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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: Georgia

hi again jolly jabbers 🙂
rachel griffith here from ps i quilt.
today i’ve got quite the treat for yall…a new it’s sew emma pattern!!!


georgia just might be one of my most favorite quilts in the whole entire world.
not only does she pair classic with modern, she’s easy on the eyes & she’s oh so easy to piece.


it’s always fun to take a pretty stack like this…


…add a little effort…


…and get something like this!!!

to learn more about georgia {& my inspiration for the name} visit ps i quilt.

today 5 lucky jolly jabbers will have a chance to win their very own georgia pattern.
simply leave a comment on this post telling us your great grandmother’s name.
{winner will be drawn one week from post date.}

♥ rachel

And don’t forget if you are a shop owner and would like to carry this very special pattern, the stock number is ISE-109. It is available through United Notions!


  1. Georgia is a family name on my mother's side also, I think a great aunt. My great grand mother's name, who died not long after I was born, was Jewel.

  2. One of my great grandmother's names was Ida Lane… and there is an Ida Lane in Kamloops, B.C. (You know, if you're ever in the neighborhood and wanted drive down it for yourself)

    My daughters have one great grandparent… her name is Mildred but we call her Deeda. She's 96 years young and is such an amazing person.

    Thanks so much for the chance at this gorgeous pattern. Your story really touched me and I'd be honored to make a Georgia of my own!

  3. I only remember one great grandmother….her name was Grandma Ray (short for Rachel). Mom wanted to name me after her, but there were too many Rachel/Rebecca's in the family and she didn't want me confused with any of them.

  4. my great grandma was my memiere to me, and her name was Lydia. She passed away a few years ago now, a couple days before her birthday, and she was supposed to go to the Casino for her birthday, with her $5 roll of coins. They ended up sending them to heaven with her :O} She was something special, and boy do I miss her. my oldest daughter and her were five generations, so i do have her actual framed photo I gifted her with when we had them pictures taken 13 years ago. And my family also gave me here statue she kept on her special shelf. (one of a kind from her keepsake. thanks for sharing about your mal rachel!! and love your pattern

  5. Oh no! I don't know my great grandmothers' names! My mother's family is unknown to us, and my dad's father was estranged from his family. My father's mother came from Australia and I don't know her mother's name. However, my grandmother's name was Viola, which is my middle name! Sheesh – long story. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  6. I don't remember any of my great grandmas. My daughter still has a great grandma (my gran). Both of my granma though were called Ann! I love that name.

  7. her name was Breunisje. It's a name that is very rare these days. The name comes for a part of the Netherlands called the Veluwe. My mother's name is Breuni and Breunisje is my second name:-)

  8. I never knew my grandparents, so I don't know what my great grandmothers names were. Sad, isn't it? I was a late in life baby for my own parents, so I never learned a lot about my heritage. I do know that my hubbys great grandma was Grandma Pope 😉

  9. Was just at Rachel's to oh and ah!! My maternal great gran's name was Lena – a lady ahead of her time as a single parent, business woman who owned her own shop, and supporter of family. My paternal great gran (I never met as she died very young with consumption) was Bea.

  10. What a beautiful quilt!
    I knew both of my maternal great grandmothers. Cuerenna was my grandpa's mom and she was in a nursing home from the time I was old enough to remember until she died. My grandma's mom was Nellie and I was very blessed to know that woman for almost 30 years. She was also and amazing quilter!

  11. I am so very sad to say that I don't know any of my great grandma's names. Poor me!
    However, both my GRANDmas sewed for a living, Grandma Inez as a dressmaker and Grandma Etta in a factory that produed pajamas. We always got new pj's for Christmas and it's my one family tradition still….

  12. Irene and Hildegarde… they sound so old fashioned to me now, but both were pretty young at heart. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Granny was my Mother's Mom. She hand quilted so many lovely things. I have several of her quilts that I will cherish FOREVER! She is the reason I am learning to quilt.

  14. My great grandmother was Lena, a name you don't hear very often, but we called her Hoppy. She was a very sweet and kind woman and I know she would enjoy this quilt! Thanks for the give away!

  15. Lunetta was my great-grandmother, although I never met her. I'm lucky enough to have one the quilts she made. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. So fresh and pretty, what a lovely design! The only Great-Grandmother I know anything about was on my father's side…her name was Lizzie. She lived in the Ozark Mountains, and she smoked a corncob pipe. I imagine her as a lady with a lot of sass!

  17. What a beautiful pattern! Just got back from Rachel's post – beautiful post too! Made me smile and think of my sweet Nana's!

