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New Books & Patterns from Anka’s Treasures

Heather Peterson of Anka’s Treasures had one of our favorite booths at Spring Market, hands down. Why? Because of all the amazing, fresh and colorful quilts that lined her booth – all the ones that came from these new books and patterns! See what I mean?? She’s pretty beautiful and model-like herself…look at her strike a pose 😉 (This photo is Heather’s btw — Heather and our Debbie!)

Simply Sixties, Sizzlin’ Sixties, and Stop, Drop, and Roll are just sheer awesomeness. Here are some teaser intros to each one. And, we’re giving away 2 copies of her Sizzlin’ Sixties book! Just comment on this post to win.

Stop, Drop, and Roll
A collection of 9 Jelly Roll and Fat Quarter Friendly Projects. – Has life gotten too busy? Well, STOP worrying, DROP what your are doing, grab a Jelly ROLL and get busy sewing! You’ll soon get caught up in all the fun and have a project completed in no time. Jelly Rolls are my favorite precut and I love how they save you cutting time so you can get to the fun part (sewing) quicker! It also takes the guesswork out of the color coordination, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Don’t have a Jelly Roll? Fat Quarter and size options are also included in each pattern.

Sizzlin’ Sixties
I was working in my studio one day, experimenting with a new 60-degree ruler that I had recently purchased. I starting cutting and sewing and was soon caught up in all the different possibilities for the 60-degree angle. The more I played, the more design possibilities I saw! I found that I could make many different block options and those blocks could then be laid into many different setting. Those ideas grew into the theme for this book. Nine different quilts are featured, but feel free to substitute different blocks into different layouts for you own unique design. Step-by-step instruction, along with many helpful hints make these 60-degree angles much easier than they look. Try it – you won’t be able to make just one! Jelly Roll and Fat Quarter Friendly.

Simply Sixties
It uses the same angle, ruler and concept as the Sizzlin’ Sixties book, but it’s designed with large scale prints in mind. The pieces are quite large, so it really shows off the fabric. The larger pieces also make it easier to assemble, so it’s great for the advanced beginners that wants to try out the 60-degree angle, but feel that they aren’t quite ready for the smaller pieces in Sizzlin’ Sixties.

Heather Mulder Peterson
Trends and Traditions
Anka’s Treasures


  1. Love the bright colors…just what I love about Heather's designs. I'm a big fan of strip quilts because they are usually quick to put together. The Simply Sixties with the larger print fabrics have really caught my eye. I've checked out Heather's blog before to see her adorable house. She and her husband did a lot work…it's completely adorable! Debbie

  2. The quilts look like so much fun!! I would love to try these projects.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  3. Oh wow..I am a big fan of Anka's Treasures patterns. I love the new books. The Sizzlin Sixtys book looks like a lot of fun. Keep them wonderful patterns coming.

  4. Very bright and beautiful patterns. I love anything bright and especially patterns that are pre-cut friendly. I also enjoyed the picture of Heather and Debbie in her booth. I have talked with Debbie on the phone a few times asking advice and info about fabrics and it is really fun to put a face to the voice!!!

  5. She's been one of my favorite quilt designers and I love the colors she uses. I would love to try one of her new patterns!

  6. PICK ME PICK ME….I NEED another project….well….maybe I don't NEED another project…but I sure WANT one….LOL


  7. Anka's Treasures patterns and fabric just make you smile. I would grin the whole time I am making something from her.

  8. I counted 13 jelly rolls that I have in my stash waiting for inspiration to hit. I'd love to win a book to get me started making something from them! Thanks for the chance.

  9. These look so fun! You need to get more Livin' Large books too! I waited to long to buy that one and then you were sold out! 🙁

  10. When I saw the pictures posted from market, Heather's booth was one of my favorites. I love ric-rac – a throw back of my childhood – so I was very drawn to the one on the back wall with the red zigzags down both sides. Too cute! I'll get out my 60 degree ruler, just in case. 🙂

  11. I cna see why you loved that booth at the market, the colors are so lively and the booth is set up in such a warm, welcoming way, without too much fuss! Those books like delightful too!!

  12. I've been eyeing Heather's books since I 'discovered' her awesome designs (for me) last year {btw, her pattern writing skills are great, too!}
    I'd be over the moon if I won her book ~ I fell in love with the 'Opposites Attract' quilt…;O)….
    Cheers, Julia
    ..and of course thank you for the generous opportunity to win this gorgeous book!

  13. Oh may gosh I just love Stop, Drop and Roll, I have to that, Its so alive! Oh, to use Heather Bailey Fabric just makes it talk to you! Heather's Design are always wonderful,fresh and fun. Thank you Heather for more of your designs.

  14. great quilts. Love the bright colors and the designs of the quilts. Thanks for all the wonderful pics.

  15. Stop, Drop and Roll … that brings back grade school memories. The bring colors caught my eye when you posted the picture originally and I bookmarked Anka's Treasures! Can't wait to finish my project so I can buy more fabric.

