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Happy Holidays from Holly Holderman!

Take some time out from your last minute holiday shopping to catch up with Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods! She’s here today to discuss her big plans for 2011 and announce an awesome fabric giveaway … read on for details to get in on the free fabric.

This Holiday Season, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I wanted to celebrate just a little bit with Kimberly and her Fat Quarter Shop devotees…

Early next year, I’ll be taking a bit of a sabbatical from the frigid east coast winters and hot humid summers and will temporarily relocate my studio to sometimes rainy, but mostly sunny Marin County California. I need a change of scenery and a locale that will inspire me to do new, great things…

Since the first time I laid eyes on Sunset magazine my mother brought home after a trip to San Francisco, I knew that California was for me. I’ll be moving into much smaller quarters, so I have a lot of fabric that needs to find good homes, as I downsize my studio on the east coast. Please visit me at my blog by clicking here and tell me why I should send you “a little bundle of joy” for your endeavors. Entice me with your words and deeds, oh fabric friends…

I’ll donate a USPS flat rate Priority Mail box of LakeHouse fabric goodies for those of you who can convince me that my fabric belongs in your stash.

Make your case gals, and make it good, really good!





  1. Now you will be closer to my side of the world. Congrats to you and wishing you a safe trip to CA. I know you will just love it. As far as stash goes…I am sure there are lots of people who could really use stash giving this economy. Who ever gets some from you will be real appreciative I am sure. Wishing you and yours a wonderful December and a Blessed 2011. Wow it is almost here. How fast this year went.

  2. I get tempted to move to a warmer place, but I would have to come back and when it is too warm. I prefer cold to too hot.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.


  3. Moving to California how wonderful. I'm sitting here in Western PA,in the snow belt, listening to the howling winds while watching the snowflakes coming down. I can already tell it's going to be a long winter with lots of time to quilt!!! Merry Christmas

  4. Wow! What a change… It might be too drastic of a shift for your entire stash to make the transition all at once, though. If you want to send a small stash ahead to scout it out and start making the adjustment, I'll take good care of them, give them a little time on the beach, etc… Welcome! You'll love it in CA!!!

  5. The Hugs Ministry I head up makes quilts and pairs them with stuffies. We then give them to the local fire department for kids in crisis situations. I would love to add some of your stash to our stash.

  6. Welcome to Wonderful Marin!!! It is so captivating…We transplanted here 5 years ago. It is definitely inspiring. Please feel free to email me about Marin etc. We can always use another fabric devotee–lol!!

  7. The only place nicer than Marin in California is San Juan Bautista, where I live. My stash has lots and lots of Lakehouse fabrics in it and would love to have some added. The Totes on Bolts just came to live here and they are lonely for their cousins.

  8. What a fun move! I bet your fabric stash loves moving to new places. It would feel soooo at home here in my craft room. I would take it out and play with it every day. I would keep it out of the bright sun, so the colors stay bright and true. And what fun new fabric would have making friends with my fabric. Why the different combos and quilt ideas would be amazing!! I would even let the my thread in on the party, to make sure they match well and get along. New fabric is like Christmas every day. And if I have an addiction, collecting fabric is a good one to have! So feel confident that any donated fabric will have a good home here in Utah. 🙂

  9. Hey, Im an east coast girl myself. Straight from Elkton, Md. Have been to Ca. too, loved it.
    We now live in Southern West Virginia.
    I just taught myself to sew this year. I have been making purses.
    I don't have but a small stash of material and WOULD LOVE to have a bigger stash.
    My husband gave me a new sewing machine for Christmas. My old machine I received for Christmas when I was in the sixth grade, that was in 1976!!!! This year is really the first time I have sewn on it. A few times before were just attempts that did not go very well.
    I would Love to have new material to use with my new machine. Have fun in Cally. Thanks, Lesa P. gmplmp52 at frontiernetdot net

  10. Hi!
    I posted on your blog about my giving ways…
    I give for our Dragon Boat team ( a sport from ancient China but adapted for breast cancer survivors to use their arm where lymph nodes were removed (for biopsy to mark how far cancer cells had travelled). I also make and donate most of my quilts to others, including family, community events and community charities!
    Thanks for your donations to our causes!
    Take care, Leslie

  11. As I live in England I'm not going to try and convince you that your fabric belongs in my stash cupboard even though it really, really does but good luck with the move and enjoy the sunshine.

  12. Home is where your heart is. You house may sit in Ca and the home maybe in a different state. That is a okay, Stash is usally happy to be with you and will follow . I hear my stash calling me daily and sometimes it screams for more company. You know there is always that one piece we have to go and buy because the ones you have do not want to play with the others sooooo so maybe this bundle would save me a trip Thanks patty pat

  13. I love your beautiful fabrics and will put your "bundle of joy" to good use in 2011. Our family will have a wedding this year (my daughter's) as well as expecting two bundles of joy of our own (one niece is pregnant and another is waiting to adopt)! I also sew quilts for charity through my small quilt group.
    If I win some of your fabric, it will put to good use!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. My oldest daughter is leaving with a friend to move to California today, we live in Texas and it seems far away. I wish you all the luck and happiness when you get there. Your fabric is so bright and cheery, it puts a smile on my face on an otherwise sad day. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. I love your fabrics! The pinks and oranges are so yummy. I have lived in California all my life and think it's a great place to live. I would love some of your fabric for me and my daughter in law who is learning to sew. Welcome to California!

  16. Congratulations on the move to CA! I would love to go to a warmer climate for a sabbatical/holiday/forever …

    I would love to win your fabric, because I love your cheery bright colours! Starting today, I'm on a fabric diet, but winning doesn't count … I think I could make some wonderful quilts and gifts for next Christmas. I've just used your blue gingham as a binding and it is sooo perfect. I also am finishing up a project with your orange ric-rac …

    Thank you for the giveaway and Happy New Year!