    I'd have to look up my genealogy for my 4 great grandmother's names – but my grandmother's names were Mary and Emma!

  18. What a lovely quilt! I would love to make one and have it in my home. My grandmother's name was Emma and yes she did put together a couple of quilts.

  19. Great story over at ps i quilt! My great grandmother's name was Tatjana. Thanks for the chance!

  20. Whoa. What a great story and quilt! My Great Grandma's name is Inez. She is still alive and will be 90 in January!! thanks for the chance!! ~Amy acbippes(at)msn(dot)com

  21. My first great-grandmother's name was Astrid, which is my middle name since I was born the day before her birthday. She came to the USA from Norway and some of her recipes are still used regularly as family favorites. My second great-grandmother was named Nellie Mae … her heritage can be traced back to the founders of Maryland (the state flag bears the coats of arms of my 15th-great-grandparents) and even Charlemagne. My third great-grandmother was Emma Jane, a British woman, called Jennie for short, and if I'd had had a daughter, I would have named her for Emma Jane, although my mother never liked her. My fourth great-grandmother we know very little about since she came to the USA from Poland in the 1800s and we have very few family records about the women on that side of the family but we think her name was Mary. But to my knowledge, not one of my ancestresses was a quilter.

    Thanks for the chance to win – the pattern is beautiful!

  22. That is BEAUTIFUL! Without a long story, my great grandmother was named Dora. To my knowledge she was neither hispanic, nor an explorer. (just for clarification).
    😉 Caren

  23. What a lovely tribute to your beloved mal! My great-grandmothers' names were Myrtle, Maude, Carrie, and Olive. Thank goodness their middle names were the ones 'handed down'!


  24. LOVE this quilt! My great-grandmothers names were Gladys and Fern. They were both so wonderful! I spent many hours sewing and embroidering with Gran-Gran (Fern).

  25. I wish I knew my great-grandmother's name but I probably never will. My father came over from Portugal when he was 17 over 100 years ago. I was close to my mother's mom (Mary) but never met her mother. My mother's parents were also from Portugal so we never met their parents or really talked about them…Too sad. I do have recipes from Grandma Mary that I still use today. I never saw her sew … unfortunately but my mother did.

  26. The only great grandmother I knew in my lifetime we called Big Mama and she was a petite woman who stood about 4'6" tall! (I don't recall ever being told her given name!) Another great gma had was named Sunshine Noel but she died long before I was born.

  27. The only one I know the name of was Great Grandma Jean. And my Grandma was names Jean, too. And my Mom is Elizabeth Jean. I'm Heather Jean and my daughter is Hannah Jean. A lot of Jeans.

  28. My great grandmother's names were Ruth, Julyna, Eileen and Lorene. I remember all of them except Ruth who died when I was 2. Julyna and Eileen lived until after I was married in 2000.

  29. I don't know my great-grandmothers' names — they were from the late 1700s and early 1800s, in another country. Sad, huh?

  30. What a gorgeous quilt!

    This name the great grans thread is almost harder than the usual guess the correct statements mode of entering! My paternal great grand was Izabel, or maybe Isabella, but she went by M I R. I tried calling to find out the name of my maternal great grand but no one's home. My mum has always called her Nana, obviously not her given name. I never met either of them, which is a pity.

  31. I never knew either of my great grandmothers, but my grandmother taught me to sew, ripping out stitches that weren't perfect. I had to do it right! Grandma (Ethel) didn't quilt, but I do have a crazy quilt made by her mother, and some quilt squares that were passed down and that I am working into a corner of a string quilt I'm working on. Seems sewing ran in the family:>) I love this pattern, thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Great pattern:) My G-grandmothers were named Chloe and Nettie. These are the two that were still living when I was born:) I actually don't know the names of the other two:( I will call Mom and ask her; she remembers stuff like that!

  33. I love the pattern, but I have no clue of any of my great-grandparents' names. I just called my mom (she's 83) and asked her. She said they died before she was born but she vaguely recollected Lizzie. So, Lizzie it is. All we ever heard was Big Papa and Big Mama. I hope I'm never called that! 🙂

  34. My Great Grandmother's name is Evelyn and now it is part of my daughter's name. We always called her Grandma Mutt though. That is not part of my daughter's name. 🙂

  35. Love the quilt and the story behind it all. Sweet Georgia. My great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth, a wonderful lady. And I LOVE RUBY!!!

  36. My Great Grandmother's name was Daisy. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of Rachel's beautiful patterns. She always outdoes herself.=)

  37. I never got to meet either of my great grandmothers, but on my mother's, her name was Henrietta.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful quilt pattern by Rachel.

