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Happy Fall + Giveaway!

The heat’s dying down and it’s time for Fall 
Can’t you hear that redecorating and the holidays call? 
The leaves are changing from green to red 
And it’s time to put some more quilts on your bed! 
We’re writing for one reason 
To welcome this new season 
It’s the first day of Fall 
And we want to celebrate with ya’ll 
You could win some dollars 
If you just leave us some hollers 
So just do as I say 
If you want to play: 
Write a couple rhyming lines 
Hurry though, you don’t have much time 
Use any word from below 
Discover your creative flow 
Write a funny poem 
Maybe about a gnome? 
We’ll read them all 
It’ll be a ball 
Then we’ll choose three lucky ducks 
To win Fat Quarter Shop bucks 
If you win you’ll be happy 
Despite the fact that this poem is so crappy 
This giveaway won’t last 
So you better be fast 
Write your short rhyming verse 
And possibly add to your purse!
Simply write a rhyming poem incorporating a word from below, then leave your poem as a comment on this post for your chance to win one of three amazing prizes! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!
This contest closes exactly one week from post date.


  1. Fall has arrived.
    It's the best time of year.
    Colorful leaves, pumpkin pie
    Making quilts with friends
    Are what I hold dear.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year,
    The kids are back in school, it's time to drink beer.
    With the kids at school,
    Instead of us at the pool,
    All day I can quilt,
    Without any guilt.
    Quilting is so relaxing,
    Instead of summer heat which is taxing.
    Quilting and my kids are my two great loves,
    They both fit me just like gloves.

  3. Fall is here, finally some relief.
    Here in Texas the rain has been brief.
    So what I've done is stay in and quilt
    Instead of going out where I would surely wilt.
    Thanks to FQS my credit card is on fire
    but hubby is great so there is no ire!

    *and this is a stupid poem!* but was fun! LOL

  4. While most of the country is seeing changing leaves
    And putting their arms in warm sleeves
    Florida is not experiencing this at all
    Because the heat and sun continues in the Fall.

    thank you for a chance to win and remember….I'm not a poet!

  5. Well, I'm not great at making rhymes
    but I do love the smell of apples cider and homemade pie.
    Sewing,quilting and fabric shopping with friends these are the things that put a sparkle in this mama's eye.
    The season of fall brings leaves, cooler weather and smells of all kinds, but what makes me happiest are the moments spent my family and I.

  6. I used to love my sweaters
    but now I'm always hot!
    Being of a certain age
    I love my sweaters not!
    So now I leave my sweaters
    in a little cardboard box!

  7. Én vagyok a legelső
    Ez nagyon felemelő!
    Íme itt egy versike,
    Megnézzük hát érted-e?
    A Te hazád Amerika,
    A lehetőségek országa,
    Én viszont Magyar vagyok,
    Az én csillagom itt ragyog!
    Amerikai szövetet nyerni?
    Ezt szeretném én megérni!

    I am the first
    It's very uplifting!
    Here is a rhyme,
    So you look at it?
    America is your house,
    A country of opportunities,
    But I'm Hungarian,
    My shining star in!
    American fabrics to win?
    This I want to survive!

    I can not rhyme with English? Fun game!

  8. Apple cider can't compare
    To Little Apples fabric flair.
    A pumpkin pie is quite the thrill
    But Pumpkin Kona better still.
    Fall colors and the changing leaves…
    I want to win some fabric, please!

  9. I'll pick a pattern
    for a jack-o-lantern
    for a quilt to
    adorn my wall.
    While the leaves are blowing,
    I'll take pride in knowing
    we're all warm and cozy
    wrapped up warm against the chill.

  10. The leaves fall off the trees,
    The flowers disappear, as do the bees.
    The colours of the season change,
    Crunchy orange leaves in the lanes.
    The festive season is drawing near,
    Hurry up and get that crafty Christmas to-do list cleared!

  11. This time of year makes me a little sad,
    Because I know that soon the weather will be bad.
    But there are many good things that we get to do,
    Before we get hit with the dreaded flu.
    Apple picking, pumpkin choosing, and pie making are just a few.
    This poem writing thing was kind of hard to do!

  12. I love Apple Cider,
    but I don't like Spiders.

    I would enjoy a Hay Ride,
    if the straw didn't stick in my side.

    And this is how I feel about fall today,
    my brain is a jumble in a silly way;)


  13. An interesting contest for this time of year
    When hayrides and jack-o-lanterns are seen far and near
    The leaves are turning bright shades of orange and red
    Providing inspiration for a quilt for my bed

  14. Autumn comes but once a year,
    Bringing things we hold so dear.
    Apple cider, pumpkin pie
    Halloween, you can’t deny!
    Changing leaves of gold and red,
    Early to rise and quick to bed!
    A festive quilt and sweaters cozy
    A hayride makes my cheeks all rosy!
    Jolly Jabber, you’re just so great,
    to win your prize, I just can’t wait!
    (well, hopefully anyway!)

  15. Let's not have a post-mortem
    About whether it's fall or autumn.
    Is it jumper or is it sweater?
    Either can be worn you betcha
    Because wherever you are and the leaves turn
    A passion for all things quilty we yearn.

    (My English teacher would be turning in her grave now if she could read this!)

  16. Autumn Hayride

    The wagon was filled to the hilt
    With children wearing pants, dresses and even a kilt,
    They all sat in the middle so the wagon wouldn't tilt
    And to keep warm stayed under the quilt

  17. The instructions say to pick only one
    But sewers who follow rules don't have as much fun

    Especially when there's so much fabric for which to shop
    and the colorful fall LEAVES are just starting to drop

    A FESTIVE JACK-O-LANTERN QUILT would be such a thrill
    to use on a Hallows Eve HAYRIDE when there's many a chill

    APPLE CIDER and SWEATERS is what everyone will want
    to help warm up after a spooky hayride jaunt!

    Even a slice of warm apple PIE ala mode
    would complete a FESTIVE trip down a dark haunted road!

    After all that, the glow of the Fat Quarter Shop site
    will help any quilter recover from the frights of the night!

  18. The season upon us is fall, don you know?
    With quilts, apple cider and leaves all aglow.
    Pull out the sweaters for this festive season
    And bake up some pies! Its such a good reason
    Or maybe a hayride to mark to occasion
    Carving a Jack-o Lantern is for children behaving.
    For The reds, and browns and oranges that pop,
    Get your supplies at the Fat Quarter Shop.

  19. Sweaters, a quilt, and apple cider
    Warm and cozy, but a crazy rider
    The festive haydride goes bump-diddy-bump
    On the ruts and leaves oh my what a thump!
    I want to be by the fire with my friends, and pie,
    A jack-o-lantern and a sigh

  20. Here in paradise, the seasons don’t change
    Temperatures do vary slightly in range
    Leaves do fall because they are dead
    Sweaters are worn, sometimes in red
    I’m trying to write a poem so I could win some dollars
    But nothing comes to mind that gives a holler
    I love to buy fabric to add to my stash
    But too many times, it takes away my cash
    I soon hope to sew a holiday quilt
    That won’t give me any guilt
    Jolly Jabber give me a win
    So I can enjoy pie and apple cider
    And my days will feel much brighter!

  21. it's officially fall
    which means it's time
    to find the sweaters
    you left behind

    put away flip flops
    pack up summer dresses
    collect hats and scarves
    and clean up your messes

    eat pumpkin pie
    and sit by the fire
    with a cup of hot chocolate
    and friends to admire

    while fall is pretty
    the transition from summer
    to the cold of winter
    can be a bummer

    but cook comfort food
    and put on a sweater
    and you might feel
    warm against weather

    so let's all be ready for fall
    cause it's my favourite season of all!

  22. Won't you go on a hayride with me
    Lots of pretty leaves we will see
    In our pretty fall sweaters and quilts we will be so warm
    Until the yellow jackets start to swarm


  23. Fall is here!
    I am excited, want to know why?
    It's the season cider and pumpkin pie!
    A time to be festive,
    To sit back, be reflective.
    A season of hayrides cuddled under a quilt,
    With a love that time has built.
    Of jack-o-lanterns, sweaters, and leaves,
    And farmers bringing in the sheaves.
    Who knew how a game of rhyme
    Would end up being so divine!

  24. In the fall, the cold winds blow
    Bringing nearer thoughts of snow.
    Delicious turkey, apple pies,
    Children dressed in disguise.
    Warm maple syrup, cinnamon,
    Piles of leaves for jumping in.
    Putting quilts upon our beds,
    Wearing toques upon our heads.
    Shorter days, and Northern lights
    Canada's autumn is a beautiful sight!

    Goodness me, I haven't written a poem since I was in school!! Hope I win for all that effort lol!!

  25. With the shortening of the days and the turning of the leaves,
    people go about with rosy cheeks and lengthened sleeves,
    rich scents and colors make for an atmosphere thats festive,
    while cozy fires in snug homes makes for spirits that are rested,
    this season that is so beautiful to behold
    is autumn rich and bold.

  26. I carved myself a jack-o-lantern.
    My kids said he looked quite stern.
    So I put him in some festive sweaters
    and glued on him a head of feathers.
    To improve his mood we ate good food
    and drank a swig of apple cider,
    in which they put fake spiders.
    Then I took him on a hayride
    and snuggled him by my side.
    The sky was raining leaves
    and my pumpkin said, "Please,
    Can we get off this ride
    and go inside?
    I'd really like some pie."
    Once inside he began to tilt,
    so I propped him up with my newly made quilt.
    From the window we watched the sky
    and all the witches riding by.

