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Oodles of new bundles — and a giveaway

Happy Wednesday! Our spirits are a bit more uplifted this week thanks to the lovely sunny weather we’ve been having.

Lovelier still are the oodles of bundles and specialty cuts we received today, in more variety than we could describe in one paltry post. But we’ll try anyway πŸ˜›

The long-anticipated Aviary has flown in from Moda, with Bundles, Mini-bundles, Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns, Layer Cakes, Turnovers, Charm Packs, and Charming Jelly Cakes (pastry overload??)… all the light happiness you’d expect from 3 Sisters!

On the sweeter side, Berry Delicious by Sew Treasured is also here in Bundles, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes, and Jelly Rolls. This collection abounds with cute little cherries and blueberries in all sorts of swirls and paisleys. Yum!

Way on the other side of the spectrum, Northern Solitude by Holly Taylor for Moda is also here. Calm, muted, yet colorful, this line explores the great outdoors in an especially comforting way. Smoky greens, browns, and mauves are lit with curling tendrils and solitary critters. You can find it in Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Bundles, Honey Buns and Layer Cakes.

On to the next hot locale — Beach House by Blackbird Designs is ready to invite you in! These pretty florals are for the Sophisticate, complete with those trademark sampler prints. This one we have in Bundles, Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns, Layer Cakes, and Charming Jelly Cakes. Can you hear the crashing waves outside your door yet?

Last but not least — Objects of Desire is full of juicy colors that’ll just about make your mouth pucker! Sandy Gervais brings us the fabric of the Material Girl. Sassy, chic, and cutesy — and I really want those shoes! But if we can’t have the real thing, at least we’ve got these in Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns, Charm Packs and Bundles…

And now the giveaway — one person will get a Fat Quarter Bundle of their choice. Comment and tell us which Bundle you’d like to win out of these new arrivals, and we’ll announce the winner on Friday! Good luck!


  1. I love Berry Delicious. It reminds me of spring and summer which is something I’m looking forward to after these super cold temperatures.

  2. I would like to win a fat quarter bundle of the Beach House fabric. What fun it would be to play with those fabrics next week when I go to Panama City Beach for our guild’s February Beach Retreat!!

  3. I am in love with Aviary. I love the pinks and blues and can’t wait to plan a project with these fabrics.
    Thank you –
    Sarah G

  4. Hi… I just placed an order and thought that I would check out your blog! I am glad I did! I am anxiously waiting for Beach House to be released. Even better to win a bundle of the group. They are all great lines! I always love the Moda spring collections.

  5. Oh wow…They are all beautiful, but I especially love Objects of Desire…those colors cheer me up on a yucky winter day! -Melanie (rphmel30@yahoo.com)

  6. I love them all…and will probably have to have them all!! I love all the different variations on spring and summer. They all seem so cheerful during these chilly colorado winter days. If I had to chose one it would be Aviary by 3 Sisters. I always need to make at least 2 or 3 quilts out of their fabrics-they are just so gorgeous! Thanks for all the eye candy!

  7. Boy this is really a tough decision but if I was lucky enough to win my choice would be Beach House. Thanks for this wonderful give-a-way

  8. I would love to win a bundle of Beach House…I’ve seen some sneak peaks of it on blogs and in magazines…and it looks so gorgeous!

  9. What a terrific giveaway! This is a tough one they are all so pretty. But I think that I like Berry Delicious the best. Although, I would be happy with any! Thanks for the chance.

  10. I LOVE objects of desire. Those fabrics with the shoes are wonderful. The bright colors bring a glimpse of warmth during a very cold, single digit night tonight.

  11. Wow.. such stunning fabric! I would love to win the Aviary line… such soft vibrant colors! Reminds me of summer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. I love those strong soothing colours of Northern Solitude. I love them all all, but it appeals the most at the moment. A cooling, calming respite from the intense heat we ae experiencing Down Under!

  13. What a generous giveaway. It’s hard to choose just one favourite, however “Objects Of Desire by Sandy Gervais” really gets my attention. It’s bright, colourful and warm which is a total contrast to the weather here in Toronto Canada at the moment.

  14. I sent a question and never received an answer so I will try posting to your blog instead.
    In the Aviary Moda selection there is a quilt kit from 3 sisters for moda fabric that is sent to you in an aviary backpack – maybe that will signal to you which quilt kit I mean. It has a lot of leaves on it. I am wondering are those leafs appliqued or is it part of the design of the fabric. I really like it but want to know first so I know how much applique I would need to do. There is really no description of the quilt so there is no way to know.

