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Jaybird Quilt Patterns- All New!

If you recall, Ann Kelle mentioned this young lady the other day as she designed a pattern specifically for her new collection Ready, Set Go! You all may know her as an avid blogger. She is now selling super cute patterns. Today she is here to share with us about her past, present, and future. 

Hey Jolly Jabbers,
It’s Julie from Jaybird Quilts!! Lots of “J’s” there, but that’s ok because I love the letter J!

I started my blog almost 2 years ago out of a desire to show projects that I was working on. Before that I worked at a quilt shop & also went to school for design. During my time at the quilt shop I was often helping customers understand patterns that weren’t written as well as they should have been, and it inspired me to start designing my own. I got my feet wet for a while by posting online tutorials & publishing my work in many magazines. Taking the jump to publishing my own patterns was the next step and, so far, it has been a really exciting adventure!

I am really excited to show you my new patterns and tell you a bit about them. I am a notions junkie & especially love when you can use a specialty ruler for more than one project. Five of my new patterns feature the Lazy Angle Ruler by Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs.

Unwind is a mix of modern & tradition all in one. The design is based around the white stars, but instead of a basic background you create a party of color with strips of fabric. The blocks come together easily with the use pre-cut 2.5″ strips. Unwind includes size options for 5 different size quilts.

With firecracker the white takes a back seat and the colors create the stars. The Lazy Angle ruler makes it simple to create fireworks that spin to the right & left.

Hugs & Kisses
May I present to you… Hugs & Kisses… “The star crossed lovers quilt.” This quilt is a fresh take on a coin strip quilt, with diamonds created in the negative space. Hugs & Kisses includes size options for 4 different size quilts.

Fast Forward
Fast Forward got its name because it is a really FAST quilt to make. It also uses pre-cut 2.5″ strips for the blocks. The vertical columns are easy to make and after you add in some sashing strips your quilt top is done. Fast Forward includes size options for 5 different size quilts.

Are you ready for a carnival ride? This quilt just makes me feel like hopping in a car and driving to a park for some summer fun! The blocks are made from pre-cut 10″ squares and with some “Lazy” help they come together in no time.

All of the patterns include full size templates that can be used in place of the Lazy Angle Ruler, but I have a feeling that once you make one lazy block you will not be able to stop! The ruler makes the process so easy that you will love being “Lazy!”

Coming Soon
Plaid Parade
Off the Rail


  1. Congrats Julie, I am so proud to have found your blog shortly after you started it, and to have followed along on your journey to your success. Thanks for sharing everything.

  2. Hello Julie ~ These patterns are all just beautiful. You've done it again and how cool the Lazy Angle Ruler is used too. I must get some of these patterns very soon and the ruler.

  3. They are all so lovely but I am really eager to put together Unwind and Fast Forward! Really great! Once I get some orders filled for Chics I'll look forward to diving into one of these!

  4. Sure … two more added to my must have patterns … Love Julie's Fast Forward and Firecracker. Already drool over Carnival. Gonna have to start a Wish List!