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Good Things To Come

Hi guys!

It’s been quiet around here…we’ve been focusing so much energy and attention on the future. The things to come at Fat Quarter Shop. Sounds mysterious, but isn’t at all, because you can just see all these things on our Coming Soon page. 😛 It’s pretty full, isn’t it? 11 pages for you to gaze upon with pleasure!

But SherriQuilts points out that “fall is such a long ways off!” and we tend to agree… so somewhere in all our free time (did someone just scoff?) we’ve created a new BOM and we’re starting sign-ups now!!

We’re really proud of it…it’s called Pennsylvania Dutch Block of the Month (thanks for the name, Debbie!) and it stars the Spring Market release collection from Minick & Simpson, Wiscasset. It is Lovely!! Kudos to Kimberly for the beautiful piecing! And of course many thanks to Polly and Laurie and Audrey Wright (of Starwood Patterns) without whom we would never have had the inspiration! Ok ok…so enough with the award acceptance speeches!!

The instructions are super clear, thorough, and easy to follow, and we’ve planned it so that you’ll have ample fabric to use in case you mis-cut a piece…no one’s perfect all the time, right? You surely won’t be short on your fabric! Each block will only take 1-2 hours to complete (pretty sure Kimberly wouldn’t have even tried it if it took longer 😉 and over a year you’ll have a quilt completed in hardly any time at all!

So sign up today, and even reserve your backing! We’ve got high hopes for this BOM and we’d love you to be part of it!


  1. my man better get a job soon because I am drooling over that BOTM, especially since you say it’s not too hard!

    there are several other things that I want to indulge in as well and it sometimes takes everything I have not to try and order the goodies you have!

  2. I’ve already started my list…and you keep adding the best Block of the Months…not to mention the Fig Tree Club!

  3. I love this BOM! I’m in! Still trying to decide on the Fig Tree Club. I’ll probably do it, but I’m “skeered” of the home dec projects. I guess as long as they don’t involve zippers, I’m okay! LOL

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