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Hi, My (middle) Name Is…

Last week was a super busy week at the Fat Quarter Shop. So I didn’t get to read my favorite blogs until Saturday! And what do you know, Camille tagged me!

I have to list one fact about myself for each letter of my middle name.

A – Accurate – I am very precise by nature so I try to make everything in my life accurate. I go back and triple check everything – from kits we cut at the Fat Quarter Shop, to cleaning the kitchen, to checking if the door is locked!
N – Nice – I am a nice person and fun to be around.
N – Computer Nerd – I am online at all moments of the day! So I am a computer nerd.

So now I am supposed to tag one person for every letter in my name… But instead I am tagging everyone! Comment on this post with one fact (that is somehow relevant to your life) for each letter of your middle name. Those who don’t have a middle name should use the middle name they would have liked to have had.

And guess what? We will enter all your responses into a random drawing, and two lucky comments win a Jelly Roll of their choice! We will post the winners on Tuesday, September 11, so let’s see those middle names!


  1. (It would be helpful if I proofread!) I agree, you are QUITE the nerd! I love it though, who else responds to emails in mere seconds?? 🙂

  2. Oh, cripes, I’ve got a long middle name! No fair!!

    E – Easy to please
    L – Laughs too loudly
    I – Ice cream rules!
    Z – I look for Zebras sometimes, not always horses!
    A – Apple pie with my ice cream, please!
    B – Babies melt my heart (Hi Emma!)
    E – Eyeglasses ‘cuz I’m old!
    T – Tidy I’m not (especially when sewing!)
    H – Happy as a pig in mud most of the time!

    That was hard!!! LOL. Thanks, Kimberly Ann, for a fun game!!

  3. Hi, Kim! I stumbled across your blog at Happy Zombie’s. I love your shop!

    Here goes my middle name game.

    Y-Yap (I love to talk)
    N-Nice (some people say I’m too nice)
    N-Nap (a 15 minute one most afternoons)

  4. Thanks to Camille, I am in it to win. 🙂
    I knew I shouldn’t have taken my maiden name for my middle.

    R- Rocky road ice cream is my favorite (Breyers to be more specific).
    O- One of a Kind.
    S- Silly. I have to be to keep sane as a mother.
    K- Kind, at least I hope people think so.
    E- Easy going, I like to think I am laid back.
    L- Loud, I get that from my mother’s side of the family.
    L- Learning to quilt (again thanks to Camille)
    E- excited to win!!!
    Y- youthful

    That required too much thought. 🙂
    Christina R. Curtis

  5. Thanks for the contest! Looks like my middle name will be as easy as yours… we both have the same middle name:

    A – Almond anything
    N – Nosy
    N – Neat

  6. I think my middle name might win for the longest! Camille told me about your site and I love it. anyway here it goes.

    L – Loving, my mother called me her love child from the very beginning. and I’m very loving to all around me.
    O – Odd, I’ve got some interesting quirks, mostly in my everyday speech.
    U – Up… My mood, and my feet are always up.
    I – Interested. I’m always interested in learning knew things.
    S – Snow. Being from Canada, I love it and I miss it.
    E – Easy going, not a lot of things stress me out!

    C – Cheesy, I love cheesy romance and cheesy movies, and cheesy food too!
    E – Eating, I love to eat and I love good food
    C – Cats. I have a dog but I think I’m more of a cat person!
    I – Imaginative. My mind is always going, but mostly I’m imagining scary things lurking around the corner.
    L – Learning, I’m learning to quilt! (thanks Camille)
    I – Innocent. I’ve led a very sheltered life. People at work think I’m so naive.
    A – Affectionate, I love to hug and cuddle, but only with people I know really well!
    Wow that’s tough. But lot’s of fun. It really makes you think.

  7. Thanks for letting me enter- I’ll do anything when there is fabric involved!! Besides, who doesn’t love a good contest?? 🙂

