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Neptune by Tula Pink for Moda Fabrics

Neptune, Neptune! Here the siren song calling you to this new fabric line by Tula Pink? (I had to get a little sea-related comment in there that wasn’t all “arggghhh matey” :P) Her newest collection is pure fun and complexity! You’ll find all sorts of ocean life hiding in the depths of Neptune. Navy and cerulean blue, coral pink, and algae green are the backdrops for anchors, ships, tortoise shells, waves, fish, seahorses and much much much more…you’ll be poring over each print to find every last detail! We’ve got it in Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns, and a cute little bag kit!

Hey Jolly Jabberers!

So Neptune has rolled in, and I am peeing my pants I am so excited about it! Do I dare say this is my favorite collection so far? Well, I think it is — then of course I say that every time so take it for what it’s worth.

Some of you may know that I originally hail from Southern California, where I have spent all but the last three years of my life. Being away so long has made me a little homesick and so I decided to pay homage to my “roots” so to speak. The beach and the ocean are a way of life there. Whether you surf or not, everything revolves around the water.

My favorite time of day at the beach is early, early morning. We used to trek down to the water before school (I’m talking high school here). I would sit on the sand and draw while my friends were out in the water. It was completely quiet and deserted except for the dedicated athletes and early morning dog walkers (and me). The deep saturated navy in this collection reminds me of that time of day. I tried to harness as much of the early morning atmosphere in the color palette as I could.

Neptune is a little bit Moby Dick, a little bit pirate and little bit of salt water splashy fun. I have buried all kinds of treasure in this one from sea turtles, sea horses and seals to shells and sunken ships, and a few things that don’t start with “s” but I can’t think of them at the moment. I think there is a little somthin’ somethin’ for everyone. I really hope you like it. My mom says it’s lovely and she is never wrong as far as I know.

Have fun and make lots of stuff!!

Yours forever and ever,
Tula Pink
Tula Pink


  1. I am originally from S. Calif. and I can relate with those ocean fabrics. Boy, do I remember that seaweed. Now I live in NC and my husband and boys surf but the ocean is so different here than in Calif. Love all the colors and prints.