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Holly Holderman on Little Lady

Holly Holderman returns to the Jolly Jabber with a few new quilts to show for Little Lady, the sister collection to Boy Oh Boy (click for her previous post). The sweet pinks and reds get a little sass from bright purples, oranges, and blacks. The prints feature pretty dresses and cupcakes, hugs and kisses, flowers and stars…sugar and spice, everything nice 🙂 And the Fat Quarter Shop has got two coloways, Pink & Black! Anyway, without further ado, enjoy her post and don’t miss out on her awesome giveaway (details below)!

Hello Again,

The Boy Oh Boy, and the Little Lady collections, are like brother and sister groupings…So much so that I named the the quilt pattern I made with these two collections Jack & Jill. They are variations on similar layouts that I have included in one pattern, so if you have a boy and a girl, or a grandson and granddaughter, things just got a little easier for you!

Here’s the “Bright & Black” version, I made a special point of using all sorts of pinks, to illustrate how great a lot of different pinks and reds can look together in a quilt: magenta, hot pink, cherry pink, several tones of corals, petal pinks, etc…
And the Pastel & Bright version…
The story on the main fabric is much the same as the circular BOB print. It’s called “Little Lady.”
Our “Little Cupcakes” print has been a big hit all on it’s own. This was really fun for me to design, since I only had a couple of cupcakes in the original artwork, I designed a slew of new fancy ones to make a colorful assortment…My favorite is the one with the Jelly Beans on top, what’s yours?
I also designed an a hugs and kisses coordinate, called “X O X”…
A little tossed dress pattern, called “Party Dresses & Dancing Shoes”, and
As well as a lettered pattern called “Little Lady’s Saying”
You can see more new quilt layouts that use this “Little Lady” collection on my blog by clicking here. And some adorable new bags on my blog made from the Little Lady collection by clicking here from one of my favorite blogger-designers Pam Kitty. Her adorable designs are published by another one of my favorites, Elizabeth Scott of The Late Bloomer fame…

Also, we have a new collection of fabrics called “Doll Dresses” coming out in October, (that a little bird told me will be available on the Fat Quarter Shop site!) This fun and fresh new grouping blends deliciously with our popular Cherry Baby line, and was inspired by a collection of old cotton doll dresses that I’ve been finding on and off for years at flea markets, etc. I’ll be previewing these fabrics and a bunch of fun quilt new tops made with them in early September…

We’ve got prizes for the first three people from the Fat Quarter Shop blog who leave a note on my blog…Make sure that you include your full name and USPS mailing address, so that we can send you out your prize!

Keep on Quilting!

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  1. When…when…when will the new doll dresses be out…this is not helping my addiction AT ALL!!! I have a really bad quilt fabric addiction. These fabrics would make the cutest fat quarter dresses for little girls!!!

  2. I love the Little Lady Collection. The pink and black quilt on your web-site is too cute! What are the fabric requirements for the quilt? Also, I would like the fabric needed for the pink and green quilt on your blog page.