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Makin’ New Friends by Deb Strain

Ok, it’s time to pause on the giveaway galore and come back to the people that make everything happen! Today, Deb Strain for Moda is here to tell us her inspirational memories behind her darlin’ line, Makin’ New Friends! Although I’ve personally only seen real snow once in my life down here in Austin, Texas, that one time sticks out of my memories like a sore thumb of happiness… Deb triggers an emotional past, or even future, with children, snowmen and singing birds.

Some other fun thoughts… I hear Deb is working on getting a blog of her own up.. can’t wait! Anyway…with no further delay… here she is, the lovely Deb Strain….

Hello Friends!

We are enjoying the beautiful warm weather here in Ohio, but remembering colder, snow-filled days in my newest winter line, Makin’ New Friends. Both the panel and coordinating fabrics of this heart-warming group are filled with children, snowmen, birds, pine branches and snow. Using traditional winter colors of holly, berry red, wintery blue, pine and ivy greens, I have illustrated one of our family’s most treasured winter traditions…building our own new friends out of snow!

What could be more fun on a winter day than building a snowman? This blustery group was inspired by memories of the “friends” that we have made with our own children each winter. After collecting old scarves, hats and buttons, we would find the biggest carrots for the noses of our giant snowball sculptures. Katie and Taylor, my youngest daughter and son, always hugged their snowman friends and greeted them each morning before school.

Living in the woods, we imagined that the birds would visit our snowy creations at night and keep them company with their songs! What wonderful memories we have made while building our new friends out of snow.

Hope that you enjoy my newest winter collection as much as we enjoyed our winter fun!

Deb Strain
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  1. This my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE!!! I have been in absolute love with snowmen for about 5 years. I have already got a charm pack!! I can see many items with this line in my future!