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Notes from Moda

Notes from Moda by Lissa AlexanderLissa Alexander, the Marketing Director at Moda, has agreed to keep the Jolly Jabber updated on what’s happening at Moda! However, we need input from you all about what you want her to talk about and what you would like to know. So….here’s another contest — write what you’d like to hear her talk about on our comment page and we will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, 2/6 for a fabulous Moda prize. The winner will receive an At Water’s Edge fat quarter bundle – a $100 bundle from Moda’s most recent line!

Lissa is always asking about Emma so she thought the best way to introduce herself to Emma, and to you all, would be through a letter.

Dear Emma,

Your mommy and daddy asked me to write for their blog. I am so flattered but very nervous as well. What should I write about? Why choose me? I write like I talk and sometimes my words get all mixed up. I can spell, I guess that is good. I thought I would write to you and see what you thought.

I am a mother of four boys and one girl ranging in ages from 16-25. I have been a quilter for 26 years and I work for Moda. I have been working at Moda for 12 years. You are going to be 12 months soon, so it is almost the same.

I feel like I have the best job in the world! (Marketing Director for Moda) I get to work with the most talented designers. I get to plan projects. I get to make pretty pictures to go in magazines. I get to plan booths for shows. I get to meet other quilters from all over the world. I get to play with and touch fabric anytime I want.

Emma, What do you think your mommy’s friends would want to learn about moda? Do they want to meet the other people that I work with? I could talk about the owner. He is so fun. You would like him. He wears cool clothes.

Do they want to see behind the doors? How fabric is designed? What about if I told you what was going to happen before it happens? That is kind of like magic. I could do that.

What about the new 3 Sisters collection, Simplicity? It is pretty and soft. There are kits, jelly rolls, layer cakes, charm packs and more. You may need to hide some in your crib because everyone is going to want these.

Maybe your mommy’s friends could send in some suggestions on what they would like to hear about and I will write to you again.

Lissa Alexander
Moda Marketing Director


  1. Yes, yes, yes… I want to know how fabric is designed, about the people you work with, what goes on behind closed doors … I want to hear it all!

  2. I would love to see some of the best ways you have seen your fabric displayed or best ideas you have come across using you fabric amongst the retailers in America. We, the readers outside of the USA, I’m sure would enjoy looking at some of the displays.
    Robyn New Zealand

  3. No surprise here, but I sure love Moda! Who doesn’t?! And Lissa, what a pretty little girl you were! I think this is my new favorite segment… notes from Moda… heavenly. My question is this- how do you do it all? Amazing!

  4. I’d like to hear about who designs these beautiful fabrics and where they get their inspiration from. I’d also like to see some quick easy projects that I could whip up to sell at our school fair!

  5. Like all the other commenters so far, I also would to know about the inner workings of Moda! The design process, printing and processing the fabrics. And any sneak previews are especially welcome.

  6. I would love to know more about how the Moda University and other quilt kits are designed, do you design around the fabric or make the pattern first and choose a fabric line that fits it? What a dream job that would be, quilt designer!

  7. I would love to know how fabric is designed and where the ideas for the design come from. I would also like to hear about the different people at Moda. You must have an awesome job!

  8. Moda’s fabric lines are all top notch…from the traditional to the more “mod” lines. How do you predict design trends? Do you come up with a design theme and then seek out designers? Or do designers seek you out with their fabric lines to be manufactured?

  9. I am brand new to quilting and love Moda fabrics. The quality is heavenly. I would love to see how it is made from design to print and where it is manufactured. I am a military spouse living in Germany right now. This forum is a wonderful way for me to access information like this. I would also love to see the faces of the designers as well as the insperations that lead them to the designs.

    Sneak peaks to the newest creations are always a plus!

  10. What I would really love to know (about from how do I get your job!!) is, how do you choose a quilter and help them blossom into a fabulous fabric designer. Do you look at designers from other countries?

  11. I would love to hear how you decide which designers will represent Moda. How you get your fabric from design to quilt store. More about the process of sample making. Hightlight sample makers and their process. More, More, More

  12. I am curious about how many new lines you introduce each year to the quilting market? Moda seems to have new things being premiered all the time. Love the coordinated lines, tin boxes, jelly rolls and containers, etc. Great marketing Lissa!
    Barbara Campbell

  13. I would like to hear about the design process, from creating a design to having the fabric in the quilt shop, and how long this process takes.

  14. Oh, how cool is this!?! I love Moda fabrics, and now I get to ask quuestions – where do I begin? What do I want to know? Hmmm… How does the designers work? How are they building up collections/lines? What are the reasons for their choices? How do you lay out your strategies promoting Moda fabrics? Why do you display the fabrics the way yo do? Do you present them differently in different parts of the world? How do you select designers to make promotion quilts for certain fabric lines? What goes on behind the sceenes? Does the company have a certain way of doing things, or does the designers have “free will”? Any difference in the way they work?

    Ok…a million questions, and I can’t find a way to type all of them *lol* – Look forward to reading more from you!

  15. I am from Austalia and just love to hear about people on the other side. I would be fascinated to hear about how Moda is created and the creators. I also get to see more ranges than we necessarily see here. Also love simple quick projects to make for gifts.

  16. Moda fabric…My Favorite!!!!! I would love to hear everything that goes into bringing us these wonderful fabrics. Start at the first idea and finish with a completed show quilt.

  17. Moda has so many different designs how do you decide which ones will be feature lines. When you do a fabric run do you do one large run and stop when it’s sold out or do you continually run the fabric until new lines are introduced.

  18. Moda fabrics are my absolute favorite–I got sucked in by Robyn Pandolph when she was designing for Moda & have just loved it ever since. I would love more sneak peaks of fabrics coming out–maybe follow a designer thru the whole process from start to finish.

  19. I want to know how you consistantly come up with the most wonderful designs in the industry!!! I have quilted for over 15 years, and I don’t think I have a quilt that doesn’t have some Moda in it. It is my favorite. Keep up the good work. Jan

  20. I would like to know more about the people involved in Moda: the owner of course, and the 3 Sisters – who are they? Are they really sisters?? I love their designs. What is their background? What inspires them?