  38. Not sure about the first names, but on my mom's side, we had Ma Rader and Ma Lee. I never had the chance to meet them 🙁 But at least my little one has met his great grandmother. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. i am one of the only greats (hee,hee) to know and remember a few my great-grandmothers. Their names were Eunice (she went by her middle name, Eva), Kathleen, Georgia (Yeah!!), and Ruby. I knew all but one of them. My oldest daughter was almost named Georgia but my husband had an aunt with that name that he didn't love. 🙂 I still look at my little girl and think she'd be a perfect Gigi. I love this pattern and, of course, the Ruby line. I think I need to make this quilt with this fabric to remember my great-grandmothers! thanks.

  40. I had to smile when I read that you wanted to know our great-grandmother's name. That gorgeous quilt is made with Ruby, which coincidentally is my great-grandmother's name 🙂

  41. Wow, I don't even know my great-grandmothers names, I only met one when I was a baby. That makes me realize that I should be putting this kind of information in my kids memory books.

  42. Oh, I love this! I'm a born and raised (still live here, never lived in another state) Georgia girl and would be thrilled to make this quilt. My great-grandmother's names were Willene, Ollie Dee, Nelia,and Estelle. They were all quilters. Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Having four great grandmothers you would think that I would know one of their names. All I know is what they were called. My mother's paternal grandmother was revered to as "Little Nanny". I'm thinking that can't be her given name. My father's paternal grandmother was called "Mommy". I have her china….but not her name…although wouldn't it be odd to name a child Mommy. It sounds like something Steve Martin would do.

    Thanks for reminding us of the great ladies from our pasts.

  44. What a gorgeous quilt!

    Two of my great grandmothers' names were Marie-Amelia (she was born in Paris) and Mary. I don't know about the other two.

  45. My great-grandmother was Ludmilla Marie. My middle name is Marie and my daughter's and niece's middle names are Marie.

  46. I love Georgia-just a lovely pattern and the colors are perfect!
    My great grandma's name was Maria Dreosto and my middle name is Maria!

  47. My grandmother was named Ora Ivory and I called her maw maw. She and paw paw were such a big part of my life. Maw maw made a quilt or two using a treadle machine. I have one of her quilts that I treasure!

  48. My grandmother's name was Cora Belle. She taught me to hand quilt when I was only 5 (I am now 53 and machine quilting). I have old quilts we pieced and quilted by hand (postage stamp) made out of our clothes. Those are my most cherished of all quilts.

  49. Well, let's see, my great grandpa on my dad's side was married 4 times…the only one I know the name of is his last wife and her name was Suzie. Don't know anything about my mom's grandparents at all, so Suzie will have to be it! 🙂 Love your pattern and the story behind it!
    Sandy A

  50. I just love love love the post you wrote about your Mal! Quilting was something practiced on my mothers side of the family (although it skipped a generation and went straight to me). My Great Grandmother was Emma Kelley! (you can see her picture on my blog holding my grandmother!) I dont have her quilts (I dont think they ever made it as they were used for practical reasons) but I do have the bonnet that she made my Grandmother when she was a baby and of course I have quilts and quilt tops from my Grandmother!
    I am sure yours would be very proud of the quilt you made in her honor! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  51. My great grandma was Mary. She lived to 105! She didn't quilt, but I have embroidered tea towels in my kitchen that she made. Lovely pattern!

  52. nettie jackson was my great grandma, i knew her well and have many quilts she made, all by hand and with clothing bedding etc. treasures.
    flora was the other, also knew her well, she did not quilt but crocheted, and i also have many of her handmades. lucky we are to know our heritages.
    i also have a beautiful large framed embroidered 'lords supper' by my great great great grandmother!!!!! i have one photo of her too, her name was josephene. she married a man with the craziest name you've ever heard!!!!!!! xo

  53. What a lovely design and a beautiful story behind it. The two great-grandmothers I knew are Florence and Eileen – very grandmotherly names 🙂

  54. Rachel – I commented over on your blog first — the quilt is lovely and so was your story. My two grandmother's names were Minnie & Aileen.

  55. I never knew any of my great-grandparents, but my grandma's name was Alma, she passed when I was 8 and I still miss her to this day!

  56. My two great grandmothers who I knew were named Michelangela and Mary. The two others passed long before I was born, and their names were Lena and Olympia.

  57. Her name was Libby. She was the first quilter I ever knew. She cut out, pieced and quilted daily. I would love to sit and watch, but I got really nervous the day she said she was ready to make another trip around the world.