  27. Sweaters, hayrides, apple pie
    leaves are changing in the sky
    this is fall changes for most
    but now is a quilters time to boast

    Time to bring out oranges and greens
    reds & yellows, purples and creams
    lets show off our wonderfull hobby
    with quilts to hang in the lobby

    Now is the chance for me to win
    It sure would make me grin
    and get my husband off my back
    when the last bill came he almost had a heart attack

  28. What does Fall mean to me?
    Changing colours, falling leaves . . .
    Baking, canning, batches of pies,
    Fill the freezer, I like to try.
    Buy some fabric, plan some quilts,
    See my stash, not an ounce of guilt.
    Fieldtrips to the Pumpin Patch,
    Oh yes, smells like Fall at last!

    Thanks for the chance!

  29. In fall the leaves all turn yellow
    This I suppose should make me feel mellow
    But fall makes me sad every year it is true
    I'm longing for spring and for flowers that are blue
    I should take out some fabric and sew for awhile
    I'm sure that will put on my face a big smile

  30. The crisp Autumn wind bellows in, closing summer for all.

    The leaves change as they age into their more beautiful and festive colors!

    The wind tugs the leaves from their branches and swirls them like lovers.

    Oh to be carefree!

  31. Fall is here, Fall is here!
    My very most favorite time of the year!
    Time for pumpkin bread and apple cider,
    Won't worry till Spring 'bout my hips getting wider.
    Big sweaters and jackets can hide many sins,
    This poem is silly, but I sure hope it wins!

  32. Roses are red, violets are blue.. I LOVE FALL how about you?

    Little Jill Horner sat in a corner eating her pumpkin pie. Along came a spider and sad down beside her and said.. mmmmmmmmmm pumpkin pie.

  33. Apple cider, apple cider
    Apple cider sounds like spider!
    Spider, spider
    Under my bed
    I shall now hide my head.
    Under quilts my head does'nt show,
    But I tell you now
    That spider must go!
    Mmmmmmm, apple cider.

    sowingstitches (at) yahoo (dot) com

  34. Spiced apple cider
    And giant black spiders
    Come 'round once a year
    So never you fear
    The weather is cooler
    Grab your needles and rulers
    Southbound geese sound their call
    Welcome back, Fall!

  35. Fall is my season,
    The color's the reason.
    The frost on the ground,
    the leaves swirling round,
    Make me want to dance.

    I quilt all the year round,
    My fabric stash grows in leaps and bounds,
    Quilts in rich fall hues,
    Golds, oranges, rusts, reds and blues,
    It's autumn year round by choice not by chance.

  36. Apple cider, pumpkin pie
    This rhyming thing is worth a try
    To win a gift certificate
    So I can make some quilts with it.

  37. You say you like fall
    The best of all
    Hayrides and jack-o-lanterns can be fun
    But cold weather only makes my nose run.
    My favorite season is really spring
    'Cause I'm just a quilting ding-a-ling!

  38. My favorite time of year is fall;
    for many different reasons.
    the LEAVES turn colors (QUILTers love that!)
    sweaters get worn (and scarves and hats!
    it's a lot of people's favorite season!

    There's APPLE PIE and CIDER too!
    and HAYRIDES (that go right past my house!
    The fall is FESTIVE, sleep gets restive,
    and many JACK-O-LANTERNS to view!

  39. I'm goin' on a hayride
    to see the fall leaves.
    I'm goin' on a joyride,
    to see what I can see
    I bought some apple cider
    and a pumpkin pie,
    I'll hang my halloween spide
    and hunt for mums to buy.
    I'm pulling out my sweaters
    and my warm weather quilts,
    Fall can't get any better,
    Wool sure fits the bill!
    I'll make my jack-o-lantern,
    and what I wouldn't give,
    for a new sewing pattern
    to make my house more festive!

  40. With turkeys and pumpkins,
    The Fall months are festive.
    My quilting awaits and I
    think that it's best if
    I accept that the housework
    and cooking may slide,
    As I sip on some cider
    Or enjoy a hay ride!

  41. Pumpkin, apple, cherry
    pecan, lemon and blueberry

    All of them were oh so yummy
    but now a bad feeling in my tummy

    I dont want to lie
    I ate to much pie

    I need to lay under my quilt
    until I feel better from this guilt

  42. Autumn has come, time for hot apple cider
    For hayrides on All Hallows Eve
    I’ll dress as Miss Muffett with a spider beside her
    And jump in a huge pile of freshly raked leaves
    It’s Autumn! I love it. No weather is better
    For gathering my family, a quilt and some pie
    I’ll put on my favorite nubbly sweater
    And we’ll sit on the porch, watching neighbors stroll by.

    What a fun challenge. Thanks for the chance to strain my creative muscles in a new way!

  43. The scents of Autumn fill the air –
    pumpkins, leaves, apple cider.
    I'm my mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind,
    She can't choose colors without me beside her.
    PS: Please cut me some slack; I'm a Siberian Husky.

  44. rake the falling leaves, carve a jack-o-lantern
    wrap up in a quilt and go on a hayride
    in beautiful downtown seward.
    a bonfire on the beach, serve apple cider and pumpkin pie,
    have a festive time at the bay side
    of beautiful downtown seward

  45. Fall is here, see the leaves?
    I need to clean the eves.
    Laughter is in the air,
    We make quite the pair.
    Sit down and enjoy some pie,
    Your smile doesn't lie,
    Autumn has arrived.

  46. Fall makes me restive
    Because the colors are so festive.
    The smell of pumpkin pie
    makes me think I just might die;
    But making a new quilt will relieve me of the guilt.

  47. When I see the autumn leaves
    falling from the trees and the winter weather is not far behind.

    Stitching, sewing, and quilting help to pass the time.

    And a cup of hot apple cider is just the thing
    to help me face the winter until it is spring.

  48. Autumn colored leaves on the trees
    A new soup simmering on the stove
    92 days til Christmas! OH GEEZ!
    Into creating, quilting and making I dove.

    There’s cooler weather outside
    Soon an extra hour of time
    Online with Fat Quarter Shop and my last dime
    to make the holidays special for this family of mine.

  49. Jack o Lantern sighed as he sat all alone and sipped on his apple cider,
    "I'm tired," he moaned, "I'm worked to the bone.
    "Could I have the piece of pie now Der?"
    Mom Lantern gave a quick nod
    though she was holding a wad
    of leaves
    ready for pinning
    to the quilt that she'd hung
    and the garlands she'd strung to make her booth festive and winning.
    "When you're through bellyaching, grab a sweater, we're taking
    a hayride for fun and relaxing.
    You've helped me , it's true and I'm nearly, almost through but it's got to be perfect, my booth for Quilt Market."

  50. Fall is the best time of year.
    It brings so much holiday cheer.

    Pumpkin, turkeys, & sweaters galore!
    I love to hang wreaths on my door.

    Fall is the best time of the season.
    Just make sure to wear your gloves!
    Fall weather can be freezin'!

  51. This is going to be fun!

    When leaves fly by
    On a hayride with pie
    It's jack-o-lantern time
    With apple cider sublime
    So to the studio we go
    To make festive quilts grow
    While fall rains make us wetter
    Do make use of that sweater
    Add one more quilt to your stack
    When our fabric we attack
    Then back to the FQ Shop
    To buy for fabric with a plop

  52. Autumn brings us apple cider,
    Jack-O-Lanterns and maybe a spider.
    Pumpkin pie is sure to please.
    I love fall with it's glorious leaves!

    Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  53. On a hayride with friends wearing sweaters and leaves

    Pickin’ seeds from jack o lanterns and spittin’ in the breeze

    We’re off to make quilts, please don’t cry

    When we arrive home, we’ll eat a festive pie

  54. I perceive now the leaves they are fallin.

    Time for sweaters & hayrides & pollen.

    But nay, nay I say without any guilt.

    I'd much rather stay in and quilt!

    WHAT FUN! Thanks – I already like yu on FB.

  55. OK, I confess
    I'm an intruder here.
    Not from the US,
    But I hold fabric dear.

    My husband (bless him!)
    tolerates my obsession with quilts.
    we can't move for cotton,
    But i'm still racked with guilt.

    I'd make him a sweater
    Just to say ' thanks, sweety pie'
    But I really should know better
    He'd just prefer pie!

  56. Oh my, what can I write –
    Jack-o-lanterns and fright nights?
    Something funny or something grand,
    perhaps about our beautiful land.
    Apple cider and pumpkin pie,
    delight the senses & please the eye
    Sharing with friends one and all
    festive traditions great or small.

  57. The wonder of apples-cider, cakes and pie,
    Which one do I choose, my oh my;
    It's time for these apples, my favorite season is fall,
    What treat to make first, I love them all!

  58. Well, i like what the girls before me said so i thought it best to get out of bed. I have many quilts that await me here, some spring some winter some summer and fall. Oh dear, how will i finish them all? Now we are coming on a new season and my thoughts are turning for this reason. All the new fabric, they are so nice. Quilting, quilting, it is my vice!

  59. I used them all, but it doesn't rhyme perfectly… do I at least get an A for Effort? 😉
    Thanks for the fun!

    In the Autumn~~~

    I will drink apple cider
    While watching the spider
    That's crawling on my sweater
    Knowing I should do better
    At working on my quilt
    Without any guilt.

    But taking the kids on a hayride
    With all the fun it will provide
    While the leaves
    Fall from the trees
    As we carve a jack-o-lantern
    And bake a pumpkin pie
    All that joy, I just can't deny!

