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More New Schnibbles by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co.

Who would you consider to be one of the biggest Divas in the pattern designer world of quilting? Did Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. come to mind? If not, it just might be time to expand your horizons. Her diva-bility might be from the fact we have over 100 patterns from Miss Rosie currently in stock. Or maybe because her quilt patterns have such a wide range from easy to difficult and contemporary to traditional. Today we are lucky enough to catch her in the midst of her busy schedule to talk about the six patterns that have just arrived at Fat Quarter Shop. With no further ado, I introduce to you, Ms. Carrie Nelson.

Happy Almost Spring, Jolly Jabberettes!

It’s March and I have finally got my new Schnibbles finished. Yes, I’m rather late but for those of you who know me, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since there are lots of things to tell you about, let me just get to it!

Have you seen the six new Schnibbles patterns? These new quilts are a little bigger than many of the earlier quilts and only one of them has a pieced border! I’ve always been a quilter who likes trying new fabrics and going in different directions, and these quilts seem to reflect that. I think RicRac and Roadshow look like they could have come out of Grandma’s trunk, but George and Honeycomb are light, bright and more contemporary. Though really, just switch the fabrics around and any one of them could be vintage or modern.

In fact, I think I set a really bad precedent with Sweet Spot and Paganini as it has been hard not to make more than one version of each of the quilts! To make it worse, I had to go looking through the Charm Packs, and then sneak a peek at the Coming Soon page and it wasn’t long before I found myself making a list of charm packs that I think I’m going to need to have. Collection for a Cause would be perfect for George or Roadshow. And since I can’t have too much Charlevoix, I might just have to use that for another Honeycomb, RicRac and/or Recess quilt. And Brocante!

Yes, I’m busy getting ready for Spring Market. I can’t believe that is now less than two months away. I guess that means I will just have to sew faster… much, much faster.

More news to share and you heard it here first – there is a new Schnibbles book coming this September so stock up on your favorite charm packs and layer cakes. It is titled “Another Bite of Schnibbles” and there will be twelve projects, two of which are brand-spanking new.

You can omit this next part if desired… There is also new fabric coming, it is called “Nine Dots” and while there is a polka dot print, the name comes from a puzzle designed to get people thinking outside the box.

Did I mention that the Fat Quarter Shop is doing a Schnibbles giveaway? Leave a comment with the name of your all-time favorite charm pack or layer cake on this blog post and you’re entered to win one of three sets of the six new Schnibbles patterns – which come tucked into a Schnibbles project bag.

That’s it for now. I have to get back to the workroom… eight weeks and 324 quilts to make! I’m kidding! I only have to make 237 new quilts before Market.

You do know I’m kidding about that, right?

See ‘ya!



  1. All-time favorite? Probably Authentic by Sweetwater… but Pure would be a close second. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. All time favorite?? That is really hard! How about Recess by American Jane? I still love it as much as the day it was released!

  3. I would have to say Sanctuary – I still have one charm pack I saved to make something special…for me!

  4. Favorite charm pack? Well, right now that would be Sunkissed by Sweetwatet! I happened to WIN 2 Charm packs from……YOU (And Amy's Creative Side)! Thank you so much!

  5. Hmmmmm all time favorite??? For some reason I keep getting drawn to the REd/White/Blue…. Like Hampton, Clermont Farms, Wiscasset……. oh it's all so confusing!!!!

  6. I am in the middle of making a quilt out of Kate Spain's Central Park, and I love it! It's definitely my all-time favorite.

  7. that's mean to ask for a being asked which one of the kids is your favourite! But I'm going to go for Rural Jardin..I've never seen a quilt made up in it that I didn't like!

  8. My all time favorite charm pack would be BLISS and my all time favorite Layer Cake is Patisserie.
    Love the new Schnibbles!

  9. It is so hard to pick a favorite! I will say 3 Sisters Simplicity or Bliss. I LOVE the new Schnibbles patterns-thanks for the chance to win!!!

  10. I love Miss Rosie Patterns! My all time favorite charm pack is Prairie Paisley from Minick and Simpson. I love red white and blue (and paisley)!

