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Houston… We have arrived!

Hello everyone, it’s that time of year again! The Fall 2014 International Quilt Market is finally upon us, and we’re so happy to be back in Space City (aka Houston, Texas) for another amazing Quilt Market. We will spend the weekend learning in Schoolhouse, checking out new fabric collections, picking up new patterns, and chatting with our favorite designers. Since it’s Fall in Texas (sort of) and we’re ready to soak in wonderful new things, our theme this Market is “Back to School!”

We want to share our Quilt Market experience with all of you! So don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for LIVE updates, YouTube for video updates, Flickr, Facebook, and Google + for some extra eye candy during Market. Of course, we will also post nightly recaps here on the Jolly Jabber, plus special giveaways.

This year, we’ve created our very own school-ish Yearbook Quilt Block for our favorite designers and quilters to sign at Market. (Hint: One lucky winner will win this block for one of our giveaways.)

So as we get ready for our jam-packed weekend, let’s do our first giveaway! To go with our “Back to School” theme, we’re taking you to English class with a word scramble!

Enter our giveaway through Rafflecopter and unscramble the mystery word for a chance to win a prize from our Sample Spree loot that we’ll be gathering tomorrow (we promise to get you some amazing goodies). This contest will close on Monday October 27th at 11:59 pm CST, and two winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 29th. 

Now it’s time to hit the hay and rest up, starting with Schoolhouse and Sample Spree! (We actually get to help in one of the booths for the first time. EEK, wish us luck!) Come back tomorrow and see how that turned out!
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  1. As a math nerd, I want to say 3.14159 SISTER or PI, SISTER! But I realize it is likely strip set. 🙂 Have fun at the market!

  2. Welcome to Houston! We ARE having lovely fall weather with highs in the upper 70s. So step out of GRB Convention Center and into Discovery Green to soak up the sun and enjoy a picnic lunch. Have a great time!

  3. Strip set…..enjoy your time at market !! and order lots of goodies for us in the coming months…we'll be at Festival starting Wed….maybe we'll see you then ?

  4. Well, it is definitely Stripset, but my first thought was persist till I realized I was short a 't'. Persist has been my sewing mantra lately though as I get back into sewing after a summer of gardening and company.

  5. Well all I was coming up with was "spitters," but I was pretty sure you'd want something quilt-related. So I'm betting it really is strip set like the others say.

  6. Wish I was there with you to check out all the strip sets! 🙂

    Can't wait to hear how much fun working the booth is!

  7. I realize everyone thinks it is stripset, but how about "tipsters" – as in "those who search out fabulous and fun new quilty desires?

  8. My first thought was "press it" but that leaves a spare T, so I'll fall in line with everyone else and say "strip set".

  9. funny –
    I drive my husband nuts with all of your helful videos full of tips . . . he suggested tipsters after seeing the photo of your team


  10. I'm so excited…just got high speed internet…or at least something higher than dial up…and now I can watch your videos!:)
    Strip set!!!