  60. When the moon is full
    and it's frosty outside
    nothing's more fun
    than an old fashioned hayride
    Under a quilt snuggle hubby and I
    The stars look so bright
    up in the night sky
    Summer is gone and winter is near
    But for right now Autumn is here

  61. Fall is in the air
    Leaves about to turn
    Smell of apple pie
    Baked,but not burned

    Cooler nights arrive
    Jack-o-lanterns near
    Into a quilt I dive
    And snuggle with my dear

  62. What a happy time to eat apple pie, pumpkins and quilts to make, it all makes me sigh..The perfect time to drink apple cider, and be thankful for Fall …watch out, there's a spider!!

  63. (Thanks for an amazing giveaway – good luck, everyone!)

    Fall is now here
    And everything's festive
    Yet I can't help but feel
    Just a little bit restive.

    Hot apple cider
    And warm pumpkin pie –
    Both of them bring
    A sweet tear to my eye.

    Snuggles under a quilt
    My dear grandmother made
    Brings up memories
    Of long-ago holidays.

  64. Fall season is festive.
    People are restive.
    Forests of colorful leaves
    often layers eaves.

    Pies give off lovely smells.
    Jack-o-Lanterns lose their cells.
    A hayride in the cold
    and quilts are used to cover the old.

    Sweaters, Sweatshirts and coats
    starts the season for sore throats.
    Warm Apple Cider drunk
    will ease the funk.

    {No, I didn’t say a bad word.
    This poem just turned absurd.}

  65. In the fall we roll down our sleeves,
    Go back to school and rake the leaves,
    We enjoy some nice hot apple cider,
    and admire the web of the garden spider,
    So many things to like about fall,
    It really is the best season of all!

  66. Oh my, oh my,
    Have to bake that pumpkin pie!
    So much to do, no time to quilt
    Wait! I can always quilt without any guilt!!
    And who can resist that fresh apple cider
    No time to lose, I'll pull an all-nighter
    And quilt till my heart's desire!

  67. Thanks for the giveaway and the fun!

    Fall is here, the leaves are turning.
    For apple pie I have been yearning.
    As the pie bakes I'll sew a quilt block.
    Then we'll put on our sweaters and go for a walk.

  68. With sweaters and quilt
    We'll start the hayride "full tilt"
    While the jack-o-lantern and scarecrow
    Watch leaves tumble and fly.
    Just a sip of apple cider and a piece of apple pie
    remind us festive times all too often hurry by.

  69. Autumn Light

    When I look outside in the autumn light,
    There is so much color to see.

    The Leaves are changing orange and bright,
    On a hayride I'd rather be!

    Take some apple cider along for the ride,
    Wrapped in a quilt and heavy sweater.

    The jack o'lantern will be my guide,
    It truely can't get any better!

    How fun – love your poem contest! Thanks so much for a chance!

  70. Welcome to Fall!
    Where we eat pie
    Before a hayride
    Where we drink apple cider
    When we gather
    Where jack-o-lanterns burn
    And look so warm
    When we snuggle with a quilt
    Without any guilt
    Because the fabric won
    Is that which was sewn.

  71. Fall is here
    For this I must cheer.

    The chill in the air
    makes the fabric "magically" appear (don't tell my hubby)

    So on to Fat Quarter shop I will hop
    with a nice warm mug of hot cider.

    The fabric selection is the best,
    I will pick a print with a spider

    The boy's will love that
    with a ghost or two

    then I will sit down at my sewing machine
    Woo Hoo!!

  72. At the October meeting
    Of the Quilters of Keating,
    The members shared patterns
    Of cute jack-o-lanterns.
    Then, the newest member,
    Who joined in September,
    Taught them applique
    The needle-turn way.
    Then, with new friends beside her
    They drank apple cider.

  73. Festive gatherings and apple pie
    Me oh my, oh me, oh my.
    Hayrides, jack-o-lanterns and apple cider!
    Can my smile get any wider?
    Yes it can, I do believe
    as I catch a glimpse of falling leaves.
    Sweaters donned, a quilt wrapped round
    keeps me warm while leaves fall down.
    Autumn, autumn bright and sunny,
    how I would love to harvest some Fat Quarter Shop money!
    boodybabies [at] comcast [dot] net

  74. Fall may be here
    In the northern hemisphere.
    But down here in Oz
    We celebrate because..
    Spring is here!

    Although it makes me sneeze
    and wheeze!
    I love the warm sunshine.
    I struggle though to find the time
    To stay inside and quilt.

    Complete some sewing?
    or check what's growing?
    But three boys need their mum?
    Sadly time only allows for some
    and a mum's love always comes first.

  75. The turning of Autumn leaves
    to shades of gold and yellow
    Means it's time to pull out the long sleeves
    and air out the coats and sweaters.

    The filling of my inspired brain
    with quilt dreams oh so festive
    Suggests that I can only attempt to contain
    my holiday fabric buying obsession.

    The flooding of the my country house
    with the aroma of pumpkin pie baking
    Motivates me to leaf through books and browse
    for an ideal jack-o-lantern quilt for the making.

    The crackling of a warm log fire
    on that first crisp and chilly fall evening
    Recalls to mind those childhood nights of which I desire
    filled with hay ride laughter and haunted house screaming.

    So the crafting of my fabric shopping lists
    and my plans for stitching all those holiday patterns
    Inspires me to raise my mug of apple cider and insist
    to all crazy quilting folks east, west, north and southern.

    “Happy Holiday Quilting you all!!See ya at the store!”

  76. Don't get pie on your quilt,
    as you rush to complete,
    make it festive and jolly and oh my gosh golly, don't be late for the hayride among the fallen leaves.

  77. As the leaves change and fall
    Oh, we shall have a ball
    The jack-o-lanterns glow
    The apple cider does flow
    Fill me up with pumpkin pie
    Time to sleep and under my warm and snuggly quilt I lie

  78. I don't like fall,
    No I don't like it at all.

    Good Bye to Summer,
    to say good bye seems such a bummer.

    From the cold weather I need to hide,
    so my time must be spent inside.

    Oh! But wait there's no need for me to wilt,
    because I get more time to quilt!

    So oh yes, I do like fall,
    I do like it all!

  79. hi, my name is lisa.
    I am a barista
    I love the FALL
    cool weather and all.
    I dont have to sneeze
    when I jump in the LEAVES.
    I enjoy APPLE CIDER
    I don't like a spider.
    I love to wear a SWEATER
    could fall be any better?
    I need a new fall QUILT
    perhaps one will be built
    with a gift card won
    when this giveaways done.


  80. Sipping hot apple cider,
    curled up in a chair.
    Watching colored leaves
    fall gently thru the air.

    Dreaming of hayrides
    and warm pumpkin pie;
    Knitted wool sweaters,
    and caramel corn, oh my!

    Candle lit jack-o-lanterns
    by the front door
    Make this season festive
    like the Raven, "ever more".

    My sewing machine beckons;
    I can not commit.
    I am simply too comfortable
    wrapped up in my quilt.

  81. It is time for fall
    can you believe it ya'll,
    With black cats
    and fat bats,
    Cold nights
    and orange lights,
    Time for a hayride
    wearing quilts with pride.

  82. Why I Love Fall

    My favorite season, best of all,
    Not summer, winter, spring, but Fall.
    A crisp excitement fills the air
    Festive Fun Days, everywhere.
    There's apple picking all around,
    As leaves start falling to the ground.
    The sun sets sooner, the days grow short
    Football is the favorite sport.
    Apple Cider and donuts are a tasty treat
    After bumpy hayrides on a wagon seat.
    Soon Jack-o-lanterns will light the way
    For children dressed up in holiday play.
    And I'll snuggle up tight in my quilt so warm,
    With a book to read and some Candy Corn.
    Fresh baked pies are produced with glee
    Black Friday boasts a shopping spree!
    And sweaters are seen, on young and on old,
    As the autumn air is sometimes cold.
    Yes, there’s more to Fall, than meets the eye
    I guess that is the reason why,
    I love this season far above,
    Any other season that I love.

    I love poetry. Thanks for allowing me to be creative and have a chance to win. I do not have a facebook account, so I'm sorry that I cannot follow you there, but I do follow your blog! =) Thanks again!

  83. The first day of Fall in Az and I feel like I'll wilt
    Hurry and cool off, I want to cuddle up in a quilt

    Cooler days would be so much better
    I just want to put on my sweaters

    Get put my Fall quilts with leaves and Fall colors
    Finish some quilts and start some others

  84. My gransons come next week
    for apples and pumpkins to seek.
    We'll go on a hayride,
    their smiles will be wide.
    Applesauce, Pumpkin pie,
    colorful leaves of Fall –
    Wonders for 'show-n-tell for all.

  85. Here in the southern hemisphere,
    it's summer not winter drawing nearer.
    But my quilts I'm still making,
    and apple pie I am baking
    as we wait for some warmer weather.

    please forgive my awful poem,
    I would LOVE to win this one.
    As I sit here in my sweater,
    waiting for the weather to get better
    I dream of what to buy if I won!

    thanks for the opportunity to display my dismal poetry skill 🙂

  86. I love to eat apple pie
    I cannot tell a lie
    I taste the flaky crust
    until I'm about to bust
    It is good that Thanksgiving Day
    only comes once a year our way
    For if it happened more
    I wouldn't be able go through the door.

  87. Here in New England
    The leaves soon will be turning
    The logs in the fireplace
    Too will be burning
    I’ll head to the orchard
    For apples and cider
    And find inspiration
    For the fall quilt I’ll be makin’…

    …with the prize I hope to win from my favorite online quilt shop!

  88. After being on the motorcycle all day
    as only the rider,
    We have finally arrived at our destination
    and are drinking some warm apple cider.

