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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: Little Town

When I hear “Little Town”, I hear Belle singing one of my favorite songs from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. “Little town, it’s a quiet village, every day like one before…”

Just a fun random factoid to get that tune going in your head!

This Little Town is anything BUT quiet. It’s brimming with row houses, parks, double-decker buses, cars, and skyscrapers!

When we saw the City Centre collection, we instantly knew what to do – little row houses. It worked out beautifully! The bright primaries of this line perk up these tall houses, which are all tied together with polka-dotted roofs. The large-scale city print made the perfect sashing AND city hustle-bustle. The skyscraper border adds the final touch of city life.

So novelty, but so cute anyone will love Little Town! We hope you enjoy this foray into Little Town! Store owners, you can find this pattern as ISE-126 at United Notions and Checkers.


  1. LOL! Beauty and the Beast is I think my favorite Disney Movie. In fact I can pretty much quote it word for word due to my daughter having watched it so much as a little bit.

    I love that fabric and little quilt! Might have to spend my fabric allowance this month on some of it. 🙂