  11. I am in love with Central Park right now…I think I will love it forever! That Honeycomb pattern is something I would love to try, very sweet 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway…my fingers are crossed!

  12. I'd have to say anything Blackbird, however I admit to having lots of Minnick & Simpson. I came across a really cute Schnibbles I did with Sanctuary the other day – I need to get a binding on it, like stat. It's so fresh spring looking!!
    New fabric?? I can't wait!!

  13. Really hard choice – but for now, I'd have to say Sunkissed by Sweetwater. I bought a jelly roll, then a charm pack, and now I'm trying to resist a Layer Cake!

  14. Those new patterns are too cute – I'm in love with the honeycomb one! My all time favorite charm pack is dream on right now, I still have my pack and haven't opened it!

  15. My favorite charm pack and layer cake is Giddy by Sandy Gervais and my favorite pattern is all Schnibbles by Carrie Nelson.

  16. My favoirite charm pack is Charlevoix. My favorite layer cake is Maison de Garance. Love your new patterns. I think Honeycomb is my favorite.

  17. One of my favorite charm packs has been Maison de Garance. I love buying charm packs. Love hat Schnibbles patterns use charm packs:) Many thanks!

  18. I definitely think that my all time favorite is Patisserie…charm pack that is. Layer cake…I think Hushabye by Tula Pink.

  19. My all time fav layer cake was Bliss! couldn't get enough of it! I love your patterns Carrie and the Schnibble's are so fun to teach! I love the new RicRac!

  20. Picking just one is like picking which kid you like best! 🙂 Looking at what's spread around my sewing room right now I'd say my favorite is Roman Holiday by 3 Sisters. LOVE it!

  21. I think that my favorite is RouenneriesI charm packs. I have not worked much with charm packs or layer cakes but I would like to-
    I love Carrie's Schnibble patterns – I have three of her books and love her new designs. I really like the George pattern.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a nice gift.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  22. My all time favorite is Verna by Kate Spain. Love it. Carrie patterns are great for charm packs, love them all. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Hi Carrie!! Loving your new patterns and I'm anxiously waiting to see what your new book will bring. I am sure I'll be wanting them all!

    My favorite layer cake is Charlevoix. I really didn't think I would love this line but it has grown on me. I think it just screams warm weather! LOL!!
    As to Charms… Oasis by Three sisters. I love Three Sisters. I am one of three myself. Their lines are always a treat to work with!!

  24. Love Carrie, she's always a crack-up!
    It's hard to pick an all time favorite, maybe Sanctuary by Three Sisters. Yummmm.
    I'm loving Charlevoix right now too though. ☺

  25. I just love charm packs. I buy them all the time. Hmm, all time favorite, I would say Lilac Hill. I love, love, love this fabric line. Schnibbles patterns are my other favorite thing, I feel the need to have them all. I really like all of the new Schnibbles. Can't wait for the new book too.

  26. My favourite layer cake is Simplicity, I've still got it bound up sitting and waiting for the perfect project. I hate chopping into my precuts, they're so pretty!

  27. An all time favorite is so hard to pick (maybe because I have so many charm packs LOL!!!) I think my (latest) all time favorite is Central Park. I have the perfect Schnibble pattern all picked out to use. Thanks for the giveaway and I am so excited to hear about another book!!

  28. Are you kidding? How could I just pick one? That's like choosing which of my children is my favorite. I guess right now I would have to say Make Life by Sweetwater.

  29. My very, very, very favorite is the one I am currently drooling over and don't yet have but really, really want – Grace by 3 Sisters for Moda.

  30. Of all the charm packs I have seen, I love the 30's repros the best. The newest one from Darlene Zimmerman, Buttercup, is my favorite of the new ones!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Sandy A

  31. Great new patterns Carrie, I particularly like Recess and Honeycomb. I haven't played with many charm packs, but so far my all time favourite has been It's a Hoot by Momo!

  32. No way I could choose an all time favorite, but for today…I'm gonna say Dream On. I just got 2 charm packs of yesterday and I can't wait to get started sewing. Now if only I could decide if I want to do half-square triangles or tumblers…

  33. I can't wait to see what you have in store at market plus your fabric line…teaser!
    My favorite layer cake….BOTANY By Lauren and Jessi Jung….