  16. wow, that booth does look inviting. The zigzag is a standout. thanks for showing us so many treasures every week,

  17. Fantastic! My first thought was "stop, drop and SEW" when I saw Heather's designs. Her patterns are very intriguing not to mention her wonderful color choices. Sign me up; I am can hardly wait to get started.


  18. I had no idea these books were out there! I have been working on a couple of projects using my 60 degree ruler and they are so much fun–I definately need both of Heather's new books. Being from MN, I have attended her trunk shows and it is always a lot of fun. Her designs are stunning and they are easy to put together–love her!

  19. I love Heather's books. The Sizzlin' Sixties book looks like it's chock full of fun different projects. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. They are so so lovely…have looked for them in Sweden..but not out here yet.. Lovely patterns and quilts!!! :o))

  21. Enjoyed looking at the bright patterns esp those with ric-rak.. havent used that in years.. cant wait for the book so i can use my bright fabric stash to make up the patterns….

    Dionysia fPalmer

  22. Ha, I bought Simply Sixties this past weekend, but I'd love to get Sizzlin' Sixties! I really like her bright colors and patterns.

  23. Its been so interesting and inspiring to see participants and their booths at Market…I love Heather's designs and fabric selections…look forward to using her books…thanks!

  24. Your patters always look easy to make. Your tutorials are also wonderful.
    I'd love to make "Stop Drop, and Roll" as a quilt and as a tablerunner using upper(or lower)block.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. These new books are really cool. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Heather's blog "Trends and Traditions" also!!!

  26. Wow, what a neat booth & book! It's very appropriate for people, like me, who love to quilt and have an itty bitty amount of time to do it in. I went to her website and she has some wonderful patterns.

  27. I've never sewn anything with a Jelly Roll before, but I would love to! That book looks like the perfect thing to get me started.

  28. I look forward to receiving your posts! Simply Sixties, Sizzlin' Sixties, and Stop, Drop, and Roll all look like such cool ways to slash through my stash of beautiful and fun fabrics that I have been purchasing from The Fat Quarter Shop!
    Thank you for continuing to offer more creative and cheerful ways to sew for my friends and family!

  29. I have been following Heather/Anka's Treasures for years and I'm really excited for all her success. These latest two books will be among my favorites I believe.

  30. Love Heather's quilt patterns. Looking forward to owning her newest book. All her quilts are bright and cheery.

  31. Heather really is lovely, I've been a faithful 'reader' of hers for a long time. Her quilts ARE amazing. I have one of her older books, would love the win this! Thank You for having a neat giveaway.

  32. Wow what great colours!! Stop, drop and roll makes me stop, drop and DROOL!

    Thanks for the giveaway chance 🙂

  33. I love the bright colors and designs Anka's Treasures brings. The quilts are happy and look fun to make. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. Just finishing up the Opposites attrached from Sizzlin Sixties and midway through the Whirlygig from the same book (probably going to be a class at my local shop)…love the patterns, love the book!! you can see my version at my blog.

  35. Just what I need to getting my sewing mojo flowing again. Its been a busy spring and not much time for me that some new projects are just what I need!

  36. These new booklets are very yummy! I just love the quilt projects in Anka's books. They are beautifully done, and easy enough for anyone to do. She has a great eye for fabric combining!

    Wish I was at Spring Market, too!

  37. these books look amazing…thank for doing the giveaway….i can not get over how beautiful those quilts are

  38. Two more great books from Heather. I can't wait to use some of the jelly rolls I've collected. And, love her booth!

  39. I loved the 60's and certainly will love the Simply Sixties book. Her colors are beautiful and I can't wait to use a jelly roll (my favorite) on one of the patterns.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  40. Both of her books look wonderful. I'm always intrigued by people that can just start cutting fabric and create such beautiful things. Maybe some day. But, in the mean time winning that book would be wonderful

  41. Waaayy cool! both of the "Sixties" books look facinating…sparking lots of ideas to use happy fabrics. Thanks!

  42. Wow! I saw one of the Sizzling Sixty's quilt using the Neptune fabric and it's a "Gotta Have It" quilt. The shapes used for the quilt look like so much fun to learn!! I love the Mod look of her quilts.

    So my fingers are crossed!! Thanks for the give-a-way.


  43. Stop, Drop & Roll sounds like just the ticket to get me pulled up long enough to Create… sounds like Bliss!

  44. Love the designs from Heather, they are so nice to make!
    Love the bright colors in the booth!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  45. These are great patterns and wonderful colors. They will make great gifts. Thanks for all you do by bringing us wonderful new projects.

  46. The quilts are so pretty. I love the bright colors. I especially would like to get the Stop, Drop & Roll book as I have several jelly rolls to use up. Koye

  47. I love Heather's books. They have great instructions and very little waste in the cutting directions. Betty