    O- Organized- There are few things better than knowing exactly where everything is, and knowing it is all where it should be. Unfortunately, my kids don’t seem to appreciate this, and strive for the exact opposite.
    L- Lucky- Look at my life! How lucky am I to have such a great, supportive, loving, funny husband and two adorable, crazy, sweet little boys?? Did I mention how great my friends are??
    A- Addicted- It is true, I am addicted to blogging, Twix, and fabric. I can’t shake any of these, no matter how hard I try (okay, so I don’t try, and have no plans to start trying anytime soon)
    V- Vocabulary- I used to have pretty good one, but years of Bob the Builder and Toy Story have taken it from me.
    E-Eager- When I decide I want to do something I get really excited and focus way too much of my energy on it, and I don’t sleep until it is done. Example- Thimble Blossoms.
    S- Stubborn- Sometimes I find myself fighting for something and half way through, forgetting what I’m fighting for. Maybe this makes me more forgetful than stubborn…
    O- Outspoken- But this is something I typically don’t like about myself. Once in a while it comes in handy though! Could also stand for Oreo, as I am eating Halloween ones right now (anyone else notice the seasonal ones are SO much better than the normal ones??)
    N- Night-owl- I love love LOVE to stay up late. Especially if I have something fun to work on. I actually plan power naps in the afternoon or early evening just so I can stay up super late. Oh, and while I’m up late I love to eat, listen to music and either sew or read blogs.

  8. I took my maiden name as my middle name, and am glad I did because it’s s-h-o-r-t.

    L — Long suffering. You guessed it, I have much patience to deal with my crazy family.

    E — Energetic. In our house, we are constantly dancing and singing and playing. It makes me want to take a nap sometimes.

    E — Easy going? No way! My hubby will tell you I’m a little uptight, especially when I don’t get to go to my quilting group.

    And I wish I had an “S” for “Sense of Humor.” Or an “H” for “Hilarious.”

    Hope I win 🙂

  9. This should be easy since I have a short middle name.

    N – neat, most of the time
    O – organized
    E – easy going
    L – loveable, just ask my husband

  10. Okay, Here I go! Marie is my middle name! M~Married for 21 years, A~Absent-Minded, R~Reliable, I~Informal and E~Easy to get along with! Thanks, Cindi

  11. Hi Kimberly…I’m a customer of the Fat Quarter Shop, but I am not currently a blogger… I sometimes sell on ebay, under the name Katescabin…Here goes:
    V-Vintage fanatic
    I-I love pink!
    R-Really love to decorate my house
    G-Gal who loves to sew
    I-I love a neat and organized home
    N-No one more important than my precious family
    I-I believe in being a loving person
    A-A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!

  12. L–lucky to have 9 wonderful children and 10 lovely grandchildren
    Y–young at heart-all those children keep my that way
    N–nice (hope everyone agrees)
    N–nature loving
    E–efficient-with all those kids need to make everything STRETCH

  13. M is for meticulous, I have to have things just right. Not sure that is a plus, but alas the truth.

    A is for assuring, I like to put emphasis on the positive and be an encourager

    R is for reliable, I usually say what I mean

    Y is for Yippee I joined the Jolly Jabber club.

  14. This is fun…

    E – eager to quilt
    T – tempted by chocolate
    H – happily married
    E – embrace a challenge
    L – love my family and dogs

  15. Hi, My (middle) Name is Cecily…

    C- Caring. I am a very caring person.

    E – Energetic. Quilting energizes me and I go, go, go.

    C – Celtic Quilting. I just finished two Celtic Quilts.

    I – Ice Cream. One of my favorite things!!

    Y – Yellow. Soft yellow is one of my favorite colors for background for baby quilts.

  16. K- Kind to others
    A- A+ blood type (I dontated today so it’s on my mind) lol
    T- turning 40 this year
    H- Happy to be a mother
    L- love my husband
    E- “Emma” is one of my favorite movies
    E- Empty headed (can’t think of anything else with E.
    N- “Nut” my kids think thats what I am

  17. Lets see if I can think of enough for all the letters in my middle name-
    A-animated, I’m always on the go
    D-Ditzy, but not always
    I-Icecream, vanilla please
    E-Energetic, lots of energey so I
    can keep up with the kids
    N-Nutty, which people say I am
    N-Nice, I’m a nice friend
    E-Easy to get along with.

  18. Kathy, I love your little games!

    A – amazing – I raised 4 children

    N – Nieve – I believe everyone

    N – Nice – Have a big heart, love to give

  19. A – Adorable (in my own mind lol)
    N – Neighborly (figured nice had been
    used enough)
    N – Nutty (life’s to short ya gotta
    have fun!)

  20. I’ve never been so pleased to have a short middle name 🙂

    J – jumping up and down to learn more about quilting
    O – obsessed with organization (I’d say I was organized but that might be a stretch!)

  21. This would be a good time for a short middle name!!! Too bad mine’s not!~ Thanks for posting those cool interviews on your blog. Really enjoyed them.

