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NEW Solid Fat Quarter Club!

If you haven’t heard the BIG announcement, Fat Quarter Shop recently launched our new and improved clubs! From bundles to thread, we’ve got it all covered. Today, we’re chatting about one of our NEW and most favorite clubs of all, the Solid Fat Quarter Club

Our Solid Fat Quarter Club is unlike any other solid club out there. We’re taking you around the world with hand-picked solids inspired by famous cities and monuments around the globe (no passport needed). Our first stop in the the FQS World tour is Paris, France,  and we’ll paint the town in Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics. 

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower weighs 7,000 tons and is repainted every seven years with 50 tons of paint?

Here is a peek at where we’re headed this year.

If you’re ready to travel with us, sign up for our Solid Fat Quarter Club today! Thank you so much, and as they say in France, au revoir mes amis! 

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