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Old Primrose Inn Preview by Blackbird Designs

We are excited to have Alma Allen & Barb Adams of Blackbird Designs with us today to give us a sneak peak into their upcoming collection, Old Primrose Inn. It’s a great line of nostalgic memories of a simpler era, with old world hues of teal, rose, chocolate, and weathered cream.

(Before we go any further, we must announce the winners for the 2010 Thimbleberries Club giveaway and Moda Green Piece giveaway! Congratulations Kim, you have won a $100 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop. And Teresa P, you are the Green Piece winner! Email Jocelyn (at) fatquartershop (dot) com to claim your prizes! Now back to the story…)

When Barb and I begin to design a fabric line we find it helpful to come up with the name first. Hopefully the name is evocative and we can begin to see the fabrics that reflect the title.

Our newest line, Old Primrose Inn, brought up images of an old inn along the coast. The light and airy rooms filled with nooks and crannies. Quiet places to relax and enjoy. Can you begin to see how the image of the inn help us develop this line of fabrics? Many of these prints are influenced by the older, faded prints we love.

Our last quilt book, “When The Cold Wind Blows,” features a quilt of large applique blocks designed by Barb. We decided to each do a different color version of this quilt. Usually when we get a chance to do two versions of a quilt I like to try something new. To break out and experiment a bit.

With this quilt I did all of the leaves and stems in blue. It was so fun and liberating for me. Not a green leaf in sight! With this line we repeated that idea . . . not a green print here either. (When we find something fun we like to pass it to you too!)

This is a picture of my quilt titled “Love Letters.” This photograph was taken in Nantes, France at the Pour l’Amour du fil exhibition sponsored by Quilt Mania. I love the fresh look of the blue foliage.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to “Old Primrose Inn.” Our fabric will be available in November. You can visit us on our blog too, and read about our lovely adventures. We are always glad to “see” you!

Alma Allen & Barb Adams
Blackbird Designs


  1. Woo-hoo! My name was drawn out of what had to be millions and millions of entries for the Thimbleberries 2010 Club giveaway–thank you SO much! And isn't it appropriate that on the day my name was announced, the post was about Blackbird Designs–I love their fabrics and patterns, and I'm currently working on the Halloween 1904 quilt! Their new line looks lovely!