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National Quilting Day

Happy National Quilting Day! This year is the 27th annual National Quilting Day, which was started in 1991! We love to participate in this day every year, to remind us all of our true quilty passion! All around the country special classes are offered, quilt museums are opened, and the art of quilting is celebrated! How are you celebrating this year? Be sure to share today’s project on social media with the official hashtag #NationalQuiltingDay.

To celebrate, we’re giving away a $100 gift certificate on Instagram, Facebook, and here on this blog! 

That’s right, THREE chances to win! To enter, comment on this blog post and tell us your favorite thing about quilting, then head over to our Instagram and Facebook for more chances to win! The randomly selected winners will be announced here on our blog on Thursday, March 23, 2017!

We can’t wait to hear your answers! Now let’s get to quilting!


  1. Thank you so much for this "winning" opportunity! I am loving this new-found creative outlet and have fallen in love with so many beautiful fabrics and color combinations in such a short time!!!

  2. I love the feel and the look of the fabric. I love the anticipation of project planning the making and the rush of that last stitch to the binding so I can start on the next five I have planned while making this one.

  3. I love so mch about quilting! I love the colors, the relaxing hum of the sewing machine, the soothing feel of needle through fabric, and the end product of a warm quilt.

  4. Favor thing is the creative outlet it allows. It is mental therapy for me. But is also practical because a quilt is so useful. It doesn't just hang on a wall and look pretty like most art.

  5. My favorite thing about quilting is the community! I have never known such a kind, sharing, helpful group of people. And all so creative and talented too!

  6. I started sewing/quilting four months ago. It is quite addictive when you get started and have completed two quilts. I love that I can listen to my favorite music and get lost in my project. My most favorite part about quilting is trying a new block.

  7. Sorry, posted before finishing. I love the idea that I can do just about anything on a quilt. I can go classic, or go modern. I especially love to try different types of applique.

  8. Love the feeling & colors of fabric. Also love being creative and sharing that with others. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite thing about quilting is relaxing in the sewing room, piecing together all my beautiful fabrics!

  10. Love quilting as I can learn so many new techniques, plus making gifts for friends and family. Plus after a long day of working it takes my mind to another place ! Quilting soothes my soul.

  11. Every day is a happy quilting day. I love the whole quilt making process. It is relaxing and allows me to be creative.

  12. My favorite thing about quilting is the quilting! I love coming up with designs and watching them take shape as I quilt away! This is very, extremely, closely followed by picking out the fabrics.

  13. Quilting is relaxing to me. I love working with charm packs and the many patterns you can create.

  14. Happy National Quilting Day! I love Quilting. It is my little escape from everyday life and is relaxing. I am definitely able to show my creative side!

  15. I'm going to celebrate my 70th birthday and I love quilting, sewing and creating for others. Satisfaction iwhen the recipient enjoys my work!

  16. My favorite thing about quilting is all the fabric that is out there to pick from. Sometimes it just about looking and finding beautiful and fun fabric.

  17. My favorite thing about quilting is that I can really be proud of what I make and share it with others.

  18. I have so many favorite things about quilting I can't pick just one- colors, fabrics, community, family , design, instgram, blogs, ! And wonderful fabric stores both on line and on the street! Thanks FQS for the chance to win!

  19. Event though I am a novice quilter and more of a top maker, I enjoy that quilting brings the design of the top yo life! !!

  20. I love playing with fabric especially piecing! It's fun to take a stack of random shapes and turn them into a quilt top

  21. I enjoy stitching pieces of fabric that look cute on their own but become more beautiful when stitched to other pieces. The bigger picture once all together is just gorgeous! I also love quilting because it's artistic and fun but also useful. Curling up with a comfy quilt is great!

  22. My favorite thing…seeing all the little pieces come together into a beautiful quilt whether it is a mini or big one!

  23. What I love about quilting is that it allows me to create beautiful things out of beautiful fabrics that I get to close. Love being creative.

  24. I love that quilting is like a best friend … you get together for hours and time flies. AND when you aren't together for a long time you pick up right where you left off. Always there

  25. My favorite thing about quilting is playing with pretty fabrics to create something unique and beautiful! It's part of leaving my mark on the world!

