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Lori Holt on YouTube!

As you know, a few weeks ago we took a trip to Utah to film a few videos with our friend Lori Holt. She welcomed us into her charming cottage and had a whole bunch of fun. The videos are now all up on our YouTube channel and we wanted to tell you a bit about them! Also, we have a fun giveaway at the end of this post so don’t miss out!

We are absolutely in love with Lori’s ruler sets, so we filmed tutorials on how to use the Circle Ruler Set, Thimble Ruler Set and Hexie Half Ruler Set. Each ruler set comes with a free pattern, and in the video Lori walks you through how to construct a block from the free quilt patterns. These rulers are quite amazing and the possibilities are endless! Just watch and see!

Lori’s home is filled with vintage treasures and her studio is no exception. Jina of Riley Blake Designs took a tour through her studio and Kimberly went through Lori’s favorite sewing and quilting notions. Some of them may surprise you, but you will have so many creative ideas after watching these videos!

We are always looking for ways to organize our sewing space, and Lori’s design boards are just the thing to keep our blocks in order. We love the idea so much that we filmed a video on how she makes her design boards!

We also filmed her sewing block 5 in her Quilty Barn Along. Learn the story behind the Quilty Barn Along and follow along as she makes block 5!

And last but not least, we caught a few spare minutes to sit down and have a chat. Learn all about Lori’s background in quilting, her upcoming collections, including the adorable Bake Sale available at Fat Quarter Shop, and more in this one-on-one interview!

We hope you enjoyed the videos! Now it is time for a giveaway! We are offering up a bundle of Lori Holt’s Designer Solids, which coordinate perfectly with any of her collections. To enter, leave a comment below letting us know what new tip, trick or project you will try from watching her videos! Contest closes Friday May 10!

UPDATE Giveaway is now closed. ✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ has been selected as the winner! Please contact chelsey[at]fatquartershop[dot]com to claim your prize.


  1. The circle ruler and want to give that quilt a try. I love the design board too. I love the whole post and videos. Her sewing room is a dream!

  2. I would love to try her circle rulers and making a circle quilt. The quilt with circles looks like a fun piece in any room.

  3. I liked the rotating mat Lori used, as well as some of her other favorite notions. I definitely want to get her circle rulers. Thanks for the videos and for the chance to win.

  4. I love reading Lori's blog and now to have the videos is really great. I have already made the design boards before the videos came out but I do use them all them time. I would like to try my hand at the barn block…it's so cute.

  5. I absolutely love Lori Holt. I made one of her design boards and use it all the time. I have her circle rulers. And I am totally envious of her sewing room and all her vintagy stuff!!!!!

  6. I DID try her angler approach to those corners and what a time saver to not have to draw all those little lines on fabric! I'm still working on her adorable row-a-long. And a big thanks to Kimberly for bringing in some of the fabric I have been using!

  7. While I love and hope to try out the circle ruler, I have to say I love the color of her kitchen! I think that's the color I want to paint my sewing room. Her pics just confirmed my choice! What a great space she has!!

  8. I love the videos, the design board tutorial was very easy. The vintage irons were great. She is so personable. Love her fabric as well. The solids will look great with her fabric lines. Keep the videos coming, they are great!!!

  9. I am sooooo jealous!!! I would love to get a tour of Lori's entire home! LOL I love her style and color selections-I would just love a peek into the whole house. (Though her sewing room is a good place to start.) Honestly, how could you NOT wake up with a smile everyday if you lived in her cottage!?

  10. I'm going to try out the angler. I bought one a few months ago, but I've never even opened it! I needed Lori's inspiration to get me going!

  11. I love her fresh colors and vintage look in her fabrics. Gotta get some and commenting to WIN some here and on her BLOG> The Circles and thimble templates are genius!! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  12. I've been wanting a design board, so this'll prob be my next project.
    Love those barns!!! So wish I had the time and stash to start on that!