  21. Moda fabrics always seem to grab my attention, I love the colors and quality. Please tell us about the design process for fabrics and for quilts. Thank you! I love reading this blog!!

  22. I would love to learn the process from a paper picture to the finished product that all of us quilters have so much fun purchasing and turning into such lovely finished projects.
    And yes, you were a darling little girl.

  23. My question is who came up with the idea for the “Jelly Roll” and who decided to put them into the wonderful tins that we all must have.
    Jennifer, Australia.

  24. I would like to hear about the design process, specifically about how trends are decided/spotted. How did you know we would go nuts for silly monkeys? Things like that.

  25. Love Moda, Love Fat Quarter Shop, Would love to know how designers get hooked up with Moda. We have a fabulous textile design school here in Raleigh, NC. How do those folks make a connection to Moda?


  26. I am curious how you select the patterns for Moda University to showcase the new fabrics. I have several patterns and always look forward to more!

  27. I would love to know who makes all the sample quilts. Of course all the other ladies have already asked all the other things I’m curious about. Can’t wait to find out all the answers in future blog postings.


  28. As others have said, Moda is my favorite, from the traditional to the modern. Whenever a fabric sings to me it is always a Moda and I love it. I would like to know more about the people you work with, from your iteresting boss to the designers and all the rest creating the birth of a new line. I also would like to know what comes first the fabric or the pattern. Previews are always good so we can dream about the next quilt or….

  29. How do the designers come up with all those devine colours, especially Blackbird’s “At Water’s Edge”—– just love it

  30. LOVE MODA!!!! I would love to know why some of our favorite fabric lines aren’t just reprinted!! I adore the idea of “Three Sister’s Favorites”, but even those aren’t complete lines reprinted. Would campaigning to our favorite quilt shops help in this process??

  31. Can I be the poster girl for Moda? I’m a such Moda girl, I can spot a Moda miles away! lol I love their rich colours, the textures ahhhh. I would like to know what inspires designers to create a fabric. Is there a story behind the line of fabric? Stories enrich a creation, giving it debth and meaning! Thank you for doing this!

  32. How cool! I just love Moda fabrics. They are always top quality and vibrant colors. I’m one of those quilters that hates to prewash my fabric and I have never had a problem with Moda fabrics running! I too would like to hear about the design process but I would also like to hear about your job as Marketing Director. Where do you get your ideas, does the staff sit around and brainstorm ideas or what?? Can’t wait to learn more!!!

  33. Hi Lissa… I also love Moda fabric. How can I get a job with a great company like Moda? Does the company hire telecommuters? And of course all of the other questions everyone asked. Thanks for providing all the fun fabrics and projects. Happy Quilting.

  34. Love Moda fabrics!!!! my favorite designers!!!! I would also love to know how the designers choose the colors for their collections.

  35. Love MODA fabric! Not only is it great for quilts but also granddaughter dresses! Would love to know more about the owner and how he decided “fabrics” not furniture, etc.

  36. Lissa,
    Another question – how do you choose a quilt designer to develop new patterns for your lines? I would love to work with some of your new fabrics for magazine publication.

    Barbara Campbell

    P.S. Sorry for the duplicate message, but I posted this comment on the replies to winners of the past contest in error.

  37. I would love to know how the patterns get from inside the designers head onto the fabric! Also, I would love to see pictures of the fabric making process itself.

  38. I’d love to travel through the whole design to production of a line process…Moda has a great range of fabrics…How about more projects for quilters on the Moda website?

  39. I’d like to know how long the process takes from designing a line through to the finished fabrics…How about more project ideas on your web site?

  40. I would love tutorials on using the various Moda fabric cuts. I love the idea of the jelly rolls, but am stumped at small projects which I would assume they’d be perfect for. Cathy

  41. I would love tutorials on using the various Moda fabric cuts. I love the idea of the jelly rolls, but am stumped at small projects which I would assume they’d be perfect for. Cathy

  42. I would love tutorials on using the various Moda fabric cuts. I love the idea of the jelly rolls, but am stumped at small projects which I would assume they’d be perfect for. Cathy

  43. I’d love to know more about Moda! This is such a great opportunity to learn so much more. I’ve been buying Moda for at least 10 years now. It’s truly one of my favorite fabrics. The quality is awesome and never bleeds on me. Ok, my question is this…where are the headquarters of Moda located and how do I get a job? LOL. I love it! Thanks for entering me in the contest, as well 😉

  44. I would like to know about the designing process, the printing process, how you “sniff out” future trend, how long the process is , and , well everything

  45. I want to hear about the company and the design process. I love Moda fabrics. Each new line gets better and better. How do you choose the designs. Love the charm packs and jelly rolls. Could we get some ideas on projects to use them.

    Thanks, Tracey Boston MA

  46. I love Moda fabrics, they look and feel wonderful. I am interested in hearing about the designers and other people that work behind the scenes.

  47. I would like to hear about how new talent is discovered.

    Also – where you get the props to display the items in your booths.

    Who designs the booth?

    What’s the worst thing that ever happened at a show (lost boxed etc.)?? (just to be a little naughty!)

  48. I love Moda fabrics. I particularly like the variety in colorways for each collection, as well as the variety in print or style. I also like the options of charm packs, jelly rolls, pre-packaged quarters, etc… I feel this is your forte and allows you to hold a strong marketing tool within your industry.
    I would like to know more about color trends in the industry. I like to hear/read about color trend forecasting. I am also interested in design forecasting and like many of these comments, I too would be interested in fabric printing/dying processes.

  49. I would love to know more about the printing process. Lots of designers share the design side of things on personal blogs but no one has shown the behind the scenes printing, cutting, shipping etc.

  50. I started quilting almost a year ago and have fallen in love with your Moda fabrics. I would love to find out how you desgin your fabrics, and I would love to have some ideas on smaller projects such as table runners or bread warmers. The Moda fabrics are so beautiful and easy to work with.

  51. There are lots of choices for fabrics on the open market. I’d like to know what makes Moda different than your competitors. Like most quilters I have some favorite manufacturers and I must say I have a huge amount of Moda, and I find myself being drawn to certain collections.

