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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: We’re Traveling!

Hey Jolly Jabberers,

You should know something about us by now. Something very important that is a defining characteristic of Fat Quarter Shop. We are always working on something new behind the scenes. Always, always. We almost have it down to a science. A crazy, hectic, frenetic, surprising science. Hopefully it’s something that keeps you coming back for more at the store and on the blog, and now we have another major, hugely awesome and wonderful update about what we’ve been doing back here.

You may already know about our It’s Sew Emma patterns — they are the current apple of our eyes (besides the real Emma and her little brothers of course), and we’ve been getting some wonderful feedback on them. You can read our post about the initial launch of our pattern line here. (Shout out to all the folks who have written us about them — we read and share all of your e-mails!)

We’ve decided to take the next step, which is now in motion — we’re making our It’s Sew Emma patterns available for wholesale, so hopefully you will be able to find our designs at a quilt store near you! We’ve got a new logo, featuring our adorable namesake, new pattern covers, and we’re ready to rock ‘n roll!

Our patterns are geared towards projects you can make for your home and loved ones. We are in constant pursuit of perfection, which means they are tested carefully and contain meticulous instructions and clear, full-color diagrams. And we top it all off with a pretty little cover!

You may recognize some of our designers — besides our in-house talent, like Debbie Taylor and Kimberly Jolly, we’ve got rockstars like Rachel Griffith and Thomas Knaeur  guest-designing for us as well!

Our It’s Sew Emma website will go live in October, and you will be able to access all of our wholesale information there. In the meantime, please contact us at or call us at 1-866-826-2069 with any inquiries. If you’d like to see It’s Sew Emma in your local stores, please talk us up to your favorite local and online quilt stores!

AHHH we’re so excited!! Just a year ago, we never would have imagined that we’d be ready to spread our pattern love out to the world!

…Though I’m sure we’ll be saying that about the next new thing too 🙂


  1. Once again a huge CONGRATULATIONS on your new pattern collection. I can't wait to see them in one of my favorite LQS. They truly look wonderful, thanks for sharing you great news with us. Hugs…

  2. I really like the new pattern cover design! I look forward to seeing my Zero Calorie Donuts pattern with a full color photo of the quilt and the new cover design!! Congrats on going wholesale!

  3. The patterns are great. I realize that by downloading patterns, I save money on postage. But, it would seem to me that since we are also saving you from having to produce them in color and heavier paper, you might give us a small break on the price. I am seeing more and more designers give a download option, but nobody seems to want to give the consumer a break. Thanks for listening to my gripe. As I said before, great patterns.

  4. The light just went on for me! I connected the dots… and had to come and tell you that your patterns are fantastic! I am loving the whole idea of your team effort in designing! You guys really rock! I will be looking for these soon to be released patterns: Row Your boatx3, Ritzy Bitsy, Garnets and Rubies, Debonaire.. .Georgia & HSH! So much talent- amazing! okay, I'm done gushing, but seriously?!?