  26. What I love about quilting is the fabric….sometimes I just like to organize and play with it…some is just to pretty to cut-up!

  27. I love the personal creativity….it's whatever makes my heart sing using all my senses. It makes me calm and relaxed and at the same time excited to see where the creative journey has taken me. I'd be lost with out my passion!

  28. When you give someone a quilt, you give them a hug they can wrap around themselves again and again! I <3 to quilt!

  29. I enjoy picking out patterns and then selecting the fabrics for the pattern. I enjoy sewing/piecing the quilt pieces. Very relaxing

  30. Quilting has become my therapy and my passion! It is a way to make many friends who shares the same passion as you; it is a society of people who gives from their heart.

  31. Creating shapes, designs, patterns in my mind, then turning it into something tangible with twists along the way.

  32. I love putting colors and patterns together that I don't think will work and then seeing a beautiful transformation into something I love!

  33. My favorite thing, and the REASON I quilt, is that I absolutely escape into what I am doing and forget everything else. I have lupus and a host of other ailments because of the lupus. I am in constant pain and am sick everyday. My treatments make me sick too. My husband actually bought me a really nice machine one day and brought it home and said you love quilts, make some! I had no idea how. But I learned, and now it's my passion. I truly feel better when I am in my studio. I forget how bad I feel. And it's good for me, it's gotten me up and moving when the bad days are bad when used to I would just lay. My godmother quilted and i used to run my fingers across the quilts when i was a kid, i loved them. I have them now that she passed. I have always loved quilts. So i make quilts for family, friends and charity. So that's what I LOVE about quilting.

  34. I love everything about Quilting from choosing the fabric to hand stitching the binding! Start to Finish love it all!

  35. Happy Quilting Day! One of my favorite things about quilting is the friendships I have made while doing something that I love!

  36. I love everything about quilting! The most exciting part is when you sew that last piece together, and your masterpiece is done❤️

  37. my favorite thing about quilting is creating something for someone I love and blessing them with it. The look on their face and the appropriation they express it so worth it. It's a priceless gift

  38. My favorite thing about quilting is the piecing.. I love seeing the quilt top come together. I just started venturing into fmq.. thank you for a chance to win. ☺

  39. I honestly don't have a favorite thing about quilting, I love it all. I love everything from the original idea to picking fabric to cutting, sewing, ironing and quilting. I even like putting the border on. Each step brings me closer to completing a project and it's always fun to watch it evolve. Thanks for the chance!

  40. I love your site and all the tutorials! My favorite thing about quilting is when it all comes together into some beautiful design. I literally fall in love with my quilts! And fabric!!! I love it!

  41. Quilting is my get-away! I love to go into my sewing room and plan my next projects, fabrics and designs. It's sew relaxing and such a great hobby to learn no matter what your age is! Happy Quilting Day!!

  42. I LOVE Quilting, from the BUYING of New Fabrics to Choosing the Pattern & all the stitching in-between. Sewing with Guild Friends today for a while. Hope to WIN Something today. Prizes are always FUN!

  43. My favorite thing about quilting is the relaxation and joy in the creation process…as long as things aren't going wrong and I'm trying to keep myself from throwing my sewing machine across the room. 🙂

  44. I love the peace it brings. I love the beauty it creates. I love the looks on the faces when I give my loved ones something hand made!

  45. The passion that each quilter puts into their projects. It truly is a labor of love. Picking out fabrics and their endless possibilities is so much fun!

  46. I know it's not original, but quilting is wonderfully therapeutic! Plus you get an end product after working through all the thoughts in your head!

  47. Quilting relaxes me. I love to touch, look and play with fabric. I like to take a pattern or idea and make it mine. Also love the quilting community and how the internet and social media bring us together.

  48. There are so many things that I love about quilting, but my favourite would be my quilting friends that I now have that I probably wouldn't have if quilting hadn't brought us together. Thanks for this chance.

  49. My favorite part is the end after it's been pulled from the dryer and I can snuggle underneath it. FMQ is also my favorite part. Happy Quilting Day!!