  52. Wow!! Ditto what Camille said- how do you do it all!!

    I would love to hear about the design process and designers as well….oh, I would love to hear about it all! How neat- and I love the pictures!!

  53. I want to know how fabric designers get their ideas….what goes on behind the scenes…how quilt patterns are chosen/designed…everything.


  54. I am definitely a “Moda Girl” and love the feel of your fabrics and the designs. How do you manage to introduce so many lines each season? I’m amazed at your productivity and inventiveness!

  55. I love to buy Moda because I buy names I can trust. In trust, I mean that your fabric does not bleed. I can trust Moda for keeping the colors alive. Do you at Moda always preach pre-wash? I don’t always pre-wash and I am wondering if this is a mistake. I haven’t gone wrong with Moda yet.
    Thanks for your great product – keep it coming!

  56. Wow — Lissa, I would love to know a little bit about how the fabric itself is made. Besides having the prettiest fabric, Moda fabric FEELS the best. What makes the difference? And, of course, we all love “sneak peeks”! Very much looking forward to reading your blog!

  57. You are incredibly talented. I read somewhere that you designed the table cloths for the presidential inaugural dinner? Is that true? How do you juggle it all, 5 children, full-time job and everything?

  58. I would like to know the background & history of Moda and see photos of Moda’s main offices, the designers’ studios, warehouses and where the beautiful Moda fabrics are printed. And where did the name Moda come from? Thanks! 🙂

  59. I too would like to know the “behind-the-scene” of how fabric is designed and the people who creates these wonderful designs! Being new at quilting (only about 3 years of serious quilting since I started about 10 years ago), I like to know the history of fabric.

  60. This is my first time to ever “post”. I am a Moda junkie. I am currently working on “Midnight in the Garden”, an old Blackbird pattern. I want to hear about new products and lines of fabric. I like that some designers continue to carry a color tone to their fabrics so you can add to your stash with newer fabrics and they still work. Can you also tell us about some of the Moda for Home products and where to get them? Obviously quilts are a big home design feature and to get coordinating items like lampshades would be cool. Maybe Moda could make ones that we could easily add any of our fabric choices to. Also, are the selveges getting thicker? Is there a reason for this. I also like to hear about innovative ideas for using quilts, how people set up their quilt spaces, and new products (ie. our teacher just had a new magnetic pin cushion that had a snap on cover which keeps out dirt and stray threads – cool).
    It is fun to hear about the designers as it then seems more like “family”.

  61. I would love to know how someone is chosen to design a fabric line; how someone gets to work for Moda – do they have a degree in graphic arts, design, textiles, business – just what makes a Moda employee. Thanks so much.

  62. Thank you for letting us take a peek at the designer/manufacturer process…as quilters we have alot of curiousity about this! My question is: Do both the designer and Moda (you!) have input on how the fabrics from a line are going to be marketed to the public? Who comes up with the quilt design, is it a collaborative effort?

  63. What inspires your designers?

    What are some of their favorite tools?

    Is Moda environment friendly?

    Can you give us something “Moda exclusive” to Jolly Jabber?

  64. I would like to know if you have any plans to make cotton batiste or extra wide quilters muslin? And like any quilter I would love to win the fat quarter bundle just because I “need” it!!!
    Dianne, Australia

  65. I love Moda and would like to know more about their history. How did Moda get started? How long have they been in business? Why is it called “Moda”?

  66. I love to see all the different ways folks use Moda fabric beyond quilt patterns – on blogs, vendor displays, in the shops, etc. I’m interested in knowing about the backgrounds of the different designers – what are their interests that compliment and/or inspire their collections? What did they study in school? Do they have passions beyond fabric/craftiness?

  67. something i’ve really wondered about — with almost all moda fabric in recent years, the designer(s)is a person with a photo and bio(a real person). who are “three sisters”? is that a name for the moda design team…or really three sisters?

  68. something i’ve really wondered about — in recent years moda fabric designers have a photo and a bio (a real person). is “three sister” a name for the moda design team – or – are there really three sisters?

  69. Hi there! I love Moda fabric… who doesn’t?!!

    I would love to see more blue, yellow and white fabric and quilts… They seem to be my passion now!

    I’ve been quilted for about 10 years and really love it! I have a 4 year old son, so don’t get to do it as much as I used to! But I have several projects that I am working on, most recently have found a pattern that would look so great in blue, yellow and white.

    Thanks, Deb

  70. Lissa~
    How exciting to hear from someone as passionate about Moda fabrics as the quilters who read this blog all the time! Personally, I’d love to be included in on the design process and new-upcoming-can’t-wait-to-see-it collections. I’d love to have a behind the doors sneak peek. Thanks a bundle!
    Kris Paquette

  71. What is there not to love about Moda! I would like to know when Moda started and the secrets behind Moda that make their fabrics stand apart from all the others!

    Lisa (with one “s”!!)

  72. I just joined the blog today because you are here. I love your fabric lines and the quality of the fabric. Jelly rolls and charm packs are a blast. You have so many ways for us to enjoy a full line of fabric…I love it. I have dozens of Moda projects lined up, fabric and patterns in my stash. I am very interested in learning about the fabric design process. I picture these designers sitting at a drafting table the old fashion way painting their designs by hand. Do you have to be an artist to design fabric. How DO they do it? Also, I am very interested in the pattern design process. How do you choose who designs the patterns? Which comes first, the fabric or the pattern. How does one go about even having Moda consider one of their patterns for production? Can’t wait to learn everything. Thank you.

  73. Perfect Solution for Groups of Quilters. I selected a Moda Collection so that each member of my fat quarter exchange could buy me one fat quarter from that collection. I now have made a gorgeous Moda Vintage Holiday quilt.

  74. How are the lines picked for each season? do you give your designers certain guildlines things like that. What are the fabrice trends? How do you determine what gets picked and are there alot of things that don’t get printed and just out all together.

