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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: New Pack ‘n Pillows

Last fall, we released the Pack ‘n Pillow Pattern in our Fall Market debut of patterns. We talked about it last September, and Kimberly just keeps churning them out! These little nap pillows are well, well loved.

We’ve refreshed it for Spring with new Pack ‘n Pillow kits! A few for the kiddos, and one for the oh-so-sophisticated lady!

It doesn’t get more royal than the Pretty as a Princess Pillow. This pink castle print is one of our favorites right now! Emma especially loves it with her new doll sleeping bag!

The Space Cowboy Pillow is also a stunner. These awesome rockets will send your little space cowboy soaring off with dreams of adventure, it does for baby Christopher!

The So Many Stories Pillow is another tribute to the great Dr. Seuss, full of color and familiar storybook characters. It also pairs well with our Magical Cat in the Hat quilt kit which Kimberly’s twins, Will and Peyton, love fighting over!

Last but not least, this Sterling Silver Pillow is simply amazing. Using Dear Stella’s Palladium collection, we came up with a dreamy mix of chevrons, natural textures, and geometrics. Contemporary, cool, and so inviting for a nap!

So what catches your eye? What sort of pillows would you like to see us come up with next?


  1. I love the Lorax! I make a lot of pillowcases for charity and I think boy or girl would love those bright colors.

  2. I am a fairly new quilter and your blog gives me so many ideas. I usually choose bright colours but seeing Dear Stella’s Palladium grey prints made up in the pillowcase made me realise there are so many more lovely facets. Thank you.