  34. That is such a hard question! So many wonderful choices! But I'm going to pick Charlivoix as a favorite layer cake and Glace as a charm pack I wish I could still purchase. And I love the stuff Carrie Nelson designs. These new Schnibbles are Wonderful!

  35. My favorite of the moment is anything French general…or maybe anything 3 sisters, or Kate Spain. Do I really have to pick?

  36. My all time favorite is probably Rural Jardin, but I love everything French General has done. I just wish they'd come up with names I could actually pronounce!

  37. My all time favorite has to be Fresh Squeezed (and I have a pair of layer cakes just waiting for the new Schnibbles book) followed closely by Sunkissed (Come to think of it I have a pair of those layer cakes too that would be wonderful in a Schnibbles quilt) hhmmm Choices are so hard.

  38. It is really hard to decide from all the awesome collections.I think my all time favourite is Maison de Garance.

  39. My favorite charm pack has been Verna. I love all of the Schnibble patterns and can't wait to get the newest ones.
    lv2kwilt at gmail dot com

  40. Favorite charm/layer cake fabric is a draw between Rural Jardin and Bliss. I buy charm packs first when fabric ranges come out and then if I love them I buy either layer cakes or Fat quarter sets.Out of all my stash Rural Jardin and Bliss were the only ones I've brought all 3 precuts in (charms/layer cakes/Fat quarters )and yardage for borders/bindings and have used them all with only scraps left.

  41. One of my all time favorites are Holly Jolly and Merry and Bright from Sandy Gervais. They were both the same colors, and so happy and cheerful for Christmas.

  42. My all-time favorite charm pack is probably French General's Rouenneries. A couple of charm packs of Rouenneries and a little extra yardage along with the Schnibbles Madeline pattern = MAGIC!

  43. My all time favorite has to be Central Park by Kate Spain. I love the matching dishes which mean you get to make placemats and napkins. The possibilities are endless.

  44. My favorite is Prairie Paisley by Minick and Simpson. I love that fabric so-o much that I just finished my 2nd quilt out of that fabric. I really like your newest patterns.

  45. Oh, Jolly jabber – you ask nearly impossiblr questions! But right now my favorite is the Sunkissed by Sweetwater. I think I may have (accidently) purchased that line in every precut available LOL. FQ pack, Layer Cake and Jelly Roll… Actually, I didn't buy a charm pack, but I bought two layer cakes and cut one in fourths… that is like buying 4 charm packs 🙂

  46. Wow, picking just one all-time favorite is tough. I'd have to go with Pumpkins Gone Wild by Sandy Gervais. I've still got pumpkins running wild all over my house! The prints just make me smile…

  47. all time favourite? very difficult to say…but if i had to nail it down to one it would be 'neptune' by tula pink!

  48. All time favorite…who can possibly pick ONE. I have really fallen in love with Lilac Hill from Brannock and Patek. Charm packs are so sweet but I am most drawn to layer cakes. Another batch of wonderful schnibbles…can't wait to see Carrie's new book in the fall to use with the layer cakes.

  49. My favorite of the moment is Lilac Hill – just love the calm colors and designs.
    Jana in Prague, Czech Republic

  50. It's really difficult to pick one favourite – I've managed to narrow it down to three – in no particular order, Pom Pom de Paris (I love them in Brocante), Faith Collections for a Cause and Giddy. I love Carrie's new Schnibbles too and think it would be awesome to win them. Let's hope for some St Patrick's Day luck.

  51. I was going to say 'The Hamptons' for my all time favourite, and I saw my 'Breath of Avignon' schnibble and knew it was that one instead. J'adore!


  52. All-time favourite?? Very difficult to pick only one, but Glace is one I've been saving for a while, for something special.. I love everying from Bonnie and Camille also..

  53. All-time favourite? Too hard to pick! I think I'd have to say Gypsy Rose – I have a layer cake & a couple of charm squares tucked away for a special project.

  54. Too many to choose from! I went with Grand Finale, which I haven't seen in person yet…it just looks like some fun fabrics and colors. Thanks so much!

  55. My all-time favorites? I love Sanctuary and Rural Jardin! Thanks for the generous offer of these wonderful Schnibbles!