  75. Curiousity and cat….What was your top selling line in 2007 and who was your top selling designer in 2007? Also, Love the charms, jelly rolls and cakes – what are your annual sales in the charms. Thank you. Denise

  76. In addition to what Denise and blueberrylane said, I would also love to see what goes into booth design and more pictures from Markets. And I would like to see more of the quilting on that beautiful Simplicity quilt! Oh, and good photos of quilts to download for computer backrounds would be great as well.

  77. Hey Lissa!
    I would love to hear more about Erin Michael. I love her new line ZaZa. How did she start designing?

  78. I’d like to know what trends you see in interior design, “looks,” fabrics, that quilt makers should know about. I like to make quilts that are traditional yet look current, not dated. Is the shabby chic look still with us or has it run its course?

  79. What I’d like to hear about is the process of designing fabric, and how the design progresses from the printed page to the bolt of fabric. I have many ideas in my head (and a list of them on paper), but I don’t know what to do with them.

  80. I am curious to know how Moda determines what colorways they will use from year to year, or season to season? It seems that there are trends to this. (i.e. brown and pink, etc.)
    I am in LOVE with MODA and will continue to use only the best in fabrics, threads and batting in my quilts. I want them to become heirlooms for my grandchildren.
    Thanks so much!

  81. I would love to know more about the people who work at Moda…I would also love to know more about your criteria for choosing what manufacturer will make the ‘grey goods’, and who will print the fabric lines too. Do you use different ones or always the same for each designer? More on home decor applications as well. Perhaps also a pictorial tour of Moda. I LOVE YOUR FABRIC LINES! cindy Novick

  82. I think it would be great to have an email newsletter from Moda that lets us know when the different Moda lines have shipped to our favourite LQS.

  83. Sneek peeks at new fabrics are always fun! How about starting a gallery page of Moda users quilt photos? It’s inspiring to see what people are doing with all that gorgeous fabric.

  84. I have been sewing for 52 years but am new to quilting but not to Moda. I have used many Moda fabrics since the late seventies. I would love to hear about how the designers keep coming up with the great designs. Also what determines the change of styles, patterns, colors yearly. Maybe knowing more about the designers and what they design around will make some of the fabrics more personal.

  85. Lissa,

    I would like to know who some of the designers are (well all of them really) & how designs are decided upon. I also scrapbook & notice that paper & fabric follow each other but don’t know which is 1st. How many designs get rejected vs the approved? How do you discover new designers, & where do they come from? I think fabric is my passion (the colors, feel, etc.) but for myself I don’t see in pictures so I love to try to understand how this whole process works & how you then market it. Who decides how much of a product? I could keep going with endless question, but I will save some. I look forward to to learning from you. Thank you & God’s blessings, Debbie in Paso Robles, CA

  86. I would love to hear about how MODA picks the people that design their fabric — you read on all these blogs about people who magically got hooked up to design their own line of fabric, so I’m interested in how it happens. Also, how colors are chosen — are they based on trends or what — and behind the scenes looks at MODA and the people that work there.

  87. I would love to see behind the scenes and how the whole process works. I would also like to know how you choose your designers. Of course, sneak peeks are always great:)

  88. I would like to know how you choose what designs are going to make it all the way to marketing? I couldn’t imagine saying NO to a fabric line. As a professional stash builder there would surely be something in a design line that I would just have to have! I couldn’t lose that one fabric or that whole line all the time..I would be in a padded room somewhere!!!!

  89. WOW, great questions, you could blog for a long long time! And we would all be here waiting for the next installment.
    My question… all of the above and… WHO ARE “THREE SISTERS” Inquiring minds want to know all about “them”. And what determines if a line will be rerun. Some of this stuff disappears so fast you miss it! Love that MODA!!

  90. All of the info you share is going to great. I love Moda – every aspect of the beautiful fabric, the feel, the designs and the fact so many can be intermixed beautifully. I have radar vision when it comes to Moda fabrics. MODA fabrics are just yummy and will love comments on every subject that has been commented on before me.

  91. A Moda question… How FUN!
    I would really like to have is a sneak peek at what Christmas fabrics are coming our way this year.

    I would also like to let the fat quarter shop know that I love the blog… I check it daily for updates! It is a great idea.

  92. The quality of Moda fabric is exempary………not just the colors but the durability, the strength of the fibers. Where does it all begin, how are the base fibers chosen, and when are the colors added?
    When a design line is done with production and subsequently ALL sold, is it really gone? Does Moda ever reprint ‘old’ lines?
    When was ‘Moda’ born and how did it come to be?
    Moda is simply the BEST!
    Thanks for seeking input from some of your greatest fans!

  93. I would love to hear about the different designers and how they come up with their designs, especially my favorite–3 Sisters. I know nothing about them other than I love every line of fabric they have designed.

  94. Hi there,

    I would love to know how the fabrics are picked. Are there a panels of judges that sit around a table like American Idol and give there comments on what is in now. If there is a panel, or if there is not what age ranges are the people picking the fabrics? Do they do test runs like they do with toys and have a selected number of people come in and give there opinion on what they think will sell? Do they go to fashion shows to see what the in colors are going to be for next year and decide to go with colors that relate to clothing colors? I just wonder, I like seeing more of the bright, fun and funky materials. I am 34, a mother of 2, own my own photography business, but love to quilt and sew at heart. So speaking for the younger half of the generation, keep coming with the new and funky lines, I am anxiously awaiting the Posh to come in to the Fat Quarters!

  95. Another Moda fan here! I’d love to hear more about plans to continue and expand the Funky Monkey line – it’s my favorite! Thanks for all you do for us quilters. 🙂

  96. I have always wanted to see fabric design process, from inspiration to drawing board, to sample, to fabric, to items made with that fabric. It’s probable obvious I don’t even know what the steps are; I am just very interested to see how an idea becomes a product that I can use with my own ideas!

  97. 2-1-08
    Wow another year ahead and I would
    love to know more of what we can
    expect for Fall – love the colors and it is my favorite time of year along with what’s new for Christmas. I love your designs and
    want to keep up with whats new.
    Fran, So CA

  98. I would love to hear about how they choose designers, what sort of qualities they look for and things like that. Also the process behind how a fabric line comes to pass. That would be so cool!

