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New Patterns from Miss Rosie’s!

The vivacious Carrie Nelson is back with us on the Jolly Jabber to jabber about her newest Schnibbles patterns for Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.! They are so awesome, they made our kit list. And WOOHOO–post a comment on this entry and you’ll be entered to win a Dow Jones Quilt Kit (that would be the quilt you see to the left right there)! Winner will be announced on Wednesday, *1/20!

Happy New Year, Jolly Jabberettes!

Can you believe it’s already the middle of January? Yikes! I think this means I’m already behind schedule for Spring Market… especially since I just finished packing and shipping the new Fall patterns! At least the new Schnibbles are done!

I have to tell you about how the Schnibbles came into being because you know the lady responsible, Moda Lissa. Until I started doing these about two years ago, I had only made three or four small quilts. And two of those were small because I ran out of fabric and couldn’t make it bigger! But I kept getting pestered by someone to make something with charm packs. (I know you all think she’s a very nice lady, but really, she’s kind of a pest about things.) Anyway, she kept asking if I was going to make something with charm packs. She even suggested re-doing one of my larger quilts with charm squares which didn’t make any sense at all.

I mean, really, that would take 10 or 12 charm packs… fat quarters would be so much more efficient. Thinking small wasn’t part of my mind-set yet, but since I really wanted to get Lissa to stop mentioning it, I started racking my brain to come up with ideas for charm square quilts. A few days – and a couple of stripped gears – later, I sat down to make two quilts. Two. T-W-O. A week later, I had made six quilts and I couldn’t stop. After making two more quilts, I had to put my new playthings away! Don’t tell anyone – especially you-know-who – but these little quilts have become my favorite things to make.

These new Schnibbles are some of my favorites as all eight of the patterns will work with any charm pack! I would love to make Open Season with Twiggy, Nouveau or Love is in the Air. And I almost made State Fair using Fig & Plum, and Dow Jones was almost a Gypsy (Rose).

As for what’s going on in my workroom, I’m finally cutting up my Aviary fabric! I had an idea for this fabric as soon as I saw it, then I changed my mind… a couple of times. It was the dark pink fabric that kept messing me up. I love it but I want the rest to be scrappy and random and pretty and soft and not too fussy looking. After figuring what I needed for everything, I made some cutting notes for the prints and I should be able to finish cutting this out by next week. I’ve made my cutting notes for the prints and I made these this morning…I’m also pulling fabric for a scrap quilt that will be a pattern for Spring Market… if I like the way it turns out, of course. The pink fabric at the top is from Civil War Crossings and will be the background ~ I’m using 12-gazillion yards of it for my quilt. Okay, not really, I think I’m going to need 5 ¼ yards. Everything else is a “dark” and those are going to be scraps – lots and lots of scraps. The fabrics in the picture are some of what will go in the quilt. I need 2” wide strips, so I’ll cut at least 1 strip from each of these fabrics.And just the other day, I ordered these Bella Solids from the Fat Quarter Shop for a new quilt. A very long time ago, when I was first starting to quilt, I made several quilts using all solid fabrics and I’ve been itching to do one again. The only piece missing is the red border. What do you think so far?

Rosie sends wags and sloppy kisses!
Carrie Nelson
La Vie En Rosie
Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.


  1. Carrie, I can relate to the contagion of making these quilts. After my first jelly roll, I couldn’t stop. I have a pile on quilt tops now all ready to be quilted. And because one roll is so good, now I usually buy two so I can make the quilt even larger!

  2. I love the humour in the Dow Jones quilt. What fun to make, and winning would mean no selling of shares to buy fabric! 😉
    I like what you are doing with the charm squares, too. I love them, and jelly rolls better than FQs.

  3. Oh I just LOVE Schnibbles and love the name of the pattern,….heehee Dow Jones, goes up and down. Perfect! I sure hope I win 🙂

  4. I love the Schnibbles patterns…it was great to hear the “history” behind them! And of course, I’d love to win one!

  5. Carrie mentioned almost doing Dow Jones with Gypsy Rose. I love that collection and think it would have been awesome. But using Tradition for the kit is great because it will help children through UNICEF. Carrie’s story has inspired me to pull out some charm packs and start something new!