  15. What a great giveaway! I would be happy with any ~ but you did ask us to choose; so I would choose Berry Delicious. Those fabrics are all so fun! They remind me of my mother’s kitchen; her kitchen towels, apron and table cloth. I would probably make a quilt from the fabric in remembrance of my mom.

  16. I have fallen in love again this time with Aviary by Three Sisters last week it was The Beach House range. It is the combination of pinks , blues and greens in the Aviary bundle that is my choice this week. I already have two projects chosen. Please enter me into win.

  17. Oh my so many choices! I loves the Berry Delicious one and already know what I would use it for -pot holders i.e. practice before taking on a big project.

    However, I also like the Northern Solitude collection for a quilt project for my Husband (that I’m to scared to start right now). He is Norwegian, and really in touch with his Northern European heritage so this collection seems quite apporiate for him.

    Then again, I also love the playfulness of the Objects of Desire bundle, I could definitely find some cute projects to put it to use. Perhaps a summer “beach” tote, though we don’t technically have beaches here in Oklahoma.

    If I, by some chance miracle win this give away (touch wood) I don’t think I could decide, so perhaps you could decide for me, and make it a surprise!

    Thanks for offering this give away.

  18. I would love to have “Objects of Desire” The colors are incredible and I could see myself making a cute bag and wearing some high heels to go along with it.

  19. the sun has been shining up here too which sure lifts our moods too. Its still freezing out but at least its bright. It also helped that I received my order last week πŸ™‚ thanks for the great service!!
    I would love to win the Northern Solitudes bundle.
    Thank you for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  20. The Objects of Desire bundle would definitely be my top choice. Sandy Gervais’s collections always look like so much fun! Thanks for stocking up on all the pre-cuts!

  21. I just spent 45 minutes drooling over Aviary, its so stunning and I love that it looks like old ornithological illustrations!

  22. If I really can only get one it would be Objects of Desire…I love the bright colors of this line, but I am not sure I would use the 3 prints with shoes.

  23. Well, I’ve looked close up at each of them at least 3 times, they are all so scrumptious it’s hard to decide. But I guess I’d have to start with the Aviary collection. Thanks so much for a chance to have them.

  24. Oh wow, I’d love to win this generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance. While I’d be happy with any of them, my favorite for sure is the Objects of Desire. So neat!

  25. Picking just one is hard! But Objects of Desire is singing to me right now and reminding me to not give up that summer will get here πŸ™‚

  26. Oh, they are all beautiful, but Aviary is my favourite. Always LOVE 3 Sisters fabrics. Friday is my birthday so fingers crossed.

  27. Wow, I love the tones on the “Northern Solitude” line. I hadn’t seen it before! I would love the chance to win the bundle … thanks (as always) for the generous giveaway!

  28. Beach House. . .definitely. I love the soft muted colors. The collection reminds me of the first toe curl of the day at the edge of the surf.

  29. Well with all the grey days and snow we have been having here in NJ I would love to win the Aviary bundle…the colors are so soft and pretty and I love the birds….ahhh yes spring is just around the corner.

  30. Oooooh, I couldn’t go past Aviary! 3 Sisters have been favourites of mine for what seems like forever! Especially their pretty pastel ranges. Thank you for a chance in your very generous giveaway. Best wishes, Bloom.

  31. You wouldn’t think with all the gorgeous fabrics already in the shop that the arrival of new, equally gorgeous fabric is so exciting…;o)
    I already got weak and ordered a lc of the Beach House collection…hmmm…can’t wait for it to arrive…
    With one wish already “served” I would pick the Aviary fqb… I’ve just played with the fabric @ moda’s fabric matcher…it would be even more fun to play with the real Aviary fabric.
    Thanks for another gorgeous giveaway!
    – Julia

  32. It’s a close one between Aviary and Beach House, but if I had to choose, I guess I would go with Beach House. The colors are just gorgeous!

  33. I’d love to get my hands on BEACH HOUSE. Maybe if I make a quilt with it and wish for my very own beach house while I am making it, my wish will come true.

    A girl can dream, right?

  34. Gosh, what a nice giveaway. It is hard to choose because they all are so pretty but Aviary and Beach House both call my name.

    Robin in Chilly VA

  35. My sister just finished her first wallhanging (This Takes the Cake), did a terrific job on it and is hooked on quilting! Her daughter ordered A Tisket A Tasket kits and we’ve set a date to make those together as well. I’ve waited 30+ years for her to join me in this passion. Should my name be drawn, I think Objects of Desire would make for a great stash starter for her.