  99. Lissa! Thanks for writing in! I would love to meet the fabric designers and find out how they design a collection. Do they sit down at a drawing board with markers and just doodle away? Or do you tell them you need something in a theme? How do they get all of the “versions” of the fabrics? Do you help them with it? And I am “dying” to see how the fabric is actually made! A visit to a factory where we could see the entire process would be very cool! Good luck dealing with everyone’s suggestions! Wasie

  100. I would love to know how colors are chosen as the seasons evolve. Do the designers start with a color or start with a design? What previews can you give us for the summer and fall colors to expect?

    Thank you!

  101. I am seeking to become a Moda Maven as I have begun to use Moda fabrics exclusively. I would like to know how fabric designers decide what quilters might like. Also, I would like to know colors and patterns not to use in order to make a stunner quilt that is color coordinated as well as patterns that come together in harmony.

  102. I’d love to see some behind the scenes pictures and hear how the fabric is designed & made. It would be great to know how Moda finds new designers and just a step by step on how each fabric goes from an idea to the stores & how long the process takes. I look forward to the next installment.

  103. Sneak previews, definitely. How fabric lines are developed and colorways are selected. How designers are chosen. Anything and everything!

  104. I’m new to quilting and boy did I ever get the bug. Even with my limited knowledge of fabrics I can see and feel the extordinary quality of the Moda line. I love how the color pathways all go together and make my little projects look great. My question- what is the best way to wash a finished quilt and should the fabric be pre-washed before starting a project.

  105. Some quilt stores have a spot on their website that says Moda University, what exactly is this? Unique to each quilt store or does it originate with Moda? Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for hosting this interesting Blog. It definitely adds a new dimension.

  106. I would love to know more about Moda University. Also, it would be fun to meet the fabric designers. Love the blog and look forward to reading more!

  107. I am a big fan of the Moda tin collections…I love getting creative with the swatches and also with the empty tins…how about an insider tip on what’s coming out next?

  108. I would love to learn how artwork is turned into fabric. I love Moda fabrics and look ahead as much as I can for what is coming next. Specifically, I loved the Toile Christmas and Holiday on Ice lines. I really want to know if that holiday line will continue and what’s next!
    Thank you!

  109. what a great job you have. Tell it all! Would love to know more about the designers and how they come up with their designs. It would be nice to know a bit about MR.MODA too!

  110. I’m very curious about the type of training /education you had that brought you to this great job. Is it a career you would recommend to someone (artistic) trying to decide on her future? Sharon

  111. I would like to know how the decision is made on which fabrics will sell and which designer to pick. Sometimes it seems like the designers lines are just more of the same, but just in a different color. How is it decided to continue with a designer or look for a new line? Also, how do you keep up with the color trends when fabrics have to be picked and produced so far in advance.

    By the way, I too love Moda Fabrics. They are always consistent in quality and they do not fray like other lines do.

    Also, I would love to sew sample quilts. How does this process work at Moda?

    Thanks so much.

  112. I would like to tell you Lissa that Moda is my very favorite fabric. I just love every fabric that Moda comes out with. A background in the design process would be fun to learn about.

    Carol L., Glendale, AZ

  113. yes! Want to hear about who designs these awesome fabrics, the process from idea to complete fabric line, stuff about the owner, what it’s like to do your job, etc!!! Just start jabbering away and we’ll take it all in!!

  114. Inquiring minds want to know… how does Moda determine which lines to release and how do you predict market trends?

  115. I would love for you to create a series of what happens in the design process from start to finish in the making of the fabrics. I would also like to know why you chose the designers you do, do you look for a certain “style” or do you just know what sells and works well for you? I love Moda fabrics, I especially love that you sell fat quarter bundles so that we can have tastes of many different fabrics!

  116. I would love to know…

    Is my suite in the warehouse ready yet?
    Are my UPS guys ‘shorted-up’?
    Are the trucks gassed up and ready to roll to Oregon?

  117. I would love to hear how you choose the fabric lines. Specifically do your designers work alone? or do you combine designers work to create a line? I love Moda and look forward to learning more about it!!!

  118. I’d love to know more about how fabric is designed all the way through production, as how/where your designers find inspiration. Please also write about what you see as the current and emerging trends in quilting and/or fabric design.

  119. I would love to hear more about how the designers came up with their new fabric collections, and the first project(s) they made with a new fabric collection.

  120. I want a sneak peek at any new 1930’s that’ll hit the market, a lot of the new ranges dont come to australia.. and I’d love to know how I could make sure these ranges get to australia???

    Lissa (yep another one)

  121. I would love to know more about how new lines are created from ideas to bolts and also know more about the designers who created my favorite fabrics and where they found their inspiration. I would also like to hear more about fun suff available like Jelly Rolls and Tin kits, all about Moda U patterns, events, behind the scenes, oh…I am just interested everything Moda!

  122. “All of the above” please….
    Plus..where geographically does all this happen? is there 1 big “headquarters” or does Moda rely heavily on technology to run their company? Do you actually meet with the designers in person? How does this work efficiently?

  123. Some great questions have been asked…after answering the first 100 or so questions it would be fun to hear which design trend surprised you the most.

  124. Anything behind the scenes would be interesting. How do you decide what will be sold as a fat quarter bundle / jelly roll/ charm pack / kit? Who decides if there will be a free pattern with the line?

    I’d also love sneak peeks of future releases.

  125. Hi. I’d love to see the story of just one fabric line starting first from the initial idea in the designer’s imagination to the final fabric on the market for sale. This would take a long period of time, but it would be fun to see this both in words and pictures. You could even issue a challenge to design a quilt pattern for that fabric and post it on the Moda site. Of course, readers of the Jolly Blog would do the vote to select the top patterns.

  126. How do you go about choosing a designer? Do they have to “interview” with Moda? Or are they selected based on their popularity within the quilting community? This will be a terrific feature!

  127. Lissa, how sweet, writing to Emma like that…somehow it made the letter softer, sweeter.

    First, I’d like to know if you are a perfect sewer/quilter, haha, like us, or do you get frustrated when your points don’t match or do you rip them all out and start again?

