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Hello Betty and Something New…

We would like to welcome a “newcomer” to Fat Quarter Shop… Hello Betty! (Sure, wave if you want. Just imagine someone waving back!)

Ok, so it’s not really a person so much as a…fabric line from Moda by Chloe’s Closet. But it’s still full of personality, and we couldn’t let Miss Betty slip by unnoticed.

Hello Betty is a rather large line of sixty (count ’em, 6-0!) Retro and 1930s-inspired prints, reminiscent of diners, ice cream trucks, and the Jitterbug. The colors range from bright pink, teal, mint, and cornflower blue to rusty oranges, blacks, browns, and red. The prints have everything, from ditsies to dots, so you’re covered, whatever you need.

If you’re hesitant about mixing the two eras, they are also available in separate Retro and 1930s Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns, and Fat Quarter Bundles. (Haven’t tried a Honey Bun yet? Try one, they’re cute!)

Need ideas for Hello Betty projects?

Here’s a great classic halter apron called Daily Spice from Heather Bailey. Always flattering and in style, and it screams retro!
And hmm…doesn’t that fabric in Thimble Blossoms Dainty table runner pattern look awfully familiar? 😉 Thanks for making it easy, Camille!

Check out Hello Betty, and let us know what you do with it! Better yet, SHOW us!

I can’t help but be reminded of a certain someone when I look at these fabrics. I can hear him now:

“Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!”
And finally finally finally! We’ve got something else that is new around here, and we can’t wait to show you what it is!!! (Once again, it’s not a person.) Anyone care to guess what it is??


  1. hmm that is quite intriguing. Animals have been guessed and notions and a new fabric line…that leaves several possibilities….maybe a new BOM?