  13. I just finished viewing some of your videos with Lori Holt… and I LOVED them! Also subscribed to your YouTube videos after looking at your list of videos… can't wait to view them ALL! Please enter me in your Lori Holt Giveaway… would love to win!

  14. First I want to move to her studio! It's like a little dream place. I'm totally stealing the idea for painting the baskets. The Circles video was my fave. It was genius to hear about the interfacing and turning to make perfect circles. Love her cheery fabrics.

  15. Forgot to tell you I will be making Lori's Design Boards… had found them on her blog and bought the foam core board, cut my fabric strips, but then was afraid of using the glue gun. Your video of Lori making the boards showed me that it really is easy, and her directions for placement of the glue made it seem easy enough for even ME to do! Thank You!

  16. I'm definitely going to look into those circle templates…love the wee design boards, that would be perfect for my Farmer's Wife blocks that I'm hand piecing together.

  17. I am sooo looking forward to her new fabric line, Bake Sales! That will be the catalyst for my next project, and I am IN LOVE with the cake stand quilt behind her head in the last video of the blog post. My daughter has a baking blog, and she would love that quilt. Hopefully, I can find that pattern!! Thanks!!! Holly

  18. So many useful tips! I think the design boards were my favourite: I don't have a dedicated sewing room (and isn't Lori's amazing…) so they would be so helpful x

  19. Have purchased the hexi rulers and the video was great.
    also would like to try the circle rulers. Have made myself block boards last summer, great idea. Am also doing the
    also doing the Quilty Barn quilt.
    Carol l

  20. I have been following Lori's blog for some time and I love her fabrics and designs. The tumbler rulers have been of interest to me and I love the projects you can make with them. I will have to take the time to watch all of the videos, what I have seen is great!

  21. The videos are great and I love following Lori's blog. I like the circle rulers and would like to try the circle quilt. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  22. I would like to try the circle ruler and to make the quilt that she made with it. I also like the design board. Her studio is like a dream…I would love to live there.

  23. I would like Lori to make me some design boards (I am somewhat inept at that). LOL Seriously, I would like to try out the circle ruler.

  24. I want those circle rulers!!! I love making circles and it is so hard to get them even. Usually I have to use a bowl or something.

    I want to make at least one design board. Such a great and handy tool to have!

  25. Thank-you for the insights and innovations provide through this lovely lady. Lori's distinctive style has always appealed to me, her quilts are quite amazing. I gleaned a stack of tips but the one that stands out is her organisation of her studio.. that impressed me greatly. :grace55(at)hushmail(dot)com

  26. I'd love to make a design board – what a great way to keep pieces in place when constructing a block!

  27. I have always loved the idea of the design boards and now being able to see her make one, I think I'll be doing some of those soon. I had already bought some of the foam core awhile back for another project so I have that all ready to go. I also noticed she has a cutting board (or it appears to be one to me anyway) under her hot glue gun. GREAT idea. I'm going to buy one of those the next time we head out to IKEA because they have packs of those at a great price.

    I am in love with Lori's kitchen! My kitchen is SO ugly I'd never want anyone to show it to anyone. It's extremely functional but, not 'cute' and hers is just adorable.

  28. I love everything! Your blog is so pretty,your pictures are beautiful. The studio tour movie is amazing,and the toy cashier and stove used as pincushions are darling. I think the design board idea is so clever, and for me that sew at the kitchen table will be so helpful. I am a beginner quilter and all your ideas are awesome!
    Thank you!

  29. The hexie rulers look so fun! I especially like the 5" one and the idea to use the pellon sew-in interfacing.

  30. I want to make one of her quilt barn blocks and also make one of her block design boards. Those are perfect for transporting the block components from the cutting table to the sewing area!

  31. I just love Lori Holt's style. Her designs, fabric and home are so wonderful. I loved hearing the story behind Gracie Girl and am ecstatic about tje Quilty Barn along–I can't wait to get started. And the portable design boards are such a great idea. I am always frustrated trying to get my pieces back-and-forth between my sewing machine and ironing board–I have to make one asap! I love Lori.