    As the chill fills the air
    and the flowers start to wilt,
    we spend more time inside
    cuddled up with our quilt.

    We just finished eating dinner
    we served up chicken thighs,
    and now for dessert
    we are having individual apple pies.

    Oh wo that filling was hot
    burnt my tongue so bad it made me cry.
    As I brush away the tears,
    I ask are we still going on the hayride?

    It is even cooler outside
    so I know I had better,
    go back inside
    and grab another sweater.

    Now that I have all my layers on
    espeically my long sleeves,
    we are ready to go for a ride
    and see all the changing leaves.

    we love the weather changes
    the air makes you want to live,
    maybe it is also all those colors
    that give a sense of it being festive.

    When the evening is over
    we go to the tavern,
    because they are having a contest
    of carving Jack-o-Lanterns!

  89. I'm happy it's fall, but it would be better
    If it would get cool enough to wear a sweater.
    Even September is hot where I'm sewing
    So I'll turn up the AC & pretend that it's snowing!

  90. I'd really like to win some fabric
    So I could make a quilt
    It would relieve me of the guilt
    I feel for spending my dinero
    On such pretty fabric-o

    Ummm…You didn't say it had to be a GOOD poem, right? I don't think I've written a poem since high school, although I'm sure you couldn't tell that from the example above. Ahem…

  91. Summer's ending
    and the leaves are changing
    Classes are starting
    and the playground is abuzzing
    Go out and keep playing
    before the snow starts falling

  92. I wanted to knit a sweater
    but then, wouldn't it be better
    to sew together a quilt
    but then I would feel the guilt…
    I have thread and some fabric too
    but nothing's better than fabric that's new!
    So please, FQ shop, pick me to win
    I've got a new quilt I want to begin… 🙂

  93. Winning a Fat Quarter Shop certificate is for what I yearn,
    So that I can choose fabric and a quilt pattern
    By the light of my scary jack-o-lantern.

  94. A chill is in the morning air
    Warm sweaters are taken out to wear
    Kitty snuggles close to me
    Dreaming of birds flying by in vee

  95. Like all of the scraps in a beautiful quilt,
    So the way my life has been built.
    God in His wisdom and love has made me,
    A beautiful piece of this history.
    I've made some mistakes and I've let him down,
    But now sees me worthy of a glorious crown,
    Thanks to the gift of only Son,
    There is redemption for everyone.
    Praise be to Him who is good and He's kind,
    Just look at me now and I know you will find,
    A life that he's taken…from scraps He has built…
    A life of simplicity, beauty, comfort and peace…like a beautiful quilt.

    Thanks for the chance to enter!


  96. The Jack-o-Lantern was lit tonight,
    His face! His face! Oh what a fright.
    A crooked grin,
    That says com in,
    A trick or treat within my sight!

    Thanks for the chance to win…

  97. Down the leaves swirl,
    While my little girls twirl.
    The sand, boys are dumpin',
    near apples 'a plumpin'.
    If only the moments would stop and hold still,
    They would go much more slowly for this mom's heart to thrill.

  98. See the HAYRIDE
    you hollerin' quilters
    see the ducks, all in ditch-line
    along with apples, leaves and hay stitch-stiches…
    hay, hay and more hay…quilters sitting bundled together appliquing… as they take their Fall hayride…sharing stitch results, quilt results, sister in stitch results 🙂

  99. In my sewing room, a song in my heart
    I just love this fabric, and love this part,
    Watching needle and fabric go ‘round and ‘round
    Humming a favorite, familiar tune,
    Maybe this isn’t the norm for all
    But for me, when I’m sewing, I’m having a ball.
    As stars, blocks and colors work as one,
    I think about what this’ll look like done…
    Will I keep it or make it a gift?
    If I give it away, I’ll have to start over again,
    With something else I’d like to keep or share,
    Kind of like the trees this season, once green, now nearly bare,
    Leaves dropping one by one…should go rake, I guess
    But making a quilt is WAY more fun…!

  100. The winter chill is in the air,
    The wind is whistling through my hair.
    Down from the trees are falling leaves.
    It's time for me to wear long sleeves.

    That was fun!

  101. A Bright Jack O Lantern will light the way,
    We'll have warm Pumpkin Pie, and Home Brewed Apple Cider.
    Flying Ghost and Goblins, a old Black Spider.
    Gorgeous Autumn leaves, my knitted Sweater with tattered sleeves.
    Let's bring the Log Cabin Quilt, the one that Momma built.
    A Festive Fall Hayride, with you by my side.

    This way Fun!! Thanks!!

  102. It really peeves me
    When everybody leaves me
    For cozy couches, turkey and cake
    And when the summer brights
    are abandoned for winter whites
    And coats are trimmed in all things fake
    I want my summer back
    Daily walks on the local track
    Basking in the golden sun
    Walking with furry friends
    Enjoying warm summer wind
    Reminiscing on things we’ve done
    I’ll don a sweater now
    Soon turtlenecks and comfy cowls
    Take crunchy strolls with nothing to eat
    Most trees are sleeping soon
    Shedding leaves in life’s jiggly room
    The ground – a carpet of coppers and wheat
    Heavenly scented cinnamon treats
    Sweet chocolate candies and savory meats
    Inspired and inside – a little stash to burn
    I yearn for summer, but fall’s taking it’s turn.

    Many gifts to make – the list weighs a ton
    So to seams and nesting I will run.
    K. Vernon 🙂

  103. What's that I spy
    with my little eye?
    It's some beautiful hues
    (can I take a cruise?)
    It's a quilt I made
    lying in the shade.
    It holds those most dear to me
    under that tree.
    Now what else do I spy?
    Yum, looks like some pie!

  104. Halloween is my favorite day
    Giving candy when the children say
    Those magic words I love to hear
    As the jack-o-lantern strikes fear
    A time for costumes and parties and fun
    I barely miss the long days of sun

  105. when we were young our moms were our betters
    and they always told us to wear our sweaters
    and drink apple cider.
    But watch that spider
    he's there in the leaves
    having the heaves.
    That isn't festive
    and certainly not restive,
    but here comes the hayride
    with our boyfriend beside
    the orange jack-o-lantern
    and the horse in a canter
    chasing that pie
    oh me oh my
    it fell on the quilt
    and then it spilt

    I couldn't resist, lol.

  106. I would love to win the giveaway and make a beautiful quilt,
    I could purchase the fabrics I want with not even a little guilt!
    It would be a festive quilt with leaves of all colors,
    And over the years the quilt would touch the lives of others!

  107. On my quilt are falling leaves,
    more and more red and yellow where we live.
    For you, my love, on the quilt are apple pie and apple cider,
    happy autumn picnic on this side of the river…

  108. (I'm not speaking English well, so forgive me my mistakes:)

    Red or green, tasteful and juicy – in one word cute!
    How in Polish, French and German is called autumn best fruit?

    Jabłko, Pomme, Apfel,
    And in English simply apple.
    All these words means the same,
    pronouncing it incorrectly won't be your blame.

    But when patchwork house is built
    there's only one word for it: QUILT!

  109. Come autumn or fall,
    I love the wind and all.
    Leaves in yellow, leaves in red,
    But too bad they're all dead.
    I hope I'm the duck,
    Who doesn't run out of luck.

  110. You might say I'm bonkers
    because I love collecting conkers,
    I just play some Buju Banton
    while I light my jack-o-lantern!

    Happy Autumn!

  111. Here Down Under, it's Spring, not Fall;
    So our leaves are growing, no sweaters at all.
    But pie we will eat,
    We still need a treat:
    Strawberry, perhaps cherry or even apple!

  112. As the leaves of Autumn fall,
    Bring on the festivities for all!
    We'll have pie & apple ciders,
    For all the hayriders!
    Quilts and jack'o lanterns,
    Let's hope there's no tantrums.
    May this be a happy fall for all.

  113. Who doesn't like pie?
    If I said I don't that would be a big fat lie!
    You can never have enough,
    Apple pie is my favorite with the struesel stuff:)
    OR how bout lemon meringue,pumpkin,pecan, cherry,
    Some sweet blueberry?
    The crust has to be homemade,
    Otherwise my appetite would fade!
    Smells of freshly baked pie,
    How else could I get by
    Every bite,
    Brings awesomeness to a new height!
    What do you like about this yummy dessert?
    After eating too much does it make your tummy hurt?
    Have a slice for me,
    And then in pie heaven you will truly be!!!

  114. Without a quilt
    I would soon wilt.
    Fall is the perfect weather
    to wear a sweater.
    I love falling leaves
    that leave the trees bare for me.
    Taking a hayride
    with my honey by my side.
    Fall is perfect for apple cider!

  115. Making quilts, I love to sew.
    They're warm and cuddly, don't you know!
    They're a hug from the heart
    When we're apart.
    I make them for loved ones and strangers,
    Even quilting exchangers!!
    Making quilts – cuddly and warm,
    They get us through life's strongest storm!

  116. In the Summer heat I began to wilt,
    Now that it's Autumn I'll really quilt,
    I am surely not a poet,
    But indeed I know how to sew it.

    Lalexander733 (at) gmail (dot) com

  117. I'm in the festive mood
    to create a fall display
    but I'll have to wait until later
    because I'm getting ready
    for my son's wedding day.

    (Next Saturday!)

  118. A hayride I will go with my sweetie by my side.. covered by our special quilt .. loving our sitting time without any guilt. Awesome and wonderful times – thanks for the opportunity to win. Judy C

  119. What could be better than a jack-o-lantern sweater? Warm, cozy quilts? apple cider or pumpkin pie? blazing colorful leaves? maybe a festive hayride under a bright blue sky?

    what could be better than Fall? the love of friends and family for one and all!

    thanks for a chance to win – Laurie


  120. The fall colors are here
    So is the fall dark beer

    It is time to put on a sweater
    It will hide by belly better

    My grankids want a jack-o-lantern
    I just want fabric and a new pattern
    (oops , it ALMOST rhymes!)

