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The Giveaway Winners

Thanks for hanging in with us while we drew out the suspense of what the addition of new Jollys will be! We’ve got two winners to announce, one from our blog and one from our Twitter. But first, a few fun factoids 🙂

Kimberly read an article that states twin combos are statistically:
Boy/Girl – 50%
Girl/Girl – 25%
Boy/Boy – 25%

Here’s how you voted:
79 of you guessed Boy/Boy – 29%
111 of you guessed Girl/Girl – 40%
85 guessed Boy/Girl – 31%

And so many of you said you voted Girl/Girl because you wanted future quilters…I guess the gene pool selection doesn’t take that factor into account, sorry!

They’re going to be twin boys 🙂

So congratulations to our winners, Wendy from the blog and Barb from Twitter!!

wendysquilting said…

I think a couple of brothers for Emma would be fun so that’s my guess.
I like the Carolers collection even though Aviary is more my style, its a good thing to branch out sometimes right?

BarbLanning@FatQuarterShop BL – I love the Kansas Winter Tan! And I think the babies will be 2 boys…

Email Jocelyn to claim your prize! And have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. I didn’t vote because I’m horrible at guessing games, but congratulations on your twin boys. Mine just turned 12 and they really are a double blessing!

  2. Congratulations on the wonderful news. I was so excited when you told us it was twin boys because I guessed correctly!!! Also congratulations to the winners of the giveaway. Well done.

  3. Twin Boys!! Congratulations & OMG!!!!! I feel like I can say that as a mother of 2 boys & they're not even twins! You are going to be both their queen mother & a very busy woman!

    Congratulations Jollys!!!!


  4. I have 25 yr old identical twins… if you ever need a heads up on being a mom of twins let me know! I can tell you that you will be busy but very blessed! I loved it! Congratulations to you & your family:)