  32. Am definately going to make one of Lori,s design boards that,s on my to do list. Loved watching all of the tutorials will be buying the hexie ruler next. Would love the chance to win thanks.

  33. I need to try the angler tip because it would save me so much time not having to mark my fabric first.

  34. I love her designs and her eye choosing fabrics.The rotatory mat and the hexie ruler, would be welcome.Thanks!!

  35. My 2 favorite things in Lori's videos are her design board and her hexie ruler. I also love her happy colors and how true she is to her own passions and and her inspirations for all of us. Thankyou. Butterfly George

  36. I've been following the Quilty Barn Along and the tutorial was really helpful. Super fun to see Lori's creative place too!

  37. Thank you for introducing me to Lori Holt. What an amazing quilter! I've always been afraid of circles so I would like to try her circle ruler.
    Thanks, Linda

  38. I have done a quilt with Lori, and I love her patterns and I really enjoyed the video's and things you did with her. Thanks for the tour and video's. Also for the chance to win.

  39. For sure, how to organize beautifully! I am vintage also, so it is all right up my alley! Thank You for providing such inspiration.

  40. Love the videos. I'm definitely making the design boards. Her studio is so darn cute but I'd hate to have to dust it. lol

  41. I loved the studio tour, and picked up several ideas on how I will arrange my sewing room from that. I will definitely be getting some of her rulers in the future, too. Just seeing the tutorials makes you realize what endless possibilities there are. Love that girl!

  42. I really was impressed with the rulers. There are so many possibilities! Can't wait to get a set of them! A baby quilt is next on my list for the future!

  43. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing her home and studio! How cute! I haven't used any of Lori's rulers but I can see that I need to purchase them! I am going to make the design boards this weekend! They are marvelous and I love how they can be trimmed with pretty fabric edges 🙂 Thanks!

  44. I just love the colors that Lori uses in her studio and fabric designs. Thank you for the very helpful videos introducing Lori's innovative tools and techniques.

  45. I want to make some design boards – I am participating in the Tula Pink City Sampler QAL and they would be so helpful in that project! I also want to buy a vintage iron now.

  46. II am looking forward to doing her row along since I couldn't do it when it first came out. I enjoyed the videos.

  47. I just love the ruler videos! They are so clear and easy to follow.
    Love your studio as well always love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Lori, I've been following you for a while. Working on the Barn Squares. Love em. I want to make the Jump Rope quilt next; love you colors. Ordering more fabric right now! My favorite video so far is on the Thimble rulers.

  49. I need to finish the design board I started when I first saw it on her blog, and I want to start the Quilty Barn Along. So fitting since we farm!

  50. Thank you so much for the great videos. I enjoyed every one of them. I've been a long time fan of Lori's. She is such an inspiration! I have got to make that circle quilt! Love the tips given for it and also enjoyed seeing the way she uses all her vintage items for every day use. I also plan on making some of the quilt block design boards.

  51. I have wanted to make the small design boards and it was great to see Lori actually demo it. I would like to get one of the lazy susan type cutting mat…so efficient!

  52. The color combo of turquoise and red–how very cheery!! Thanks for the tutorials and the studio tour. I might need to make a design board.

  53. I've made one of the barn-alongs. It was lots of fun. I really want to make some of her design boards, though.

  54. I love how she uses muffin tins to sort her fabric pieces – especially since she painted them in fun colors. Great idea!

  55. Love all of the videos! I would love to try Lori's circle rulers. I always look forward to every post on her blog.

  56. I've been using Lori's design boards for while-they are so useful and I even sew faster because I don't get confused about where I am.

    I think I'd like to get some muffin tins and paint them pretty colors! Those are so cute.

  57. The Quilty Barn Along was already on my to-do list, but now I need to make some design boards, too. I love Lori's designs and she's so generous with us!

  58. I am going to make the circle quilt from the free pattern included with the rulers. They just came in the mail this week!