  58. Lovely quilt and fabric! I love the color combination! My Great-Grandmother's names, thanks to my Mom's research are Emma, Mary, Rhoda, Leona and Clara.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win your quilt pattern!

  59. My great grandmothers name is Martha & she was a wonderful quilter….everything by hand & mostly scraps. My mother was a sewer & sent scraps left from dresses she made for my sister & I to my great Grandmother. I remember dresses I had by the scraps I see in my great grandmothers quilts that have. Your Georgia quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

  60. My great Grandmother's name was Edith Elizabeth. I can't remember the names of the others. This is a beautiful pattern – I'm headed to visit you right now!

  61. I only knew one of my great grandmothers. Her name was Rose and she raised 7 children. She lived to be 99 but at the end she was so confused she would talk to the Kleenex box next to her bed. Oh….to think I could have those genes. My children are already teasing me about my mind failing!

  62. My grandma's formal name was Lucinda, but friends and family called her Cindy.

  63. Oh fun quilt and gorgeous fabrics! Mine was Cathaline…sigh I adore that name and am tempted to try for another little girl just to give her that name!

  64. I never knew any of my great-grandparents (I only knew one grandparent – my maternal grandmother). My great-grandmothers names were: Emilie Sabourin, Josephine Levesque, Ida Antreich, and Leopoldine Zahrada. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. My great-grandmother's name was Blanche. LOVE how you made a quilt in honor of your special Mal!

  66. Although I never knew her (she died when my gramma was only sixteen), my gramma liked to share stories about her. My great-grandmother's name was Nellie…what a beautiful idea to name a quilt after your great-grandmother!

  67. Absolutely adore this, Rachel. It's obvious there was a lot of love in the design. My special great-grandmother was named Julia. She was half Hopi Indian and the coolest lady. They say I look like her. 🙂

  68. What a lovely tribute to your great grandmother Georgia! It's a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to add the pattern to my collection.

  69. Lovely, lovely quilt. (And since I'm from Atlanta "Georgia", it's only fitting that I win one).

    My grandmother's names were (get these weird names): Oleater and Ione (pronounced I-Own).

  70. That is such a lovely pattern in that fabric collection especially. Would love to win the pattern since I have been transplanted here from the East Coast. I've never met any great grandparents OR grandparents except my mom's mom (Madeline). But I was told that her mother's name was Barbara.

  71. My great-grands were Merry Mae, Pauline, Mattie (Martha), and Maude.

    Love the pattern, love the question.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  72. The names of my great grandmother was Johanna. She was married to Gideon. How nice that my brother Gideon will marry his Johanna next jear!

  73. I was lucky enough like you to really get to know my great grandmother! She helped raise me and take care of me (I had a single mother) until until I was in high school and she died at age 96. She truly was an amazing woman and her name was Lily Burke:)

  74. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Laurel Rose Carmichael (understanding why we have red heads in the family) ((Laurel Rose Henderson))

  75. Well, I love the quilt!! Beautiful!
    I cannot enter the contest because I don't know my grandparents' names, much less my great grand parents. (Not as dramatic a story as you can imagine). I wish the winner(s) all the best and thank you for such a great pattern! I adore the story too!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  76. Their names were Susanna, Columbia called Lum, and Gussie. The fourth is unknown. My Mom's Dad left when she was 6 months old and we have never found the family. I don't remember them. I've heard stories of Grandma "Lum" dipping snuff…..giggle.

  77. Love this pattern and that fabric stack! I have never known my great grandmother's name! Never realized it until now… But my (maternal) grandmother was Ina and if she were still alive she would be 112 and I am 35. So she was closer in age to a great gma – does that count?:-)

  78. What a wonderful quilt and a wonderful tribute to your great grannie.

    I know the names of two of my great grannies- one was Mary (on my mother's side) and one was Frieda (on my dad's side).

    I never knew them but my middle name is Mary.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. I only know the name of one of my great-grandmothers. She was Katie Burke from County Cork. She came throught Ellis Island during the great potato famine when she was only 4.

  80. Love, love, love your georgia quilt pattern. It's just beautiful! My great-grandmother's name was Phaerilde (pronounced Fa-ril-da).

  81. Can only remember the names of 2 of them- Helen and Berta. And Berta was from Georgia! Love the pattern! Such a great vintage look!

  82. Nobody knows what my great grandmother's name was. It was so long ago. But my grandmother was named Natalie. She was born about the time of the Civil War. Anything older than that seems to be forgotten.