  56. I think my favorite charm pack is BLISS. It's so cheerful. ANy of the Collections for a Cause come in a close second.

    Love Brocante and knew I'd be getting it the first time I saw it.

    Deb S.

  57. Thank you for the chance to win a Schnibbles pattern. I have never made one since I am always busy appliqueing. I like O' Tinsel Tree 10 inch Squares
    Robert Kaufman Fabrics
    O' Tinsel Tree 10 inch Squares

  58. My current favorite layer cake is Martinique. Who knows what it will be in the future; those Moda designers are alway coming up with something new to love.

  59. All time favorite would have to be Central Park, really love that fabric. Love all your patterns, not just the Schnibbles.

  60. My all time favorite would have to be Neptune. It's manly enough and female enough to make a quilt for anybody! I'd love to win some of your patterns to add to my collection!!

  61. My all time favorite pack is whatever is currently new! I am in love with Sunkissed. The new patterns look fun!

  62. ALL time Favorite? That's hard…I like all the KTQ and Minnick and Simpson fabrics lines. Oh, and Brannock and Patek, too…and….

    Wiscasset is a favorite

  63. I love so many charm packs and layer cakes – but the ones I paid full price for and had to have both was Rounneries…

  64. Oh, it would be great to win a pattern. I am probably the only one who has not made a Schnibbles yet.
    I really like "Strawberry Fields"

  65. That is really hard, but I am going to have to say Central Park by Kate Spain. I also love your patterns and I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for the chance.

  66. Ohhh, so many favourites…. I love Maison de Garance. But Im using Fresh Flowers right now and I really like that aswell. Ive just made Madeline from Miss Rosie, and I would love to have the new patterns :o)

  67. Love Miss Rosie – all time favs in layer cakes/charm packs – anything Sweetwater – Make Life, Pure, etc.

  68. All time favorite? Hmmm… that's a hard one! I'd have to say Glace or Park Avenue since I have multiple projects of each. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love all of the new patterns and really like the fact that they are a little bit bigger.

  69. thanks for the news !!!
    all time favorite would be Harvest Home from Blackbird designs. But it is a very difficult choice !!!!
    I love so many fabrics and so many designers …

  70. Wow…love the new patterns, would love to win! My favorite layer cake of all time is Freshcut by Heather Bailey. Thanks!

  71. Anything by Fig Tree, French General, or 3 Sisters is always favorite…but oddly enough my all-time favorite charm pack is the one of Bliss…not my "normal" color palette but it's just so cheerful that it makes me smile!

  72. My favorite one on the site now is Lily & Will II by Anne Sutton. I just love those soft colors. Wish I had babies to sew for – but I'm just going to make something for myself!

  73. My all time favorite, that is a really tough one but I'll say Pure because I used it to make my grandsons quilt which made it more fun, but I'm so in love with that collection that I'm savoring another layer cake of it for another quilt!
    I'd so love to have this set of new schnibbles….

  74. Great patterns! I love making these since I can quilt them myself and have great success! My favorite charm pack is Hunky Dorey! Thanks for the opportunity to win the new patterns!!!

  75. Hard to choose, but I must say it's the latest purchase Faith or the one most purchased Lollipop or the sentimental favorite Chocolat.

  76. My favorite charm pack is Happy by Me & My Sister Designs. Have you seen it? It just makes me smile and be Happy!

  77. You don't make this easy… my favorite layer cake at the moment is Le Petit Poulet. (But I also love Hullabaloo and Lovely!!)

  78. I think I'd have to say it was Rouenneires when it first came out because it was such a different look for me. I LOVE all the new patterns Carrie. You are the best!

  79. Thanks so much for the chance to win some fabric cuts! "Rosie" (really Carrie)told me to stop by. My old fav is probably Rouenneries/French General. My new fav is Full Circle/Kathy Schmitz. I love the 1800 reproductions! and layer cakes are always good!
    Thanks, too, Carrie, for all of the great patterns – you'd bettern get crackin' on those 200+ quilts!

  80. My favorite is Neptune by Moda. I made a quilt for your Schnibbles contest out of it and although I had plans to sell it, It is still in my home! Thanks for the great patterns!