    I – Incredibly blessed
    S – Sincere
    A – Absolutely love fabric
    B – Besotted by quilting
    E – Easy to get along with
    L – Love, love to read, cook & sew
    L – Love, love my family
    E – Energetic

  22. New girl here, but I’ll give it a try…
    A – adventurous
    N – needless to say, as a resident of rural Montana I shop online ALOT 🙂
    N – no one knows what hobby I’ll pick up next
    E – especially creative with food & fabric!

  23. My middle name?
    L – lemons…when life gives you lemons…make lemonade… 🙂
    Y – yo-yo’s cause I LOVE the new clover yo-yo makers.
    N – night…some night I will get to sleep through the night again…when my little girls does!
    N – needlework, I love it all, quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, sewing and on and on.

  24. Ummm…how to describe myself???

    L – loves to laugh with friends and at myself (I am famous for bloopers)

    E – eats lots of pretzels (just ask my sons)

    E – enthusiastic and eager to teach quilting to friends

  25. Ummm… how to describe me????

    L – loves to laugh at myself & with friends

    E – Eats lots of pretzels (just ask my kids)

    E – enthusiastic to teach others to quilt

  26. I don’t ever use my full middle name, but:

    F fun to hang out with
    R retired, and loving all the quilting time
    A applique – my favourite technique
    N nice to meet other quilters
    C Canadian – and proud of it
    E energized and ready to start quilting
    S silly sometimes, serious at others

  27. E-Energetic (especially after enough diet coke and chocolate)
    M-Messy in the sewing room
    M-Mixed up ( I love scrap quilts)
    A-Amourous-for quilting that is!

    Put it all together and it spells
    Emma! What fun to be playing today.

  28. Thanks to Camille I found out about your shop. I ordered some charm packs a few weeks ago and love them. Thank you!

    J – joyful (I’m happy most of the time!)
    O – organized (I really can’t stand to have things out of place! I’m not as organized as I’d like to be now that I have kids, but I try!)

    I’m glad I have a short middle name. It’s easy to come up with 2 things about myself!

  29. I am using my maiden name for lack of imagination, guess I never dreamed of a middle name before!

    H- Happy when I am buying fabric, shoping, traveling, and spending time with my family.
    A- Always have at least a dozen projects going at once. (maybe more)
    R- Really patient
    M- my daughter-in-law said to my other daughters-in law, “Can you believe Martha Stewart is our mother-in-law?”
    O- Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy is what my husband said when I had my 6th son in a row.
    N- Nineth of 10 children

  30. Okay, here goes:

    J – Jolly, for my love of those wonderful fabric bundles.

    E – Eccentric (doesn’t this go without saying in regard to quilters?)

    A – Always singing (while I sew)

    N – Never sorry I learned to quilt!

  31. Oh boy, I have a long middle name, too:

    K – Krafty (sort of like Crafty)
    A – Achingly Lonely Sometimes
    T – Tenderly Loving
    H – Happily Sassy
    E – Estrogen Challenged
    R – Rose-tinted Glasses Keep Me Positive
    I – have Integrity
    N – Nice Personality, Teeth, Hair, Feet
    E – Elephant Sized Hips Unfortunately (ok – not that bad but some days…)

    Miss Sassy

  32. oops, I spelled my name wrong, LOL!

    OK, now don’t laugh…
    E – Embroidery I love
    D – Dread going to work, determined to retire
    I – Imperfect, but not impractical
    N – Nada on the Neat Knick
    A – Addicted to Fabrick, quilting, coffee and Blogging!!
    Thanks Kimberly

  33. What a fun idea!

    L – Loving to all of my dearest friends and family
    I – Intuitive. I have a knack for knowing what people are feeling.
    S – Sensible, always trying to do the practical thing.
    E – Eager to learn everything I can
    T – Talkative. I love to talk to anyone who will listen!
    T – Too busy with my four children, and squeezing in time to quilt!
    E – Enthusiastic about crafts-especially quilting!

  34. My middle name is

    T – travel is something I love to do
    H – happy most of the time
    E – excited about fabric
    R – reader, I love to read esp. mysteries
    E – easygoing
    S – Swiss, my nationality by marriage
    A – Accountant, my profession, a place where my love for numbers and math is
    considered normal!

  35. I was feeling sorry for myself having such a long middle name, but lots of you ladies have me beat, so I’ll stop whining and here goes… Spring

    S – sun-shiney (I’m cheerful!)
    P – person (as in homo sapiens)
    R – radical fabric collector
    I – interested in everything
    N – not a quilt-nazi (quilt for love not perfection)
    G – going…to spend today at my sewing machine!

