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May 2014 Notion of the Month: Jillily Studio Poke-A-Dots

May’s Notion of the Month are these amazing sticky thimbles by Jillily Studio, called Poke-A-Dots! They, just like their name, are oh-so-cute! The Notion of the Month is 20% off all month long, so snatch up a few tins for yourself!

We recently had Jill Finley in our Fat Quarter Shop studio and she showed us exactly how she likes to use them. For any kind of hand sewing, they are tops for preventing sore fingers. (Binding, I’m looking at you.)


Here’s a video she filmed with us, talking about these adorable red sticky dots!


Until someone invents a one-size-fits-all thimble, you will see how useful these little guys are. They come in a round tin, equally cute to its contents, and contain 18 dots. You can place the dots at the precise point where your needle pokes into your finger, and the grooves on the dot allow you to guide the needle. (Look closely, the grooves are the Jillily Studio logo! How fun is that!)

Use the tin to hold the dots as well as some bobbins, pins, and other sewing tools

The stickiness lasts a long time, so you can put it on, take it off, go do some non-quilting things (I think these are called “responsibilities”??), then stick it back on and resume your sewing.

Jill Finley demonstrating the Poke-A-Dot

Remember, Poke-A-Dots are 20% off for the rest of the month at Fat Quarter Shop! Here’s to more sewing and less sore fingers!