  50. I love coming up with the perfect pattern and fabric to match the recipient's personality. People love receiving quilts!

  51. What I love about quilting is the chance to create something beautiful AND useful. I love to make gifts for people who truly appreciate how much work and love (and $) went into it. I treat quilting like therapy; it relaxes me and it brings me joy.

  52. I just love creating something that whoever I present it to can appreciate the love that went into making a quilt especially for them. And I love buying fabric. Makes me happy. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  53. Quilting provides a quantity of satisfaction for me, creating, designing, sewing both by hand and machine, some math skills, and my favorite "shopping"!

  54. I love quilting probably because my grandma was a quilter I was blessed to have my grandma on this earth and know my grand babies. She went home to be with the Lord 2yrs ago. She got more done in one day than most people do in a week haha I love being able to work with beautiful fabric. I love sitting at my machine in front of my window it's so relaxing. And I always think of my grandma. ��

  55. My favorite thing about quilting is the piecing the quilt together. There's something about putting all your fabric choices together in a pattern and seeing it all become one piece. It's beautiful and sooooo rewarding!

  56. Quilting has been a entry into new communities as I've moved around the country several times. Each time I'm in a new town, I look for the quilting shops and guilds to find friends. I've never been disappointed–quilters have been very welcoming. Thanks for all you do to keep quilting creative and fun.

  57. Quilting is so relaxing for me. I call it my therapy. Love seeing the finished project and if it is for some else it gives me joy to see their reaction to the gift.

  58. I love everything about quilting: beautiful fabrics, colors, designs, community, etc.. But I also love how you can make something handmade to be a unique item for your home, or to give as a gift, and it lasts for years and years, sharing good comfy hugs.


  59. My favorite part about sewing is making a quilt. In particular watching the creation go from fabric, to the promise of cutting out pieces, to piecing them into something even better, to quilting it into something warm while adding more to the design. So for me it is more the journey the act of creating.

  60. Happy Quilting Day! I love to quilt because it's my therapy from the every day stress of life. I love watching people choose their fabrics then I get to turn it into something they will hopefully wrap up in and love forever. What an awesome feeling.

  61. quilting and sewing gives me great satisfaction. I love to make things for people that I love. FQS provides all of the inspiration, supplies and encouragement

  62. I love every step for different reasons but the best part for me is seeing someone love something I have made for them.

  63. I love selecting fabric. All the beautiful colors, the feel of the fabric. I love the anticipation of the finished quilt. I love the artistry.

  64. Creating with quilts is soul-rejuvenating, a welcome break from the stress of life. I love that I can create small bits of beauty to make people's lives better : )

  65. I love everything about quilting but I'd have to say my favorite thing is the fellowship of other quitters and the many friends I have made.

  66. I love the different looks you get from playing with colour and pattern, especially with fussy cutting. Ultimately though, for me it's all about relaxing and keeping my hands busy

  67. There' nothing like a finished quilt. I love the whole process, some things more than others, but when it's all put together and I shake out my quilt, I'm a happy quilter. Happy National Quilting Day.

  68. good question. making me ponder on that a bit. hmm,it is creating something that gives comfort, makes people smile, a symbol oh our love to those we give it to . It is also therapeutic to us as well,our happy place.

  69. A sense of accomplishment and a creative outlet. I was a young mom when I started quilting and if I cleaned the house it immediately got messy again. Quilting gave me a satisfaction that I'd accomplished something that day that wouldn't get messed up. Now that I'm a grandma, it's a creative outlet and lets me do what I love – play with fabric!

  70. Quilting gives me an outlet for my creativity. I love to envision new projects, touch and enjoy the different fabric choices, and get together with friends who enjoy the same passion. We all may have differing tastes in fabric choices and patterns but the love of quilting binds us as a quilt.

  71. My husband and I participated in a Shop Hop yesterday, today will be spent fondling my new fabric and sorting them and getting them into their proper place. I bought some fabric for pillow cases for little ones for Easter and a couple for donation. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  72. The thing I love about quilting is passing the love down to my granddaughter. She is three and a half and loves to sew with me, she also loves to lay out squares in a pattern.

