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Mix and Mingle: Part I

Sandy Gervais is back with Mix and Mingle! She’s used it to help her son Anthony decorate his new bachelor pad. Today, Anthony describes how he put in his own touch (even in the sewing!) and the end result.

After spending years living in many different apartments with a variety of roommates, I decided it was time to find my own place. I searched high and low for the perfect apartment. I found a nice one bedroom apartment that would suit me just fine.

Moving day came and I discovered I had a boat, fish house, minnow buckets, fishing, poles, duct blinds etc, but not much in the way of items usable to make a home. I guess one of the perks of having roommates is what you don’t have they more than likely do.

So there I was sitting in my new apartment that was basically empty, except my recliner, TV and a bed. I made a phone call to my mom and told her I had a big job for her…to put her creative touch on my apartment to transform it into a nice bachelor pad. She was thrilled to help me and instantly went to work painting pictures, finding furniture, and designing a quilt.

I made a trip back to Algona to incorporate my ideas on how I wanted my quilt to be. I decided that her new Mix and Mingle line of fabric would be perfect to use in my quilt. After creating a quilt on paper mom put me to work sewing…..yes I said sewing. It’s not something I like to brag to the guys about but I have enjoyed learning how to sew, plus the chicks kind of dig it. I even made a smaller quilt (all on my own without mom’s help) just like mine, only smaller, for my cat, George. As you can see in the pictures, he enjoyed helping me make it and loved the finished product!

Mom came down the following weekend with pictures, furniture, dishes and basically everything you can think of that a person would need for an apartment. When we were all done decorating (or what I call putting a manly touch on things) the place looked great!

If it wasn’t for my mother I would probably still be hanging out in my apartment with my one recliner, TV, and bed. Thanks to her I have a cozy bachelor pad that feels like home. I could have easily gone out and bought pictures and bedding; but it wouldn’t be the same. Everything in my apartment is one of a kind that you can’t find any other place. Plus nothing is better than lounging around on the couch with a comfortable quilt made from fabric that your mom designed.

I owe my mom a big thank you for helping me with my apartment and making if feel like home. I am so lucky to have such a talented and creative mother. Thanks Mom!!

Anthony Gervais


  1. What a sweet post!

    I am not a fabric designer, but I love creating things for my children, too. How fun it would be to create my own fabric. Oh well. I depend on creative people, like your Mom, to do that for me.

    I have been busy this summer creating an adorable home for my daughter. Us Mom’s love to do that!

  2. Sandy Gervais is my very favorite designer and I never knew what she looked like. This is a great blog post . . now I not only know what she looks like but know what her son looks like too! 🙂

  3. Sandy and Anthony – what a great apartment. It looks wonderful. The quilt is perfect for it! Sandy, we missed you at market. Hope to see you soon.