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A New Treat from Deborah’s Designs

We are so happy to debut our first exclusive kit from Deborah’s Designs, called Sugar Candy. It uses 3 Sisters’ dainty Simplicity collection and will thrill you with its whirl of pastels. We met Deborah just this past October at Market, and she has been so wonderful to work with. Here is a little on herself, her studio, and Sugar Candy.

Hi! I’m Deborah Schoof and I am also Deborah’s Designs. I am just thrilled to be featured on Kimberly’s blog for Fat Quarter Shop and to also have been asked to design an exclusive for her, Sugar Candy. My husband has stapled my feet to the ground – I was so high in the clouds I couldn’t hear him talk.

So you know a little bit about me, I started quilting when we moved to Tucson in 1999. In 2003, I started teaching quilt classes, left a fulltime job that I hated and went to work in a quilt shop for a few years. Then in early 2006, I decided to take the ideas in my head and turn them into quilt patterns. I had always wanted my own business so Deborah’s Designs, LLC, was launched on April 1, 2006, with six patterns for sale.

This past Fall, I had my first Market booth in Houston with forty-two patterns available. My first sale was to a quilt shop owner in Australia. What an awesome experience! Our world can seem so big and yet so small at the same time. Also, I met Kimberly at Market and we started the ball rolling with Sugar Candy.

It was quite a challenge designing this quilt. Before this, I had my designs on paper and then picked my fabric. With Sugar Candy, the fabric came first. It was harder than I thought it would be to design in this order, so Sugar Candy is really my baby!

In closing, let me say that I really couldn’t be, or do, Deborah’s Designs without the amazingly large amount of help and support I get from my husband, Larry, & friends, Coleen, Jeanette & Cathi. Without their help, I couldn’t travel and do retail shows (for details, see my website Deborah’s Designs). I also couldn’t be Deborah’s Designs without the help of people like Kimberly who offer chances for me to grow and expand.

Thanks to all of them and Happy Quilting to you!

Deborah Schoof
Deborah’s Designs


  1. Woo-hoo! Hi Deborah! It is so fun to see you on the Fat Quarter Shop blog! How fun!
    Love your Sugar Candy design! – so pretty!
    I can’t wait to see all that you have coming up!
    See you soon!
    xo, Bren