  59. Enjoyed the videos, will be sharing them with several quilting friends very soon. I really need to make some of the design boards but the Barns quilt along is calling my name.

  60. I need the circle rulers! I've been working on my barns – have 2 completed and love them.

  61. Loves all the tutorials. You are so thorough with your instructions. My favorite — If I must choose one —
    the half Hexagon rulers. They come with Stick Its (for non slip cutting) and a FREE pattern. Thank you for sharing your talents!!

  62. I see some little design boards in my future! And because I love curved piecing, thinking I like the circle rulers best. Thanks so much for the videos

  63. I would love to play with the circle rulers, The video makes it look so easy~ and a great tip on getting them round. I have made many sizes of her design boards and just love them. Thanks for the wonderful video's and super fun giveaway!

  64. I am going to sew the circle quilt and the jump rope quilt in the future. I enjoyed the videos and getting to know Lori.

  65. I have been wanting to make a hexie quilt (grandmother's garden)for soooo long. After watching How to Use Lori Holt's Hexie Half Rulers, I know I won't shy away from this pattern. I hope to make a classic grandmother's garden quilt using the Mill Brook Series and Lori's rulers.

    Also, I enjoyed the thimble ruler video as well. I'm going to venture out now, thanks to this you tube.

    Debi Horne

  66. I would be so happy to win a set of her circle rulers. I have a new grand baby on the way and I want to make a circle quilt with Bake Sake fabric!

  67. Oh Lori you are an inspiration! What a lovely home. I am going to make some design boards too. I love the barn quilt. Going to have to get started.

  68. So fun. I watched the design board tutorial, so cute as well as the studio tour. Love the tool tips and am very interested in the angler tool and open toe foot. Who knew I could ditch the quarter inch foot that gets caught on things all the time. Lori is an inspiration and her blog is chock full of great stuff!

  69. Oh I love everything she do.. and I´m so glad for youtube 🙂 . I enjoyed the A row along projekt and I have finnished it! Now I´m going to give it a way to some childhospital.

  70. For me it will be the circles. with the interfacing and would love to try her new rulers but that will have to be in time….thanks for the videos

  71. Love the thimble rulers. I think I would use the smaller thimble to make a scrappy quilt (always looking for ways to use up scraps — they seem to multiply while I sleep).

  72. This is a wonderful spot light on Lori Holt and her accomplishments. She has so many wonderful things to share with us. I am certainly going to make the design/block board organizers … what a wonder to find. Thanks for your generosity and inspiration. Judy C in NC

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  74. Ciao, io vorrei provare gli Esagoni e anche i Circle.
    Mi e' piaciuto ogni momento dei video! Bello lo studio.
    Grazie per il giveway.

  75. Thanks for the videos! After seeing the rulers in use, I NEED THEM ALL. While I'm deciding for the online purchase, I'll start with a design/audition board for my blocks. Just in the nick of time, I've got elements on my kitchen table that need to be assembled into scrappy blocks!

  76. Thank you for all of the wonderful videos with Lori Holt of Bee in my bonnet. It's hard to pic a favorite. I think I will be making some design boards from that great tutorial.

  77. I bought a set of her circle rulers and plan to do a quilt with those and use up a lot of my scraps. Lori does really fun projects.

  78. I love Loris quilts, they have so much color they make you happy. I am going to try the circle rulers to make a fun summer quilt. Lori's solid fabrics are also to bright and happy. They will work great with her fabric lines. Thank you

  79. I would love to try the hexi rulers. Also I so need me some design boards. I love Lori I would stalk her if I could. She is fabulous in every way.

  80. I loved the studio tour and now that I have watched her use the circle ruler, I am not so intimidated about circles. Also I want to try the guide she used in her notions video where you dont have to use a 1/4" foot. That seemed handy.
    Also I love the solids bundle. It is hard to pick out solids on a computer screen so this makes it easy. You know they match her fabric!

