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Moda Piece and Comfort Voting

Hello everyone! Back in December, Moda Fabrics announced their Piece and Comfort Quilt Challenge to recognize and honor the sacrifices that are made by our military families. Now it’s time to vote for the Viewers Choice Award! 

We received amazing entries from our amazing customers…

Patriotic Houses Quilt
Pieced and quilted by Bethany Martini
Flag of Gratitude Quilt
Pieced and quilted by Sterling LaBosky

Please cast your vote by commenting on our blog post and letting us know which quilt is your favorite! Voting will close on April 18th, and the winner will get a surprise prize from us. They will be entered into Moda’s online Quilt Show for a chance to win more awards! Good luck to everyone and thanks for joining us! 

And the winner is….
Patriotic Houses Quilt by Bethany Martini


  1. Both are lovely. The first one is so intricate and the quilting compliments it so well, but my attention keeps going to the house quilt. I think it's the idea of these patriotic houses waiting for their soldiers to come home.
    Must go with Patriotic Houses.

  2. Both are worthy of winning!! I'd have to choose Sergeant Major Quilt as my favorite. Good luck to both quilters!

  3. Both are lovely, but I think the Patriot Houses is my favorite. Represents all the moving we have done as party of the army. I was an army brat and army wife. We had to move every 2-3 years, and each place we had to make our "home". As they say Home is where the heart is. 🙂

  4. I love them all but coming from a military family, my favorite has got to be the Patriotic Houses quilt. Every veteran needs a home!

  5. Kudos to both ladies for sharing their time and talents!! I have to vote for the patriotic houses. Love the significance of the "home"

  6. I make Quilts of Valor for a hobby so I was so happy to see these quilts! I think Flag of Gratitude is the best! Great job.
    Nanna Liz

  7. I think to be fair you might need to correct something in your email. Only the first two quilts showed up on the email and most of the responses here refer to choosing between both quilts. There is a third lovely choice. I think people are reading the email and opening the blog to comment and are missing the third quilt. I love all three but agree with one comment that says she chooses the house quilt because they are waiting for the soldier to return. I picture their families waiting there for them to come home.

  8. Ditto Peggy Mead. People were only voting between two at first. I choose Flag of Gratitude.

  9. It's so hard to choose, they are all so wonderful and they makers are so talented. But if I have to pick one, I guess it would be Sergeant Major. However, I think they should all win.

  10. Love both of them for different reasons. But since you are making me choose only one, I have to pick Sergeant Major Quilt.
    GREAT work ladies!

  11. Prior comments seem to suggest there are only 2 in the running but I am seeing 3. I think they are all winners honestly and thank you to those who made the time to participate.

    1) Flag of Gratitude
    2) Sergeant Major
    3) Patriotic Houses

  12. All are great and everyone is a winning quilt…but guess that my vote is for Sergeant Major. Wish we could vote on each one individually!

  13. Gorgeous, all of them! I love the Flag of Gratitude, that's my favorite! 🙂

  14. They are all beautiful, but Sergeant Major Quilt
    Pieced by Donna Kirk gets my vote!

  15. All 3 quilts exude patriotism and are beautiful! Since only 1 can win and my vote gots to Patriotic Houses because home is where patriotism begins. Great quilts ladies!!

  16. I'm glad to see the comment regarding the email only showing two quilts above. I thought I was going nuts as I could clearly see three quilts and it said three. I was so confused to see SO many comments speaking of the two quilts.

    I really like the first and third one, but the first, Sergeant Major Quilt has my vote. Something just draws me to that one a lot.

  17. All of these are worthy of compliments. Great attention to detail and the creativity is fantastic, but one that stands out to me was Patriotic Houses. It really connects with me. Nice work by all, but I have to select Patriotic Houses.

  18. So much work and love went into all of them it's hard to choose but if I was going to make one, I would choose the houses. I always wanted to make a house themed quilt so it appeals to me the most.

  19. Voters seemed to have missed Flag of Gratitude. That is my vote.
    Maybe a new vote, making sure all entries will be considered. Seems the fair thing to do considering all the work involved in making a quilt.

  20. It was very hard to make a choice as they are all lovely. But I choose Patriotic Houses, not only because the houses would symbolize their protection of our homeland but also because military members and their families spend their lives traveling from house to house, making a home wherever the military sends them.

  21. Sergeant Major Quilt is the prettiest to me. It shows uniformity like in the military, comfort that you would get from home. The colors of our Country.

  22. Love all three, but Sgt. Major takes the cake; great quilt. Stephani in N. TX (

  23. All three are so pretty but I am a big fan of stars so the Flag of Gratitude wins for me.

  24. All are so beautiful. I am drawn to Sergeant Major for the intricate design and exquisite use of our red, white, and blue. I love and vote for Sergeant Major.

  25. Love the Patriotic House quilt. This is where every solder dreams of returning too!! No place like home!

  26. Patriotic houses expresses such symbolism. Home of the brave comes to mind immediately! Great job on all three but have to vote for the houses!

  27. I vote Flag of Gratitude. Amazing.

    I too am concerned tha many voters seem to refer to choosing between only the first two.

  28. I loved Bethany Martini's Patriotic Houses the best–the contrast in cream background highlights each house.

    I can't quilt but I just love admiring those who do.

  29. All 3 quilts are stunning and symbolic of the sacrifices military families make each and every day. My choice would be Patriotic Houses Quilt.