  73. Quilting is therapy for my soul. I love the whole process of creating and the feel and textures of bringing together fabrics to make tangible something from my mind.

  74. I love best the heartfelt joy I see in a recipient's eyes when they receive their quilt from me:) I began quilting in earnest 2 years ago when my son passed suddenly. He was the one who got me started originally and it devastated me that I hadn't yet finished his quilt. I needed an outlet for my pain, something I could do to keep my mind occupied and my heart from hurting, if only for a short while. I now make kennel quilts for local rescues/shelters and throws/lap quilts for others needing to feel some love in their lives, all given in memory and honor of my son.
    lstangl482 at aol dot com

  75. I think I'll tell my husband I have to quilt today. It's National Quilting Day!! There is always an endless supply of quilts to be made in my sewing room… 🙂

  76. My favorite thing about quilting is how creative it allows you to be no matter what your skill level. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  77. With quilting I can make something perfectly imperfect and that's ok because it's still beautiful. I have anxiety and strive to reach an unreachable perfection. With quilting I have learned to let go and can relax to let what happens happen. Quilting is a beautiful thing.

  78. Simply put, it gives me a chance to play with colors and patterns and feeds my need to be creative. So far all my quilts have been for others, so quilting is a way that I show love to family and friends.

  79. Quilting is a wonderful outlet for my desire to create something. But, the part I love the most is the joy brought to the person receiving the quilt created just for them.

  80. I love the community i have found while learning to quilt. Quilters are so generous and giving. True down to earth people for the majority. They inspire me.

  81. My favorite thing about quilting is how creative it allows you to be no matter what your skill level.

  82. I think what I love most about quilting is all the socializing that goes along with it … from belonging to a guild, the shop hops, the quilt shows and enjoying the time with other quilting friends.

  83. My favorite part of quilting is taking the quilt out of the dryer and feeling how warm, squishy, and cuddly it is mmmmmmmm

  84. I love using color, designs, and fabric to create usable art for myself and to give as gifts. Quilting is also my way to relieve stress.

  85. Quilting offers me so many benefits,gifting others,relieves my mental stress,fills creative needs and allows me to share the art.This list could easily be extended. Thank You for your inspiration and service to Quilters! Thank You too, for this more than generous giveaway!

  86. Everyday I can quilt is a great day. I love the design process of selecting fabric to the humming of my sewing machine making beautiful projects.

  87. My favorite thing about quilting is the endless variety of ways fabric and thread can be cut and sewn back together. Playing with design is always a joy.

  88. I love love love to quilt gifts to share with family and friends, while the process relaxes me! And I especially love fabrics for my stash from FQS ! Thanks for the opportunity to win on this National Quilting Day !!!! What an awesome giveaway !

  89. Quilting gives me the chance to relax by having to completely focus on just the work at hand. Excellent night time activity for me as a single mom.

  90. After being a stay at home mom to twins for 4.5 years now, I'm teaching myself quilting as something to do just for myself!

  91. I love quilting for is ability to relax me and give me a huge sense of accomplishment. The bright colors and cheery fabrics help me to fight off depression and help me stay calm and cheerful. Thank you for this great giveaway.
    Have a super great day!

  92. I think what I love about quilting is just as much about creating something, but also taking time for me. I listen to music, get lost in my thoughts, relax. It's good for my soul!

  93. Quilting allows me to release my inner artist. I didn't know that I had any artistic talents but, I have been drawing and making my own quilt designs and love it.

  94. I love the piecing process and watching the top come together. Thank you for the chance to win a shopping spree, happy quilting day.

  95. My favorite thing about quilting would have to be the pleasure of working with lovely fabric and my sewing machine. This activity just plain feels good and it is awesome that it can be useful too 🙂 Thank you for the sweet giveaway. Happy International Quilt Day!

  96. The one thing I've learned about quilting is that it's okay if it's not perfect. Use the tried and true methods as a guide but be free to explore your artistic inclinations.

  97. I would love to win!! What a terrific shop! Quilting is such a great de-Stresser for me!! Makes me a better, happier person to be around!

