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The Good Cheer Giveaway

Thanksgiving has just passed, and we here at Fat Quarter Shop are still counting the many people in our lives for whom we’re thankful, including all of you faithful readers of the Jolly Jabber. Yes, you!

So who are you thankful for?

In the spirit of these winter holidays, we’re going to host a giveaway on this theme.

We’d like to hear about those Special People who have especially and profoundly touched the lives of you and your family this year. Maybe an old friend, maybe someone new to you. Why are you thankful for them, or how have they spread Good Cheer and Good Will to you?

How to Enter The Good Cheer Giveaway:

Write a few paragraphs about how a Special Person (or Persons) has brought Good Cheer and Good Will to your life this year.

Send your paragraphs by e-mail to Jocelyn @ with the subject line “The Good Cheer Giveaway” by Wednesday, December 17, along with photos of you and your Special Person if you have any.

Feel free to use our contest icon to share this contest with your friends! After all, the prizes aren’t too shabby!

The Prize:

We will read all of the entries and select 5 winners. (It doesn’t mean an entry is better than any other; unfortunately we just can’t post them all!) The 5 winning essays will be posted throughout the week of Christmas. Each winner will receive a Jelly Roll of their choice for themselves and a $50 Gift Certificate for their Special Person!

Thanks for staying with us at Fat Quarter Shop! You keep us going on Good Cheer and Good Will, and we hope to keep passing it on!


  1. I look forward to reading the entries you select. Although I will not be entering you have made me stop and think about the wonderful people in my life. Thank you for that.