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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight + Tiny Tidbits: Jamie Wood

Hi everyone! I’m Jamie Wood, and I’m the designer behind the new Zero Calorie Donuts It’s Sew Emma quilt pattern and the Farm Friends fabric collection. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this new adventure with Fat Quarter Shop and It’s Sew Emma!

Zero Calorie Donuts is a fun, easy, colorful quilt for young and old alike! The blocks come together super quickly and the result is a happy burst of bright colors and cute farm animals that will make you smile. The colors are perfect for your little one’s room.

The pattern uses very simple applique to attach the large and small ‘donuts’ to the blocks. The circles are large enough to easily sew around and with the use of Heat ‘n Bond adhesive, there are no worries of slipping or puckering. This is a great quilt to make if you are new to applique.

This quilt features my very first fabric collection with Clothworks Textiles, Farm Friends. I am a country girl, living in rural Texas with my Hubby and two little boys ages 6 and (almost) 3. We also have a few four and two legged farm animals roaming around our place. There are cows and chickens (and a rooster named King Puffy Cheeks!) and, recently, the addition of four stray kittens around our home. Farm Friends was inspired by my love of the country life and the two little boys that we are blessed with.

My goal as a textile designer is to focus on boy-friendly designs. I am a mom to two boys and I love to sew. I want to bring more selection to the marketplace for those like me, who want to make things for the little rugrats in their lives who like dirt and trucks and slimy things!

You can find me online at to keep up with my fabric collections, pattern designs and occasionally my dirt loving, truck racing, slime covered little stinkers. And if you want to know a few fun facts about me, just read some Tiny Tidbits below–I love them, they’re so fun!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure food?
A: The more chocolate, the better!

Q: Your biggest pet peeve?
A: When someone says “I can’t do it.” We are all capable of doing things we never thought we could.

Q: What color are you thinking about today?
A: Turquoise

Q: What is the most important part of a sandwich? 
A: The bread. I am addicted to carbs!

Q: What is your favorite fabric print ever (excluding your own)?.
A: Amy Butler’s entire Belle collection. That’s the collection that started my sewing and fabric journey.


  1. I am so glad you are doing things in the boy market. It really needs to be addressed. I think the teen boy, young adult market needs to really be addressed as well. Fabric, patterns, all of that. I really hope you will go there as your boys age. Sew many ideas.. so little being done.

  2. I love the City quilt in the background of the first picture! I just finished that quilt myself, but I love your color selection. Too weird that that quilt is in your background I just washed my new one this morning! I love the donut quilt. Great idea!