    I’m also curious to know if since you’re designing and traveling and have a family, how and when do YOU ever get to quilt??? or DO you still get to? or at the end of the day if you are tired of fabric?

    naaaaaaahhh….Moda fabrics???? no way. Getting paid to be surrounded with them?

    green with envy in Tennessee,

  128. I would like to know what is the “HOT” line for 2007 and now for 2008. Also, which state purchases the most Moda fabric? Thank you. Dee

  129. I would like to know what childrens books inspire you. I made a quilt based on the book “Good Night Moon”. I loved quilting stars & moons and then also adding good nights to my grandchildren’s dog, cat etc.

    Green Valley, AZ

  130. Give us the history of Moda. From how it began to the present. Old pictures and some of the first fabrics. What did you manufacture during the wars? Tell us about the employees. Maybe cute stories of things that happen there. Make Moda real rather than an abstract thought. Tell us what you do in your capacity. How you spend your days and where you go to accomplish the mission. Tell us about side industries that supply to Moda.

  131. I’d like to know if the charm tin boxes will ever come back. i made the one for sonnet and fell in love with it and wish they were still being made. Making miniature quilts is often all I have time for!

  132. I definitely want to know about fabric design and any new products coming out! Also, as a novice quilter, I’d love any tips or easy things to try out. Thanks!

  133. I would like to hear about anything you wish to share with the general public. Moda always has such luscious collections, it is hard not to like every one of them.

  134. I would love Lissa Alexander to talk about how Moda got started.When and Where. New lines of fabric coming in the future, how they decide who will design the new line. Tell about the raw materials used in making the fabric. Show pictures of the fabric being made. Employee’s of Moda. How they design. Thank you Lynn from Bay City Michigan.

  135. Would love to read profiles on the designers and newest trends in quilting. Some eye candy would be great also! I am a huge fan and collector of Moda fabric!!

  136. I would like to know why the fabric quality (how easily it ravels, weight, etc.) differs so much within one fabric line. For example, the Sunshine line has several different weights of fabric. Seaside Rose also had several different weights of fabric. It almost seems as if the thread count is different. Are the different fabrics within one line made with different processes?

  137. I would like to know how you determine how long a fabric line will stay on the market and how do you determine if you will run it again? Also, I just love Moda!!

  138. I would like to know how many designers you have designing for Moda as it seems that new fabric appears every day. I would also like to know if you will continue the Jelly Rolls as I love to use them for making quilts. I never hesitate to buy Moda on the internet as I know the quailty is always there. Thanks for a great product.

    Judy Youngs

  139. I would like to know if several of your designers come up with the same color schemes at the same time. How much input does Moda have with each fabric line or does the designer have complete control. I guess what I am saying is how does a fabric line start from the beginning to the end?

  140. I would love to know how you choose which colors/color families will be featured in the upcoming fabric lines. Do you take your cues from fashion, from home design, or is there “something in the air” in the way that all at once new color pairings seem to be everywhere.

    I’m glad for a chance to say thank you for your wonderful fabric, which always has such a rich, soft feel to it.

  141. I would like to know about your charitable endeavors. I know the shops are always so generous to donate for a good cause.Moda charms are so great to give and receive! stitch

  142. Do you ever have fabric designs that just don’t cut it or does every design come out no matter what? Who decides? Of course we want to know what’s happening before it happens, we are women aren’t we!! What about behind the scenes tour? Kathy Iowa/Wisconsin

  143. How exciting, I”d like to know pretty much what everyone else has asked, although I haven’t read every comment. I’d also like to know how you choose which designer you’ll take on board.

  144. Sneak peaks would be great! Any insider anecdotes would be fun to read about. Anything you’d like to share is appreciated, so thank you!

  145. Moda has something for everyone! …From my teenaged daughters, to my sweet best friend to my old-fashioned mom. I enjoy the fact that I can pick up a new line, and find wonderful, compatible colors in my Moda stash to add the sparkle and nuance to my quilt and clothes projects. I’d like to know the history and folklore of fabric such why fabric is 44/45 inches wide but it’s sold in yard/metric increments; when did salvages start sporting their design names, etc. Does Moda follow any traditions or superstitions when premiering a new line of fabric? Marketing: what does it take to bring the fabrics we love to us? We all equate Moda with quality — what are the elements of the quality we love.

  146. I love the quality of Moda fabric. I would like to see how your designers come up with their designs. (by the way you have some of the best. Ha) What concerns me lately though is how the price of quilt fabric keeps climbing. It is getting more and more expensive to make quilts.

  147. Moda’a fabrics are the SUV in the quilting world. Would love to know more detail information on how designers come up with their designs, color waves. How do you decide how many fabrics to have in a line??? How does Moda pick their designers??? How do you decide what colors to use, does it have to do with the design or time of year it comes out. Probably have a thousand or more questions.

  148. I have only just discovered Moda. I love it. How do you market Moda ranges? Do you plan on marketing more in Australia? We seem to find out about ranges after they are nearly off the market again……sad. That is why I bought directly from Fat Quarter Shop, so I can get the news sooner than my friends……………hehehe

    Jules (Australia)

  149. First I would like to say — I’m always in the mood for Moda!!

    I am happy to read about all aspects of the process of developing and designing the fabric lines and colours.

    How do you decide when it is time to take a fabric off the shelf? Or do you make only a certain number of bolts and when it is gone it is gone?

  150. Moda is the best!!! I would like to know how you chose your designers. What do you have to do to become a designer for Moda??
    I’d also like to give a shout out to my old rep NORBERT!!!! HI NORBERT!!!! He was my rep when I had my shop.

  151. I would like Lissa Alexander to talk about how she fits family home and work together with sewing/quilting? Does she have a sewing room at home? Does she have all the fabric lines Moda puts out? Does her daughter quilt/sew also?

  152. I would love to know how you keep ahead of the design curve & keep your fabrics fresh and exciting. Also would love to learn about the whole process from inspiration to bolts on the shelves

  153. Moda fabrics are Delicious. How did you come up with the Jelly Rolls and Jelly Roll Tins? I can see another Addiction coming on here. I LOVE them.