  98. How fabulous for quilting
    and while I don't quilt,
    I do sew and love making
    things for gift giving!
    Happy Quilting Day!
    Carla from Utah

  99. The thing I love most about quilting is seeing the joy on the faces of everyone I give a quilt to. I love to see them hold the quilt close and run their hands over it. Of course, I sure love the hugs I get also.

  100. I can't seem to sit still with idle hands, so I love having a hand quilting or applique project to work on in the evening while I watch TV. Or really, I sew with the TV in the background, I don't always pay a lot of attention to the shows. Quilting is relaxing and lets me be creative making things for my family and friends. Thank you for a chance to win, I can always shop for new fabric!

  101. I love being able to make something beautiful, useful, colorful and creative with my own two hands. It gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment with a little bit of humility and wonder when I make something beautiful. ljbisme at msn dot com

  102. I love the stress release that quilting gives me. It is such a wonderful feeling to lose myself in creating something beautiful. I also love knowing that something I enjoy doing will be used and loved by someone I love! ❤

  103. To be honest, judging by my stash, I like the planning and fabric shopping best! I hope to elevate piecing and quilting to an equal status this year!

  104. What I love about quilting are the friendships I have formed from taking classes, going on shop hops and best of all is going on retreats!. I really enjoy my quilting adventures and am so happy I learned how to do this wonderful craft.

  105. Fat Quarter Shop has become my go to shop for all things quilting. I would love to win! Quilting helps me to relax, and I LOVE rubbing fabric! lol

  106. My favorite part of quilting is that it allows me to do something creative and end up with something useful and lasting.

  107. Shopping for pretty new fabrics is one of the best parts of quilting…but my most favorite thing is making friends who share the love of quilting!

  108. Happy National Quiltig Day! My favorite thing about quilting is definitely giving beautiful handmade gifts to my friends and family. Sharing a small part of me with them!

  109. I love so many things about quilting but I think my favorite is picking out beautiful fabric.

  110. I love the fabric, the colors, planning a new project, relaxation while sewing, the satisfaction of completion, and the joy of giving the final project.

  111. Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite! I absolutely love quilting and just an't get enough. So much fabric, so little time!!

  112. Quilting is relaxing and keeps me out of trouble! =) I love picking out a pattern and the fabrics to go into it. Thanks for a great giveaway and a chance to win.

  113. My favorite part of quilting is the peaceful process of hand quilting when. I'm done with the machine construction. It's my zen time!

  114. My favorite thing about quilting is piecing the blocks, starching the fabrics and seeing a finished project!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate!

    Happy Quilting Day!

  115. I love the puzzle and challenge of putting blocks together. I love how you can see your progress and feel accomplished. I love the joy of giving my finished quilts to those I love, and I love that my home is filled with color and texture!!!

  116. My favorite thing about quilting is the actual selection on the fabric for each block I make. I love the process of combining the colors! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  117. Quilting brought me out of a severe depression when my husband suddenly died. I had always quilted a little. But now it is my passion…my unpaid job that I love. I do it daily.

  118. After a hard day at work, it helps me unwind and relax, but it also gives me a chance to remember my grandmothers and aunts that loved to quilt. I hope my quilts last that long!

  119. Besides the beautiful memories, quilting provides, I love the friendships that I have developed over the years. Thanks so much for sharing

  120. I love that it gives me the chance to relax while I sew and listen to a book. I also love the joy and happiness when I donate or give someone one of my quilts.

  121. What a great day to have, quilting day, does that mean we can just quilt, quilt, quilt all day? I love quilting becaue it means I can be creative, I can sew, which I love, I can use beautiful fabrics and I can either give all that love to someone else or keep it myself and wrap up in it and keep it for years to come.

  122. My favorite thing about quilting is the artistry of painting with fabric. I am in awe of the fantastic works I see in shows & online. Personally, my favorite thing about quilting is creating from shapeless to vision.

  123. My quilting friends are definitely one of the best things about quilting, followed by the beautiful fabrics, learning new techniques, and seeing all of the lovely quilts and bags that others make. Thank you for the chance to win a National Quilting Day surprise.