  36. Objects of Desire…Objects of Desire…Objects of Desire…

    Those are Objects of Desire I must have. The polka dots make it…

  37. Wow…what a selection of new fabrics! 3 Sisters fabric is always my favorite and top my fabric wish list. I love all of their collections. Aviary is no exception…it’s a perfect fabric collection for spring.

  38. Oh, my … these are all so beautiful! … I will pick the Berry Delicious one … this would make wonderful placemats and quilted accents for my kitchen <3 <3 <3

    Thank You for your generous giveaways … πŸ™‚ Pat

  39. Oh it’s so hard to choose just one!! I love the Aviary, but I think my vote goes for the Berry Delicious – just makes me feel warm and sunny looking at it!

  40. The Sandy Gervais Collection Objects of My Desire is just what anyone would need to cheer up gloomy weather, a gloomy economy, or even gloomy health. I have a college age daughter coming home for spring break. I’d like to redo her room— talk about a cheer up a quilt from that fabric group would make… enter me to win please.

  41. Beach House, Beach House…with another 18 inches of snow yesterday in Ohio….I can only hope and Dream of a Beach House!!

    Besides I have been searching for this fabric since I saw it last June at an event with Barb and Alma!!…

  42. I would love to win a Northern Solitiude bundle. It looks so serene, and it would be a different design theme & palette that I may not have explored without this great incentive! Thanks for the opportunity.

    Cindy of Northern California

  43. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Realistically, when has a quilter ever meet a fabric collection that they couldn’t work with? Yummy, gorgeous, vibrant colors…some don’t have the same draw as others, but we can all imagine something great with almost any fabric. It’s an inherent truth…we must create…stitch, stitch, stitch. As one collection calls out after another…pick me, pick me!! Northern Solitude would pick me…Thanks and keep stichin’.

  44. Wow that is a tough choice….I’ve been eyeing Aviary and I always love Sandy Gervais…..But I have to say I’m leaning more toward Beach House….Yes Beach House….I gotta have that one πŸ™‚

  45. I love 3 Sisters fabric collections. Therefore, Aviary is my first choice. But then I also love the juicy colors in Objects of Desire.

  46. The aviary is very calming to the eye. It reminds me of springtime, birthdays, visits to the park and homecoming. It brings pleasant daydreams to a winter day.

  47. Love the Objects of Desire collection. It was hard to choose though! Keep up the wonderful work getting nice collections for us to drool over πŸ™‚

  48. All of the new bundles are fabulous, but with Valentine’s Day just over a week away, I’m especially drawn to the romance of the Aviary pastels! One of the greatest joys and blessings of my life is being married to my wonderful husband, Jeff. He is kind and loving, and he truly is my best friend. After nearly 20 years of marriage, enduring together the ups and downs and joys and sorrow that life brings, I’m still crazy about him. I would love to create a fabulous Aviary quilt to snuggle up in with my Sweetheart!

  49. I would choose “Object of Desire” because it seems warm and sunny and with the bitter winter we’ve been having here in Minnesota you have to get warm however you can, and what better way than to admire fabric!

  50. I would love to win Objects of Desire…. I just took up quilting again and I have a niece I’d love to make something for.

  51. I have to say, Moda ROCKS! The constant flow of beautiful fabrics are a great stimulous for my imagination. My favorite is Aviary. The wonderful colors and great variety of motifs have me drooling! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. As a lover of birds and flowers I say to Aviary, fly on down to Florida.

  52. I would love to win “Objects of my Desire” as shoes and bright colors are just that for me. Also Sandy Gervais is my all time favorite fabric designer.

  53. I love it all…and the names of all of them had me dreaming of being at a Beach House, sitting on the beach, looking at all the aviary..birds in flight…looking to the north for solitude, with the ocean air, seeing those berry delicious fabrics made me think of sitting there on the beach with the berries in my hands, munching away…and thinking about those “objects of desire”! so which one is my fav? Oh I guess Beach House!!!

  54. Berries… its gotta be those berries. I have been collecting food, fruit & veggies for a while now – originally for one quilt, but I think it's gonna be more than one at this rate!
    Karen A.

  55. I love the colors in the Berry Delicious and the Sandy Gervais line but I REALLY love all things Blackbird so I would have to choose Beach House

  56. I can’t choose from Northern Solitude and Beach House…they are my favorites.
    Hmmm,”Beach House!”
    I want to try the free project from Beach House I found at Moda’s site.

