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Introducing the Moda Honeycomb

Old is new again! These days it seems everyone is crazy for hexagons. They add a trendy touch to just about everything, from quilts to totes to skirts. Hexagons have come a long way from the traditional Grandmother’s garden quilt. Lucky for us, Moda has recognized the geometric craze and responded with a new precut! Introducing the Moda Honeycomb!

Currently, Moda Honeycombs are available in the Bella Basics colors, but many more prints will be added soon. Each pre-cut package comes with 40 hexagons measuring 6″ from point to opposite point. They are the perfect size to piece together, forming a bold, geometric quilt pattern!

Each Honeycomb comes with a plastic template with dots at each point, to be used as a seam allowance guide. They may look a little intimidating, but we are equipped with plenty of tips and tricks to show you just how easy they are to sew together.

Moda put together this handy fact sheet, detailing how to sew the Honeycombs together and including a bit of graph paper to sketch out your next hexagonal quilt. The fact sheet takes you step by step through the assembly process, making sewing a cinch.

Lissa Alexander, Director of Marketing for Moda Fabrics, was also kind enough to walk us through the process at QuiltCon. Watch the demonstration for an in depth look at how the Honeycombs can be used and try your hand at Moda Bake Shop’s hexagon quilt. P.S. There is a sneak peek of V and Co.’s new line, Simply Style!