  81. My favorite fabric right now is Bliss, but I really love Prairie Paisley, too. Can't wait to try your new patterns.

  82. I have to admit that my all-time favorite would have to be Winter! I still haven't cut mine! Coming up fast is Charlevoix. I haven't seen it in person yet…so we shall see!!!!

  83. My all time favorite is a hard pick, but I'd probably have to say Swanky. I bought yardage, layer cakes, honey buns, & turnovers when that came out. I still have some of it left! Hmmm…maybe I should make a Schnibbles with that! Wouldn't that be fun

    (And a new book too! Congratulations to Carrie!!)

  84. I LOVE anything by Anna Maria Horner, and most things from the Free Spirit line. And I think the Honeycomb quilt using Central Perk is AMAZING.

  85. Hi Carrie….All time favorite Schnibble…if only I hadn't just moved…my sewing is still packed:(..I'm working on one with stars and I think its Madeline..Really just love them all though, AND I love charm packs Leslie

  86. Must be Nature's Notebook because I have made a lot out of that line of fabic. I had jelly rolls, charms and layers, not to mention yardage. Love that blue and yellow. Awesome giveaway because I just love Miss Rosie's Schnibbles. Judy C

  87. hmmmm…..favorite charm pack EVER?! Figgy Pudding from Basic Grey or Hamptons from Minick and Simpson. I have one of each still hoarded and I'm afraid to use them in a less than absolutely perfect project!

  88. SQUEAL!!!! The new patterns are here. My heart is pounding! It's oh-so-hard to pick a favorite, but it would be a close race between Pom Pom de Paris and Charlevoix. Keep up the good work!

  89. I was in love with Neptune when it first appeared and never bought any…now I'm sad that it is so hard to find..wish they'd make a reprint with that one. City Park and Buttercup are both new lines that I like.
    I've seen Schnibbles all over the place but have not made one for myself…I would love to though so I would really like this win!

  90. My favorite or favorites to date are Oasis or Strawberry Fields, but I can't wait for Cherry Fizz – it's so cheerful and happy looking:) I love all the new Schnibbles. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  91. I think my favorite that I have seen would be Strawberry just makes me feel calmly cheerful. I would be thrilled to win!

  92. Pick a favorite charm pack – now that's a tough one. The one that immediately came to mind was Dream On so that must be my favorite – at least for now.

  93. My favorite layer cake is Happy Campers by American Jane-boy did it set off a buying frenzy. And my favorite charm pack is French General's Rouenneries. I love that particular red they use.

    My runners up are Minnick&Simpson and Sandy Gervais with their red/white/blue lines. Can't get enough of those!

  94. Fandango would have to be my favorite charm pack! I think I like it so much because it was the first more modern, fresh fabric that I had used, so it's my favorite….for now 🙂

  95. Just one favorite? Well, going by sheer numbers, that would be Dream On–I have 5 charm packs stashed for a rainy weekend. Oh the possibilities (even more with

  96. Maison de Garance is an all time favorite Layer Cake, but that could change…I see some Coming Soon that I am going to love!

  97. Love the Schnibbles patterns! My all time fave LC is Breakfast at Tiffany's. And I love the Fandango CP's. Thanks for the chance!

  98. I've only ever bought one layer cake, but still I chose it as my favorite. The colors are wonderful, and the size of the prints was a challenge. "Hunky Dory" will be my personal favorite for a long time.

    Not only do I love the new patterns, I CAN'T WAIT for the new Schnibbles book!

  99. Love your new Schnibbles, Carrie! They look wonderful with the charms and layer cakes you've chosen already. One of my favorite all time layer cakes would have to be Rouenneries by Moda. It always looks so rich sew up into anything!
    Thanks for the chance to win new patterns, Fat Quarter Shop!

  100. My all time favorite is
    Happy Campers from American Jane,the line has it all-flowers-stripes-various motifs per yard

  101. I am currently making something with Lilac Hill, that could be my most favorite. And I'm looking at My Little Red hanging in my office right now!! Thanks for sharing.