  57. I desire to have Object of Desire. I have three grandchildren-all girls-and I would love to make them some bags/purses out of this eye-popping fabric. What fun!

  58. Oh WoW…. How can you ask us to choose which collection, I love them all, but if I had to choose I think it would have to be Beaches. Hope I get chosen for this give away.


  59. Oh my goodness!! Talk about a wonderful prize!! I would love to have all of them but I guess I would have to choose Northern Solitude by Holly Taylor. Thanks so much for hosting such a great giveaway!!

  60. I just love Objects of Desire – what a splash of sunshine, it warms me up just looking! And soooo different from the colours I see here today -grey skies, slushy snow, bare trees. I’ll keep on dreaming.

  61. Objects of Desire is so fun! I know my daughter would love all the oranges and especially the “fancy” shoe fabric. It’d make a great quilt for her.

  62. I just saw some of the Aviary fabric in person and it is so pretty, so I think a quilt made from that would look wonderful in my bedroom πŸ™‚

  63. StI’m always stuck on the same color palette with eveything I make. I would love to win Objects of Desire what a change for me. This would push me in a different direction. Finally Thank you Lynn S.

  64. I am so in love with Blackbird Designs “Beach House”… It reminds me of warm days, sand, and flowers blowing in the wind.

  65. I would love to win the Berry Delicious bundle. A friend of mine is getting married in July, and is doing her kitchen in a fruit & vegetable theme.

  66. They are all lovely, but I guess if I had to pick, I’d choose the Aviary, as I would love to play with the softer colors. Love your website and your blog!

  67. Ok I just tried to comment and I don’t think it worked. I like the Object of (my) desire…. stepping out of my fabric comfort zone is a must and these will be just the ticket.

    Thank you!!!

  68. Berry Delicious (by Sew Treasured) is my choice!!! Anything made from that would have to be “good enough to eat”. Thanks for always having the very latest of everything!


  69. Couldn’t think of anything better to brighten my spirits during this cold winter season than winning the fat quarter bundle of Beach House Fabrics. All are lovely but it is my favorite.
    Jane K.

  70. Gee, how to you expect me to choose from all those lovely fabrics? I guess if I had to choose, my first choice would be Beach House, and then I would have to pop online and buy the rest

  71. All four bundles are would be great to work with but the Aviary collection really calls out to me. I love all the 3 Sister collections!

  72. Out of these, I like the Aviary the best. Out of all that you carry, Twiggy is my favorite, then Hartfield and Soiree. So many great new collections!

  73. Thanks for taking me from cold, dreary winter to the colour and warmth of spring & summer! I think I'm going to need some of Sandy Gervais' "Objects of Desire". What vibrant colours and what fun!

  74. Beach House would be my fabric selection. I love the prints and enjoy making the projects from the girls at Blackbird Designs.

  75. Picking one is horribly difficult but I think Northern Solitude. Not that they all aren’t great!

    Congrats on your sunny and lovely weather, that is what I REALLY need! πŸ˜‰

  76. The bundle of “Objects of Desire”just speaks to me with the bright and cheery, clear colors. Wow, after going through day after day of this cold , snowy icy winter in coastal
    Maine,these colorful fabrics just make my heart smile.

  77. I would love to win the Objects of Desire bundle! The colors are so bright and happy – both feelings we need in the winter!

  78. Northern solitude is more in my comfort zone so that’s what I will choose this time. Next time I move out of my comfort zone to something snazzy and with spark! Thanks

  79. I very much want Aviary! It’s such a gorgeous line of fabric! You can’t go wrong with a fat quarter bundle from 3 Sisters! I myself have 3 sisters and would share the wealth with them for a fun project at our next quilt retreat.

  80. I would really like to win Northern Solitude. I don't normally choose the colors or content of the fabric & this will be a nudge for me in that direction.

  81. Not easy to choose just one πŸ™‚ I’ve gone back and forth, but I have a real weakness for all things by 3 Sisters so my choice would be Aviary. I love the name. Can’t wait to see the actual fabric! Thanks for brighting the week with a giveaway.

  82. I have my eyes on Blackbird designs ‘Beach House’ ever since you put it on the coming soon list.

    Fingers crossed!!!