  36. Thanks Camille for the heads up–I love a good giveaway 🙂

    D – devoted to my family
    I – I love to do anything creative
    A – addicted to sweets, I love most anything sweet!
    N – neat, most of the time
    E – energetic

  37. Hallo from Denmark

    Many people come to me for a chat and a cozy Tea
    Ice lover:
    The cones in Denmark are made of a crisp waffle, they can be huge with lots of different ice creme cones, on top heavy cream and jam.
    The scrap-star quilt I am working on is made from a very good Fatq… scrap bag

    Jette Lis
    Nice to meet you all

  38. Another ANN here………..

    A – Artistic (I’m a graphic designer)

    N – New Longarm Quilter

    N – Nana (to my grandchildren)

    What fun! Thanks so much

  39. Hi, Here is my list

    J – I jump at the chance to go fabric shopping
    E- I’m equally a round person
    A- I’m also a aged person
    N- and I think I’m a nice person too

  40. K = krafty (yeah, I know, but you think of a k-word!)
    A = alert after lots of tea
    T = tired (because I have two little kids)
    H = happy (because I have two little kids)
    A = always busy (do I really need to explain?)
    R = a bit rash (we eloped two months after we met!)
    I = interesting to talk with
    N = nice
    E = energetic after my husband lets me sleep in

  41. M-Married for 30 years…
    A-Adult…well suppose to be
    R-Read..Love to read
    E-Eat..love to eat

    Your games are alot of fun. Thank you Julie B.

  42. L – Love to laugh
    Y – I say YES almost all the time.
    N – Naughty in a nice way!
    N – Love to NAP in the sun.
    E – I have EVERY intention of finishing those quilts!

  43. L – Loving (animals, family, nature)
    E – Erring
    N – Nice
    O – Oral (love to talk)
    R – Realistic (wouldn’t say I’m optimistic or pessimistic)
    E – Eager (to learn, to play, to finish a project)

  44. Here’s my explanation of my tag:

    I-Inventive. I like to make my own patterns and try new techniques and things.

    N-Noticeable. I like to joke around and have fun, so people usually notice me.

    E-Enthusiastic. I like to do things and encourage others to test their limits and try new quilting techniques and patterns as well.

    Z-Zesty. I like to add flavor to life and everything in it.

    Well, there’s my middle name. I should get extra bonus points for having a z in it don’t you think? hehe. Thanks for having the contest. Take care and Happy Quilting.

  45. I can’t pass up the chance at free fabric!
    M – Mom, which is the name I’m called by most often!
    I – Independent
    C – Chocoholic (make mine DARK!)
    H – Headstrong
    E – Energetic
    L – Love to laugh
    L – Likeable (at least I hope so!)
    E – Easygoing

  46. I just love free fabric so here goes:
    S- sewing fanatic- I just love to piece quilts.
    U- unique, yeah right!
    E- easily persuaded to purchase more fabric!
    Glenda L.

  47. T – totally addicted to fabric
    A – admires all things handmade
    L – laughs loudly
    E – easy to talk to
    M – mexican food…could eat it every night of the week!


  48. OK, I’m up for this game.

    M – Material girl (same as fabric, right?)
    A – Always on time, I hate to be late for anything
    R – Rare – that’s me and that’s how I like my steak
    I – I’m always inventing something
    E – Eager to please, I never like to see someone grumpy or mad

  49. This might be a bit of a foodie list (maybe I am hungry?)

    K – Kit Kats on the couch
    A – Apple crumble in winter – yum
    T – Tea with toast and jam
    H – Horses I love to ride and cuddle (no I don’t eat them!)
    L – Lots of icecream anytime
    E – Egg sandwiches – always a favourite
    E – everything to do with fabric
    N – never say No!

  50. Hi Kim, love the blog! Here goes:

    A – Animal lover
    N – Neat … don’t hate me because I’m neat and organized!
    N – Nutty … for quilt fabric that is.

    What fun!