    I went to a hayride and had to cry
    Somebody ate all the pie

    It's raining and cool;we can't ride the Harley
    So I must make a big pot of soup with some barley

    I must clear my head
    by baking some fresh apple bread

    thanks ; this was no that easy to do but it was FUN !!!

  121. A charity quilt I want to make
    This I’ll do in memory of mom

    Where to buy the fabric of late
    My favorite shop at fatquarter.com

    In festive colors of fall it will be great
    Offering someone comfort and calm

  122. As I sit here and sip on hot apple cider
    I look up to notice a creepy black spider
    He tells me 'no fear, be of festive cheer
    the time of sweaters and hot cocoa is here'
    At this point I wondered and started to sigh
    When Mr. black spider requested some pie
    This is when I began to feel some guilt
    I figured I'd better put down this quilt
    For Autumn is here and the leaves are falling
    Time to make jack-o-lanterns is calling
    Down the street they're having hayrides
    Plus the kids really want to go outside

  123. I love to quilt
    But the summer heat made me wilt,
    The autumn leaves
    Make me sneeze
    And I hide
    From the hayride.
    I stay in my house
    And sit with my spouse
    While sipping apple cider
    As I stitch a binding miter.

  124. Fall is the time for apple cider & pumpkin pie.
    I'm going on a hayride.
    I'll keep warm with my quilt…
    Dreaming of quilting til I wilt.

    I'm not poet
    and I know it!

  125. Yesterday, Fall arrived in all its golden glory ~
    So I sat down at the sewing machine to quilt an Autumn story.
    I thought of all things I loved about this time of year ~
    Jack-o-Lanterns and pumpkin pie always bring good cheer!
    I brewed a cup of apple cider and gazed outside to see ~
    A group of children playing underneath my old oak tree.
    The leaves were turning yellow as they readied for the season ~
    Soon it would be sweaters we were wearing with good reason.
    So festive was I feeling as I turned back to my quilt ~
    My cup of cider on the side, sloshed and almost spilt!
    With love and joy I quilted the entire day away ~
    This quilt will be fantastic when we’re riding in the hay!
    Quilts, they tell a story… they hold memories oh so dear ~
    And warmth to all our loved ones through this special time of year!

  126. When trees shed their leaves
    We all know we've got to bind off our quilts.
    When the light outside gets dimmer
    we'll bake our pies and worry not about being thinner.
    For fall is here my good friend,
    the season I love and wish had no end.

  127. Fall is finally here!
    Such a festive time of year!
    Leaves will be red, yellow, then brown.
    But not a single jack-o-lantern will be wearing a frown!
    "Why?" you say
    Because Fat Quarter Shop has a great giveaway!
    So grab a pen,
    May the best gal win!

  128. There once was a lady from Heider,
    Who loved to drink apple cider.
    She drank so much
    That she fell on her tush.
    So now there's a leaf pile beside her.

  129. Wow! juices a flowing what a great crowd!
    I haven't a creative word but
    I am glad to be in such great company!
    Happy Fall, happy quilting
    Good luck to all!

  130. Fall is here!
    It's my favorite time of year,
    With pumpkin pie, cooler weather, and beautiful colored leaves.
    I love to cuddle up with my quilts and need my long sleeves!!

  131. Hmm, a poem, a poem,
    But what one earth rhymes with gno'me?
    Perhaps I should stick to things I know
    Before I end up all in woe
    A quilt, yes a quilt!
    A million ideas to be built
    With needle and thread.
    That is where I will tread.
    And leave poems to those
    Who can weave magic with word and prose.

  132. I'm going to decorate for fall to the hilt,
    starting with a festive new quilt,
    with colors of fall leaves,
    to be enjoyed many cool eves,
    I'll revel in the season with no guilt.

  133. Hayrides with my sweetie are quite delightful
    Walks in the 'hood with jack-o'lanterns? Frightful!
    But snuggling by the fire under a homemade quilt
    Is relaxing and romantic and doesn't induce guilt.

  134. Fall is here.
    It's my favorite time of year.
    I love watching all the leaves,
    and wearing long sleeves.
    I love the smells of cider and pie,
    I'm so happy I could cry.

    Thanks for the chance.

  135. So many quilts to make and not enough hours to play.
    Should I sew? Should I cook? How should I spend my day?

    Well, quilting’s quite healthy, helps maintain my trim physique.
    Busy hands full of fabric don’t have a moment to eat.

    And time in the kitchen? Well I love to bake pies.
    But darn, how those calories go right to my thighs!

  136. would you like to go on a HAYRIDE with me? can't tell you just where it might be. Hop on fast so you won't miss the ride. we're almost there, can you guess? It's the Fat Quarter shop at it's best. Open the door and step inside, fabric, kits, and quilts Oh My! so open your purse and buy, buy, buy! Come on now it's time to go, back on the HAYRIDE Now wasn't that a show! Fat Quarter shop is in the know.

  137. Digging out sweaters, piling quilts high too
    Fall's in the air, there are fun thing to do.
    Crunching leaves, baking pies
    A jack-o-lantern with smiling eyes.
    Gathering neighbors for a festive hayride
    Sipping apple cider, my honey by my side.
    There's room for the FQS family too
    We're saving spots for your whole happy crew!

  138. As leaves and temps begin to fall,
    Into wooly sweaters go we all.
    Festive hayrides, oh what fun,
    Wrap up in quilts before its done.
    Night goes quickly, the bats do fly. We love Jack-o-lanterns, cider & apple pie!

  139. Apple cider is on my grocery list
    Along with apples for pie.
    If I can't find time to quilt today,
    Baking for fall is the reason why.
    Kathie L in Allentown

  140. The slightest color as the leaves begin to turn
    Even one of the bushes looks like it's starting to burn
    Sweaters folded neatly in the drawer
    Think I will have to go buy more
    The red and gold rustle around in my mind of quilts
    To nestle within the corners of the home I've built
    It's time to meander the shelves of liquid gold
    To create another story that needs to be told

  141. I am a quilter and a blogger
    who sometimes likes to holler!

    Some people say I 'bewitch'
    with my needle and threads that I stitch.

    Halloween is the perfect time of year for a hayride
    I am friends with the horse – Clyde.
    I see so many colors in the trees, sky, pumpkins
    No, not pies!

    This inspires me to quilt,
    so the wagon, I quickly jilt!

    I'm off to buy my supplies
    at the Fat Quarter Shop in the sky.

    My broom is the fastest way to fly,
    gotta get all the specials, I cannot lie.

    Kim and crew helps me attack
    all the fabulous material stacks.

    I tell Kim I need a border that is wider…
    It has to hold all of my black widow spiders!
    My head is spinning from all the grinning,
    Could it also be the spiked apple cider?

    She finds the perfect fat quarter,
    now to find enough for my border!
    We find it and scream!
    Yeah Kim's Team!!!

    This is exactly what I need
    to make my quilt of black, orange, purple and green!

  142. When the leaves are so yellow
    And the vines with grapes abound,
    When the melons are so mellow
    And the nuts fall to the ground;
    So, it's time for fall.

  143. What a fun way to start off the fall!
    I must admit we're all having a ball!
    I felt a little silly, trying to compose.
    But we'll give it a try so here
    Sit back and relax as I enthrall.

    Summertime is done, so we must say goodbye.
    Time for warm sweaters, falling leaves, and pumpkin pie.
    A new festive quilt, I just have to start.
    FQ Shop has some new fabric, be still my heart!
    I must go get my wallet to buy!

    Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for helping us to exercise our brains and for the the wonderful giveaway! Good luck to everybody and I loved reading all your poems!

  144. We went on a hayride, apple cider in hand;
    It was cold! Quilts and sweaters were in high demand.
    Jack-o-lanterns were festive and leaves were replete;
    A big slice of pie made our evening complete.

  145. Being from Texas sometimes vexes and takes away my creative flow.
    This summer made us wilt but cooler air convinces me to quilt as the brown leaves begin to blow.
    Fall is my season and jack-o-lanterns are the reason for my new found happy glow.
    Soon I'll be sewing, decorating not mowing, wearing sweaters if the hot flashes let go.

  146. Give me a Q
    Give me a U
    Give me a I
    Give me a L
    Give me a T
    Can't you just hear the football cheer?
    The leaves are changing, its that time of year.
    The bleachers are gold, you gotta keep warm.
    Wrap up in your quilt, and blow your horn.

  147. "It's Sew Emma" will show me the way
    To make a Fall QUILT to brighten my day
    With colorful LEAVES and pumpkins that may
    Make Autumn so FESTIVE, we'll all shout, "Hooray!"

  148. I tried to sew a kilt
    with a ruler that I built
    but it came out like a quilt.

    Maybe with this promotion
    I'll win money for a notion
    that isn't sized like an ocean.


  149. Grab your sweaters, apple cider and pie
    We're all off on a hayride… that's why
    In festive spirit a quilt on our lap
    Jack o'Lantern tied on the back
    The leaves are falling the atmospheres magic
    Have I written enough yet to win me some fabric!!!

  150. Leaves turn red, orange and brown,
    Off they fall, down, down, down.
    Fruits and nuts are to be found;
    Squirels and rabbits hop round and round.
    The changes of fall bring warmth to our heart
    And give the oppportunity to a new start
    Listen, look, smell, touch and feel
    And discover the beauty of fall in real.