  83. Hello!
    All the fabric lines are beautiful! I would love to have all of them. If I am the lucky winner I would like to have the Aviary collection- it is so soft and romantic looking. Hope to win! Love your web site. Bev

  84. Northern solitude is my favorite. I live in northern ontario, canada and find nature very inspiring. I see she has a new winter collection too. Pick me please!

  85. I would love to win the Balckbirds bundle of Beach fabric. Those gals are on the tope of my list. thank you for the opportunity to win a prize.

  86. I would love to win the Balckbirds bundle of Beach fabric. Those gals are on the tope of my list. thank you for the opportunity to win a prize.

  87. I would love to win the Balckbirds bundle of Beach fabric. Those gals are on the tope of my list. thank you for the opportunity to win a prize.

  88. Good Morning~

    I absolutely love “Aviary”. I love the softness of it and it promises of spring to come. Can just see a quilt made up in it. Moda keeps me happy!


  89. Wow count me in – i want to win – Im just wondering… how long do u give us to choose which collection we want – they are all so great and diverse – gotta love MODA

    Tami C

  90. It’s difficult to select one of them! The five are so beautiful and different…Beach House is gorgeous, and so are Aviary’s muted feminine colors. Right now I’d pick Beach House…but I could really go with either!

  91. I love the Berry Delicious bundle. When will you get yardage in? I already see a few prints that I’d want more than a fat quarter of! Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  92. Oh! I’m new to the quilting/sewing world, and am exploring blogs and found yours and the shop! Totally amazing, and I’ll be back for sure. I must say that “Objects of Desire” is looking like a really lovely cure for the February blahs here in my area. But they’re all lovely!

  93. Sandy Gervais has done it again – I would love to win her Objects of Desire. That’s not to say the others aren’t great. After all, I’ve already ordered Aviary and Beach House.

  94. Oh my! Such beautiful new fabrics. The new Holly Taylor group, Northern Solitude, is my favorite of the bunch. How wonderful it would be to get a bundle of that!

  95. Please pick me for a Beach House Bundle. Aren’t those Blackbird Designs girls so clever – and they just keep coming up with exquisite collections year after year!

  96. I love bright colors and the Berry Delicious fat quarter bundle would make some beautiful quilts for my new home in West Virginia. I would really like to win the Berry Delicious fat quarter bundle.

  97. Berry Delicious, because it’s reminding me that summer is coming even when it’s 10 degrees, and that I have aprons and doll picnic blankets to make to enjoy those sunny days!

  98. I would love to win the Aviary bundle! I can use it to make Lissa Alexander’s Enduring Elegance pattern in McCall’s Quilting magazine. It’s beautiful and so are the fabrics!

  99. I would love to win the Beach House fabric, I love the muted colors in it. Living here in Montana owning it would be as close a I get to haveing a beach house.

  100. They are all beautiful and I would love any of them, but today I seem to be drawn to Objects of Desire. It’s just so cheery looking I can’t help but smile looking at those fabrics. Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  101. I love Objects of Desire (like everyone else) – but my mother (who taught me to quilt) is addicted to cherries & berries, so I'd really like to win the Berry bundle and make something lovely for her, to show my appreciation for passing on the love of fabric!

  102. I really like Northern Solitude – the greens look so terrific and I like the idea of the critters too.

    May be too late for the giveaway but I wanted to cast my vote for the fabric. Love it. Maryann

  103. My very favorite is Beach House. The colors and patterns are so soft and lovely. Reminds me of the beach areas of So. CA. I now reside in UT and miss those beaches.

  104. Oh I just can’t decide…I LOVE LOVE LOVE 3 Sisters and Sandy Gervais…I would have to say that I could use either one…the “Objects of My Desire” would work well with my left over Sandy Gervais from last summer…but on the other hand the Aviary is just so pretty…oh you decide :o)

  105. I love the colors in “Objects of My Desire” It reminds me of warm spring/summer weather, which would be wonderful to have right about now!

  106. ah ha I finally did something right!!!! I love the fat quarter bundle of the Aviary I think all of ya’lls fabric are beatiful !!! I would love to win!!! good luck t everyone and have a nice weekend!! we’er just coming out of a deep freeze here in ky.

  107. They are all very lovely. I wouldn’t mind winning Berry Delicious or Northern Exposure. Of course I like the Object of Desire too. If I had to decide, it would be Berry Delicious—love the vibrant colors!

  108. I really need a bedroom makeover and the Beach House fabric is just what I have been looking for. I would love to win the fabric to make a new quilt with and then I can be at the beach house all year long!!