  51. Great blog!

    E – Energetic
    L – Loving
    I – Intuitive
    Z – Zealous
    A – Adventurous
    B – Bubbly
    E – Eager
    T – Trusting
    H – Happy

    and imagine.. my first name is Kim..:)

  52. wow free fabric mmmmmmm now I hope you will send to Australia if I winn heheehe
    W-wonderfull my kids think I am
    I -In love with DH still after 19 years
    N-naughty only if buying fabric and chocolate are involved
    F- friendly
    R-renamed I was adopted and got a new name along with my new family
    E-enjoying my life
    D-devoted to my family and friends

    wow that was hard but fun thank you for the chance to win
    Hugs Beth

  53. I love the new blog and the contests for free fabric!!!

    A- Artsy (I love handmade things)
    N- Neat (I love to vacuum)
    N- Need more fabric 🙂

  54. My Middle Name is
    L Love to quilt
    O Only 1 more block tonight
    U Unable to stop buying more fabric
    I Interested in learning all about quilting
    S Snacks to keep me going
    E Everything about quilting

  55. My middle name is JANE
    j is for Just let me sew
    A is for Always designing something everywhere I go
    N is for Not liking when I don’t finish a project
    E is for ectasy, which is being in a wonderful quilt shop

  56. awwww … I don’t have one, so I’ll use my mom’s who passed away recently.

    L – Loves to quilt !!!! Loves Quilts. Loves people who love quilts. =)

    E – Extremely amazed at the selection of fabrics. I never tire of seeing more.

    E – Eager to learn more about quilting by hand.

    Thanks!!!!! i’m new to the site. I can’t wait to read more.
    ~ phyl

  57. My middle name is Irene, have never cared for it but maybe if I win a jelly roll I’ll learn to like it better.

    I – I love quilting
    R – Ready to learn new methods
    E – Eager
    N – Nice
    E – Energetic

  58. I have such a short middle name!
    J – I try my best to be JOYFUL as frequently as possible.
    O – I am OPTIMISTIC that things will work out in the end, no matter what happens in the middle.

  59. Hi Kim,
    I’ve always “disliked” (to put it nicely) my middle name. I didn’t even put it on my wedding invitations, so for me to use it here is really a stretch.(Good thing it’s short!)
    G-Great collector of (guess what! FABRICS!!!!!!!)
    A-Always daydreaming of my next quilting project!
    Y-Yummy! I love to keep Dove chocolates next to my sewing machine to devour. What’s better than chocolate and quilting?

  60. How fun!
    M-I love Merry Christmas also happily married for 32 years! Time flies!!
    A-air headed at times
    R-resolved to not change my mind
    I-incredibly blessed
    E-easy, the type of quilts I like to do so a jelly roll would be great for me

  61. Hi, Love your shop. It’s my favorite and I have to tell everyone about it. Here’s my middle name for the game.

    S-sometimes silly, mostly sweet
    U-utterly in love with my DH
    E-Excessive amounts of fabric in my stash.

    For once having a short middle name came in handy

  62. I love word games so here goes:

    L — Legal — 30 years as a legal secretary:)
    Y — Young at heart
    N — Neat freak (everything organized and in its place)
    N — New techniques (I like to try new things)
    E — Ever optimistic (that I will someday finish all the projects I want to make:)

  63. Glad I have a shorter middle name, haha…

    L – Lickety-split! (That’s how fast I go from one new idea to another, and one unfinished project to another, haha)
    Y – Youthful — I may be getting older with each new day, but I think my fun spirit will always keep me young (even though I am still young, only just turned the big 3-0!)
    N – NOT Normal — I pride myself on being anything but average…
    N – Nutty-Buddies are my favorite ice cream treat, and I have eaten one every day this week!

  64. FQS is my Favorite Quilt site! This should be fun! Hi! My middle name is:
    A – A new business owner
    N – Nutty
    N – Nice
    E – Entertaining – Well, at least I love to!
    T – Totally insane
    T – Trying to squeeze in Quilting Time!
    E – Exhausted!

  65. I’m a Kimberly also with a short middle name…Kay.

    K- kindred spirit

    A- ambitious (lots of ambition but not enough time in the day!)

    Y- yesteryear (I’m obsessed with the civil war era and the fabric of course!)

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  66. I’m a Kimberly too….only with a different middle name 🙂

    Here goes….

    C – Compassionate (my grandmother ALWAYS said I was compassoniate and I guess I am…I have a big heart)
    L – Little (as in the little sister)
    A – Anal-retentive (okay, I said it, and I hate those words…but I admit it, I am. A little bit!)
    R – Realistic (I’m always the one to calm everyone down with my realistic opinions!)
    E – Easy going! (no explination needed!!)

