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Heart and Soul by Whimsicals for Red Rooster Fabrics

There is something in Terri Degenkolb’s new line for Red Rooster Fabrics, Heart and Soul, that just calls to you. I don’t know if it’s the combination of rich, dusty colors that remind me of an old sepia-washed photograph, or the fanciful little butterflies, angels and beautiful quote prints…but it draws you in to keep looking, reading, and sighing! The sweetness is balanced out with elegant and sophisticated stripes and florals. Today we’re happy to welcome Terri of Whimsicals to the Jolly Jabber for the first time!

I am very much a “create as I go” person. When I start designing, whether it is a quilt or a fabric line, I rarely have a plan or a final design in mind.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, many times I don’t even have a general plan! But I’ll sit down and just start messing around with things, doodle a little something, and see where it takes me.

So, when I designed Heart and Soul, there were these little words that kept floating around in my head… secrets… whispers… moments.. They seemed so soft and subtle, like they were floating on a breeze. I could picture little butterflies and angels floating right along with them. I thought of all those wonderful muted shades of the Japanese fabrics that I love.

I jotted down little phrases that came to mind, began doodling, and so began the creation of Heart and Soul.

I wanted to try something a little different, with a soft feel and warm shades of browns and grays, yet still with a style that teeters on the line between folk art and traditional, something that looked aged and loved, yet in a fresh new way. And I knew that I did not want to do another large panel print. So, by creating the allover print with the patchwork squares, along with the large border stripe, I believe there are so many more options for using the fabric. You can cut each of the squares out to use in the center of a block, or cut a long strip to make a border. If you like, use only a part of the stripe for segments in a block, or use it as a whole piece in the center of a quilt.

As is the case for many designers, I have already moved on to the next fabric line and the next book, which (I hope) will be revealed in May. I’m revisiting the darker shades that I love so much, but have added a punch of red! However, I would love to see how Heart and Soul has inspired you and how you have used it in your own projects! Send me a note, send me pictures, and keep in touch with what I’m up to by visiting my blog Whimsicals Threads and soon-to-be-redone website Whimsicals!

Terri Degenkolb
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