  124. I am not surf what I like the most about quilting since I am making my first quilt ever! So far I love piecing but I als cannot wait to start hand quilting!

  125. Quilting is my creative outlet – and the final quilt an everyday item for use. Thank you!

  126. When I quilt or sew, I feel that I am honoring my heritage. And fulfilling a God given gift. I literally sewed at my Grandma's side. Sadly, she died when I was young, when I am at my machine I go back in time and love that connection. I love all of it, fabrics, color, the construction process and working with my hands relaxes me, no matter what is going on in my life.

  127. I fell back into quilting as my passion to give back to others! I used to be into the medical field and unfortunately, I medically am no longer capable of doing so. So now I find my "therapy" (when able too)…I get so excited w/all the wonderful designers that I can make beautiful things ie:baby blankets after my grandson who was a preemie and donate many to help other at St David's Hospital etc… It really makes "You feel good" when you know you're helping someone else! I also get to enjoy the sewing when I can to help me 🙂

  128. I love meeting and sharing ideas with other quilters. They help inspire and get the creative juices going.

  129. I love that quilting allows me to make great-to-use gifts for others. I cannot count the number of baby quilts that I made for so many of my friends and it is a thrill to see them being loved!
    cottonpaperflowers at gmail dot com

  130. I love all the steps of quilting: choosing the pattern and fabric, cutting everything out, piecing the top, choosing the backing and binding fabric, etc.

  131. Quilting lets me be creative while I work out any "issues" in my life. My favorite part is the actual QUILTING on the finished top. It just soothes my soul to do the quilting in some random fun pattern or squiggle.

  132. I love the feeling I get when I'm quilting. It's one of accomplishment, satisfaction and disbelief that I can create something so beautiful to be cherished. – Wendy A

  133. Happy National Quilting Day! My favorite parts of quilting are choosing the fabrics and taking the quilt out of the dryer when its all crinkly! Of course I enjoy all the other steps along the way as well :).

  134. Quilting has changed my life. I just love the creative part of each and every project, and making it MY OWN! Even if I use a kit or a pattern, just making changes here and there to reflect ME!

    I am new to quilting, and hate the days I can't get in my craft room to sew.

  135. I love the process of sewing the pieces to together and forming a quilt top and then putting the quilt top, batting and backing together, machine quilting and binding the quilt. I find it relaxing.

  136. When I am very wound up with the worries of the world, nothing relaxes me like quilting does. I love selecting fabrics for a quilt. I love seeing all the new collections. I love seeing all the colors of the solids put together. I love piecing blocks. I love sewing blocks together. I love the quilting. I especially love sewing the binding on because that means completion! It is all terrific! Giving the quilts away is total bliss…

  137. Today I am working on a paint on fabric with thread sketching ! it's a cute original design of my artist daughter about Alice in Wonderland with a nice quote from the book.
    Quilting is so fun because you get to create:)

  138. Beautiful fabric, how it looks and feels and all the lovely colors. Hand quilting is my favourite along with relaxing in front of the TV whilst hand stitching the binding, the final step towards completion. JOY!

  139. I love the focus and quiet of quilting. It's a wonderful way to disconnect from the world for a while and be alone with my thoughts — or my beloved podcasts!

  140. I'm on my second round of quilting. I first started in the late 80's. It was a great journey with Eleanor Burns! I enjoyed the travels to markets, retreats, and the local guilds. After a 10 year hiatus called life, I've been back about 4 years. Things sure changed! The internet has made learning newer methods just a touch away! Love it all!!

  141. I just started quilting but I would say my favorite thing is all of the beautiful fabric and thinking of all the the things I could make with it to display in my house!

  142. I have grown to love the creativity of choosing material and deciding how to place it. I also love the awesome community of women (and even a few men) who are so encouraging and helpful!

  143. Friends! I love quilting because of all the wonderful new friends I've made. There is such a sense of community and there's always someone willing to help. Quilters are the best!

  144. I love the process…like working a beautiful puzzle! My brain loves the concentration and focus and my eyes love the fabrics!

