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Me and My Sister Favorites for Moda Fabrics

If we had a nickel for every time we tell a customer, “I’m sorry, that was from an Me and My Sister Designs line from XX years ago”, well, we’d be rich. Fat Quarter Shop would no longer be around as Kimberly would be in her beach house in Maui, sipping fruity concoctions with tropical names in a chaise lounge and making darling quilts for her babies while Kevin played another round in their backyard golf course. People can dream, right?
As it is, there is no “Me and My Sister” request fee, so shucks for us. But for all of our customers asking for these long-gone collections, commence celebrating.
Moda has heard your (and Barb & Mary’s) pleas! The sisters have picked 32 of their most favorite-est prints to fill your stash with colorful pizzazz. Load up before it slips away! The Me and My Sister Favorites collection includes 32 prints, available in yardage, Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, and Charm Packs! And keep reading for your chance to win some favorites from one of our Moda favorites!

Hello to our favorite FQS people!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy Mary and I are to be telling you about our latest group for Moda…FAVORITES!

We have received lots of emails asking for background prints and solids. Those always seem to be the favorites and are usually the first to sell out in a new group.

So after many “Sorry, we no longer have that,” email reply’s, we finally got up the nerve to ask Moda if they would consider doing a favorites group ~ and being the wonderful and smart people that they are ~ they said yes.

Since this is a favorites group we didn’t have to come up with any new designs. Mary and I had a “board meeting” which consisted of lunch at our favorite restaurant and decided which of our past colors and prints were our favorites.

First we decided on our favorite colors from past groups, and of course Mary’s first pick was pink.

Then we went back through some of our favorite prints and of course Mary’s first pick was dots. (She can be so predictable sometimes.)

The hardest part about doing this group was selecting the final prints from the factory strike offs. They gave us so many options to choose from, that it was really hard to narrow our selections down. Thanks goodness for Cheryl ~ our boss at Moda. She had no problem reining us in.

I wish that we were her favorites and could always have as many prints as we wanted. (I also hope she never reads this).

Anyhow ~ we hope that you enjoy our newest fabrics and jump on over to visit our new website and blog.

Our last post had you counting the word brown, so this time let’s count the word favorite. We will be giving away some of our favorite things. Just count how many times the word favorite was used in this post and let us know. The winner will be selected on Wednesday March 17th.

PS ~ The name of our new market group for Spring Market is mentioned somewhere in this post too. See if you can guess what it is??? There will be no additional prize for this one ~ just want to see how good you are!

Good Luck!
Barb and Mary
Me and My Sister Designs

Me and My Sister Designs blog


  1. Well – the number of "favorites" is either 13 or 18.

    It depends if you include the intro from FQS in your calculations. If so, it's 18.. if not, then 13.

    Love the idea of a favorites line!!

  2. In Barb and Mary's section of the post, they used it 13 times. If we are counting the title of this post and the FQS's section, it's a total of 18 times!

    Thanks for letting me play along!

  3. Wow!! All these great prints coming back! That is good news.

    It is either 18 or 13, depending on how it is counted. 18 total times it appears, but only 13 of the 18 are from the Barb and Mary part of the blog.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Looks like 15 is the number of times you said "Favorite". I had to count twice to make sure I got is right.:-) Thank you for creating this wonderful grouping of your "favorites". I think they will become my "favorites" two. (Does my three count? Making it 18? 🙂 ) Take care and God bless, Cory.

  5. I count 18 mentions of "favourite" … oops, I mean "favorite"! And I think that the name of the new group is …. "Fruity Concoctions"!!

  6. I believe the number is 13 if you don't count the intro from FQS so I'm going with that. Can I just say that these are my favorite girlie fabrics!

  7. Love the collection.
    Here's the breakdown of "favorite" variations
    The word "Favorite" appears 8 times
    "Favorites" appears 10 times and if you are letting us count the picture of the line then that's an extra 1 so my total guess is 19. 🙂
    Thanks for a fun game and an awsome fabric line!

  8. I love this collection. If you count the word favorite (no s) it's said 7 times with the s it's 13. My guess for the new name is WISH.

  9. I found "favorites" 10 times, plus 1 in the picture, for a total of 11. I found "favorite" 8 times. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I counted 13 times favorite was said in Mary & Barb's post & 5 times total counting the FQS post for a total of 18 times.

  11. I count a total of 13, that 7 for "favorite" and 6 for "favorites"! I think that the green swirls and the blue flowers show would make cute little girl clothes.

  12. I am going with 7 for the word "favorite". "Favorites" is a different word, being the plural of "favorite"
    From Mary-anne
    the School principal and ex-English teacher
    and is the booth "Favorites?"

  13. favorite mentioned 18 times in the post and what a fantastic line of fabrics

  14. I think like Stefanie and believe 7 is the number of times the word "favorite" is written in this post.

    Thanks for a fun blog and great quilt shop!

  15. OH goodness. 7 if you're just counting "favorite". 18 in the entire post (including FQS intro) or just 13 if you are excluding the FQS intro. Either way I'm very excited for the "new" line coming out. I just love all your fabric lines!

