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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: Garnets and Rubies

Hi again everyone,

We have another It’s Sew Emma quilt to introduce you to!
For our Garnets and Rubies quilt pattern the design came first. I was doodling and playing with triangles one Saturday morning, and this beauty appeared. I love the simple, contemporary look of the cascading triangles, simple but eye-catching. It needed a strong fabric line to shine, but there was nothing that felt right at the time, so we set it aside.

A few months later, Moda showed us their new Prairie Paisley II collection and we had to find the perfect design since this collection was so awesome. Leafing through sketches, this beauty popped back out, and it was instant love. Surprising, given the more contemporary design and layout, but they are so perfect together. The reds, cream and paisley are lovely, just the right amount of pop and tradition.

Of course, Garnets and Rubies will still look amazing paired with contemporary fabrics or even batiks! Try it with Green Tea Batiks for a soft, spa-retreat feel. Personally I want to make it bed-sized and throw in Secret Garden for myself. 🙂

Add some Garnets and Rubies to your home today! Shop owners, you can find it at United Notions and Checkers as ISE-112.