  67. Hi! This is a fun contest–I didn’t do so well on the last one. My middle name is Irene so here goes:
    I-I love to quilt, paint, and shop!
    R-Red is one of my favorite colors
    E-Energetic-especially in the morning
    N-Nice- I am a nice person
    E-Easy to get along with most of the time:)

  68. Just found your blog…such fun!
    M – Married…for 22 years!
    A – Amazingly blessed
    R – Reliable
    I – Irreverent
    E – Easy going

  69. I will go with my original middle name (I changed to have my maiden name as my middle name when I got married.)
    C – Caring
    H – helpful
    R – right (ask my husband)
    I – I SPY – lover
    S – Sassy
    T – Timely
    I – Ink (I love to write)
    N – nice
    A – Amiable

  70. I have the same middle name and similar qualities so it will be difficult to come up with something different….

    A – Anti-Late. I am very against being late to somewhere (appointments, etc) that I
    generally leave the house 10-15 minutes earlier than I need to so that I can assure I won’t run into snags getting there (see 1st N)

    N – No sense of direction. I could not navigate to save my life. I have to have my husband help me the day before or first appointment so that I can not get lost and get flustered. (see 2nd N)

    N – Need Navigational System for my car. I am in desperate need of a navigational system even though I live on Oahu and you can generally get anywhere (barring traffic) in 30 minutes or less) and if you hit water, you have gone way too far.

  71. Here goes :

    S – Spendthrift
    H – Happy
    E – Easy to please
    R – Ready for anything which comes my way
    Y – Youthful – lol
    L – Loves to quilt!

    What fun!

    Doodlebug Gail

  72. D, I’m the oldest of 4 daughters.
    O, Oraganised, I’m very organised.
    R, Red Head!
    O, One at a timer.
    T, Hunney says I’m Thoughtful. 😉
    H, Hunney says I’m Honest.
    Y, Young at Heart.

    What a great game!

  73. Hi: Here goes.
    D Determined to get better at machine sewing
    E Energy-Wish I could bottle up all the extra my grandkids have
    N Nuts about the coming Fall-my favorite season
    I Intense at times–need to chill out
    S Stasher-love fat quarters, charms and now jelly rolls
    E Exercise-need more-water aerobics my favorite-helps with intense above

    This was fun.

  74. Kim, lucky me my middle name is very reasonable in length,

    M-for Merry, I am ussually happy
    A- I am Artistic, love to doodle
    R- Rarely without a project at hand
    I- for the roman numeral 1,I am a first born and born on the 1st!
    A- Addicted to dark chocolate!

  75. Kathy
    I don’t have a middle name but I always thought it would have been great to have been named after my Grandmother Ruth so

    R- Reliable
    U- Understanding
    T- Trusting
    H- Happily married to a wonderful man who enjoys my quilting almost as much as I do.

  76. This was fun. Here’s my info:

    A – Adventurous…if there’s a quilt shop within driving distance anywhere on my travels, then I’m there. My friends and I have even gone so far as to rank the cleanliness and decor of the shop bathrooms, and the friendliness of the staff.
    D – Devoted to quilting, even though I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like
    A – Appreciative of the hand arts, especially applique, which I love to do. I sometimes wish that I had been born in an era where women spent much of their days working at refining their handwork skills.
    I – Inspired, especially after guild show and tell, or a quilt show, by how many talented folks are out there.
    R – Retired (not yet, only in my mind), but I’ve got big plans! I’m waiting for the granny years (being one), and being able to snuggle up with the little ones with a quilt that I’ve made. Right now, I’m a responsible, hard working adult, and the only creativity in my job is massaging budget numbers (which is really like putting the pieces together to create something whole).

  77. My parents not only gave me a long first name…..they gave me a long middle name also…..
    C – coffee addict
    A – artistic
    R – recently retired ( after teaching Kindergarten for 28 years !!! )
    O – organized
    L – loving
    Y – yummy cook
    N – nana – Grandkiddos are the BEST!!!!!

  78. L loving
    Y yells sometimes
    N nice person
    E easily amused lol
    T tired alot
    T terrific friend
    E everyone’s friend

    neat way to do a contest 🙂
    xoxo melzie

  79. K – Kids, I have 4 of them
    A – Ann, my sister
    T – Teach, I homeschool
    H – Home, I work from home
    R – Read, I love to read
    Y – Yarn, I’m learning to knit
    N – Night Owl, I love stay up late

  80. Love visiting your website. Oh, this meme is hard work! Let’s see…
    A – Arthritis motivated me to learn to quilt by machine.
    R – Really missing our grandchildren who live so far away.
    L – Laughter is good medicine–I Like to Laugh!
    I – I’m inspired by all the wonderful qulters online.
    N – Nolting Hobby Quilter–love quilting with it.