  81. I always avoid patterns with curves because they just flat out scare me! The circle ruler and tutorial makes me want to finally give it a try.

  82. I enjoyed all the videos. I fell in love with Lori's vintage sewing room. It is so cheerful. I need the circle rulers, and I am definitely going to make the design boards.

  83. I liked the studio tour, especially how to make the huge ironing surface. The circle ruler demonstration, also.

  84. Her idea for the small design boards is great. I definitely would like to make those. She has many usable tips in the videos.

  85. Love the idea of the ironing table.I use many of the storage ideas all ready but I need to get the angler, what a time saver! I enjoyed all the videos. Thanks.

  86. I love her quilt using her hexie half ruler. I think I would like to use it and some vintage fabrics to make a picnic blanket for one of my daughters and her family. I also enjoyed seeing her sewing space because I will be moving at the end of the month and will be setting up a new sewing room. Next I want to watch the video about making the design boards. I think I will have to make at least one after I get my new house settled.

  87. I would love to make a design board for when I have complicated blocks that I need to keep things turned the right way! 🙂

    Sandy A

  88. Wow those videos were sure fun to watch….so glad you all made that trip and shared all of your good finds with us. I think I like the circle ruler concept the most….would love to try that. Thanks for the giveaway.

  89. I found Lori's design boards tutorial last Sept and made a bundle of them. I love using them and shared the tutorial at a quilt retreat.

  90. I have been wanting to make a half hexie quilt, and that ruler would make it so much easier! I want to try it! And am in love with her new fabric line!

  91. I have really enjoyed your new videos. I also enjoy Lori Holt. It never fails that I think I have my block laid out and end up un-sewing. The design boards are brilliant.

  92. What fun informative videos. So many neat tricks and tips; thanks so much. I absolutely must make the design mats! I even have the foam core purchased. Lori is so right; from the layout to the sewing machine I switch things around too often. I think the boards will help and maybe solve the problem. Of course, the colorful edges make the mats so fun looking and HAPPY!

  93. I have specifically been looking online to see how she uses her design board and what did I find today, a lovely video from you showing every detail. Yay!

  94. I love the design board and the hexagon quilt. And her whole house!! The colors are so fun.

  95. I really want to make a design board. I made my entire row along quilt top without one, and after watching the videos, I can see how useful one would have been.

  96. Really great videos! I would love to try Lori's circle ruler and the hexie ruler! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. I loved all of the videos, they were so interesting and helpful. I could go on and on with what I've learned from Lori. She makes everything seem effortless! I love the IDE of using her design boards 🙂

  98. I love Lori Holt: I've been following her since I found her about a year ago!! i love the tutorial on the design boards: I've already made a few since seeing her idea!! Enjoyed the circle ruler video too and will have to come back and watch the other videos. Hexie ruler video is next!! thanks for the chance to win the fabulous solids: they are great looking to go with all my LH fabric!!

  99. These videos with Lori Holt are wonderful. I am just getting to know her and have enjoyed the personal interview and tour of her amazing studio.

  100. I really love her new line of fabric, especially the green floral and all the bake dish colors.

    I watched a few of the videos and now I have to make the barn quilt! I love that the blocks finish at 20", so the quilt comes together quickly and there aren't too many blocks to make.

    I enjoyed the tour of her studio and her favorite notions clip, too. I agree it would be awesome if Aurifil had a box of her color threads. I wondered about her iron collection and love the idea of using the muffin tins. I did her row along and that would have come in handy because a lot of the blocks used 1" squares and it was difficult to keep track of them all:) Now I know how to stay organized and cute all at the same time!

    Thanks for putting together these videos. They are sure to be a great reference for quilters. Now I am off to check out the Natalia Bonner video.

  101. Love all of her videos! Her studio is gorgeous and her fabrics are soooo yummy!!! I'm going to make those design boards- what a clever idea and just the right size! I also noticed some painted picnic baskets in her kitchen. I never thought about painting them such fun colors! There she goes- inspiring me again!:) Thanks!

