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Juliana by Sue Zipkin

Sue Zipkin returns to the Jolly Jabber once again! Her first two go-rounds here, she told us about Bliss and Jumpin’ Java. Jumpin’ Java was a energetic flow of saturated Autumn tones, with a pop of aqua, but for this season Sue shows us a softer, but still bright and colorful, side with Juliana. Warm purples, pinks, yellows, teals, limes, and a touch of cobalt blue color this line happy. Budding vines and round blooms swirl about in rich watercolor, complemented by a cute paisley stripe and daisy-covered checks. Make a sweet little table topper or a colorful lap quilt! The little prints make it ideal for smaller pieces. If you’re craving sophisticated and playful fun, you’ll find it in Juliana! PS, there’s a free pattern for this collection on our Free Quilt Patterns section!

Thanks for letting me Jabber again. Spring is in the air!

I’m really excited that the Fat Quarter Shop is carrying the Juliana line. When my samples came in from Clothworks, I knew spring was just around the corner.

The interesting thing about Juliana is that the color palette was originally planned out to be in deep tones, similar to the Mulberry group I created for Clothworks for fall. As the Clothworks team and I were developing the collection, we started to experiment with other colorways, and it seemed that everyone really enjoyed the bright/pastel palette the most. I always enjoy painting organic stylized florals, and they come very naturally to me, so it was a happy marriage for me.

This floral collection is warm and inviting; it combines a touch of French elegance with everyday fun. A whimsical mix of swirls, plaids and flower motifs, with the zing of bright pastels.

I hope you have as much fun quilting with the fabric as I did creating the collection!

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