  102. Love the new Schnibbles! I already have my charm packs of Pom Pom de Paris for Brocante! My favorite? That's toughie! Let's say the new Layer Cake I just picked up – Max & Whiskers – it's my favorite today o:)

  103. I'll say sunkissed right now… I love the colors and the fact that the prints are small so I don't worry about cutting them up! Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. My all-time favorite charm pack is Pure by Sweetwater. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

  105. My favorite fabric of all time which I have in layer cakes, charm packs, jelly rolls, you-name-it….Prairie Paisley by Minnick & Simpson.

    Wendy in Iowa

  106. WHOO HOO! Just signed up for Ms. Rosie's pattern club . . . I'd love the Hard Candy Tonga Treat Squares
    Timeless Treasures Fabrics! Thanks for the giveaway . . .

  107. hmmm…maybe Posh (chez moi) 'cos i made my first dress with it (for my little girl–not me!) but like everyone said, how can you choose one favorite?! and Carrie–while your schnibbles are incredibly cute–pls continue to make larger versions of them–your patterns are too amazing to keep small!

  108. My favorite layer cake would be Aviary by 3 sisters. I'm still waiting for to find a nice pattern for it.

  109. Oh let me have the luck of the Irish and win these patterns. My favorite layer cake is Patisserie by Fig Tree.

  110. OH gosh just ONE? I guess I'd have to say that my all time favorite would have to be '12 days of Christmas' by Kate Spain. I just love holiday fabrics and this fabric she created is just gorgeous.

  111. Oh my!!! My all time favorite was the Rouenneires for the Madeline pattern and the Merry & Bright by Sandy Gervais. I am looking forward to using these new Schnibbles patterns! Thank you!

  112. Did Rouenneries come as a charm pack- I don't know because I got a 1/2 yard of each. Maybe my favorite line of all time.

  113. lollipop charm pack (because I made my Granddaughter a quilt out of 2 of them !!) . I just LOVE the RECESS Schnibble pattern ; may have to order it !!!!

  114. I have to say that the new Sherbet Pips is my new favorite charm pack and layer cake. Happy St Patrick's Day to you and here's to hoping a little bit o' Irish luck helps me to win. bimbi9 at verizon dot net

  115. I must be fickle, because the latest collections always become my new favorites. Pom Pom de Paris is my new love, and I can't wait to work on Carrie's terrific new Schnibble patterns!

  116. Carrie's patterns are great! My favorite charm pack would be lollipop. My favorite layer cake would be Happy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. My favourite charm pack at the moment will Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree Quilts and its not even out yet. Just have to go on the pictures and imagine about what it will be when I finally get it. Nothing wrong with planning ahead! Love the Schnibbles

  118. From a layer cake standpoint it is Rouenneires. Hope Valley is a favorite in FQ bundle. Martinique in charms. FQS has wonderful fabrics to look at all the time. Wish had some Sunkissed right now… Thanks for the Miss Rosie / Schnibbles giveaway as (gasp) have never made a Schnibbles pattern. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  119. I have so many favorites it is hard to pick just one but since I have to it will be a layer cake of "Awesome" by Sandy Gervais! Fall is my favorite time of year and no one does those colors like Sandy!

  120. Oh my. All time favorite? Really hard. But I'll pick Central Park by Kate Spain. Great new patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

  121. Choosing one fabric collection is like deciding which of your children is your favorite. I admire so many of the collections, but French General's Rouenneries was a really beautiful line, and Bliss was quite lovely as well.

  122. My all-time favorite charm pack is Prairie Paisley. I am not also in love with layer cakes and will use my Buttercup soon.

  123. A layer cake of Sunkissed by Sweetwater is my favorite right now, but love Kate Spain fabrics and also Bonnie and Camille!!

  124. Favourite charm pack… today I would say Wuthering Heights. I have one charm pack and am waiting waiting for the perfect project.
    Mandy Hawkins.

  125. Tough question….but I want to go with Sunkissed. It is my current fav and I need to get some..badly. This fabric seriously cheers me up. The colors and the prints are wonderful.

  126. I love charm squares and layer cakes and I have alot, but my favorite of all times is an oldie Le Chocolat by Moda. I still have some left.