    It’s fun reading throught the posts! Thanks for starting the game!
    E – Energized by the coming of cooler autumn weather.

  81. I am new to this Blog business.
    Hopefully it won’t take long to catch on. This is for the Middle
    Name game:

    A – addicted to fat quarters & fabric.
    N – nosy about what goes on at my
    office, and in my neighborhood.
    N – never enough time to quilt.

  82. Love this challenge!

    Here goes (I’m writing the first things that come to mind):

    D – Dog Lover
    I – Independent Spirit
    A – Always Need a Creative Outlet
    N – Never a Dull Moment
    E – Excellence (or some may say Perfectionist)

  83. Aileen B.
    I have a Hawaiian middle name, it means “my love”.

    K-kind hearted
    U-un-ending quilt projects to do
    U-lots of U.F.O’s…heehee (all my tops waiting to be sandwiched/quilted)
    A-always looking at new fabrics or projects
    L-loveable & loves to have a good laugh
    O-open minded
    H-hard working/healthy
    A-amusing sense of humor

  84. Hey, we’re just alike! My name is Kimberly Ann! Can I just steal yours? LOL! Oh, one difference–you have more fabric than I do. (Of course Vicky probably beats us both!) Okay, I’ll do my own:

    A – smart Alec! (didn’t say it HAD to be the FIRST letter!)

    N – naughty (sometimes)

    N – NOT a morning person (most of the time)

  85. Thanks for having the contest & letting me enter.

    M = Messy in my sewing room
    A = Applique
    X = xoxo
    I = Imagine
    N = Nosy
    E = Eager to learn new things

  86. What a fun little contest! My daughters MN is Camille so, of course I have to play. =)

    D-Die hard Fabric Fan
    A-Avid lover of Fabric
    W-Wild about Fabric
    N-Never Enough Fabric

    See a pattern? =)

  87. This is an interesting contest!
    G-generous to friends,family and causes
    I-interesting-love sharing my love of all crafts–currently quilting
    L-learner-still find things at 62 that I didn’t know before
    That wasn’t so bad!

  88. Hi fellow quilters!!Mines not too long so here it goes.

    A-Appriciative (I love every free time I get to sew!)
    N-Neat (I’m an aquarian,so I’m a neat freak!)
    N-Nice ( I believe what goes around comes around!)
    E-Energetic (My mind is visualizing my next project while I’m working on the current one!)

  89. Yes, I’m one of those that took my maiden name as my middle name, too
    C – Charming, my first husband would never have said that, but this, my
    husband, continually tells me I am 🙂
    A – amazing; even though I am disabled, I get an amazing amount of work
    R – riveted; when I start on a project, I get riveted to it
    T – tenacious; I tend to stick to a project and friends through thick
    and thin
    W – wired
    R- (w)rung out; at the end of a project, I’ve given everything and I’m
    wrung out
    I – inventive; another word for creative
    H – heart; I’m full of heart and caring for others
    T – thorough; I pay attention to the details

  90. M = Mature (65 y.o. this year) and proud of it.
    A = Antsy when starting a new project wanting to get it done.
    R = Rotund and I need to lose some of this.
    I = Intelligent although spelling is difficult for me.
    E = Easy going most of the time. Just don’t cross me.

  91. Do I get a prize for having the most unique middle name?!?! 🙂

    Z – Zippy (I’m 70 and going strong!)
    E – Entertaining (my daughter always says it’s never boring with me around!)
    L – Lavish (when it comes to quilting and fabrics…but then again, who isn’t?!)
    I – I wish my middle name had an H in it so I could say “Hum”. I hum ALL the time!!
    A – Agile (you should see me dance!)

  92. Oh,what fun! A chance to win free fabric! Here goes

    T–Tempted by every new pattern
    E–Energetic (most of the time)
    R–Retired and loving it
    I–I love fabric and contests!

  93. Oh,what fun! A chance to win free fabric! Here goes

    T–Tempted by every new pattern
    E–Energetic (most of the time)
    R–Retired and loving it
    I–I love fabric and contests!

  94. Oh,what fun! A chance to win free fabric! Here goes

    T–Tempted by every new pattern
    E–Energetic (most of the time)
    R–Retired and loving it
    I–I love fabric and contests!