  83. Love the quilt and the inspiration!
    My greatgrandmothers on my mom's side were Ethyl and Donie. Never had the chance to meet them. Grandmother who taught me to quilt was Leila Leona Flossie Mixon Barefoot. She was my inspiration

  84. My great-grandmother's name was Carrie and Elise. I named my oldest daughter after my Mother and Great-Grandmother – Cecilia Elise. This is such a pretty quilt especially since I live in Georgia. 🙂

  85. My great grandmothers'names were
    Blanche and Viola. I love the
    simplicity of your beautiful
    quilt pattern.

  86. I love the Georgia quilt. On my dad's side, my great-grandmother's name is Anna V. Johnson and she was from Sweden. On my mom's side, my paternal great-grandmother's name is Elizabeth Paschall and my maternal great-grandmother was Courtney Jane Stegall. I had the honor of knowing Jane.

  87. What a beautiful story–and you're so lucky to have such a legacy. I don't remember my great grandmother, however my grandma, Isabelle (or Cissie as she was known) influenced me in so many way. I miss her alot.

    Janet B

  88. One was Georgina Agnes (I think she went by Agnes) and one was Annie. I also had a Caroline and an Elizabeth.

    I never met these wonderful ladies as they passed on long before I was born.

  89. I never knew either of my great grandmothers. My grandma's name was (yes really!) Emma – (Emmaline, actually, but she went by Emma) and on my father's side Adrienne.

  90. My Grandmother's name was Madeline, but all the grandchildren called her Lallie (It's an old Irish term for Grandmother).
    She taught me to sew when I was 12, and although she is no longer here, she is still my inspiration for sewing today…

  91. Love your quilt and tribute to your great grandmother! So sweet! My great grandmother's name was Ethel. She didn't quilt, but I sure would love it if I had something she had made!!!

  92. My Great Grandmother's had all passed before I was born, but their quilts lived on. Bertha Beam was my Dad's grandmother and the one I have the most quilts from. I'm not sure if Bertha was her actual name or just what people called her. Thanks.

  93. You know until now I didn't realise that I dont know many of my Great Grandmother's names..I feel strange about that fact. The only one I can tell you is Violet Beuregarde (middle name). Thanks, I'll make a point of trying to find out, because a little flame of curiosity has begun to burn and I will just have to find out. How about that! I will have to find out Great Grandfather's names too..if you never met them they didn't feature highly in our thoughts I suppose.:( Better late than never. (oh dear, that sounds glib) Thanks again!

  94. Hi, I actually don't know my great-granmother's names. Kind of sad and I think I will have to do some investigating. Especially since I remember visiting one of them!

  95. Two of my most talked about ggrandmothers were Eva Jane and Kate Edna. My mother talked about her granny Kate alot. She was a very prudish woman who was raised very strict. My mother remembers watching ggrandma comb her own long beautiful locks of dark auburn red hair and then braid it. Even when braided it would fall to her waist. I would've loved to have met this woman! Thx for the beautiful giveaway!

  96. My Great Grandmothers name was Estel Pond. As a girl she was a dear friend. She started the first Garden Club in Nevada, Iowa. Which is, if I understand correctly, still in existence today.

  97. My great grandmother's name was Maude. Every time we accidentally leave a light on in the room, we declare, "Oh, it must be Maude :)"
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  98. My great-grandmother's name was Alice and she was a quilter. And like Rachel's great-grandmother, she did everything by hand. She made both my sister and I a quilt before she passed away and it's the most precious thing I own.

  99. My maternal great grandmas were Mary & Lena. I don't know about my paternal great grands.

    It's such a beautiful quilt! Thanks for the chance to win.

  100. Oh I hope this drawing has not happened yet as I would love to win this pattern. We just moved away from Georgia after being stationed there and this would make a nice closing on that chapter of our lives. Thanks.

  101. Oh, I love this and I'm a Georgia girl too!
    My Great Grandmas were Mamie, Lydia and two Elizabeth's. Unfortunately I never met any but have heard many stories about Grandma Mamie and Grandma Elizabeth.

  102. Great quilt!! My great grandmother's name was Eliza and she died at the ripe old age of 91. My hubby's ggm's name was Edith.

  103. My great grandmother's name was Marie McWilliams. Grandkids called her Grandma Mac, but us great grandkids called her Grandma Great. I inherited a double wedding ring quilt her mother pieced and she quilted. Yay Me! 🙂

  104. I didn't know my great-grandmother, she died when my mother was only 7. Her name was Emma.
    Love this quilt!!!