colors.  Her lines have not only been darling in quilts, but purses, dresses, and tops.. and she has also made some super cute patterns for travel bags!  

Yesterday, while passing one of Austin’s well known home cooking restaurants, Shady Grove, I noticed a little two-year-old girl running around in the bright green grass,  wearing a dress that i swore would look so adorable in Pat’s fabrics (it was an absolutely perfect photo moment)!  It actually looked a lot like a picture Patricia is about to show you below.

 Patricia Bravo, owner and designer of Art Gallery, has definitely found her style, but always produced in a new way like her new line Paradise.  After learning about her inspirations it clicked right away why I always get so excited to see what she comes up with next!  

After no further ado, here she is, the lovely Patricia Bravo

I recently was lucky enough to visit Paris, and I fell completely in love. The visit inspired the whole line with every single step I took on each street, new designs, colors, and prints came to mind, and, as a result, Paradise was given birth.

I wanted to convey all the beauty I saw in the city through my fabrics; a message of style, sophistication and utter exquisiteness.

Picking out the colors was no hard task.. they chose me! haha! Honestly, I’ve always wanted to do a Marie Antoinette – inspired collection since I can remember, but somehow never did it…Until I went to Paris, and was in trance with the magnificence of the city. After years of reading books about France, Versailles, Louis XIV, and more, actually being there was like a surreal experience, and the colors and glorious prints just stuck with me!

Currently I have so much stuff going on! I’m working on new patterns and fabric collections, we have many surprises coming for this fall Market!

– Pat Bravo


On another note, SewCalGal has listed the winners to her Pets on Quilts contest! The winners have two days left to contact her and claim their prize!  We are still waiting to see which one of these lucky people get the Rex My Little Puppy fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop!

While glancing through all the doggy quilt entries, I found this one… how adorable!

Click here to view all entry’s.


  1. Great post. I dream of visiting Paris some day.

    Thank you for being a sponsor of the Pets on Quilts Show. I have snail mail addresses on most winners and I'll be letting you, and other sponsors know shortly all the contact info. I believe all the participants & viewers had fun and also appreciate all the sponsors, especially the Fat Quarter Shop! Thank you!