  95. Oh what fun! a contest with free fabric!

    E-Eager to start new patterns
    R-Retired and loving it
    I-I love free fabric!

  96. My middle name is Ann, too!

    A – Autumn is my favorite season
    N – Natal day is today, September 10!
    N – Nightowl…I do my best work at night
    Love your online store and blog… Sally

  97. THis is fun!
    M – Mom, the best job I’ve ever had
    A – Animals, I love them
    R – Responsible
    I – Into quilting, knitting, golfing
    E – Easy going

  98. so glad for a short name!
    S-sinfully passionate about quilting!
    U- usually can find me in my studio or at my computer
    E- eager to try new things

    Thanks Kim for a great on-line store and your new blog!
    PS..my hubby likes your store too! Yeah for me! 🙂

  99. I love the Fat Quarter Shop. My given name way too long, no middle name, will use nickname

    P – Procrastinator, I good at this.
    E – Extrovert, I love people.
    N – Not a neat freak, not a slob
    N – Nice person on the most part
    Y – Yeah, I might win Moda’s “The

  100. Howdy!
    O—One of a kind
    I—I QUILT, therefore I am!
    S—SEW Serious
    PS, I look forward to my new jelly roll!!! 😉

  101. I hope this doesn’t post twice. I had to register a google account so I didn’t see my comment come up. So here goes again:

    M…Married 28 years
    R…Really love the fall season
    I…I love to win ANYTHING!
    E…Easy going/love to EAT

  102. I love this and The Fat Quarter shop and Kimberly for starting it!
    M- I’m a MERRY sort
    A- ARTISTIC, I love to create
    R- RESTFUL, I can put you to sleep
    G- GRATEFUL, I found quilting!
    A- ACCEPTING of who I am
    R- REDICULOUS, sometimes
    E- Easily EXCITED
    T- TRUSTING, sometimes get in trouble for this
    Thanks for reading about me.

  103. OK here we go

    L- I Laugh alot there is always humor to everything.
    E- I really Enjoy buying new fabric and projects.
    E- I’m usally running low on Energy, thats where caffine come’s in.

    That was fun!

  104. I followed the link to read about Joel Dewberry and here I am!

    L – laid-back
    Y – yarn-y. I love yarn and have way too much 🙂
    N – not neat – it’s part of the creative process, really!!!
    N – not afraid to try new things
    E – excited about new fabric!

  105. Hello – My middle name is Erika, and this looks like fun:

    E – Excited to be here- just found
    out about the Jolly Jabber !
    R – Reliable and Resilient – gotta
    be – got grandbabies.
    I – Impish – love to play pranks
    K – Keen interest in quilting, art
    and history
    A – Agreeable – well, most of the
    time – and adaptable

  106. L-Loves to collect Jolly Packs
    Y-Y not?
    N-Needs more fabric in my stash
    N-Never enough time to sew!

    Kimberly. Thanks for making your site such an exciting place to visit. I’ve been loyal since the beginning and look forward to your emails. Nicole

  107. M – I’m a Mother
    A – We celebrated our 43rd Anniversary in August
    R – Reliable and dependable
    I – I love to quilt. It relaxes me.
    E – Okay, I’m Excited because jelly rolls turn me on

  108. ok here goes:

    A- Always ready for a quilt retreat

    N- Noisy, I like to laugh

    N- Never too old to learn new techniques

    E- Every finished quilt is a blessing!
    Thanks, this was fun! Mari Anne

  109. I love your blog – keep up all the fun>
    C – Country girl
    A – Athletic (well, sort of)
    R – Ready to sew almost always
    O – Outgoing
    L – Love to laugh
    Y – Young at heart
    N – Nice

  110. R – real fast typist
    O – orange u glad u are playing this
    S – sometimes silly
    E – excited nerves when driving over a bridge at the same time they are moving a modular home…

  111. J – “Just in Time” I’m always procrastinating just enough to put the pressure on, and my quilts are made “Just in Time”.

    A – Able to make anything I see.

    N – Nifty! I find ways to use things in ways they were not intended to be used. Like the time I made a large purse that needed a long zipper, which I took off of one of those plastic zip-around folders from the dollar store.

    E – Efficient – I always find a use for everything. The plastic from the folders mentioned above became templates for applique shapes.

  112. My middle name is Mae, after my Mom’s youngest sister.
    M-I’m a Mom
    A-I’m an Aunt
    and last but not least
    E-I’m an easy-going Grandma and Great Grandma.