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Let it Snow Batiks by Edyta Sitar

Snowflakes, snow flurries, snow fall… it’s all so sublime..for the first few days at least.  In my state of affairs,  I can say I’ve only heard how much of a hassle snow is after a couple days, or a week.. or a month.  Edyta Sitar, owner of Laundry Basket Quilts, captured the first few days of snow fall’s sublimity in Let it Snow Favorite Batiks.  You can keep that feeling all winter long whether there’s a blustering blizzard or glistening green grass. This collection is sure to be a forever classic with it’s soothing snowflakes!  Edyta’s our special guest today to tell us a little more of what’s behind this new winter favorite and also what she has comin’ up next in line!

Each of the 16 delicate snowflakes are an exquisite work
 of art!  Quilt kit includes Snow Sparkle Quilt Pattern 
by Laundry Basket Quilts and Let it Snow 
Favorite Batiks fabric for the 76″ square quilt top 
and binding.  Backing set is available separately.

Let It Snow Favorites is a wonderful collection that captures the beauty of winter. It’s perfect to decorate your home with; not only for the holidays, but through the entire winter season. I love displaying my quilts from Let It Snow Favorites collection on an old pair of skis, or draping my blue snowflake quilt on my dining room table and accenting it with fresh, red poinsettia and crystals.  This line is also extremely versatile!  You can use it for table runners, table toppers, wall hangings, place mats, etc., and of course quilts.

What’s wonderful about this collection is that it includes a convenient panel with eight different snowflakes on it, that are very easy to fussy cut and place in your projects. The collection comes in three different shades of blues. The evening blue is the one that captures the beauty of the first snow falling down. The light blue is the reflection of the sky, early in the morning after a snow storm. And after a few days the snow gets dirty and that is the inspiration for the third color of the group.

The newest collection that I am hoping to inspire you with is Sweet Sixteen. It is gorgeous, soft colors of pinks and blues accented with beautiful olive greens and happy banana yellows. Hold on, I think I just described my daughter, Delfina, that just turned 16.

Edyta Sitar

Now that you’ve gotten a sneak peak, make sure you keep an eye out for her next collection… that’s called… you guessed it, Sweet Sixteen!


  1. I'm not usually a big fan of batiks, but I actually really like these. The patterns are fantastic and the colors are nicely muted.