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Happy by Me & My Sister Designs

The brightly energetic sister duo is back once again! Barb & Mary from Me & My Sister Designs are here today to share their love– in more way than one– with all of you! ( Note: once you get to the bottom you’ll know what I mean by that one šŸ˜‰ ) Me & My Sister Designs did it again– they shoved their personalities right into the fabric of Happy with the bright colors and fun prints!

Hi Jolly Jabberettes!

Happy is here!
We had such a great time designing this collection!
Sometimes we stress over a collection, but this one sort of fell into place and that made us happyā€¦ so “Happyā€ seemed an appropriate name.

This is the first time that we have used black in one of our groups. It has only been used before as an accent or outline, but this one has actual black prints. I love the simple black stripe! We both love it so much that you will be seeing more black in our future groups.

We have all new patterns to go with the groupā€¦

And donā€™t forget the Warm and Happy project that can be found on the free pattern page of our website.

Hope these fun and colorful prints make you as Happy as they did when we were designing them.

If you would like to win this fat quarter bundle of Happinessā€¦Visit our blog for all the details.

Good Luck!
Barb and Mary ~ Me and My Sister Designs
The fast, fun and easy girlsā€¦but at least we’re bright!


  1. thanks for the heads up, both for the give away and for the free pattern. I Think I Am going to go to my LQS and see if they have any fabrics, if not, I am coming right back here to order what I need for that one!

  2. What makes me happy is making a quilt for someone special on a special occasion, i.e., milestone birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, or when someone just needs something like a memorial quilt.