  16. In your part of the post, you used the word favorite 13 times, if you count all the forms of favorite, like “favorites” but only 7 if you are looking for the exact word "favorite". In Fat Quarter Shop’s part of the post it was used 6 times, including on the picture of the Favorites collection. So a total of 19 in the whole post.

    Love all your collections but I really love your favorites!


  17. I counted 18 variations of favorite in the entire post, but 13 in the part written by Barb.
    Great idea to reprint these fabrics!
    Leslie S. in MN

  18. Very nice fabrics!
    I counted 19 in the entire post including title and picture of the bundle. But only ten for the blue part without the conclusion which contain 3. So 19, 13 or 10 according which part is included…
    What about Darling Quilts for the spring market?

    Bonne continuation!
    Thank you forthe chance to win!

  19. I've counted 7 instances of 'favorite' by Barb and Mary (8 in total if you include 'favorite-est' from the intro by FQS). If we are including plurals then the total is 19 (including the graphic and the intro from FQS).
    I think the new market group will be called 'I wish'.

  20. I counted 16. That included the word Favorite and the word favorites. I love your fabric line. I am into bright, cheery colors and yours are wonderful.

  21. Just using your post, it's 7 "favorite" and 6 "favorites". I think the new market group is "Board Meeting". Love the Favorites group — can't wait to get some and start using it!!!

  22. On the whole post I counted 18 and without the introduction I counted 13.
    Thanks for your giveaway and would love to win (as everybody else would too! O:)

  23. Well I counted 14 in your post and 18 including the intro blurb and 19 if we include the title… happy you're releasing these fabrics, what a fab idea….thanks

  24. I counted 7 of the word favorite and after seeing the word favorite in quotations on your blog I decided you only wanted favorite not favorites. I may be wrong but that is my guess and maybe Board Meeting is other you are looking for. I always love your fabrics. I bought your Chippewa Nine Patch when I was in Paducha and I am finally going to make it for my husband.

  25. I would say that you wrote the word favorite or favorites 18 times. Perhaps your new line at spring market will be called Favorites by Me and My Sister or Me and My sister designs.
    It looks like a lovely giveaway.
    Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

  26. I believe the word favorite was mentioned about 18 times. I'm thinking the name of your next fabric line is board meeting. Can hardly wait to see it! Thanks for doing the giveaway. Melanie

  27. 13 favorite(s) in post … 18 if you want to count the intro. So glad that you decided to revisit our favorites — they are so cleanly happy … like a baby fresh from heaven. Hope my Irish luck is in gear on March 17th. 'Happy' is the next fabric line, right? Thanks for letting us play.

  28. I counted the word "favorite" 7 times in the post by Barb and Mary. If you count "favorites" too, of which there were 6, that would be 13 total. If you include the intro by FQS and the posting title as well as the title in the first image there are 19. I think your new market group will be named "Happy". Looking forward to the "Favorites" line!!

  29. Favorite appears 8 times, forms of the word appear 18 times. And it's a toss between
    Beach House in Maui
    People Can Dream
    I think might be the new line.

  30. Favorite appears 8 times, forms of the word appear 18 times. And it's a toss between
    Beach House in Maui
    People Can Dream
    I think might be the new line.

  31. and the name your new market group is Happy…but I cheated for that one… I looked at your blog… do I get credits for honesty 🙂

  32. In various forms, I count 19…including the headlines and jpegs. 🙂 "Barb & Mary" or "Happy Sisters" would be my offering for a new group. Old friends are sometimes the best…thanks for convincing Moda!

    Carol A in Idaho

  33. Favorite or favorites appears 13 times in Barb's post and another 6 times in the introduction. Is the new line Favorite Things?

  34. I counted favorite is used 8 times and favorites is used 10 so if you just go by favorite it is 8,catchy were we supposed to use favorite or favorites. I used favorite as listed. 8 is my guess!

    I love the new line of fabrics!

  35. The word favorite appears 19 times counting the picture. The name for Spring Market should be "Moda Favorites". This is the prettiest fabric ever!

  36. Okay, I get 8 favorite and 10 favorites. I think this fabric is just great! Thank you for having such a wonderful give away. Sharonj

  37. I counted 10 favorites and 8 favorite — including the title — so 18 total. I love the bright read-as-solid fabrics. I use them so much! Thanks for a fun giveaway — and a reprint of some great fabrics!

  38. I counted a total of 11 instances of the use of the word "favorites" including the illustration and 8 of the word "favorite"; so if we are combining them there is a total of 19; if not – there are only a total of 8. I think the name of the new market group may be "Board Meeting".
    This was fun! Thanks for the chance – and thanks for the reprint of these great fabrics!

  39. 19 (including the picture) if you count the whole comment, 13 if not. And the name of your new market group is Happy. (I cheated and read your blog, I'm from AZ too)

  40. I read the word favorite/favorites 13 times in the post from Me and My Sister….I would guess the new line is Favorites..I love Me and My Sister designs and would love to win. I love the Frog especially……Thanks for the giveaway…..Love x 3

  41. I counted 17, but I must admit I was very tired and reading a second language when being tired is quite daunting! From the Netherlands…

  42. Including the title of this blog entry I have counted:

    10 – favorites
    8 – favorite

    So my total would be 18 if you're looking for both.

    Love the fabrics!