  154. I would like to know everything about MODA. I am joining the basket BOM quilt from MODA university in Holland. Is that also your thing?

  155. I would like to know what colors and prints are up and coming. I hope to make quilts in the future to sell at local fairs and I believe the sales would increase if I knew what future trends were going to be popular.

  156. I love the way you introduced yourself. I want to know about color. How is the intensity set? is there a way for quilters to make use of the dots of color on the salvage edge? So many questions – I will keep reading.

  157. It would be interesting to hear about all the marketing tools that you use when you launch a new line of fabric. Lot’s of us who shop in quilt shops see the beautiful charm packs and jelly rolls displayed in key places by the shop owners, but I’d really like to know if you have a “launch kit” that’s sent to each customer. If you do, what’s included? A sell sheet, samples?

    another Marketing Director from the decorative plumbing industry (closet quilter in my spare time)

  158. I would love to know where the designers get their inspirations and how they decide what will go on the fabric. The fabrics are always so beautiful.

  159. It would be very interesting to see fabric make the trip from beginning to end: from the design table and the greig goods to the dying/printing process to the FQS website to my stash (and occassionally a quilt)!!

  160. Thank you for listening to our ideas for what we want to hear from you! I want to know what goes on in your head as you see the new fabrics…I would love to know if you, as marketing director, envision a personal quilt out of each new fabric line. I would find your job impossible because I would want to use each and every beautiful Moda fabric. If you could pick a favorite Moda collection from your time at Moda, what would it be?

  161. I also love using and collecting Moda fabrics. They are the best! I know that designers like Carrie Nelson and others design around your fabric lines. How does that fabric get to them early enough so that their pattern is ready when the fabric hits the stores? I love all of the extras you have-tins, trims, home dec items, etc.

  162. I feel Moda fabric is the top of the line. I love the feel of it. I would love to know what inspires the designers to come up with their lines. I would love to see the design to end end product process and also show why Moda fabrics are so superior to other lower end fabrics.

  163. I love MODA fabric and the many designs and colorways. I am a declared fabric junkie. I would like to know how designers are chosen for a collection, how its decided on colors and amount of fabrics in the collection and what ends up on the “cutting floor”. Also, I want to know more about that cool guy in the shiny jacket! Does he quilt, how did the company come to be what it is today, does he design or just enjoy the production process? How is the company to work for – can you sew at work, does he go to any shows or quilt markets? Sounds like a really cool place to work! Thanks for all you do to bring us wonderful fabric to fondle and sew!
    Jo Ann
    CT – USA

  164. I want to know about color and style choices – the latest and greatest trends. Gossip about the designers. Also information about fabric quality – quilt shop vs department store, etc.

  165. I would love to hear about the owner-how he got started-when-what his background is, etc. Also it would be MAGIC indeed to know what’s going to happen before it does. I just love the wonderful soft color combinations that are out now with the aqua, pinks, yellows, greens, and lavenders. These so remind me of when I was a little girl. Then, Of course, the “mods” with the turquoise, brown, and darker pinks, etc. They sing! How long will we see these color combos? I do love your fabrics/designers and always look forward to the new lines.

  166. How to choose colors and patterns that go together. How to mix different lines and have a soft flow between the colors. any new pattern ideas. I am interested in just about anything.

  167. I want to know what is really popular in home decor – colors, textures, patterns and what some upcoming trends are expected to be. I also like sugggestions on ways to use the awesome Moda fabrics on smaller, quick projects. I already love the quilting inspirations that come from Moda and would love to see them continue.

  168. I want to know how the designers are selected, how they go about drawing the design, how are the colors selected, and especially would like to know what dictates the trends from one color to another. One year a certain shade of blue seems all the rage and then all of the sudden the color is now more of an aqua or turquoise, for example. It would also be interesting to know more about how the design goes from concept to a piece of fabric on a bolt.

  169. Moda Collection Hint:

    I belong to an online quilters’ group and we make birthday blocks of the recipients choice. I chose the Moda Sanctuary block kits and gave one kit to each of my friends. They will make a wonderful memory quilt.

  170. I’d love to see how fabric is designed and the process of getting it “to the bolt.” How does the fabric go from design to the bolt? How many times does it go back and forth before it’s done? What does that look like? The inner workings would be fascinating to me.

  171. Moda is my absolute favorite!! I love the designers, fabrics and quilts. I would love ideas on how to use the fabrics beyond the kits and patterns. Also, How Moda chooses their designers, which lines they choose to expand on. Actually, anything Lissa wants to discuss about Moda would be interesting to me.

  172. I too want to know everything! Most importantly, how do you keep from buying everything? I would have to sign my entire paycheck back to Moda every payday!

  173. What is Moda’s schedule for releasing new lines of quilting fabrics? From start to finish, what are the steps in designing a fabric line to placing it on store shelves? How do you decide which colorways to manufacture?
    Where are your fabrics manufactured?
    I’m sure many of these questions have been asked within the 204 postings!
    Thank you for this opportunity to learn from you.

  174. I’m curious about the whole process of the making of fabric. I would also like to know (see) how the jelly rolls are made (cut) and the charm packs too.

    (Lately the Moda charm packs has not been 5″ square but instead 5 x 4 7/8 which has given me a few headaches… 🙂

  175. How does Moda choose their fabric designers? I have been a quilter since 1975 and a teacher for more than 10 years and I would love to design a line of fabric. How do I get to do this?

  176. Could you bring back some oldies? Designs come and go so quickly! Would be neat to see and buy some of those from back in the beginning…:) I hope I get picked,’cause I never do and I WANT that free “stuff”!!!!!!!
    ~D Spack~

  177. I would love to hear about the designers. How to become a fabric designer and how certain fabric designs are chosen. Are all accepted that are submitted?

  178. Not everyone is a quilter of large coverlets. In my case I do a bit of “quilting” but it is always on a small scale, mostly with home dec projects. I like to see lots more table covers, runners, pillow cases, and the like. Getting new ideas for ways to incorporate quilt blocks into my projects would be wonderful.

