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Modern Applique Illusions Blog Tour

Hi everyone! We’re so happy to be participating in Casey York‘s blog tour for her newest book, Modern Applique Illusions. This book is based on perspective and illusions. The projects in this book explore the potential for using minimal shapes, colors, and compositions to create the illusion of space. 
Casey at Fall 2014 International Quilt Market
We’ve asked Casey a few questions about her inspiration, love of quilts, and favorites from the book! Read on to learn more. 

What inspired you to create the Modern Appliqué Illusions Book? 
Casey: I love appliqué, but it’s only just the beginning to catch on among (self-identified) modern quilters. I thought this presented a great opportunity to create a book (there have been several wonderful modern applique books released, so it seems like the time was right!). It was actually the publisher and acquisitions editor at Stash Books who suggested that I focus my book proposal around quilts that create the illusion of depth and three dimensionality. They had seen my Onwards Quilt, and wondered if I could create a whole book’s worth of projects based on the same principles. I’m really glad they did, because it was tremendously fun designing and making the projects in the book!

Casey’s Onwards Quilt 

How long have been you been quilting and sewing? 
Casey: I’ve been sewing since I was a child, and I sewed a lot during high school, but I mainly made garments back then. I made my first quilt about nine years ago, when my first son was born, and I was hooked. Now it’s uncommon for me not to have several projects going at once, although I don’t think I’m alone in that! 

Grand Canal quilt

Which is your favorite project in the book?
Casey: It’s difficult to choose a favorite, but I really love the Ripples quilt, which gives the effect of koi floating underwater. it’s a very simple quilt to put together and also fairly minimalist, which I love, yet the shadows give it a great amount of impact. I also love how the applique and the quilting work together to create the illusion of floating fish. 

Here are also a few of our favorites from the book.

Upward quilt
Still Life quilt

Casey is generous enough to give away a hard copy of Modern Appliqué Illusions to one lucky winner! Enter the giveaway through our rafflecopter below and the winner will be announced November 26th, 2014. Good luck and have an amazing day! 
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  1. I tried applique and wasn't crazy about the results but samples in books were so beautiful so I made 24 pillows for Christmas. The first took me three hours and the last 45 minutes. All I needed to do was practice, practice. Now I love it.

  2. yes, I love raw edge applique and the clever glue basting methods, but I'm not so keen on needleturn applique, it's a bit too slow for me.

  3. I haven't tried applique yet, but I have a good friend who really rocks it. I'll probably ask her to teach me her technique. I'd love to try to make the fish quilt in the book!

  4. Yes, I've tried needle-turn and machine sewn. I'd like to try more prepped forms as needle-turn can be a little finicky depending on the shape of the piece.

  5. I love applique , and do all the methods, backbasting, needleturn( which I learned first) and machine applique, as well as the Starch method. love them all and use them in one piece depending on the pieces I am appliqueing. For instance I love the starch method for Leaves, so easy..

  6. I have done appliqué in the past however I had no instruction, I just winged it. It came out okay but I can't wait to try it using tutorials 🙂

  7. I have done wool applique and have dipped my needle into needleturn applique. I have not done any machine applique, but it is one of my quilty resolutions for 2015 to give it a try!

  8. I've only attempted to applique 4 fussy-cut flowers as cornerstones for my first quilting class project. I plan to applique a snowman and a Christmas tree on the stockings I'll be making in the next couple of weeks. Nothing yet, like the art pictured in this book!

  9. Of course! It is my favourite technique.
    Thanks for introducing us to this book. It looks like one with lots of inspiring designs and will go straight to my 'hubby hints' list for Christmas.

  10. I had a disastrous and traumatic machine applique experience 30 years ago, so since then I've stuck to hand applique. I enjoy it both from the control aspect and from the love of hand work aspect. This looks like a wonderful book, thank you for the chance to win!

  11. Oh, yes, I've tried applique before and have better luck using my embroidery machine to do it with digitized designs. I really need to learn the other way and do it properly!

  12. Wow, what cool quilts using perspective! I love it – thanks for the chance to win a copy of Casey's book. I've tried every method of applique' I have ever seen, and I'm always looking for something new. I've learned that Needle-turn is NOT my favorite. I love adding dimensional applique' elements to my quilts.

  13. I enjoy applique, and all the different designs you can add onto your quilt. Just LOVE the 'Still Life' Quilt. Thank you for this Giveaway!

  14. I have tried applique in a few different ways. I love raw edge applique but am not so fond of needle turned…however, sometimes its the best way to do it.

  15. This book looks VERY interesting. I would love to try making several of these quilts. I sometimes find applique time consuming but these quilts look worth the effort.

  16. I've learning applique, and the you tube videos you have done have really helped make me better and more confident about my efforts. Thanks.

  17. These quilts look amazing. I've often thought of quilts as works of art. Incorporating perspective in this manner further shows that a quilt is a canvas for an artist's vision. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I have become very interested in doing an Illusion quilt to go in a special place at the end of our hallway.

  19. I have a friend that just learned to applique and really enjoys it. I have never tried. I like the designs in the book and these designs make me motivated to learn how to do it.

  20. LOVE applique. When I am working on a project, I cannot stop! I put it down at night and when I wake in the morning my fingers are itching to get back to work on it.

  21. I love applique and use it quite abit. I also love the minimalist looking quilts. Same goes for furniture and other furnishings. Would love to have this book!

  22. I love appliqué. I used fusible appliqué to sew on several zoo animal heads – it was so much fun selecting different fabric and threads!

    lflemin at msn dot com

  23. I have tried applique, but have ended up doing it by machine. I am intrigued, however, by your designs and think I might give them a try.

  24. Yippee! I'm so excited to find out I won this giveaway. What a treat. Thank you so much to Fat Quarter Shop and to Casey!