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I Believe in Snowmen Quilt Kit

Enamored by reds? Have a sweet spot for delicate handwork? Swoon over applique? We might have the perfect quilt kit for you! The I Believe in Snowmen Quilt Kit by Bunny Hill Designs features her upcoming collection, Winter Wonderland, and truly celebrates the chilly season. Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs is here on the Jolly Jabber today to give you a sneak peek at I Believe in Snowmen. Grab a cozy cup of coffee and take a look!

If you love Handwork like I do, then I Believe in Snowmen is for you! With a combination of appliqué and redwork embroidery, the blocks are easy, portable, and fun to stitch. Each block is cute enough to stand on its own, allowing you to create as many different projects as you can dream up. Use one block for a pillow, frame it into a picture, combine 2 or 3 for a table runner…. well, you get the idea. Think past just making this darling quilt and your home will be filled with coordinating decorations.

I could draw snowmen forever I love them so much, and this quilt was a fun start. You’ll find snowmen in the fabric, snowmen on the quilt and who knows where more snowmen will show up in future projects! My inspiration for snowmen comes from everywhere. I just have to look around.

If you need to sharpen up your embroidery skills, have no fear! We have a video showing you how to do all of the stitches in the I Believe in Snowmen pattern. This video is packed with tips, tricks, and instructions, so take a look.

I Believe in Snowmen is a whimsical redwork quilt that will have everyone who sees it smiling. If you start it in April when Winter Wonderland ships, you can easily have it done in time for Christmas. Imagine your home decorated with snowmen this year. Your friends will know that you believe in snowmen too!


  1. The quilt is wonderful! Thanks for the video. You solved a couple of problems I was having with embroidery! Can't wait to get started on my Snowmen!

  2. Great video. The embroidery tips are excellent. My question is – is there a pattern for the quilt to the left in the video? The one with the house and trees surrounded by star blocks.