  127. My favorite charm pack right now is Darlene Zimmerman's 1930s Buttercup. I'm currently using one to make a table runner!

  128. I would love to make one of Miss Rosies pattern in the Strawberry Fields Layer Cake !

  129. I love Grace by 3 Sisters. I've been searching for some red and greens that aren't too Christmasy for a quilt I'm making for a friend and those fabrics will work great.

  130. I love those patterns and will have to get them all and a book would be great. I love the fig tree fabrics for them but then the civil war so neat too. I have a hard time deciding.

  131. two faves EVER are Moda Sanctuary and Moda Winter by Minick and Simpson. But more recently — all of the Sweetwater designs!!!

    Mary J. B.

  132. I love, love Bliss. There are lots of others I like; Central Park, Buttercup, but I looove Bliss. So happy to see a new Schnibbles book out this year. Am really looking forward to it.

  133. Charlevoix, today anyway. Although the Moda Citrus Marbles would be a big hit with the younger crowd at home…

  134. Favorite layer cake?? – gotta be LePetite Ecole! I can just see "Brocante" done with it!

  135. My favorite? Anything by Kansas Troubles or Jan Patek – love all their lines of fabric – and they look great in you Schnibbles patterns (how's that for sucking up? LOL)

  136. Carrie, I am a big fan of yours!

    My favorite line of fabrics changes at least once a month, as new lines appear in front of my eyes.

    I think the first Chez Moi collection made me do a double take, very yummy.

    But also, all things Figtree are dear too.

    Cheers to you and the dogs!

  137. All time favorite, to date, charm pack has got to be Make Like by Sweetwater because it introduced me to Sweetwater and layer cake would be Kansas Troubles Butterfly Garden as it was a gift because I've not been able to buy them for myself. THank you so much for this chance at these most awesome patterns!!

  138. You may as well ask my who my favorite child is!!! I'm still have some Renewal by Brannock & Patek – great roses, rich reds, fun polka dots and squiggles. They all have their special charms – guess that is why they call them "charm squares"!

  139. My favorite charm pack is definately 12 days of Christmas by Kate Spain. Would love to win the new patterns 🙂

  140. Without doubt my all time favourite layer cake is Antique Fair … though Oasis is a close second.

    I love all charm packs but my favourite would have to be Rural Jardin by French General

  141. I would say that my favorite in any size baked goods is Oh Cherry Oh, Rural Jardin or Blush…or maybe…what was the question again? I know I absolutely love love love Schnibbles!!!

  142. My favorite is always the one that I'm currently lusting after–right now that's Pom Pom de Paris–so pretty!

  143. This is a hard question! I can be fickle about favourites when I see new lines. I do love my Pure layer cake. Thanks for the chance to win a Schnibbles pattern.

  144. Basic Grey Urban Couture will always be one of my favorite scrapbook paper and fabric lines. I also LOVE Verna by Kate Spain.

  145. My all time favorite charm pack or layer cake? Currently it's Buttercup by Moda—Would look great in one of the Schnibbles patterns! Did I mention Carrie is one of my favorite designers?

  146. My favorite charm pack is Nantucket by Minick and Simpson. Thanks for the give away.

    Charlotte S.

  147. Love your Schnibbles Carrie. An all-time favorite charm pack for me would be Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree Quilts, or really any fabric line by Fig Tree. Absolutely love those colors. Can't wait for Strawberry Fields!


  148. Bliss by Bonnie and Camille is my all-time favorite (at the moment!). I LOVE your Schnibbles patterns!

  149. My favorite would have to be Lollipop! I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it so I bought a layer cake. I then found a pattern that I could get 3 baby quilts out of the layer cake + 1/4 yd. And just last week I bought the monkey fabric from that line. There's usually not many i DON'T like but Lollipop would be my faorite!

  150. Right now…Sherbet pips. Any other time?? Amy Butler or Anna Maria Horner. (I know you said one, but that is like choosing a favorite child!!!)

  151. My all-time favorite charm pack is Poetry by April Cornell.

    Hearting the Schnibbles Roadshow pattern. Crossing my fingers and thank you for the chance at your giveaway.

  152. 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain. I am enjoying the BOM this year. Edith