  6. WOW!! Glad to know that others are as addicted to charm pack quilts as I am. I buy stacks of charms having no clue what they will eventually turn into. So hard to stop once the wheels start turning…cranked out six projects in two weeks with charms!! Dow Jones looks like a fun project to tackle…thanks for the inspiration to keep stichin’!

  7. As usual, the Jolly Jabber is fresh and inspiring…
    the patterns from Miss Rosie
    are certainly motivating and a
    wonderful excuse to buy more fabric.

  8. That DOW JONES quilt is great looking and I love the pillows too. Must be fun to be designing and playing with fabric all the time. 😀

  9. I love all of Miss Rosie’s quilt patterns, especially these Schnibbles. They are so fun and easy to make, and go together so quickly! I’ve made most of the older ones, and they are very addictive. Can’t wait to make some more, and see the new full size patterns as well. Thanks!

  10. I love the Schnibbles Patterns, I have made at least two with two more waiting in the to do box. I would love another please enter me in the draw Jeannette

  11. I just found this blog after looking at the store. My quilting teacher recommended me to it. Next Tues. we start on our first quilt and I’m itching to get started!

  12. I love making little quilts and look forward to all your new patterns. Can’t wait to see what you make with the Bella Solids, I have a few quilts I want to make with solids too! your pile of bella solids is beautiful ….and the nine patches…well I just LOVE nine patches..
    glad that Moda Lissa nagged you a bit , love the Schnibble patterns.

  13. Hi!
    Ooooohhh, I fell in love with Schnibbles a while ago…they are so great…instant gratification guaranteed! I will definitely pack my shopping cart with the new schnibbles patterns…more than yummy…!!!
    And Carrie, I can’t wait for the new pattern to arrive!
    Cheers, Julia

  14. Love Carrie Nation Miss Rosie patterns and of course like others have attested I too am addicted to charm packets. I buy them just because with no real plans just because I “need” them!!! Would love to win!

  15. I can’t wait for the new patterns! I absolutely love every thing from Miss Rosie (including the excuse to buy a whole fat quarter bundle)!

  16. Love charm squares, though have resisted most, but not all! Therefore love these patterns. Love anything that features one-patches especially squares.

    Am curious to see what happens to the Bella Solids – RED!!!

  17. I am a fan of Miss Rosie patterns and especially her Schnibbles! I’m working on an X Rated Schnibble with Collection for a Cause Heritage fabrics now and I have a few more patterns waiting to be used….

  18. The Dow Jones quilt is terrific! Thanks for the explanation of Scnibbles – and giving us so many choices for using charm packs – they are truly great – and addictive! Keep up the good work – quilters everywhere are appreciative! Piece….

  19. Miss Rosie’s quilt patterns are always wonderful. Kimberly carry’s such a wonderful selection of them- the best place to purchase these great patterns. I avoided the Scnibbles patterns but reading Carrie Nelson’s explanation made me a convert. Would love to win the Dow Jones kit -icing on the cake!!

  20. Oh that is a pretty quilt. I’m pretty sure I need it on my dining roon table. To cover the crack in the wood. That would turn an ugly table into a beautiful one. Fingers crossed!

  21. OH I LOVE MISS ROSIE and now I’ve got a new love!! SCHNIBBLES. I have tall family – I’m the only Smurf (as my hubby calls me) so I need patterns that I can make in all sizes AND that come together easy. I’ve shied away from Charm packs because I just wasn’t sure how to handle them.


  22. These quilts are sooooooo cute! And I love the size. Also, you know if a quilt pattern is by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co., you are already starting with a quality pattern. How can you go wrong? Wow! oh! Wow! I’m in love!

    Susan Dietrich

  23. I ordered all those patterns last week and just love them all. Carrie does great stuff. I’d love the Dow Jones kit. Thanks Kim for all you do.