  145. It is my quiet time to create something beautiful for my home, family, and friends too.

  146. I love to make quilts –I give them to friends who are ill, especially by sending one to those who are too far away to drop off a lasagna.

  147. love the satisfaction from finishing a project, but I also find just handling the fabric therapeutic !

  148. What I love about quilting is taking all the gorgeous fabric and making it into something bigger and even more beautiful! Of course buying the fabric is right up there with the actual quilting! 🙂

    Cathy J ♥

  149. The thing I love best about quilting is all the wonderful friends that I have made in my quilting journey. I started quilting about 20 years and I still have those friends that I started with and also ALL the friends that I have accumulated along the way. Friends are priceless!

  150. The fabric, the fabric, purchasing the fabric and then touching it and touching it again.

  151. Oh, goodness, hard to pick just one favorite thing! But after finishing my first quilt yesterday and seeing the look on my daughter's face when I gave it to her, I'd have to say that's my favorite thing! Now I can't wait to get started on my son's quilt!

  152. I love everything about quilting- fabric, being creative, satisfaction when completing a project, but my favorite part of quilting are the friends I've made as we've shared this wonderful hobby!

  153. Woo hoo! I am headed over to my quilting group this afternoon and we didn't even know it was National Quilting Day! The only thing better than quilting is quilting with friends!

  154. I love the magic of taking small pieces of different fabrics and turning them into a beautiful, functional quilt!

  155. Patchwork and quilting mean calm moments in this hectic life. A chance to slow down and savor the enjoyment of playing with beautiful fabrics while blocking out everything else. There has never been a time I haven't walked away from a quilting session, no matter if ten minutes or several hours, without feeling refreshed, calm, and satisfied. I will add that it's not only quilting that brings pleasure to this life, but sewing and creating garments and other projects as well; however, I find myself quilting more often than other sewing. ????

  156. I love the entire quilting process! Deciding on the perfect pattern, choosing just the right fabric, putting it all together, quilting it, and finally, love putting on the binding. And a heads up to Kimberly! Been using your binding tutorial and am so pleased with how my bindings look now.

  157. I'm new to quilting although I've sewn for many years. Expect to do a lot more quilting in my future.

  158. I love quilting! It's my therapy. I've gotten to know so many wonderful friends through quilting!

  159. I love taking large pieces of beautiful fabric, cutting them up into small pieces, then sewing them back together to create something even more beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  160. I love the beginning…the creating the design. I love the putting it together, but most of all the binding means a finished quilt! I just love it all.

  161. I love putting colors together and then seeing them pieced into something that looks complicated! It actually gives me energy and makes me smile. And, I always lose track of time.

  162. Love the feeling of great fabrics & the challenge to create something from them!

  163. my first love would be collecting fabric – then the cutting and piecing – I prefer to work w/o borders – I hate borders!

  164. My favorite thing about quilting is all the different fabric colors I get to play with. One pattern done in different colors comes out like a new quilt each time!

  165. I LOVE being surrounded by beautiful colors and patterns. And it's awesome watching everything come together into something brand new!

  166. What I love most about quilting is the many ways to be creative and the endless ways to express yourself by creating something amazing from a pile of fabric and a spool of thread!

  167. Quilting is my escape from a high stress job! I also love the expressions on a personside face when they open up a handmade quilt!

  168. My favorite things about quilting are the friends I have made and I love the whole process from cutting, especially the piecing, to sewing the binding on!!!

  169. I love selecting fabrics, seeing all the pretty colors. My most favorite things, though, are starting a new project – and finishing a project!

  170. Quilting lets me show my creative side, and is also good for the sole. There is great satisfaction in a finished quilt no matter the size. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Quilting in Michigan

  171. Quilting is my chance to drift away into another world where there are no crises, disasters (hmmm?), or weighty problems. Just fabric, thread and a pattern. Ahhhhh…..

  172. I love selecting fabrics for a quilting project. So fun to play with color and texture of today's wonderful fabric choices. The more fabric the better!

  173. I love quilting because it is fun and to cut apart fabric and put it back together to make a quilt that will be treasured is such a great feeling.

  174. I just love quilting fabric from the modern prints to the reproduction prints plus all the color choices! The entire quilting process just feeds my creative spirit.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to win generous giveaway.