  151. I wish I liked fall
    But summer is my favorite season of all
    It's hard to be festive
    when you don't like pumpkin pie
    I even try to give apple cider a try
    Most times I wish fall to go go quickly by!

  152. The Jack-o-lantern is carved.
    We have apple cider to drink.
    We're all wearing sweaters
    on this hayride, I think.

    It's time for pumpkin pie
    and time to rake leaves.
    I need some fabric
    to make a new quilt please 🙂

  153. Welcome fall, bringer of sweaters and pie,
    cooler weather and orange leaves swirling in the sky,
    Unless you're here in Texas, where it's still hot as…well…
    You know what I mean, I don't really need to tell!

  154. the falling leaves
    the cool gentle breeze
    the scent of warm cider
    the sounds of laughter
    the feel of soft sweaters
    the joy of being together
    giving thanks for all life's blessings
    this is autumn

    🙂 that was fun. thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  155. I'm a mama who loves to sew quilts,
    with 3 kids, I've got bills to the hilt
    hope to win a gift card
    to purchase some yards
    and avoid any credit card guilt!

  156. A quilt is a quilt.
    In summer we wilt under a quilt.
    In fall, warmth can be bulit under a quilt.
    But the most fun of all ~
    Is having a ball ~
    Building the quilt,
    That will be bringing a lilt,
    To our hearts,
    While we are busy
    Building that quilt!

  157. There once was a cute jack-o-lantern
    Who proved nearly anyone can learn
    To make pumpkin pie
    in the wink of an eye
    Just don't let the crust in the pan burn!

  158. Sorry, not a poem from me…I didn't inherit the poetry gene.

    Just stopped in to see what the others before me wrote and I'm very impressed. How on earth is it possible to choose a winner from this group, unless of course, its random?!!! Enjoy


  159. Three great prizes
    Could I maybe win?
    Don't need to show a quilt I made
    Just need a fall poem put to pen.

    Fall like words flowing,
    through my mind to and fro,
    but only quilt patterns
    appear ready to sew.

    Alas, my talents not in poetry making lie
    but in that fall jack-o-lantern quilt pattern that caught my eye.

  160. Beneath my fern
    Next to the Jackolantern.
    I like to quilt
    in my hat of felt.
    I have on my sweaters
    due to all the cool weathers.
    Eating pie
    with my guy nearby.
    The leaves are festive
    And make my quilting restive.
    As I drink apple cider
    And quilt on the miter.

    This was a lot of fun.
    and I love reading everyones
    comments. Thanks Sylvia S.

  161. Fall is such a festive time,
    to buy fabric, make quilts, and write little rhymes.
    I love the Fall leaves and wearing a sweater,
    Add apple cider, pumpkin pie . . . it doesn't get much better!
    Halloween traditions are best of all,
    Carved jack-o-laterns and hayrides . . . don't you love Fall!!

  162. Fall is here and the weather takes a turn
    The power oft' goes out, so candles we do burn
    Not to worry though, it causes no concern
    I'll just quilt by the light of the JACK-O-LANTERN!
    – Show quoted text –

    On Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 5:05 AM, Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber wrote:

    Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

    Happy Fall + Giveaway!
    Posted: 23 Sep 2011 09:00 AM PDT

    The heat's dying down and it’s time for Fall
    Can't you hear that redecorating and the holidays call?
    The leaves are changing from green to red
    And it’s time to put some more quilts on your bed!
    We’re writing for one reason
    To welcome this new season
    It’s the first day of Fall
    And we want to celebrate with ya’ll
    You could win some dollars
    If you just leave us some hollers
    So just do as I say
    If you want to play:
    Write a couple rhyming lines
    Hurry though, you don’t have much time
    Use any word from below
    Discover your creative flow
    Write a funny poem
    Maybe about a gnome?
    We’ll read them all
    It’ll be a ball
    Then we’ll choose three lucky ducks
    To win Fat Quarter Shop bucks
    If you win you’ll be happy
    Despite the fact that this poem is so crappy
    This giveaway won’t last
    So you better be fast
    Write your short rhyming verse
    And possibly add to your purse!

    Simply write a rhyming poem incorporating a word from below, then leave your poem as a comment on this post for your chance to win one of three amazing prizes! And don't forget to like us on Facebook!
    Fall is here and the weather takes a turn
    The power oft' goes out, so candles we do burn
    Not to worry though, it causes no concern
    I'll just quilt by the light of the Jack-O=Lantern!

  163. When the fall is in the air,
    put your sweaters on and pick a pear,
    and when the leaves are falling
    we all are calling
    for a warm quilt
    and some pie and apple cider!

    Well, At least I have tried to make a poem!Not the best in the world, I believe.
    Greetings from Gudveig from Western Norway

  164. Fall is here
    And with winter near
    Cold nights I fear
    Warm quilts are needed gear
    Hopefully finished quilts will appear
    That would really make me cheer!

  165. The leaves are slowly turning bright.
    The quilt is on the bed at night.
    Apple cider simmers in a pot,
    while the oven temperature grows hot.
    Pumpkin pie, corn bread and stew –
    Autumn is here for me and you!

  166. It's fun with friends on a fall hayride
    And then it's time to head inside
    For festive fun and some apple cider
    You'd better watch out for that wriggly spider.

  167. Summer's here, a good time to quilt
    If the garden is done, there is no guilt
    no more apple pie, that season is over
    but soon enough we'll be rolling in clover

    From NZ where we're having spring atm

  168. There was a newbie quilter trying to build her stash,
    But was extremely low on cash.

    To win prize money from the Fat Quarter Shop,
    Her poem had to come out on top.

    So this silly poem she built,
    Hoping to get some fabric to make a QUILT.


  169. In autumn time the leaves begin to turn,
    The song I sing has a little extra lilt,
    As I make apple cider, pumpkin pie,
    And give myself some extra time to quilt!

  170. Orange, yellow, red and brown,
    Fall leaves just floating down,
    Time to put away my summer dress,
    And snuggle under a quilt I guess.

  171. I love the changing leaves,
    I love pumpkin pies,
    I love making quilts and hayrides!

    Yes, it's raining more and the floors need mopping,
    but I don't care,
    If I win this prize I'm going shopping!!!


  172. My mom made me a sweater,
    I thought I could make one better.
    I couldn't, so I let her,
    Make me a better sweater.

    I'm not a good poem writer, that's why I quilt. Thanks for the chance and it is a really fun way to do a giveaway!

  173. Here in Arizona,
    They say fall is in the air,
    I'm having trouble feeling it,
    No cooling breezes anywhere.
    I think I will just spend today
    cutting out paper leaves
    I'll strew them in my living room
    Turn the AC way down low,
    I'll put on my fuzzy sweater
    And bake a pie to make it feel so!

  174. Falls a festive time of year
    Leaves are changing and jack-o-lanterns appear.

    Apple cider, hayrides and sweaters
    What could possibly be better?

    Maybe a nice fire built
    And time under a favorite quilt…

    Family close by my side
    The perfect reason to stay home and hide!

  175. It's a festive time for cheer,
    when Beggar's Night is very near.
    Come Halloween, with Jack-o-lanterns glowing,
    I'll be waiting on goblins and completing my sewing.

    Beside me will be my trusty old broom,
    who will be sewing along in the room.
    Yes! My broom likes to sew
    and will have 2 quilts done by the very first snow.

    While I buy my own fabric
    my broom uses scraps
    My broom makes me write this,
    hoping to win and build up it's stash.

    I wrote another poem but do not see it posted here so this is another try. I hope it posts! Thanks.

  176. Though Fall starts off festive
    I soon find myself restive.
    Today on a hayride
    I wished for a sleigh ride.
    But while sipping my apple cider
    I start to feel brighter.
    First comes the jack-o-lantern,
    Then the costumed Treaters in turn.
    Then Thanksgiving pie,
    A sure sign it’s nearby!
    While nestled in my warm sweater,
    I start composing my letter.
    The Dear Santa missive I pray he believes,
    So that when he stops by he happily leaves
    Bundles of fabric to use as I quilt
    So that I can make them without any guilt!

  177. The leaves are falling down,
    I love the fabric called hometown,
    It makes me think of festive times,
    And buying candy with some dimes,
    Another quilt I'd love to make,
    If only the gift card I could take.

  178. I made a quilted sweater,
    but I wanted it to look better.
    You may think that it sounds funny,
    because on it I appliqued a bunny.
    I know it's the wrong season,
    there really is no reason,
    why I appliqued a bunny,
    except I want to win some money.

  179. Oh I love to quilt, I have many to give.
    It's how I like to be fall-festive!
    But my pumpkin pie is the best around.
    We'll eat it on a hayride all about town!

  180. Oh Happy Day, a quilt I make
    FQS fabrics take the cake
    There's charmpacks, layer cakes, jellyrolls too
    Pies are coming for me and you
    A feast for sure
    we all do Love
    The best of the best at FQS

  181. Sweet Dreams

    I pull my warm quilt up over one eye,

    and drift into a slumber dreaming of pie.

    (p.s. I came over from V. and Co. and I think the Fat Quarter Shop is lovely!)

  182. Summer is gone, Fall is here.
    I wish I too could say it dear.
    Colorful Leaves aren't falling here.
    Oh! how I wish for a 'Fall' here.

    I am awful at this, but couldn't resist the awesome giveaway 😀
    Thank you!

  183. Twenty eleven is it.
    The year I learn how to quilt.
    So far is it's been lots of fun.
    I'm learning the lingo,
    it's much better than bingo,
    I just wish I had more time.