  24. Oh I love Moda and I am also a Lissa, so why wouldn’t I want to enter this giveaway???
    I love the schnibbles patterns… what a fantastic giveaway!!!! I have so many charmpacks but they look so ‘purdy’ I cant bear to cut into them! just like my jelly rolls. I think I need an intervention to get me to chop those suckers up!

    Not moda Lissa but another Lissa!

  25. Schnibbles are great! They give me the excuse (do I really need one?)to buy more fabric, but now I can buy all the lines I like for quilts but in smaller less expensive quantities. What could be better? Dow Jones is one if the few Scnibbles I don’t already own.

  26. Love Carrie and all her Schnibbles. Those Tuffets are so cute. Miss Rosie will keep the economy going all by herself! Would love to be entered in the drawing.

  27. You have been such a busy girl! Great new patterns… I have just enough room to win a sweet little Schnibbles quilt kit:)

  28. Why waste your money in the stock market when you can invest in Scnibbles with the Fat Quarter Shop?

    I would love to win this quilt kit and pattern!

  29. I have loved the Schnibbles patterns since they first came out. I’ve made a couple and they are really special little quilts. I also enjoy your blog, Carrie. Thanks for sharing!

  30. I love Carrie’s full size patterns – but these Snibbles are such a great way to enjoy all those lines YOU JUST HAVE to HAVE!

  31. This day is wonderful… and I love the new pattern. Why is it called Dow Jones? My daughter works for the Wall Street Journal as an editor and she would love this quilt. (WSJ part of Dow Jones)

  32. Oh!!! Once again, gotta love those Schnibbles. They make we want to sew and sew and sew, then just wrap up and try to stay warm in our freezing Utah weather. Carrie, you know me as Nancy from your blog, don’t know how I ended up as Jo (my nickname for 58 years)…must have had a senior moment. Think how theraputic working on a Schibbles quilt would be to overcome those senior moments *ahem*. Ah well, good luck to everyone on the giveaway. By the way, the Bella solids look like a beautiful rainbow. Give Miss Rosie a scratch behind the ear as thanks for the sloppy kisses too.

  33. I love charm squares. I have almost completed my fifth quilt top using them. Looks like Miss Rosie has another winning pattern.

  34. I love these new patterns! I’ve already bought about 4 of them. Please enter me in the drawing, it would be awesome to win this kit. Love that Traditions fabric.

  35. I love your patterns, Carrie…Schnibbles and otherwise. I have LOTS of them and they make up beautifully. Always look forward to seeing what you’ll do next.

  36. I love Miss Rosie’s patterns too…so is the drawing Wednesday or yesterday?? I’m confused! You posted Wednesday, 1/19.

  37. Love the whole Schibbles idea, what fun they are! Carrie, I took your class “Opening Day” and love the finished quilt. You are a great teacher, thanks!

  38. what a fun, zany name…Schnibblies…for fun quilts,bodacious use of colours!Zippety Doo dah …my o my what a wonderful day…Good for America, the world and quilters.And if i win I won’t need to worry about the currency exchane rate of Aussie dollar!

  39. Schnibbles are my absolute favorites! I love buying the kits, creating my own kits, making the quilt. They are absolutely yummy! Keep up the good work Carrie. Kisses for Rosie and thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop for always having the best selection of Schnibbles.

  40. Am I in time?
    I love Miss Rosies new Pattern. Tradition line is my favorite fabric and I was thinking I’d make Irish chain quilt with them. Dow Jones is so nice,too.

  41. Love the new Schnibbles (love the name “Schnibbles” even more, I think!). Thanks again for your generosity in allowing somebody to become a lucky winner! I’m inspired by your blog as always!

  42. I sure hope I’m in time to be in the drawing for your kit with Carrie’s newest pattern! Cute quilt kit and so representative of the times we’re in. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  43. So should I consider that Lissa is a pest or should she be your banker? Are you ready for me to pester you with the NEXT BIG THING?


  44. I’ve had that quilt kit in my cart for a while — what lovely patterns and it looks like a lot of fun!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  45. I like what you are planning for your new patterns. It is hard for me to make small quilts, but I have bought all of your patterns, “just in case” I change my mind, lol. I would love to win this quilt kit for sure.