  175. My favourite thing about quilting is playing with fabrics and colours, and then seeing it all come together. I love the creativity and the precision it takes to make it all work.

  176. Quilting is such a creative process, from choosing a pattern, choosing the perfect fabrics and expression our passion for the art of creating. It takes me away to a separate space, away from all the problems in life.

  177. Quilting is a connection to my Grammie; she made beautiful, timeless quilts by hand. I had the great good fortune to be her and my grandfather's only grandchild. She didn't teach me to quilt, I came to that late in life. Now, I love the planning, cutting (sometimes), piecing (sometimes) and machine quilting on my domestic machine. It's a process and pass time that's solely my own that results in something warm and pretty.

  178. My favorite thing about quilting is the whole process of quilting – picking fabric, the calm you feel when piecing the blocks, the way your stitches look better each time you machine quilt, and then loving the finished project.

  179. One of the things I love about quilting is all the wonderful fabrics, colors, and designs. Such variety!

  180. I love being able to create something from scratch to pass on to friends and family that I love. It's like giving people a piece of me!

  181. I love the search for just the right fabrics, then later just looking at the finished quilt and being amazed at how it all came together.

  182. My favorite thing about quilting is the actual piecing of the project. I enjoy selecting fabrics for a project, but the piecing is the most relaxing part of the process for me.

  183. I just want to create something, a wallhanging, a tablerunner, a quilt, a tote, with fabric. It's the fabric- the designs, the colors, the choices, the FABRICS!!!

  184. My favorite thing about quilting and sewing is being creative. Love picking out fabrics and the whole idea of making something snuggly!! Happy Quilting Day Everyone! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  185. I am a true convert to quilting after a childhood of crochet and needle craft. I'm celebrating by working on some organization and sorting remnants from my last purchase. Thanks for celebrating with us. I love your shop!

  186. I love everything about quilting! I especially love the beautiful fabrics. My favorite part of making a quilt is the free-motion quilting, but I really enjoy every step. 🙂

  187. So many things to love about quilting! I love the community of quilters. My daughters and daughters-in-law have also joined me in this community! I love that I can be creative even though I do not have a creative bone in my body. I love the precision of quilting and watching all the corners and points line up! Quilting is my therapy & escape!

  188. Quilting and gardening give me a sense of extreme peace. It lets me play with all he colors of the rainbow, and a chance to express my creativity. Without these two outlets I would be lost. Flower and fabric colors encapsulates all my creativity in a meaningful way

  189. I love the make-something-out-of-nothing magic of quilting. Tiny little scraps turning into something gorgeous and functional makes my heart happy!

  190. I love quilting as I can be as creative as I want to be. I can quilt whatever time of day I want and I like the happiness it brings to the people I make them for. I just look at your fabric collections and envision my next project! Thank you!

  191. My favorite thing about quilting is the ability to create and watch a beautiful piece come together! Each step brings joy to my heart as I know I am one step closer to gifting something created with love!

  192. I love buying fabric, piecing, applique, nearly everything except putting borders on large quilts. I really struggle to finish projects where I have to wrestle huge pieces of fabric.

  193. Picking fabrics to use in a quilt is one of my favorite things to do. But my most favorite is seeing the expression on the receivers face when I give them a quilt I made with them in mind.

  194. Oooowwwww, the way we can change the look of already pretty fabric. Then gift it and see the smiles����������☺�� on others.

  195. I love everything about it! Shopping for the fabric is so fun, when I'm cutting it all up I think that's the best part, then sewing up the pieces is my favorite, then seeing the blocks come together… it's all the best

  196. My favourite thing about quilting…..such a tough question. I love the fabrics. Just looking at them, cutting them, seeing them in a quilt. Thinking back to where I purchased them. Always so lovely and inspiring! Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  197. My favorite thing about quilting is watching the process of going from random pieces of fabric to a beautiful quilt that will bring a smile to someone's face.

  198. My favorite thing about quilting is the legacy I'm leaving for my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. My quilts will endure long after I'm gone so I will be able to hug future generations with my quilts!