  102. Love the videos! Fun to see the new rulers, and variety of things you can make with them. Love the new Solid color fabrics!!

  103. i followed along when she did a blog-tut on her design boards, but it was so nice to actually see her do them on her video — hoorrraaayyy for *modern technology* … i would to try her circle templates; i love circle quilts … thanks … darlene

  104. I follow Lori's blog, and I adore Riley Blake fabrics! What a great team they are!
    I want to do Lori's Row Along, and try her hexie and circle rulers.

  105. I love the design boards so will have a go at making one (or more). Also love the barn – will try that too!

  106. I just finished a thimble quilt and would like to try one with the different sizes with her rulers. All of her quilt are so cute.

  107. loved getting to see the studio! Also, the ruler tutorials are wonderful! Especially the circle ruler. I have already made a couple of design boards, but the videos inspired me to make more!!

  108. I love the little design boards so freakin much! I will be making one or five of these today 🙂 Thank you so much for all of these videos and tutorials, Fat Quarter Shop and Lori!

  109. Lori's rulers are so clever! I am a regular reader of her blog and find so much inspiration there.

  110. I really enjoyed the circle template video. I've always stayed away from round sewing because it looked intimidating. This makes it look so easy!

  111. the hexies, the circles, ALL of the rulers!!! I'm doing Quilty Barns with Lori currently and love every detail. Thank you for taking us in for an intimate visit with such a talented lady!

  112. Love Lori Holt, especially want to make the circle quilt or thimble template!

  113. The design boards are so clever that I'm doing it as a surprise project with my quilting friends when we meet tomorrow. They're so easy to make and useful. Thanks for the great idea.

  114. I have loved making my row along quilt and am diligently keeping up with the barn blocks as well. Lori is such a blessing to share her awesome talent with us on line~~
    Thank you so much~

  115. I have her rulers, and have used the circle rulers extensively on the tilt a whirl pattern. I really love the angler tip though. It is a true time/life saver.

  116. I liked the circle rulers best. They are completely different than anything else I've tried. I'm already using a design board and enjoy it very much.

  117. I've seen all the videos. Lori, thank you for opening your studio to all of us! I just ordered the half hexi – can't wait to use it. Congratulations on Bake Sale – looking at the colors and prints just makes a person happy! Good luck at Quilt Market!

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  119. I loved the angler, I need that badly. I also loved the design board she made. That would resolve the problem I have of it taking so long to cut, sew and then cut, sew again. Her way of explaining techniques is so great. I can follow and understand everything she says. Really enjoyed her videos, and will watch again as I have already shared with my friends. Thanks for the chance

  120. Wow so many awesome tips and tricks! I loved the muffin tin idea and design boards! What great tutorials…awesome reference for when I try the different shapes…other than squares and rectangles ;-). Which will be soon since watching the videos made it less daunting..

    Thank you fo offering this giveaway!

  121. I just love the circle cutting mat that Lori used! What a useful tool! I can't wait to buy one, it will be perfect for my smaller projects. I also can't wait for the Bake Sale line to be available. Loved all of the videos. Happy sewing, Holly

  122. Wonderful, great videos, I did enjoy watching them!
    I have already brought the half hexagon rulers and now I want to got the the shop looking for the rotaring mat ☺
    Love the designboards, thanks for the tutorial and the chance to win.
    Liebe Grüße
    Bente in Germnay

  123. Just LOVE all the videos! I LOVE how Lori uses vintage pieces to decorate with and store all her sewing supplies in!

  124. Oh wow! Lori had SO MANY great tips, it's hard to know where to start. But I think my favorite tip was regarding pressing seams open when you have angles. I just made a thimble quilt, and wish I had known to do that then, but will definately do that next time!

  125. I've always been fascinated by (and a bit scared of) circle quilts. I'd LOVE to try her circle ruler! (But the angler idea for HSTs is pretty dang awesome too!)