  30. All three quilts are just lovely! My pick is the Patriotic Houses Quilt! :0) My husband was in the Marine Corps for over 26 years…..I love the Red, White , and Blue!

  31. Love them but Patriotic Houses is my favorite….reminds me of our servicemen/women thinking about returning home to loved ones.

  32. Amazing quilt, my vote goes to Flag of Gratitude.
    Would like to comment on this quilt not being posted as early as the first two quilts. I think counting of the votes should start after the Flag of Gratitude was posted in order to make the contest fair.

  33. I love the dwell pattern by Camille Roskelley, so I vote for the patriotic houses.

  34. My vote goes to Flag of Gratitude. Beautiful quilting. Love pattern and colors used. The name of this quilt says what every one in this nation needs to have down to the bottom of their heart. Thank you quilter for beautiful quilt.

  35. All 3 are beautiful, but I like the Sgt. major quilt best because of the traditional pattern and the choice of colors. Avery unique border also captured my eye.

  36. I'm casting my vote for the Sergeant Major Quilt. It's a terrific quilt. Well done.

  37. Such a great cause! So nice.

    Patriotic Houses gets my vote. All of the quilts are very well done!!

  38. They're all very beautiful, however, I particularly like the Sargent Major quilt best.

  39. I love them all, but I would have to vote for the patriotic houses quilt. I love how the simple quilting and the symbolism.

  40. As a fellow quilter I like all the entries; however, I select Flag of Gratitude for my vote

  41. I have to be honest and say this shouldn't be a contest. All participants put in allot of time, effort and talent. There has to be a better way to this!! That said all give them all a prize. They deserve it!
    The winner here should be the military and their families

  42. All three are beautiful. Being I can only vote for one I vote for Flag of Gratitude

  43. I vote for Flag of Gratitude. That quilter's pattern is most patriotic. Love seeing the American Flag used within the pattern. Very creative

  44. It's so nice to recognize and honor the sacrifices made by military families. Sergeant Major gets my vote.

  45. I like the simple quilting on the patriotic houses, it really makes the pattern stand out.

  46. I love the modern flare in the patriotic houses quilt. I think military members would really like that one.

  47. Military families deserve to be honored. All of these quilts are beautiful but Sergeant Major is my favorite.

  48. I think all of these quilters deserve a prize. They all did an amazing job for a great cause. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the patriotic houses quilt.

  49. Great job ladies they are all beautiful. I will vote for Flag of Gratitude to be the winner.

  50. Oh my goodness, I did not think my vote went through. I see it did three times please just count my vote once

  51. I'm voting for the Sergeant Major quilt. I think it is absolutely beautiful. I love the pattern and the colors.

  52. As a retired Air Force officer, the Sergeant Major quilt brought out such deep feelings about my time in the service and my great love for our country.

  53. My daughter and her husband are both in the military so this contest makes me very happy! My vote goes to Flag of Gratitude!

  54. This is a great contest. Military families make many sacrifices for our country. I'm voting for the Sgt Major quilt.

  55. I have seen two of the quilts in pattern books, but I've never seen the Flag of Gratitude pattern. I think that quilter designed her own pattern, so I vote for the Flag of Gratitude. Good job.

  56. All are beautiful but the houses are very appropriate. Gotta vote for the patriotic houses

  57. I just can't stop thinking of land of the free HOME of the brave!! Vote has to go for the patriotic houses. All are amazing!

  58. I have purchased items from this quilter's Etsy shop. Love everything I've seen—Impressive quilting. I vote for Flag of Gratitude.

  59. I vote for the patriotic houses. Great job, Bethany!! All of the quilts are amazing.

  60. Both the house quilt and the Sgt Major quilt are great, but my vote goes to the Sgt Major quilt.

  61. I love the Sergeant Major quilt. Love the original design and the placement of the colors. 🙂

  62. I saw the post on Instagram about the need for playing fair. I agree. My vote goes to your quilt. Sergeant Major. Good luck.

  63. All three quilts are beautiful very talented quilters. I vote for Flag of Gratitude.

  64. These are all such gorgeous quilts, I would like to vote for the patriotic houses quilt.

  65. Tough choice, but I would like to vote for the patriotic houses quilt. All of the quilts are beautiful.

  66. What a great competition and way of honoring the military. All of these are beautiful, I would like to vote for the patriotic houses.

  67. Each and every one of these should be a winner. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the patriotic houses. I love the symbolism and creativity.

  68. All are lovely, but my vote is the Patriotic House qulit. Home is where your heart is

  69. I wish I could vote for them all. But I can only vote for one, my choice is the patriotic houses

  70. I give kudos to all but have a stronger draw to those cute lil houses and all they represent

  71. The first two quilts are nicely done. Clean lines. They really give the eyes something to focus on. I wish I could vote for both. The first one has the edge for me.

  72. I would like to vote for the patriotic houses, it's just a darling little quilt
    -Cynthia Williams

  73. My eyes keep going back to the patriotic houses quilt, so that is the one I vote for.Ju

  74. Wow! These are all gorgeous and they should all be winners. If I had to pick one to vote for, it would be the patriotic houses.

  75. This is such a hard decision to make because I know how much effort goes into making a quilt. I would like to vote for the patriotic houses.

  76. All three are wonderful. Patriotic Houses speaks to the soul for both family waiting at home and the soldier dreaming of the day to return home. Though I'm pulled because I see all the work that went into the others.

  77. Wow, these are all beautiful. I think the quilt with the houses is the one that appeals to me most.