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It’s Sew Emma Spotlight: Accentuate the Positive

Accentuate the Positive is a quilt pattern we cannot stop raving about, but maybe it’s all that positive energy that it radiates!

This pattern was inspired by the Little Black Dress collection by BasicGrey. Neutrals and black are normally not my first choice in palette, but there is something very sophisticated and elegant about this particular line. I decided to create a pattern that is understatedly trendy and rich in lights and darks. I am completely in love with the results. Cascading plus signs breeze down the quilt and spill out into the border in alternating darks, mediums and lights, framed asymmetrically. Unfussy and cool, but still quirky – it reminds me of a beatnik Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, actually!

I am still amazed out how awesomely this quilt turned out! I hope you add it to your stash and feel the same!

Shop owners, you can find this pattern as ISE-131 at United Notions, Checkers, Brewer and E. E. Schenck!