    Autumn used to be my favorite season
    I've had to change my reason,
    fall gives way to snow
    and you have to know
    I just wish I had more time.

    But wait, I have an idea!
    Cool weather isn't so bad.
    It gives me more time
    to perfect my rhyme
    and get more quilting done.

    I just wish I had more time.

  184. There’s nothing as crazy as Halloween,
    And all the costumes that I’ve seen.
    A Jack-o-Lantern and a Bat,
    A Superhero and The Cat in the Hat,
    A Hammer and his friend the Nail,
    A little Pig with a curly tail,
    Cap’n Crunch, some Fuzzy Dice,
    Goldilocks and Three Blind Mice,
    A Robot and a Jedi knight,
    A Ghoul who gives the kids a fright,
    A Doctor and a Maiden fair,
    A silly Clown with curly hair,
    Spongebob, Elmo, Scooby-Doo,
    A Fireman and a Spaceman too.
    It’s a lot of fun to see them all,
    One of the best times of the fall.
    So now I’m counting down the days,
    To see folks dressed in crazy ways.

  185. My children in fall it’s the most pleasant of all
    Jack o’ lanterns light up the night when friends come to call
    Drinking apple cider we walk the streets
    Parents gather as the kids seek their treats
    Funny sweaters of the season
    The festive holiday gives us the reason
    Oh yes, the fall with its family traditions
    My boys watch the season change with admiration

  186. being italian, I hope you will be merciful to my rhymes… I tried 😉

    this halloween night
    I told me "all right:
    the time sure is right
    to give it a bite!"
    With apple cider and pie
    we 'll wait for vampires
    and we will be trhilled
    when, horror instilled,
    they'll come treat-or-triking
    at home for a meeting
    and find sweets and favors
    not having to endeavor

  187. I woul like to leave my comment even if english is not my language.
    I try , sorry …
    Fall is here
    It's the beginning of a new school and work year
    The sky is grey
    Home sweet home to stay!!

  188. Now it's time to welcome the wonderful season of Fall
    The days grow short while leaf piles grow tall
    Hayrides in the patch to find the perfect pumpkin to carve
    Apple cider and donuts greet us – after that trip, we're starved!
    Warm light on the porch from a carved jack-o-lantern
    As we snuggle under quilts and listen to the college football banter.
    This festive time of year is like a warm sweater
    It's familiar, it's lovely and I can't think of a time any better!

  189. As I sit on my porch sipping a cup of hot apple cider,
    I look at an intricately detailed web from a fat ugly spider
    The design is so beautiful; maybe I should use it in a quilt.
    So why all of a sudden, a feeling of guilt?
    Could it be because I already started one with fall leaves?
    And that is one of my husband’s biggest pet-peeves.
    Who cares if I have a dozen ongoing projects?
    Because I get inspiration from so many random objects.
    I can hear it now; he’ll say “We’re not made of money.”
    And I’ll respond back, “But it makes me happy, honey.”
    So he’ll smile at me, and say “That’s all that matters.”
    And I’ll start thinking of a web-like pattern that flatters.

  190. Yeah, its time for fall
    Of all the seasons, this is my most favorite of all
    Decorating the house with so much charm
    Hanging with the family at the old pumpkin farm
    With a crunch underfoot and a chill in the air
    I’m just so excited. Fall is here, Fall is here.
    Warming up with a cup of hot apple cider
    Forgive my little poem, for I am not a writer
    My joy is to sew and a prize is my goal
    To keep me out of trouble when i NEED just one more jelly roll!

  191. I guess I'll take a crack at this poem stuff. Anything for fabric, right?!

    Trick-or-treaters full of delight
    Knocking on doors and causing a fright
    As goblins and ghouls, a scary witch in a hat
    And that poor Jack-o-Lantern on the road with a SPLAT!

  192. Who needs a sweater,
    when it's fall weather.
    Just wrap a quilt around me
    to keep me toasty warm.
    On a hayride in the dark
    fall is making a spark.

  193. Fall in Florida, well it really is not
    No cool breezes for us, it’s still very hot.
    Soon in blog photos, I will start to see
    Everyone in their sweaters and beautiful leaves.
    Not us, still floating in the pool and wearing short sleeves.
    So I quilt inside, where the air runs cool,
    Unless it’s a football day, then the heat is just cruel.
    The only Apple Cider I will get to smell
    Is my Yankee Candle burning and bidding fair well.
    But maybe by Thanksgiving, 80 will only be the high
    And a warm, fresh pumpkin pie, will be close nearby.
    For now, I put up my festive, fall attire
    And pretend like it’s cool, even as I perspire.

  194. I like you on facebook.

    Here is my ditty:

    Sitting in the glider,
    Sipping our apple cider.

    The leaves they are a blowin’,
    The Jack-o-lanterns are a glowin’,

    We are bundled up in our quilt,
    Waiting for the apple pie to be built.

    Sweaters and hayrides are very suggestive.
    With the arrival of fabric which is so festive.

    thanks, kathy

  195. My husband says I spend to much
    On fabric, patterns, threads and such

    I say I really need to create
    He says that's fine and also great

    But all this creating you can bet
    Is causing us to much debt.

    So if I win this wonderful prize money
    I call tell me sweetie pie honey

    That I will make a beautiful QUILT
    and I will do it with no guilt

    All his nagging will have to stop
    And we'll both be fans of the Fat Quarter Shop.

    Shawn In Michigan

  196. Summer was blissful
    And over so soon
    But now there is autumn
    And time to cocoon.

    Pack away all those shorts
    That seasonal chore;
    Bring out your fine sweaters
    And warm socks galore.

    It’s now time to put
    All our gardens to bed.
    And get out our needles,
    And fabrics and thread.

    For with those cool temps
    And less hours of day
    Comes now time to stitch
    Our cares all away.

    ~April in Michigan

  197. The crisp fall air, the rustle of leaves,
    We pull out the sweaters and shirts with long sleeves!

    The footballs are flying, the baseball bats crack,
    We cheer for our teams and serve lots of snacks.

    Fall sports are in swing, the school year has begun,
    Why are my halloween quilts still not done?!

    Surrounded by inspiration and autumn colors galore,
    I should tackle those projects – maybe make a wreath for the door?

    If fall is here, that must mean winter's coming along too…
    Tell Santa to wait – there are still to many presents to do!

    I'm so far behind, do I sew up some Santas or Spiders?
    maybe I'd best just eat some pie & drink some cider.

    Surely the Fat Quarter Shop can help my plight,
    I know a trick that just might set my crafty path back to right.

    I certainly would sport a Jack-o-lantern's grin
    if by some luck I'm drawn to win!

  198. Oh how I love my pumpkin pie,
    The most lovely smell, it makes me sigh.
    With that fall orange color,
    And spices like no other.
    A whipped cream top, flakey crust.
    Pumpkin pie is surely a must!!!

  199. Fall is here, festive and fun;
    Haunted hayrides for everyone.
    Pull out your sweaters, bake a pie;
    Sip apple cider as leaves blow by.

    Scarecrows smile, jack-o-lanterns leer;
    Chipmunks scurry as winter draws near.
    Pack away the swimsuit, set aside the guilt;
    Summer may be over, but now it's time to quilt!

  200. Fall is in the air,
    But rhyming words became my bear.

    Words like apple cider, pie and sweater were part of the quest,
    Oh how I tried my best.

    So here it goes,
    With my prose.

    October is a festive time of the year,
    So don’t be afraid to stand up and cheer.

    Jack-o-lanterns all around,
    As leaves are falling to the ground.

    Pumpkin pie would be sweet,
    But doughnuts and apple cider are the treat.

    So gather your fall quilts and sweater,
    It will make you feel better.

    Hayrides would be fine,
    But please don’t whine.

    Tricks or treats can’t be beat,
    With Halloween as the feat.

    Jolly Jabber is the host,
    Words we read in every post.

    A challenge has been given
    And many were driven.

    While rhyming words may be great,
    Money is the bait.

    Hats off to all,
    It was a ball.

  201. What a great idea for a contest. Here's my attempt to catch the spirit of my favorite season!

    This season brings anticipation
    For countless holidays’ return,
    With treats galore and knocking doors
    And a flicker from the jack o’ lantern.

    From blinding days to biting nights,
    With mothers armed with sweaters,
    The kids all plead for one last treat
    Before off to bed in fetters.

    As winter looms with joyous yuletide
    We race and pace and bake the pies.
    While young love takes one more hay ride,
    Embracing, entrancing with a sigh.

    Each home is full of peace and ardor,
    And adorned in faith and quilts.
    With fresh aroma of apple cider,
    We leave behind the guilt.

    As summer fades into the fall
    And landscapes blaze with changing leaves,
    I am in wonder at stunning splendor,
    By the hues this season weaves.

    Observe as miracles unfold
    And people much less restive.
    I stand amazed with arms upraised
    And my heart becomes more festive.


  202. Golden and red trees
    Nod to the soft breeze,
    As it whispers, "Winter is near;"
    And the brown nuts fall
    At the wind's loud call,
    For this is the Fall of the year.

  203. Sweaters on. Sweaters off.
    Hot then cold. Cold then hot.
    It didn't use to be this way.
    A sweater on could simply stay.
    But now my thermostat won't work
    making me go quite bezerk!

    Quilt now on. Quilt now off.
    Hot then cold. Cold then hot.
    It didn't use to be this way.
    A quilt once on could simply stay.
    Quilting progress slows in heat
    But winter quilting is super sweet!

  204. Ah, the cool winds of fall,
    They always bring a smile.
    Warm sweaters, apple cider,
    Walks in the woods with nary a spider.

