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Lantern Bloom by Laura Gunn

We were so curious when we were first shown Lantern Bloom — had never seen anything quite like it. It’s so earthy, textured, painterly, and just captivating. It compels you to reach out and touch it! So of course we became curious about Laura Gunn, the artiste behind this new Michael Miller line. At Market we had the opportunity and pleasure of chatting with her, and she is all that (pardon the 90s phrase) — sweet, cute, talented, one-of-a-kind and a busy mom-trepreneur as well!

Hi there, Fat Quarter readers!

I’m so glad to have a chance to talk to you about about my new fabric line with Michael Miller Fabrics–the Lantern Bloom collection. I’m a painter by trade and my fabric was created from my original artwork. I paint with a lot of texture and layers of colors and it really come through on the fabric. I’ve had a blast working with it. It’s great for quilts, home dec, and women’s and children’s clothing.

There are two free quilt patterns available from Michael Miller using Lantern Bloom. (I love free stuff!!!!) The Early Bird quilt is a very basic quilt for beginning sewers. Anyone, I mean anyone, can sew this charming quilt. The Climbing Lantern Pods quilt is an exquisite quilt created by Marinda Stewart.

A friend and I are also coming out with a line of sewing patterns. We want to reach out to sewers of all levels of experience with these patterns. A sewing project doesn’t need to be complex to be cool, right?

So get ready for some serious (or not so serious) sewing. I hope you enjoy working with Lantern Bloom as much as I have.

Laura Gunn
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  1. I was looking at the What's New on your site over the weekend and I was so intrigued by these I made my husband come over and look. We both decided there was so much beautiful texture that they looked as if they had been painted. My husband was pretty shocked (well, and me too!) by what you did with the fabric. Really amazing!

  2. I am so sad to see these fabrics not in print anymore. They are just gorgeous! I have searched high and low and it seems that nearly all of them are gone! 🙁