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New Pattern Page + PDFs!

We are excited to announce that we have a brand new patterns page! With the amount of patterns, books and magazines we carry it is long overdue if I do say so myself!

We’ve tried to provide easier ways for you to find the types of patterns or specific items you may be looking for. Along the top of the page we provide easy links to the five main categories of our patterns and books – Quilt Patterns, Sewing Patterns, Books, Magazines and PDF Downloadable Patterns.

The second section lists all our top selling patterns and books along with some of our most popular pattern categories.

Have you purchased one of our new Downloadable PDF Patterns? These are perfect for when you want to sew “right now!” When you purchase a PDF pattern the file will email to you within minutes and you can start sewing immediately.

Please let us know your thoughts on our new patterns page (yes, the good and the bad)!! Thank you.


  1. Good: I love downloadable patterns. That´s really great! I also like your popular categories. As a precut quilter that´s very helpfull.

    Not so good: When I decided to look for example at the downloadable quilt patterns – I can´t find the page where I first could decide. I don´t know how to come back.

    All in all: super!


  2. Why aren't the downloadables cheaper than the printed patterns? Since the costs to produce them are are less, it seems the retail price should be lower (see: Kindle books).

  3. I haven't looked at everything yet but I do love the idea of the PDF patterns. Love the idea of an instant pattern!

  4. As a PDF pattern author, I just want to say I really strive to give you more bang for the buck when you purchase one of my downloadables. Since I don't have to worry so much about page count, I can give you every single detail when it comes to instructions (which you can view right on your screen or print 2 to a page in draft mode…I have customers who work right from their ipads theses days), and I can give you each size pattern individually – no nesting or tracing, and you can print each size as needed. In both my Scientific Seamstress line and my collaborative Sis Boom line, we've got great reviews across the web. The fact that FQ shop is carrying PDF patterns is testimonial enough :)!