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Notion of the Month January 2014: Busyfingers Rotating Cutting Mat

It’s time again for a brand new Notion of the Month! This month we have selected the Busyfingers Rotating Cutting Mat as our January 2014 Notion of the Month! And don’t forget, the Notion of the Month is 20% off all month long!

We quilters do a lot of cutting. Therefore, we need a lot of tools. One tool that has quickly become a staff favorite at FQS is the Busyfingers Rotating Cutting Mat. This handy mat is pretty small, but it rotates around to make your cutting process much quicker and easier. Shaving off the few seconds it takes to trim each side of your block really add up! The larger your quilts get, the more time you save.

Lori Holt, our quilty friend from the Bee in my Bonnet Blog and author of Quilty Fun, has made this mat a staple in her studio. She is constantly digging around in her scrappy stash to make quilty projects, and when the blocks need to be trimmed she turns to the Busyfingers Rotating Mat.

Get your own Busyfinger’s Rotating Cutting Mat at 20% off all month long, and use it to make these cute little quilty coasters from Lori Holt!


  1. When I clicked on the link to purchase the matt, it said the page doesn't exist. I clicked on several different locations and got the same thing. Is it not available?

  2. I can't access the rotating mat, either. It says the page doesn't exist. I did finally find the green rotating cutting mat for $69. How much does the busyfingers mat cost? Would you be able to do some checking to see why we can't find it? Thank you very much!