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Joanna Figueroa on Fig & Plum

Joanna Figueroa returns to the Jolly Jabber to showcase her new collection for Moda, called Fig & Plum. Just as the name implies, it holds soft and sweet hues. Light creams, apricots, and olives are paired with deep plums and violets. Whimsical florals, vines, and damasks swirl across the landscape of fabric. Romantic and sophisticated, and not too girly to use around the house! 🙂 We’ve got kits, yardage, and patterns (on re-order, so expect them back in the store soon!) for Fig & Plum.

Welcome back to the Fig Tree corner of the world… A place where green is the new neutral! I am in love with the greens in this line and have been daydreaming about ways I can use entire bolts of the green floral in my house… do you think the boys would mind green floral quilts? But I digress…

Our newest collection, Fig & Plum, has hit the streets as they say and I am so excited to see how you all use this luscious little grouping! The central floral in this line was inspired by a piece no bigger than 15” square of a vintage French floral that I discovered at my local flea market. I was searching through a fabric bin at one of my favorite vendor booths and came across this little piece. There was something about it that hit me. I didn’t know at the time that it would become the central piece of my next group!

This collection begins with a deep, rich plum and moves through accents of granny smith apple green, warm tangerine orange, soft lavender mauve, vintage cream and finishes off with an unexpected soft, vintage grey! Who would have thought that a soft taupey grey such as this could bring a whole line together? I have been watching the Japanese quilters add warm greys and taupes into their quilts successfully for years and I felt it was time to venture into a new color grouping. Just like black or cream, this soft taupe will add instant vintage feel to your projects as it mellows and softens whatever palette you are working with.

We have a whole array of patterns to share with you for this collection and Kimberly has them all… or at least she had them (note from FQS: they’re on re-order!) so go see what she still has left or come over here to see the rest.

French Quarter uses the entire grouping except for the greys and is a wonderfully simple version of the traditional drunkards path pattern… no curves in this version! Fresh Laundry uses the lighter side of the line, using all those soft greys, creams and the lighter prints from the rest of the colors. I love how complicated this quilt looks and how simple it is to strip piece! For those of you itching to do some appliquĂ©, take a look at our Les Fleurs quilt where you get 2 quilts for the price of one. Encouraged by a few of my Japanese co-workers, these quilts were inspired by the birds & flowers from my garden. Our newest issue of our Fresh Vintage™ publication, Plum Rose, uses my favorite combination from this line – the plums & the greens… couldn’t you just eat it?

And of course, don’t forget all the little goodies that we have created with this line – Easiest Accessory Bags Ever (one of our best selling patterns right now), Posies (everyone is making these as accessories), Milk & Cookies (I personally think that Kimberly needs to get to her sewing machine & make one of these simple little dresses for Emma- just a t-shirt & a jelly roll… come on Kimberly!), Scarfletts (perfect weather for these at the moment) and Cell Phone Cuties (in our top 5 best sellers this fall since everyone’s cell phone needs to be “cutied” don’t you think?)

Fig & Plum has received a lot of great press this fall including being mentioned in this month’s Country Living magazine and the new American Patchwork & Quilting holiday issue Gift Guide. We would love to know what you think of it and more importantly how you plan on using it. If you come on over to our blog and make a comment you can win a jelly roll, a layer cake or a bundle of our newest patterns. And if you aren’t the winner then you can come right back here and buy up what Kimberly has left!

Stay tuned for our next Jolly Jabber posting about some more yummy stuff coming your way in December as well as a special project just for Kimberly…and as always thanks to Kimberly for a wonderful job!