    The kids are at school, so without any guilt
    I can sit at my machine and piece, sew, and quilt.

    And with cooler weather come hot tea and pies
    And sweatpants that cover the width of my thighs.

    The sun settles lower in the sky every day
    It signals the festive season to begin.

    Soon I'll be crazy, shopping, baking, and gift making,
    Making sure that every single task is done.
    But for now, I'll sit, and enjoy the cool weather,
    The leaves, the sweaters, and the cider with rum.

  205. Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie
    When your all gone it makes me cry.
    When the hayrides over and the leaves disappear, I need my quilt cause winters here.

  206. What can you make
    from a layer-cake,
    Can you dress a doll
    with a jelly roll.
    Or even
    a scumptious dresden pie,
    with log-cabin steps
    or even I spy?
    Just remember,
    isn't always cheese
    and duck
    when you see
    the flying geese.

  207. There is a young(?) lady from Leeds,
    Who loves kicking around in the leaves.
    But I'm no good at all at making things rhyme,
    So I'm just going to have to keep my fingers crossed that I might be lucky enough to win one of your fabulous prizes!

  208. Summer is my Favorite weather
    But Fall is great cuz I can wear my sweater.
    And go to the Mill for Apple Cider.
    letsgosew at yahoo dot com

  209. Oh! It's suppose to rhyme!

    I want to sit and sew
    The cooler weather ignites the desire
    The thoughts of making a quilt
    Set my creative thoughts afire.

    The other senses want in on the fun
    The tastes, the smells, that linger
    They bring such happy memories
    And makes the heart yearn and be eager

    Ha ha! My word verification is "prose". Such irony.

  210. A beautiful autumn night with the harvest moon above,
    Apple cider, cozy sweaters and a warm quilt we love;

    A jack-o-latern smiling on a porch dotted with leaves,
    Warm pie and colored yarns are waiting for us to weave;

    Down the path we wander to catch a caroling hay ride,
    Taking us to a festival with excitement we can't hide;

    The chill in the air tells us Autumn sewing is here,
    When we browse FQ Shop and stock up for the year!

    Happy Autumn!

  211. Spring, summer, winter and fall
    I have to confess I love them all.

    A quilt can grow and blossom you see,
    Just as the seasons change for me.

    With love and patience it comes to be,
    Ready in time for snuggling with me.


  212. There was a young lady from Ontario,
    Who drank apple cider at a festival,
    She tried a hayride,
    Left her quilt by her side,
    And hay poked holes in her poor derrier-io.

  213. sippin' my cup of apple cider
    thinkin' about my new quilt
    along came a productive spider
    to give me some creative guilt

    so effortless a web it weaves
    makes me think i need some silk
    instead of staring at the leaves
    better get some pumpkin and milk

    make a pie and shop the 'net
    sugar rush induced spree indeed
    at the fat quarter shop i bet
    they have everything i need

    i'll show that spider how to make
    something colorful and festive
    a creation that i don't have to bake
    when i'm done i'll be more restive!

  214. With my sweater to keep me warm,
    as I rake leaves in the crisp morn',
    I look forward to hot apple ciders,
    and time to make the quilt bias miters.

    Fall makes me dream of pumpkins and pie,
    Wreaths on the door and a beautiful sky.
    For tonight's hayride will be festive,
    and a bonfire our objective.

  215. Now the autumn is here
    The air is crisp and clear
    Jack-o-lanterns on display
    while in the leaves, children play
    Apple cider and pie
    So festive–oh my!
    There's a memory to be built
    by the fire, with a quilt
    Hand-knit sweaters are warm
    on a hay-ride 'round the farm
    I wish autumn would stay
    as I love it in every way

    (I get bonus points for using them all? or none for not following directions? 😀 )

  216. What's In a Name
    K is for Kids (she has 4)
    I is for there is no I in Sweater
    M is for making Apple Cider
    B is for baking Pie(s) with Emma
    E is for enjoying a Hayride with her family
    R is for raking Leaves
    L is for laughing at the Festive Jack o Laterns the kids made
    Y is for Yeah (I'm done off to Quilt)

  217. I tried to rhyme but cannot think,
    my mind is on my quilt.
    But had to try to win some bucks
    to order without guilt! 🙂

  218. Fall in the north is all about the pie!
    In south Florida you must watch the sky.

    Up north the leaves twirl
    down south the hurricanes swirl.

    In the north for your sweater you'll reach.
    In south Florida we head to the beach!!!

  219. Wish the weather would cool,
    It's ridiculously hot!
    I like to wear sweaters,
    but the heat makes me not.

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! I already know exactly what I would get :0)

  220. The heck with this, I cannot do it.
    My attempts at first looked like I blew it.
    His teeth were gnarled, his eyes askew;
    I had to attach his stem with some glue.
    But alas and alack, my kids were still happy.
    They laughed and didn't think it was crappy.
    My goofy attempt to make a jack-o-lantern
    Just meant I should have used a real pattern!

  221. Apple cider, Pumpkin pie,
    Finished my quilt for tonight's festive hayride.
    We'll see carved jack-o-lanterns and handmade sweaters,
    Inspired to try appliquéd block letters.
    There are batik colored leaves walking to my daughter's bus stop,
    Who just Facebooked me?
    I checked my phone, it's The Fat Quarter Shop!!!

  222. Autumn Comforts

    Grandma’s kitchen with warm crisp and pie,
    Hugs and kisses when you stop by.

    Cozy quilts and hayrides, build a campfire.
    Long walks and chilly nights, we never tire.

    Forget your troubles, feel a little lighter.
    Enjoy a mug of hot apple cider.

    Fall is here.
    We all give a cheer!

  223. There once was a season called fall,
    Filled with leaves, cider, and homecoming balls,
    There were pumpkins and ghosts,
    Witches, ghouls, and pot roasts,
    And for one low price, you can just have it all!

    (the price is the chilly weather..) 😀

  224. Fall is a festive time of the year
    The days are cool and the sky is clear

    Time to go outside and rake crunchy leaves
    Pull out the warm sweaters–no more short sleeves

    Time to pile a lot more quilts on the bed
    Put away the mower-spend time sewing instead

    It's time to eat pie and drink fresh apple cider
    Decorate the porch with a spooky halloween spider

    Then there are hayrides and jack-o-lanterns to carve
    It's good thing there is chocolate so a girl doesn't starve

    Thanks for reading my rhyming verse
    I would LOVE some Fat Quarter Shop bucks to put in my purse!!!

  225. Fall is here,
    I love the chill in the air:
    You could pick an apple,
    you could pick a pear.
    There's my hubby,
    with a twinkle in his eye,
    (He thinks he's getting an apple pie!)
    But cooking and I, we're not the best friends,
    When I step into the kitchen, that's when the fun ends!
    Now don't look down on me or dish me the guilt,
    I think I'll cook him up a festive quilt!

  226. Putting away t-shirts
    And pulling out sweaters.
    Reading good novels
    And faded love letters.
    Shuffling through leaves
    Eating warm apple pie
    Snuggling in quilts
    And not missing July!

    Hope those poetry classes pay off!

  227. To be a lucky duck I’d love to be
    Seeing I’ve won Fat Quarter Shop bucks
    Happy I would be
    Fall is the best time of the year
    Apples, and cider and pies, oh dear
    Most of those will go straight to my rear
    Making it look even more round like a jack o lantern I fear
    Oh the quilts I could make using those bucks which are at stake
    My Grandchildren would look just so festive
    While snuggling under a quilt their Grandma could make
    Just dreaming of all the Fall fabrics I could buy
    From the Fat Quarter Shop while choosing each one
    To carefully make sure the colors would match as I am eating my freshly made pie

  228. This is no time for guilt o'er that unfinished quilt
    Fall is so festive, no need to be restive
    Bring out the sweaters, write some nice letters
    Enjoy the season, it soon will be freezin'!

  229. There once was a quilter with gall,
    Who resolved, "No more fabric this fall!"
    But she bumped her apple cider
    Onto the fabric stack beside her
    Now her shopping cart's full after all!

  230. Fall is lovely, there's no doubt
    It's fun to put lots of festive things out.
    But if I could choose to change one thing,
    I'd go straight from autumn into spring!

  231. Autumn is upon us.
    The leaves fall as I write.
    Time to put the jack-o-lantern out.
    Only to scare the fright out of the night.
    If you so wish to play along,
    pull out your scariest fright.
    But hurry, your season won't be long.

  232. Nature has become festive with colourful leaves.
    Time for warm sweaters with fuzzy long sleeves.
    Sipping on apple cider by the fire just built.
    Proudly wrapped in my new homemade quilt.

  233. sitting on the quilt

    that my loving mother built

    We watch as the changing leaves fall

    The season is festive

    and nothing is left of

    the apple cider, pie, and all!

    Carving Jack-O-Lanterns

    and enjoying light banter

    between the family is better

    with hayrides outside

    and pumpkin seeds inside

    and everyone in matching sweaters.

  234. Apple cider,
    pumpkin pie,
    crisp cool weather,
    clear blue sky.
    Autumn is lovely,
    but it can't compare
    to FQS treats
    packed with care.
    The trees in their finery,
    so much red and gilt,
    serve to remind me
    it's time to quilt.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  235. It's already fall
    so lets have a ball,
    and go on a hayride
    before it turns to a sleighride.
    We'll have to bundle up with our nice new quilt
    that we recently built,
    and see the colorful leaves.

  236. Happy Fall
    To Y'all
    A poet I'm not
    Giving you the best that I've got
    The wind is blowing
    The leaves are falling
    I think it's a great day for sewing
    Goodbye for now, my machine is calling.