  179. Dear Lissa,
    I would like to hear the history of Moda, how it was started, how old the company is, who the first designers were and then bring us up-to-date to present day Moda, the designers and the future plans.
    Merritt, Alabama

  180. when i enter a quilt shop, i see a familar face and feel that certain something; that something is quality, money well spent on moda fabrics. would love to know what inspires you, how do u come up with the color combinations, have any designs not made it? what makes you retire a fabric line? any plans for aqua, red and white combination?

  181. How has Moda consistently found the most talented designers that wow us time and time again? Moda has taken over my fabric shelves and when I look at new lines, I always check Moda’s first.

  182. Wow! I’m wiping up the drool right now! What a generous giveaway. I’ve been admiring all the Moda fabrics I’ve seen on so many people’s blogs, and would love to be able to handle it for myself! I’d love to hear about the people who design the fabric.

    Linda T in ON, Canada

  183. Hi well Im glad you asked… I like knowing a company is listening to consumers.. I live in Fla and I cant seem to find fabric that has a male fishing theme (ie fish fresh water or salt water.)
    I Love Moda fabric and would like to see more “man fabric”
    thanks for listening

  184. I’ve noticed that all the collections from Moda seem to have a certain “feel” that makes them all belong to the same Moda family, no matter how different the collections actually are. What is your strategy for maintaining that Moda identity across such varied fabrics?

  185. I always say “you cannot go wrong with Moda fabrics”. They are always top quality patchwork and quilting fabrics. I would like to know how long it takes for a fabric range to get from concept to the market and how many people work on the designs in a single range – is it only one person? Also how do you decide what ranges / fabrics in a range come to Australia and why does it feel like they take forever to get into our stores?

  186. As many of the other commenters do, I would love to know also how Moda chooses new designers. You never know, right? LOL** I mean, what quilter WOULDN’T want to design for Moda? Lol* Also, how exactly does the design process work? Are those cabbage roses drawn by hand first? Or are there computer programs used to aid designers with shapes and concepts? Is there a recipe that designers use when creating their lines? Like so many large prints, medium, and then small? Then do they build off of those? Then how are the designs transferred to fabric? Are large scale “stamps” used, and how are they made if so? Lol* We want to know it all. Moda is like chocolate for quilters… 🙂

  187. I mostly would like to know about the owner because leadership determines the “whole” of the output. Does he go to art galleries, concerts, what does he read? Is he influenced by others as well as the Moda “family”? How does he say “no” or “oh yes!!!” to a proposed collection? Does he ever wear ties?
    Keep up the good marketing; we all really like it.

  188. I would love to know how the designers start, color or fabric design? Do they go with color trends? I’m guessing Moda is starting the trends…How long does it take from starting a line of fabric on paper, to printing the fabric line? How did the owner/owners decide FABRIC not say wallpaper?Did they growup with a love of fabric? Maybe,from watching their grandmother or mother sew, like I did? How did they start? How did you Lissa get such a cooool job?… Toni Anne from Long Island, NY

  189. Where do the designers get their inspiration in creating fabric come from? Each coolection is so unique, but they all work together in bleding to make a fabulous quilt. Thanks for the info!!!

  190. Even here in Denmark we love Moda
    I love your homepage.
    What can we expect from Moda in the future?
    Can you give us a hint?

    Regards to all from Copenhagen

  191. What a fun job Lissa has playing with Moda fabrics every day!
    I would like to know more about the fabric designing and printing process. Sneak peeks at future fabrics are nice too. What is the next fun thing to come after jelly rolls and layer cakes?

  192. Wow – all those questions. OK, here’s a different one.
    Lissa, family and close friends aside, if you had to make one quilt who would you make it for and what colours and design would you chose?

  193. Hi Lissa,

    I’m excited about the Starry Nights Kit I saw on the Moda website which will be available in March. I love kits especially batik kits and the Girls Best Friend fabric is beautiful.

    I’d like to know if you are planning more batik kits in the upcoming months.

    Thank you.

  194. Lissa — don’t be nervous at blogging, it’s just another cool trend and we all had our first blog experience to…do you know that means ‘web log’ =)

    Moda seems to have a knack for recognizing (or better said creating) new trends in fabric! I have various interests such as how you obtain designers, what the process is for determining a design, how does one become a designer, but with all of that in the works I think WHAT I’D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW IS: how did Moda get started? What is the foundational history of such a successful business? How old is Moda? What are the mission and vision of Moda?

    Thank you kindly~

  195. I agree with Denise. I would especially like to know how people come up with a product line. Maybe a pictorial tour of the mills.

  196. I would like to know how designs are chosen, the process from design selection to final product, how color trends are determined, do you quilt and who are some of your favorite quilt artists – you know us quilters, we want to know it all!

  197. I’d like to know where the designers get their inspiration from… It is it nature, color, color trends, trend books, etc. Do they ever by artwork and add too or is it all done free hand. Julie

  198. YES, YES, YES!!! I’d love to meet people at moda, know what was coming, and see how the fabric is made. This all sounds fabulous!!!

  199. I love the beautiful desings of Moda. In Holland we don’t have all. But I used them mostly. And I want to hear more about the Moda’s.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  200. Moda is wonderful! We’d all love to hear about the people that work there, how the decisions for fabric lines are determined and I’d also love to use more and more Moda fabrics . . .

  201. I love the beautiful desings of Moda. In Holland we don’t have all. But I used them mostly. And I want to hear more about the Moda’s.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  202. I am new to your site, thanks to a very good friend that sent me your website address.
    The colors, the projects are all very exciting and fresh.
    It makes the winter not feel so harsh when you look at all the bright fabrics and projects!

  203. As a new quilter, i am trying anything and everything but i always go back to using Moda fabric, patterns and kits.
    My main question I have is about the Moda Jelly Roll Tins and Sampler Tins. I have several so far and want to collect them all for my quilt room. They are so cute and fun to use them as a quirky purse. Are Tins designed for most lines and how can I see previous Tins from earlier collections? Ev in Texas