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Meet our new author!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Jocelyn here, and I get to bring you some wonderful news!

We are so, so, so incredibly pleased to be introducing you to our newest author, Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs, and her upcoming book.  (YES, I know — we love her too!)  She has been a huge force in the quilting industry for years, and we are beyond blessed to be able to work with her on her new creation.

Why we are so happy to work with her is a no-brainer.  All of her quilts are gorgeous, amazing, stunning, and fresh.  She is charming, intelligent, passionate and a consummate professional.  All of these lovely things have been funneled into her upcoming book with It’s Sew Emma, Quilted Living!

Quilted Living

Quilted Living is a mixture of projects that sighs “summertime”.  Whenever I hear “summertime”, I go straight to Ella Fitzgerald’s song… “Summertime, and the living is easy…”  This book creates that awesome, bright, comfortable, casual feeling of the season.

Grab a frosty glass of lemonade and enjoy Quilted Living!

More than just quilts, you’ll find tablerunners and cushions, all of which are based on simple blocks anyone can master.  They also feature her next fabric collection, Summer Cottage from Red Rooster Fabrics, and with it she blends in a fun, full-color palette with a classic red, white and blue trio, to include our patriotic summer holidays.

A close-up view of Tumbler and Streamers.

Even MORE than that, Gerri has designed her Americana projects to meld together to create an entirely new sampler quilt.  It is such a neat concept you’ll have to see for yourself!

Quilted Living is available for pre-sale at 20% off now, so reserve your copy right away!  Gerri has so many amazing things to share, and this book is chock full of them.

Okay okay — I know you’re desperate for sneak peeks. I have a whole lot of them just ahead from our photoshoot in Austin last week, so get comfy, enjoy, and reserve your copy of Quilted Living today!

Just a few of our summertime beauties

Quilts and a picnic – what could be better?

Bursting Star box cushions, great for tushies while enjoying a parade.

Or create your own patriotic parade with this grouping!

If my happy place were a location, this would be it.

Pretty sunshine and Kimberly’s feet to boot.

Chevrons and stars, oh my!

A simple centerpiece for the home of the brave.

Gerri Robinson enjoying the view!

See how these Americana quilts flow together!

Getting the drape just right.

The heat we’ll bear for a few pretty pictures!

Ahh… quilts DO grow on trees!

A lovely bouquet of wildflowers accents the X-Ceptional quilt.

Another view of the X-Ceptional quilt.

The Streamers quilt is so simple but matchless.


  1. These photos are Breath taking! Thanks for sharing her New Book and it's contents, I am really looking forward to creating some thing from it!!

  2. I love Gerri Robinson's A Cut Above, and I look forward to Quilted Living. Lovely pictures! Great for enjoying as the summer starts to wind down. 🙁

  3. I need a bib…just drooling over these great quilts. I'm so happy to see so many talented quilters publishing books for us newbeeeees.
    Gerri's book will be one that I'll have to invest in.