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Heartspun Quilts, Portland and Beyond

Pam Buda from Heartspun Quilts shares with us her experience of starting her own pattern company and her first bout at Market. Read up, share your thoughts, and be sure to check out her patterns at Fat Quarter Shop!

Just some thoughts about quilting, girlfriends, family and the wonder that is the creative process…

When Kimberly asked me to write a blog, I confidently said yes! I had been thinking about writing one, so I thought why not?! Truth be told, it was only 6 short months ago when one of my best friends, Lynn, said “you really needed to have a blog”. Wow, I thought, a blog? I wonder what kind of sewing notion is called a blog? It must really be something if she thinks I need this! Needless to say, Lynn once again dragged me a bit further into the 21st Century, explaining what a blog is. Who knew? I live a rather sheltered life, focusing on what is new in fabrics, and quilting and what’s going on at the shops where I teach. And it’s a happy sheltered life, no complaints here! The fun thing is that through blogging, I can meet other quilters just like me, who… dare I say, are fixated on fabric and quilting and are living perfectly happy lives…albeit technology challenged! So, let’s get to know one another…

I’m turning the big 5 0hhhh this month, a birthday I welcome. I’m perfectly OK with this as my life is getting better with each passing year. I live in a suburb of Chicago and have lived here all my life. It’s a wonderful place to live. That makes me a lover of the four seasons…Christmas fabric, pastel & spring fabric, summer’s full assortment of fabric and autumn fabric. What can I say…it’s in my blood! I have two children; Nicole who is 23 and Ryan who is weeks away from 17. (Lord, give me strength). Ed is the man who signed up to see me through all that life has in store. So far, he’s served 29 years of his life sentence.

About 18 months ago, I decided to fulfill my heart’s desire to take the quilts I designed and start a pattern company. I set my sights on Spring Quilt Market in Portland, 2008. I packed suitcases and patterns and boxes and quilts and my two best friends and off we went. It was a wonderful adventure and I had no idea what would happen there.

With 14 new quilt patterns I decided a double booth was needed to properly display them. My friends, Nancy and Lynn (you’ll be hearing a lot from me about girlfriends in the future as I think they are among our greatest gifts) worked with me to arrange my booth. I think it looked great. What do you think?

I was so excited when Market opened on Friday morning. There I was for all the world to see. Yikes! What would be the next chapter in my big adventure? I was very lucky when I was visited by Kimberly and Debbie from the Fat Quarter Shop within the first hour on Friday morning. I could hardly believe what they were saying! They were interested in my patterns and writing this blog and more fun opportunities coming soon! And it went on from there. I met so many wonderful shop owners and other talented pattern designers. I saw the new yummy fabrics coming to all of us in the near future and it got my creative wheels humming. I had a great time in Portland and my new little business is off to a terrific start. (That’s Nancy & Lynn in the photo!)

Quilt Market was fun, but I was glad to be back home. I can unpack, fill orders and begin the new chapter in my adventure called: Spring Market is over – Time to Get To Work! I’ve already logged some serious design time on Electric Quilt for projects that were inspired by the new fabrics I saw. As I look out the window, the garden is wondering when the flowers will be planted, the family wants to see the new Indiana Jones movie and my other best friend, Bernina, is wondering when I can spend some time with her. And, ya know, it’s all good. A life where boredom is as much as mystery as the internet! What more could I ask for? I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, wishing you peace while piecing.
Pam Buda
Heartspun Quilts


  1. Pam – Congratulations! You, your booth and your beautiful quilts were a hit at market. I can’t wait until Houston when we can visit again. Those after show chats were the best part of market. Keep in touch.

  2. I surel enjoyed reading your post. I’d like to be quilt lady like you when I grow up — course I’m already 5 ohhhhh 4. ugh.

    You were funny — very entertaining. Good luck with your new endeavor.

  3. Hey
    Great to spend time with you, loved your booth and your quilts, nice to compare notes – seeing as we are both rookies when it comes to setting up at market – You were great – be seeing you.

  4. I picked up your Suffragette pattern at IQF – Chicago and have nearly finished piecing it. Excellent instructions and a really simple quilt that looks like so much more went into it! I love this quilt and can’t wait to get it quilted (alas, it won’t be done in time for the 4th of July).

  5. Pam, I saw your trunk show at the Shop Hop In Loveland this weekend. You were fantastic,I only have 2 regrets.1. My sidekick and best friend missed you because she was at home nursing a broken toe, and 2. I didn’t have a pen when you told us how we were all addicts. I thought that was sooo funny and true, I was hoping you can send me a copy of it so I can share it with “Broken Toe”. She is really more addicted than I am. In fact we have made her the president of our local quilters annonymis. There is only about 4 members, but that is all right ,who REALLY wants to be “cured” anyways.

  6. Hi Beckie, her BFF "Broken Toe" & all the wonderful quilters in the Loveland area! I enjoyed meeting each & every one of you and had a great time. I'm so glad you came to see me!!! I will be writing a new blog entry for the Fat Quarter Shop very soon, and will include some of my thoughts on being a quilt addict. How's that?? Please tell BFF BT that I hope she's feeling better soon. Thanks Beckie and stay tuned to the Fat Quarter Shop! Pam Buda/Heartspun Quilts